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Assassin's Alliance Tournaments

Discussion in 'Guild Tournaments' started by Skarm™, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up


    Welcome to Assassin's Alliance's Tournaments thread! Here, we hold all our tournaments and stuff.

    1. All SPPf rules apply.
    2. Only AA members are allowed to post here.
    3. Be respectful
    4. Have fun!

    Current Tournament
    Banlist Tournament

    Past Tournaments
    Revved-Up Randomized Tournament​
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2013
  2. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Revved-Up Randomized Tournament!

    So here we have a random Pokemon generator that will generate a random set of ten Pokemon for you to use. There will be 4 OU Pokemon, 2 UU Pokemon, 2 RU Pokemon, and 2 NU Pokemon given to each player. If you win or lose that battle, you will get a certain amount of points for the tiers you used per Pokemon. The points go as shown here:

    Each OU Pokemon Used - 2 points
    Each UU Pokemon Used - 4 points
    Each RU Pokemon Used - 6 points
    Each NU Pokemon Used - 8 points

    Each OU Pokemon Used - 1 points
    Each UU Pokemon Used - 2 points
    Each RU Pokemon Used - 3 points
    Each NU Pokemon Used - 4 points

    For example, if I used a team of 4 OU and 2 UU Pokemon, a win would give me 16 points. A loss would give me 8 points. Everyone will face everyone and at the end, the person with the most points wins. You may switch your team up for each round. You are allowed to trade only 5 Pokemon each round for someone else's.

    ~ All battles will be BO1 or BO3.
    ~ All battles must be completed by the end of the round.
    ~ No spamming, flaming, or trolling.
    ~ Drizzle + Swift Swim is not allowed.
    ~ Soul Dew on a Lati@s is not permitted.
    ~ Have fun!


    [B]PO/PS Name[/B]:
    1. Skarm™ / GMT -5 / Skamory7
    2. Abestospoision / GMT -5 / Abestos
    3. The Pwner / Pacific / The Pwner
    4. Tehero / GMT -7 / Tehero
    5. ZoroarkForever / GMT -5 / ZoroarkForever
    6. Dragonicwari / GMT -5 / Dragonicwari
    7. AnnoyingRedHead / Central / AnnoyingRedHead
    8. TheForestSage / GMT +10 / TheForestSage

    RNGed Pokemon
    Skarm™ - Latias / Keldeo / Ferrothorn / Tyranitar / Heracross / Sharpedo / Electivire / Whimsicott / Ninjask
    Abestospoison - Rotom-W / Mamoswine / Landorus / Scizor / Houndoom / Togekiss / Magmortar / Crawdaunt / Gardevoir / Lairon
    The Pwner - Terrakion / Haxorus / Toxicroak / Blissey / Krookodile / Dusknoir / Klingklang / Spiritomb / Dragonair / Tropius
    Tehero - Landorus-T / Cloyster / Jellicent / Lucario / Togekiss / Snorlax / Mesprit / Rotom / Lunatone / Miltank
    ZoroarkForever - Jellicent / Politoed / Conkeldurr / Keldeo / Azelf / Arcanine / Hitmontop / Hitmonlee / Magcargo / Glalie / Ampharos
    Dragonicwari - Venasaur / Kyurem-B / Cloyster / Garchomp / Meloetta / Machamp / Uxie / Tangrowth / Solrock / Gorebyss
    AnnoyingRedHead - Jolteon / Thundurus-T / Latios / Venasaur / Houndoom / Darmanitan / Rotom / Sceptile / Heatmor / Lampent
    TheForestSage - Gengar / Jolteon / Skarmory / Garchomp / Shaymin / Cofagrigus / Hitmonlee / Snover / Monferno / Vigoroth
    Last edited: May 21, 2013
  3. Asbestospoison

    Asbestospoison Excellent Driver

    Username: Asbestospoison
    Timezone: GMT-5
    PO/PS Name: Asbestos
  4. Tehero

    Tehero Like A Boss

    Username: Tehero
    Timezone: - 7 GMT
    PO/PS Name: Tehero
  5. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    Welcome to the Assassin's Alliance PokeBank Ubers Tournament


    Pokebank Ubers won the vote, so here is our newest tournament!


    1. All matches are Bo3. You may change teams in between battles.

    2. All matches are to be done with all rules and clauses of the 6th gen Pokebank Ubers tier.

    3. All matches are to be completed by the end of 7 days after the round has begun. Any matches that haven't will be determined by activity or coin flips.

    4. All matches are to be completed on Ps/Po (as most members of our clan do not use wifi).

    5. Replays must be posted.

    6. You have until November 24[sup]th[/sup] at 11:59 pm to sign up. After that I will make the bracket with however many people are signed up.

    Sign Ups

    PO/PS Name:
    Favorite Mon



    Last edited: Nov 17, 2013
  6. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    2 more spots needed until round one can start. you guys can trade mons, but the trade needs to be posted here and confirmed before its official. only up to 5 mons can be traded per round
  7. Username: AnnoyingRedHead
    Timezone: central
    PO/PS Name: AnnoyingRedHead
  8. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Accepted, just one more person needed.

    EDIT: Traded my Dusknoir for Pwner's Sharpedo.
    Last edited: May 11, 2013
  9. The Pwner

    The Pwner Like a Boss

  10. Tehero

    Tehero Like A Boss

  11. Narin

    Narin The Forest Sage

    Username: TheForestSage
    Timezone: GMT +10
    PO/PS Name: TheForestSage (or something similar)
  12. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Trading Hitmontop + Ampharos for Zoroark's Whimsicott.
  13. Confirming
  14. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Round 1 match-ups:

    Dragonicwari V ZoroarkForever
    Abestospoison V The Pwner
    Skarm™ V Tehero
    TheForestSage V AnnoyingRedHead

    Good luck! To get your valid amount of points, post the tiers of the Pokemon your opponent used as well as yours, and once it's confirmed it will be tallied.
    Last edited: May 19, 2013
  15. I beat Dragonicwari 2-0. I used 2 OU, 2 UU, 1 RU, and 1 NU. Dragonicwari used 2 OU, 2 UU, 1 RU, and 1 NU.
  16. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    Confirming .
  17. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    ZoroarkForever- 26 points
    Dragonicwari- 13 points

    Then beat Tehero 2-0, first one 5-0, the second a forfeit. I used 2 OU, 2 UU, 1 RU, 1 NU. They used 2 OU, 1 UU, 1 RU, 2 NU.

    ZoroarkForever- 26 points
    Dragonicwari- 13 points
    Skamory7- 26 points
    Tehero- 19 points
  18. Tehero

    Tehero Like A Boss

    Confirmed tencharlimit
  19. Narin

    Narin The Forest Sage

    I'm just gonna resign from this, my next couple of weeks are gonna be really busy and stuff. Plus it's hard to battle someone when everyone has a really different timezone than me. Probably worded that really weird but eh :L
  20. Skarm™

    Skarm™ Light It Up

    Alright, Pwner also forfeited, so I guess AnnoyingRedHead and Abestospoison have to face each other by the end of today :s
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