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Assassins Of The Night

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Welcome to Assassins Of The Night, where we teach the stealthy ways of the assassin to overcome every obstacle in a trainer's path. There is no challenge too great for an assassin. Now, let your training begin!

1)All Sppf Rules apply
2)No spamming or Trolling or whatever the kids are into nowadays
3)Be respectful
4)Don't post unless you have something important to say (Kinda like rule 2, but whatever)
5)Please you the forms.. (for battling AND sign up)

This would be the spot for your Username But I know your username (Must be included in sign-up)
PO Name:
Rate yourself (as a battler):


... Nothing...

Important Information to come in 2nd and 3rd Posts
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Wait what?

Signing up for jobs can be useful and rewarding. For doing your job, you get points, which can equal wins towards rank up battles.


Xat avatars --- 1 point
Userbars --- 2 points
Avatars (Youtube, Serebii, ect.) --- 2 points
Banners --- 3 points
Custom Art (anything that isn't listed above) --- 3 points

Assigned Artists:

Artists are encouraged to use this userbar if they so please,



Breeding a pokemon for wifi is worth 5 points. You may add to the pokemon what you want on it:

Perfect IV's --- + 1 point
Custom EV's --- +1 point
Custom Moves --- + 1 point
Shiny --- +1 point

If you get everything with a breeded pokemon, you will get a deal and pay 7 points, instead of 9, but you must get everything to be eligble.


Breeder are encouraged to use this userbar, if they so please,



Tutoring will be 5 points, and they continue until the tutorer believes that tutoree has learned enough. You will pay extra for other tiers than Standard OU, since less people play the others.

Standard OU --- +-0 points
Standard Ubers --- +1 point
Sandard UU --- + 1 point
Dream World OU/Ubers --- + 1 Point
Sandard RU/NU --- + 2 points
Standard LC --- + 2 points
VGC 2012 --- +2 points

KingTorterraXIV (LC)

Tutors are encouraged to use this userbar, if they so please,


RNG will cost 3 points for each RNG


RNG'ers are encourage to use this userbar if they so please,

7 points is equal to a win toward your rank up.

To sign up for a job, use this form:

Serebii Name:
Job Wanted:
Why you want this job:
Examples: (For art and RNG only):

Our assassins our trained to be the best, take no prisoners, and to show no mercy.

Leader Assassin



Talk to KingTorterraXIV if you are looking for a War Team spot.

War Team Members are encouraged to use this userbar, as it shows how ninja you are.

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A true Master of all things dark. No one dares go near you for they know it is their ultimate doom.

You have honed your Assassin skills to the point of perfection, you have but one obstacle before you are a true master of Darkness.

You've learned how to walk through the shadow as stealthily as can be. None can escape your grasp

An excellent Sharp-Shooter. One can't be an assassin if they don't have the ability to hit a target in complete darkness. You can do just that.

You walk through the night with ease. Can't be tripping over things as an assassin, can we?

You're officially a full-fledged ninja! But that does not make you an assassin. You aren't a n00b, but have much to learn.

You've made it out of Assassin School and are now ready to begin your true journey as an assassin.

You finally got your mom to let you attend Assassin School! Haha, anyways, this is your first rank. Nothing Special.
Rafor- 0 Wins
Supreme Predator Axel- 5 Wins
Black Wolf- 0 Wins
Rezna- 0 Wins
Web126- 0 Wins
blazing fire- 0 Wins
Red100- 2 Wins
spidey7000- 0 Wins
iShii- 0 Wins

Rank Up System-
You will need to have 10 wins to be able to ask for a Rank Up Battle.
Anyone who is higher rank than you can give you Rank Up Battle

Please fill out this form upon defeating an enemy:

Who You Battled-
Wins Towards RUB-
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Yes... :Þ
This would be the spot for your Username But I know your username: Rafor
PO Name:Rafor
FC:I don't play DS
Rate yourself (as a battler):4-5.5ish
Platypus: What in the world is this?
Ya Kyro.. I'm first one.. called it :D
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The Heracross Myth.
Good Luck Kyro, Looks to go well! (If this needs to be deleted Notify me and ill do it.)
This would be the spot for your Username But I know your username: Supreme Predator Axel
PO Name:La Dude
FC:idk il get it later
Rate yourself (as a battler):7/10
Platypus:We are all here im 3rd in.
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