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Assassin's Alliance Tournaments

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Round 2

Round 2 has started, you have until September 7th at 11:59 pm Gmt -4 to complete your battles!

Skarm wanted a bo1, so I win 1-0 to Skarm.

Replay removed cuz skarm didn't want it posted. Nothing new was revealed about my team though, so no worries
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Cool has won via activity win. Finals shall now start


You have until September 15th at 11:59 PM to finish your battles!


The Mix-Tier Tourney :)

Username: McHearth
GMT: -5
PO/PS Name: Mickie Hearth


Well-Known Member
Username: epicdrill
Gmt: -7
PO/PS Name: epicdrill, epicdrill1, epicdrill2, epicdrill (AA), AA epicdrill, AA epicdrill1, the epicdrill, teh epicdrill. Not all, but all I can remember.

Are we allowed to replace a higher tier pokemon with one from a lower tier? As in use 2 UU instead of 1 UU and 1 BL?
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Username: LightningRevolver
Gmt: +8
PO/PS Name: LightningRevolver, LightningR-Alt


Toa of Ice
Just checking...in order you to put an uber on your team you have to make the entire team ubers. Does that mean ubers rules...evasion...?


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Finally we are having our first round. You will have until October 9th, 2013 at 11 pm GMT -4 to complete your matches.

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