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Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer; V2.


Fabio Minccino
No, because I am the major modern model of the modern major general.
I am animal and vegetable, protean and mineral.

Why are elephants the fastest breeding aqautic avians in the rings of Saturn?
Because, they need to breed fast. That's how we get our supply of elephants so that everyone in the world could have a pet elephant. We just steal them from Saturn and bring them to Earth.

Will I ever get my essay done?


Shiny Catcher!
Your Avatar isn't but James' Cameron's certainly was.

Does rain fall up?
possibly, we may never know.

If a monkey was dancing for 17000 minutes, Would it dance once it died from exaustion?
it isn't, if your color blind that is.

If there are 6 million planets that can support life, which one already does?


Reshiram, anyone?
The blue spot in the sky!!!!

what time is it in Hong Beijing?