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Ask Maddie Blaustein - Q&A with Meowth

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Serebii, May 1, 2006.

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  1. CabbyFish

    CabbyFish It's B and it's W...

    How many characters of the day did you play altogether? How many Pokemon?

    What do you do to prepare yourself before you start recording for each character?

    I remember hearing that you played Lt. Surge. Did you feel embarassed having to keep calling Ash a "baby"?
  2. Hero of Legend

    Hero of Legend Advanced Missingno.

    Hey Maddie, I have a very important question.

    There are rumors going on that 4Kids' contract is ending as early as this month, is this true?

    Thanks a bunch!
  3. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    4Kids stopped doing Pokémon about 2 years ago, and there has been news that TAJ Productions have been taken off the Dub too.

    Maddie has stated that her last Episode was PASTA LA VISTA and her last Film was the Lucario one.

    As for other work I don't keep track off.
  4. Hero of Legend

    Hero of Legend Advanced Missingno.

    lol, how embarrassing, I meant is 4Kids' contract with SEGA ending?

    I forgot to add that in! LOL
  5. Hi, I'm just wondering, are you Jewish? your name sounds like you are. If you were, that would be soo cool! I'm Jewish too :)
  6. TakaNyasu

    TakaNyasu Member

    To the above post: Yes, Miss Blaustein is Jewish.
  7. XSilverStarboyX

    XSilverStarboyX Well-Known Member

    I really hope this wasnt already asked but Im not going through 100 other pages. What got you into voice acting, and what was your first voice acting gig;152;
  8. Shiny Rokon

    Shiny Rokon Well-Known Member

    Hi, I have a few questions for you Maddie. Do you still keep in touch with the old voice actors or did you form friendships through all those years of working together, or don't you see much of each other when you used to do recording sessions? The other thing is, of all the old voice actors do they still like pokemon or play the games? Is there a particular voice actor who is a big fan of the games?
  9. LuciRuki

    LuciRuki Born This Way

    Hey Maddie, I have a really interesting question that has been bothering me for a while.

    Even though you don't voice Meowth or any other characters, what would happen if the Pokemon Company came out with a game that revolves around the character of Meowth? Would you be able to voice it?

  10. bhrettzerda053

    bhrettzerda053 I have returned.....

    What was the favorite part when you dubbed as Meowth?
  11. Mezase Master

    Mezase Master Get to da ze!

    What he said.

    POKEMASTERNATHAN Well-Known Member

    Have you voiced anyone in another anime,Maddie?
  13. For God's sake, just check her wikipedia article.

    Hey, if TR is constantly broke, than why, in the third movie, did you break the fourth wall and say that if you had let Ash die you would have been out of business?
  14. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    Team Rocket is referring to the Show Business (TV and Movie). It's saying that Ash (With Pikachu) is the Star of show. Team Rocket would have trouble keeping a series going on their own.

    (Team Rocket later when on to do TWO entire episodes without Ash, Meowth alone got a few more with Pichu and Pichu.)

    It's worth noting that Ash(Satoshi) mentioned by name in the Japanese Intros. Dawn(Hikari) is mentioned on the DP intros.
  15. OtakuMegan

    OtakuMegan Poke Musical Trainer

    Hi Miss Blaustein! I was wondering, when I was 10, Pokemon Live! came to Radio City Music Hall, and my mom bought tickets. Now I know that they had a completely different cast than that of the voice actors, but I wanted to know if you played Meowth in Pokemon Live!?

    I'm just recently reliving my obsession with Pokemon, rewatching the first season and the first four movies. OMG MEMORIES.

    And! I'm a fellow New Yorker, I actually go to school in the city! I'm also planning on attending Purchase, so we have more in common than I thought! :D

    ::crosses fingers that I'll see you one day::
  16. SaveOurPokemon

    SaveOurPokemon Original Series Fan

    Brawl VA's

    Well, as it turns out Meowth doesn't actually say anything in the game.

    Also, while several of the new VAs are voices in the game (Including Zoppi (who is Billy Beach, right on!), Jamie Peacock/Kayzie Rogers, Bill Rogers, and Michele Knotz. She voiced the Pokemon Trainer (unfortunately), and Sean Schemmel voiced Lucario.

    Thankfully, Rachael Lillis returned to voice Jigglypuff! She is the only original dub Voice Actor in the credits. I wonder why? Probably because she voiced Jiggs in the last two games.
  17. Kuroshi

    Kuroshi Well-Known Member

    Rachael Lillis is credited because archive clips of Jigglypuff were used.
  18. IloveLucy

    IloveLucy Member

    Hi, first i wanna thank you for having respect to your characters voice I only know you and Wayne Allwine (Mickey Mouse) who truly had respect

    Q- Do you feel Pokemon will be remember in 50 years?

    (compare to I Love Lucy which is still celebrated since its premier on 1951)

    Q- If you could give meowth a Pokemon to own who would it be?
  19. SaveOurPokemon

    SaveOurPokemon Original Series Fan

    Well, some clips sound different, so perhaps they actually called her back to record a few lines.
  20. Kuroshi

    Kuroshi Well-Known Member

    Rachael confirmed on her yahoo group that she didn't do any recording for Brawl.
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