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Ask Maddie Blaustein - Q&A with Meowth

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wow, this is cool

Hello. I don't have any questions really- I just wanted to compliment you on your work for the past couple of years. Lol, you're freaken awesome! Like most, I grew up with your voice acting as Meowth and a few other characters. I'm now 19 and still passionate about the series- but the new V.A's, ya know, pretty much killed me while watching (and listening) to the 10th Anniversary Special. Well, finally- I don't really know how to upload pictures to this forum, but I would like you to take a looksee at my TeamRocket CG picture I did a couple of months ago and also to reply back to me (please?) on your thought of it. Thanks in advance~ http://www.deviantart.com/view/13676209/


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maddiejoan said:
KidsWB refused it because it's inferior. Tell CN that if they want Pokemon to be sure PUSA restores the cast and crew or they'll be buying a fake.
Did KidsWB really refuse to take the new dub because they thought it wouldn't be the same? I dunno, you'd think they'd take as long as there's a chance to get good ratings from it.

Anyway, here's questions I hope and think haven't yet been asked:

1. How does it feel to work with the other voice actors, especially James (Eric Stuart) and Jessie (Rachel Lillis), when voicing Meowth and Team Rocket as a whole?

2. How long have you known about these forums, and what made you decide to join and take questions?

Edit: By the way, thanks SO much for all eight years of hard work and dedication voicing Meowth and other Pokemon characters, Maddie. And just so you know I sent those emails!
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Well, I guess I'll ask some questions.

1. What are some of your favorite Pokemon?

2. Do you play any of the games? (i.e. Sapphire, XD, etc.)

I just feel like asking generic questions...
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I have a question, Maddie.

Considering that Pokemon USA has meeting with Cartoon Network so see if CN could pickup season 9 pokemon, would they keep the japanese culture or just edit the japanese culture out? (like japanese language on the signs such as restaurant)

Man, I didn't know that one of the pokemon VA is one of the member in this forum...


I don't see why you people are going crazy over Maddie or any one who worked on the show posting on this website, it's not entirely unheard of. I remember Milk Pollock posting here a few years back.


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Dark Absol, she just joined yesterday.
PDL - I'm surprised you wouldn't be happy about being able to speak to a Voice Actor. O_O

Anyway Maddie, what major characters voices have you done, and hope to do in the future?

I know you do Meowth ofcourse, and Grandpa on Yugioh.

Which is the most favorite line you have ever said as Meowth?

Also, if you are allowed to say -

Do you have any idea of when Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew will be released on DVD, such as a specific month or even specific day? (all we have received is a "Spring 2006" release)
Thankyou for taking the time. I apologize for all of the bombardments of questions. I also apologize for all the stress you've been put through by just coming here (thanks to some certain people).

I do believe You and the rest of the main cast are some of the best Voice Actors ever!

Thanks for being dedicated to Meowth for these past 8 years and I hope you will be able to continue voicing him in the future!

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PDL said:
I don't see why you people are going crazy over Maddie or any one who worked on the show posting on this website, it's not entirely unheard of. I remember Milk Pollock posting here a few years back.
Got Milk? :p

Okay people, move along, give Maddie some air already.


MidnightScott said:
PDL - I'm surprised you wouldn't be happy about being able to speak to a Voice Actor. O_O
I guess it's because I used to go to a PPG fourm where there were a few instances where Craig McKracken (the show's creator) and occasionally his girlfriend (a writer for some of the episodes) would post regarding information on the show.

I guess I'm also hard to please :)


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Wow, Maddie's here. Probably my favorite of all the 4kids voice actors. I wrote the two guys you mentioned, everyone else should as well. FIGHT! For great justice! Bring the 4kids VA's back!


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Fez the Mysfit Elf said:
Wow! Maddie Blaustein is here! I'm honored! Okay, I have two questions for you:

Q#1: Why are you sometimes credited as Adam Blaustein?

Q#2: If you could bring one of your old characters back to the show, which would it be?

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to answer our questions.

Edit: I just saw the links you posted, and now those people have two new e-mails from this little upset elf.

1) I'm transgendered. I used to be Adam Blaustein until I transitioned to living as a female and changed my name to Madeleine Blaustein.

2) I think Bill the Lighthouse Keeper should travel with the twerps.


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Nathan Madien said:
First of all, thank you Miss Blaustein for coming by and chatting with us. I've been watching Pokemon since 1998. I'm college now and I'm still watching Pokemon. One of the reasons why I've stuck to the show is listening to you bring life into this truly unique character. Here's my question for you:

In the eight years that Pokemon has been around in the US, we have heard Meowth sing about five times- the "Double Trouble" song, the Christmas album, the "Go West, Young Meowth" episode, the "Gotta Dance" short, and "Meowth's Party" in "Pokemon Channel". How are you able to maintain Meowth's singing voice for however long it's needed? Personally, I can only sing a few notes before my voice goes.

I'm a trained vocalist with a four octave range :)


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FlamingRuby said:
Hi, Maddie! I've got a few little questions:

1. Do you remember any outtakes/bloopers from recording? If you do, what happened?

2. How exactly do you "get into character" as Meowth?

3. Out of all the international Meowths you've heard, which is your favorite?

Thanks for answering.

PS: I love imitating Meowth's speech style when he appears in my own fanfiction...it's fun to turn all the th's into d's and r's into oi's!
1) We're always cutting up in the booth. It's always funny --and always absolutely dirty.

3) I get a big kick out of the one from Israel.


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VulpixTrainer said:
Ms. Maddie...

First off, it is an honor to type a question to you, I have followed Pokemon since, I think halfway through the first session, and well, I would like to ask a question.

1) What is your favorite Meowth catch prhase?

2) What has been your favorite Movie that you worked on?

I hope you have a good rest of the day.

1) Daaaaaaaat's right --I love saying that --so does my parrot.

2) #8 is the best one --out soon I think


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Blackjack Gabbiani said:
-Why was Hun feminized in the dub of Legend of Thunder? For that matter, what was with the lack of continuity regarding Eusine and Jackson? (if you don't remember, they were given new names and new voices, despite having appeared before in the show)

I don't know --I usually don't find out anything until we record --but I was as ****** as you were.


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Wes said:
Questions for Maddie please!

1-Um would you have liked to dub the show if they ever made the next part of the anime to be based on...the Colosseum or XD game for the Gamecube with the Cipher Shadow Pokemon plot instead of the classic gym learders and elite battle plot instead?

2-Made any friends while dubbing?
1) I think they should do a show with just Meowth and Togepi.

2) I think of Eric, Veronica and Rachel as very dear friends.

Jesus Freak Nor

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I sent emails to those people too. I am looking forward to the 8th movie.

Question: I don't know if this has been asked, but; What was your first response when you were asked to be Meowth, 8 years ago?


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RomanMack said:
Well... Just in case you come back... I got two questions... One Pokemon related, one not.

1) If you do play the games, do you use Meowth as one of your Pokemon?

2) This is One Piece related. Do you voice "Dr. Kureha"? It sounds like you...
1) I don't play the games --I'm terrible at video games. My nephew always uses a meowth when playing though.

2) I was indeed Dr. Kureha.
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