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At the End of the Fray! (408)


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2 ways Ash could have easily won this:

1. Not using Corphish at all.
2. Calling back Grovyle after it used the 2nd bullet seed
I really thought this would be the league championship that Ash was finally going to win. But no, Pikachu had to be the one to fall first in the end. Not that I hate Pikachu for doing that. If Pikachu could've held out a little longer Ash would've won the Hoenn league. And his first league at that.


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After I kept seeing this episode over and over again, Ash losing to a bunch of legendaries isn't as embarassing as this.

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Pikachu was a bit exhausted before the battle with Meowth otherwise it would have won the battle


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This episode was cool. It was interesting that Glalie and Sceptile both knocked each other out. Torkoal finally wins, and it was against Shiftry! The Swellow vs Hariyama battle was cool, I'm glad Swellow defeated Hariyama. Swellow did well to beat Donphan as well. Metagross was tough and strong! It defeated 3 of Ash's 4 remaining Pokemon. Pikachu finally was able to take Metagross down. Meowth vs Pikachu was a great battle. Unfortunately it was the same ending as the Johto League... and Pikachu lost.



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A Great battle! Toarkoal actually did something of impotance which was nice. Hariyama did well to defend itself from Swellow's Flying type attacks but fell in the end. Metagross was a Powerhouse! I knew Ash wouldn't win the battle but I knew Tyson would go on to win the league.


Pikachu losing to the Gary Stu partner up. Unsurprising. What was the point of Meowth having that sob story anyway? That didn't go anywhere. Overall, a pretty damn poor league to accompany a poor Grand Festival.


It's really kind of hard to imagine Ash winning against Tyson's team just based off looks alone. But at least they dragged it out to puss in boots vs yellow *****d out rat mascot. Much better final league battle than trollbias.


This is prolly my favorite hoenn episode.

Torkoal finally stepped up, and swellow and glalie were strong as usual, with swellow catching Donphan being my favorite moment.

the only bad thing were Morrison's annoying as **** voice.
After my second viewing of this episode, I still thought Ash was going to win this league.
Definitely an awesome battle between Tyson and Ash. :)


I cheered when my sis Torkoal beat Tyson's Shiftry, only to scream in rage when Hariyama beat it. Corphish was really underwhelming as well; I considered him to be Ash's weakest Water-type after he also lost to Hariyama. Swellow beating Hariyama and Donphan slayed, and I gasped in shock when Pikachu beat Metagross by exploiting its crack.


Unlike a lot of people on this thread, I was satisfied with how things turned out. It was a great battle, and even made me think he was going to win when Meowth-in-Boots almost tipped over.
At least Torkoal got some redemption before getting crushed by Hariyama.


Meowth winning against Pika was just embarrassing. I wish Ash had won against Tyson instead of losing and the episode's last few scenes were too rushed. 5/10

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Sceptile tying with Glalie made me sad cuz I wanted Sceptile to get more screentime than that ha ha. I liked Pikachu's strategy for defeating Metagross, but seeing him lose to Tyson's Meowth was unfortunate. :[
When I saw Meowth getting sent out to fight Pikachu, I thought Pikachu would win. I was sad that Ash lost his battle and that he came in the Top 8 again. :(
Tyson's DEM Meowth winning the six-on-six match wasn't even the worst part. It was the rushed Ever Grande League closing ceremony that was the worst thing about this episode. What a mess.


I was so proud of the way Satoshi's Ohsubame defeated Tetsuya's Hariteyama and Donfan back-to-back, and Pikachu versus Nyasu was amazing since we got to see the Rocket-dan's Nyasu set his pride aside to cheer for his fellow Nyasu. Masamune crying out of excitement made me chuckle, and I liked the Houen League's closing ceremony.


The Hoenn League offered us a mediocre Tyson match, but all the other battles were fantastic. It was kinda great to see that the writers were improving each League from the last.