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Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.


4th Gen. Clan Leader
Because my computer is a bowl of gelatin.

If you change every plank of a boat one by one, is it still the same boat?

DaTreeko =3

Be VERY afraid.
Tv I is watching.



4th Gen. Clan Leader
AndThenAndThenAndThenAndThenAndThenAndThenAndThenAndThen... you die.

Who let the cats out? Who? Who?


Well-Known Member
Because nobody has those anymore.

Why is there a big lump in the middle of my face with two holes in the bottom??
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The King of Town.
Because I'm just that good.

Why is dis thread smell like Limburger?
You didn't ask a question, so I'm not going to answer you.

Why is my name Thing?


It's been a while...
Yes, but no.
Is that clear?
Because I can haz cheezeburger.
if i is the square root of -1, why did someone make the sky blue


Fabio Minccino
Because D.Cheney thought his friend was a bird and shot his face off.

If vanilla is to refridgerator as pert plus is to stomache acid, the why am I a lumberjack and I'm okay?


The King of Town.
Because the great Jynx said you could.
Why do all your base belong to us?