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??? atk power moves.


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Well you know the drill these are the moves that depend in other things level, weight, statistics, random power or a set of moves done before. The question here is how often do you use them and in how? For fun competively or in another way?
That i can recall those are.
-Seismic Toss
-Low kick
-Grass knot
-Gyro Ball
-Spit up
Why do i ask this thing?
I have always loved this moves since gen 2, a blissey with seismic toss(learned in RBY) was a force to be reckoned with, same happened with some underatd pokemon that had nigthsahade and the great hidden power. In gen 3 seismic blissey came back, and a few other like clefable hypno and registeel pulled that move to an awesome extreme and hidden power was used even more...At last fourth gen came by the first thing i noticed was that HP was going to be a special atk based move...bad for some pokemon sheer awesomenes for others, thanks to migration seismic toss didnt lost its grace but 2 new moves shinned the new extremely over used moves of gras knot and gyro ball...well many pokemon get em and put em to good use(see the likes of mixape and bronzong as examples) this moves were higly noticed and valued. So the next to review is a move that has recently catched my attention low kick(wich i formelly used only in electrivire cos i dindt liked cross chop awfull accuracy), it is now decently widespread even the likes of technician pokemon like medicham and ambipom will get em(hoping to teach em to some versions of em i have)as an alternative for the figthing moves slot that brick break often fills, so again the question is do you use em? like em? and if so you use em; how?

If this is in the wrong forum or baddly written and or breaks any forum rulez please tell me and i will erase/or please be moved to the right section and i will take the sanction that it merits.
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I <3 Maya Fey
I only use seismic toss and magnitude.


I <3 Maya Fey
I only use seismic toss and magnitude.


I use Grass Knot and Gyro Ball. I use Seismic Toss on PBR to see how it looks sending certain Pokemon flying to outer space (Wailord, Snorlax, Magikarp, Dugtrio, Kyogre)


Arcane Of The Wild
All this pbr move coolness makes me want to get it -_-. Anyway whats up with psy wave I use gyro ball and grass knot low kick is good and so is seismic toss but magnitude is horrible.


All this pbr move coolness makes me want to get it -_-. Anyway whats up with psy wave I use gyro ball and grass knot low kick is good and so is seismic toss but magnitude is horrible.

It's not really "cool". Gameplay-wise Coliseum2 beats it by a landslide. PBR is just battle battle battle. The graphics in PBR is amazing and moves like Seismic Toss are so hilarious. The other good thing about PBR is that you can customize your character. There's an announcer in PBR that basically says everything that you do. Some people hate him but I think it's cool.

"Oh NO! The Pokemon attacked ITSELF!"
"Taken down by a beautiful attack!"
"The blue team barely holds on!"
"It hit two Pokemon at once!"

...good stuff...


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You should only really buy PBR if you want to battle. There is no other real reason.

Anyway, I generally use Grass Knot and Seismic Toss.



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My Espeon knows Grass Knot.


True, a lot of players are uber using nub cakes and/or people who quit the game if they're gonna lose so they can keep a perfect record.

This one guy on PBR got so mad when I beat his team with a Spinda and he had all these legendaries. He refused to exchange friend passes. I wanted a Japanese Arceus. o_O
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Let's not turn this into a PBR tread.

Competitively, the variable-moves are too random to use. Unless ya got Grass Knot or Low Kick on a Pokemon in the super-heavy Uber tier.

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What title?
In my opinion, out of all the moves you mentioned, Grass Knot is most likely the most overused move compared to the other ones. The main reason is that it covers such Pokemon such as Tyranitar, Milotic, and Rhyperior (I know there's a lot more).

It's also the epitome of tons of movesets for many Pokemon...mainly special sweepers...and a few mixed sweepers, too (e.g. Infernape).


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buneary can beat tyranitar
buneary use low kick(buneary is faster than tyranitar and tyranitar i really heavy and it is super effective)


The Green Cat
I only use Grass Knot and Gyro Ball. I don't use the others that much unless it's some random battle on Shoddy, but other than that--nope.


The Abysswalker
I use Grass Knot, Gyro Ball, and Seismic Toss.


Like a BadLuck Absol
Seismic toss is always good when your at a disadvantage.

And grass knot just to trip up the big and slow pokes.