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At the End of the Fray! (408)

Yeah, I agree that alot of the battles were rushed, but I've really enjoyed this set of episodes. There is a little problem with the English dub. After Metagross uses Hyper Beam and (I believe it is) Grovyle dodges and it misses, Brock says that it used Solar Beam, and that it needs time to recharge, which is true, but the attack name was wrong. Only something small, highly unimportant...


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What did Max say? i havnt seen the episode before...and im trying to download it but no one is seeding it all i need is this episode and judgement brawl but yeah anyway!!!! what did Max say at the end?


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An excellent episode Ash and Tyson Battled very well it was truly intense. Pikachu vs. Meowth was really an intense battle I really got into that one Tyson using electric attacks to counter electric attacks was a nice move. Anyone else catch the mistake Brock made in calling Metagross's Hyperbeam a Solarbeam, it's just one of those small mistakes we all make.Congrats to Ash for making into the best eight of the Hoen League with all those tough matches and close victory's, and congrats to Tyson for winning the whole tournament.


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Great battle. One of the best episodes I've seen. Even though I don't like Tyson. 7/10


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^How can you not like Tyson?! He is one of the best characters the show has had! Great background story to him, great personality, amazing trainer and has pro skills!

I loved this episode! Thanks to some people for seeding the episode for me to see! I can finally post a review of the battle.

This was one of the best battles in the history of Pokémon. Sadly Ash lost, but he could have won if he used his brain and thought of a type advantage against Tyson's Pokémon.

It annoyed me that Ash didn't use any of the type advantages against Tyson because he was to eager to beat Tyson and didn't notice that he could have beaten Tyson with his Pokémon.

The battle between Swellow and the Donphan was one of those silly unrealistic moments were if Ash wasn't the main character, his Swellow wouldn't have stopped Donphan in its Rollout attack, good to build tension with Ash catching up to Tyson in the battle with Ash's Swellow defeating Donphan though.

The Meowth in Boots and Pikachu battle was one a remake of the Blaziken Vs Charizard battle, even though it wasn't as good, it was also a decent battle, good strategy used by Tyson and another Naive moment by Ash. How could he not notice that the Meowth in boots was just draining Pikachu's power and that Pikachu wouldn't have any effect against the Meowth with those Thunder attacks?!

Oh well, Ash eventually lost because Pikachu threw in the towel, and Tyson ended up winning, not only the battle but the whole league too. I guess that makes up for Ash losing and he did Lose to the winner of the tournament after all.



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I think Ash really could have won against Tyson if he had done the following:

- After Torkoal got KO'ed by Hariyama, Ash immediately should have sent out Swellow instead of Corphish. This way, he could have saved it against the fight with Metagross (or possibly Donphan). Corphish couldn't KO Hariyama in the past, so I dunno what made Ash think it could have done so on a repeat performance; OR

- Ash should have kept Grovyle Bullet Seeding Tyson's Metagross's weak spot. I really think they could have won that battle with the use of Bullet Seeding. Metagross WAS about to blow up with the continuous barrage of seeds.

Pikachu was partly tired after taking down Metagross using a full-powered Thunder just before it faced Meowth. So I think that's why it couldn't stand up near the end. Meh, it's all history now. But I think Ash really could have won against Tyson. The boy still has a lot to learn...


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Oh man, Meowth in boots was so cool! ^_^ I felt that the battle moved really quick (Shiftry vs Torkoal, Hariyama vs Torkoal, Hariyama vs Corphish, Hariyama vs Swellow, Donphan vs Swellow, Metagross vs Swellow, Metagross vs Grovyle, Metagross vs Pikachu...) Then Meowth in Boots vs Pikachu! That was so cool! ^_^

... All that in half an hour? Dang! Tyson's Hariyama and Metagross were pretty good o_o And Ash's Swellow was great! I really liked this episode! Very fast-paced, and it looks like Tyson won the Hoenn League. Good on him!


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Ash Vs Tyson was great but was exactly as in the Johto league as everyone said. The writes could have thought of something new to happen meaning where Ash loses still but not like in the Johto League.


this episode was one of the best i've seen in a while i must say that, i think a 9/10 should be good for this one.


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Too bad Ash lost but it was still a great battle. If Ash didn't use corphish he would have won. There would be no way Meowth could have won that way. I thought Ash was gonna win when I saw Meowth about to tip over..


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This was a really good episode.
The battle was great, although I'm still very angry that Ash lost =O I really did think he was going to win for a second there. I felt so bad for Ash as soon as Pikachu fainted.


I loved the battle vs Tyson, it was great and in a high level.
Too bad that Ash lost, but Tyson's Metagross was very strong and Ash wasn't able to beat it quickly. and he lost because of it.

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Tyson is my favorite league character so far and his team is awesome! Meowth in boots FTW!


This episode was rushed in my opinion, otherwise I bet it would've been awesome. The Meowth in Boots was horrible in this episode. Not only did it's fashion sense stink, but it was too much like Pikachu since it could use Electric attacks as well. It was like Pikachu versus Pikachu with boots. Ash lost the battle and his chance to advance in the League, which is typical, yet still saddening. Horrible way to end the League regardless. 2/10.
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It was kinda a rushed episode really, Katie made a more final worthy opponent then Tyson really but he was still good, however Ash could have beaten him if he really thought about it. It's a shame Ash lost really, they could have made this more of a two parter like Katie's battle or Gary's or Harrison's (All three awesome battles in the league if you ask me).
Meowth VS Pikachu was more like Charizard VS Blaziken but that battle was alot better in a way.