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Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.


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puedo tener algunos de sus tacos

Can I have some of your tacos?

DaTreeko =3

Be VERY afraid.
Umm, someone used Perish song.

Did Groudon just hug Kyogre?


Americanreigon champ
No they just got stuck after a tackle. why is there no fighting legends?


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If they didn't, the world would disappear. And some of my friends are noobs, and I am too.
I wish I had a question.


Robo-Cascoon's angry
Agreed but only for me.

X + Zebra = ?


Reshiram, anyone?
no, you're completely serious.

what is the chemical compound of the Elixir of Life?

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Multiply number of chickens you own by Pi squared over 14. Do so on a calculater and flip it over to read the words.

Why is is a wordish word?


Robo-Cascoon's angry
only if they're sober

how old am I?