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Ask Maddie Blaustein - Q&A with Meowth

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Wow Maddie, I have so any questions to ask you. I'm a fan of your work.

Anyway, I hope that this hasn't been asked, but:

1. How long did it take to record a typical episode for you and everybody else. A day, or just a couple of hours?

2. How were you chosen to voicxe meowth after Nathan Price?
My Q's:
1) Why did Hussman leave as Meowth?
2)What was the most recent Pokemon episode that you watched?
3) If we, as a fanbase, bought a high quality dubbing studio,(highly unlikely), and dubbed all of the Pokemon episodes where 4Kids left off, would you reprise your Meowth role?
4)What is your personal thougts on your fellow VA'S? (Veronica, Lillis, Stewart, ect.)


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Maddie, if you're still going to peek around here, I just have one question which I don't think you were asked before:

How has your Meowth voice changed over the years? Especially starting in the Advanced Episodes, Your voice seemed to make Meowth slightly more, well, not evil, but villainous. Then, towards the last few episodes of Pokemon, you sounded like you did in the first few seasons. This is also the case with Veronica Taylor, because she made her Ash voice mature over the Hoenn saga, (and there have been several other changes). Is this just because you want to try something new, your voice just naturally changed, or something else?
That falls more under differences in who is the Director. :)


We share a name. Cool.

What was your favorite Pokemon movie/episode and why?
Also, did you have/make any friends while doing the voice acting for Pokemon?


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Here's a question: It seems that DuArt, the new company in charge of the dub, is now utilizing VAs who work for 4Kids with no apparent issues. Now that the embargo, or whatever it was, is over, do you plan to audition for new parts on the show despite the main roles (you-know-who included) being permanently filled? I can imagine the answer, but hey, it could be just like the way the show started: Bill, Damien, A.J....
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Signed up to post in this thread!

Maddie, I have a few questions regarding Valkyrie Profile and other stuff.

1) It seems like half the voice actors in Valkyrie Profile are also in Pokemon. Was this because your brother was producer/translator and you had some say in who was cast, or for some other reason?

2) I was kind of upset to see that Lezard and Arngrim were not voiced by you in the second Valkyrie Profile game. Why is this? You did such a great job in the first game; Lezard's lines were always some of the best.

3) What are some of your favorite books?

4) Are you a fan of Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics?


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Hi Ms.Maddie!!!I am one of your fans.Even though I live here in Japan I really like the way you voiced meowth and I got really sad that they are not keeping the v.a there to the fact that I lose my fondness to pokemon english dubbed episodes knowing it would never be the same w/o the old voices that helps me remember the days when I am young and always waiting for pokemon episodes.I have 2 questions....

1.Ms Maddie I call pokemon usa almost everyday(even if it is long distance from here to show my support to old v.a)send them e-mail snail mail post in forums submit petitions but I think I am completely ignored.Is there any other way to make them realize that instead of saving money they are losing them by using second rated copycat v.a?

2.Is it really possible to make the old cast come back dubbing even if it is almost 2 years since the new dubbers take place?(I am hoping to find a ray of hope from your words)
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