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Assassin's Alliance Tournaments

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Aura Trainer
Got on at the time that we were suppose to battle, waited for an hour and a half, and couldn't find Lightning.
Hey Moonclawz I am so sorry I had lots of problems. I'm so sorry. Giving him the win :))


Well-Known Member
Screw it, I'll sign up.

Username: epicdrill
Gmt: -7
PO/PS Name: epicdrill/anything starting with epicdrill, AA epicdrill/anything starting with AA epicdrill (right now I'm using AA epicdrill1, but that is subject to change
Favorite Mon: I would not like to fill this out as it may give opponents info on my teams.


Aura Trainer
Username: Moonclawz
Gmt: -5
PO/PS Name: Moonclawz
Favorite Mon: Lucario.

Good luck to everyone!
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Toa of Ice
Username: Matoro
Gmt: -6
PO/PS Name: Matoro Mahri
Favorite Mon: Bisharp :625:

I don't really have much time for this anymore so, hopefully I can find some time between 7:30 and 10:00 my time.


Username: McHearth
Gmt -5
PS Name: Mickie Hearth
Fav Poke: cmon...I have pics of it everywhere ;.;

Hopefully this will go better than my last tourny...
Username: ZoroarkForever
PO/PS Name: I have around 300 alts floating around atm, though I'll usually be on as ZoroarkForever if I need to battle.
Favorite Mon: Zoroark
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