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Attachments to pokemon

*sigh* I need more confidence. u_u

Yes, you do, my friend. It's possible to pull a win off with any kind of Pokemon if you put your mind to it.

I've always had a strong bond with my Buneary and Lopunny, them being my favourite Pokemon. I once even managed to take out Maylene's Lucario with my very first Buneary ever. Since then, Buneary and Lopunny have stolen my heart, and I plan to train a better competitive one quite soon.


Oink oink
Every time I catch a full party of six Pokemon, I get attached to them and always use them against the Elite Four (except in Platinum).

In particular, I am attached to my Swampert in Ruby. I trained it so intensely that it was level 86 by the Elite Four. On top of this, it also managed to win the Master Rank Beauty Contest. What a trooper.


Manectric Breeder
i am horribly prone to get emotional attachments to my pixels...

the oddest one has to be my attachment to my slugma that has never been used in battle once. she's my Hatcher. she's been in my party more hours than ANY other single pokemon.

and then i'm very attached to my absols. when i breed i usually throw out the ones that i can't use... but my absols i don't. >_< eventually ill have to start breeding on a dif game due to my boxes being filled with baby absols XD

as for OTHER pokemon... there were some individuals i absolutely loved. i had a shiny crobat back during 3rd gen, and i loved him dearly. he no longer exists, as the game he was on disappeared. -_-

i may or may not talk to my pokemon despite my logic saying that theyre just data on a game. there's a reason for the "CRAZY" part of my nickname 'Crazy Absol Breeder'....

oddly though, never get too attached to my starters. but then i rarely USE my starter. rather, i pick my favorite babies and use them in a new game.


gone gently
Yes, you do, my friend. It's possible to pull a win off with any kind of Pokemon if you put your mind to it.

You don't have to tell me twice. This is the shiny Umbreon that swept a PBR wi-fi team of Gyarados, Metagross, and some other presently forgotten third top-tier OU participant all on its lonesome. Granted, there's no guarantee of true competitive skill when facing a random PBR opponent, but his Pokemon and moves all seemed to be standard Smogon fare, so I consider it an outstanding battle.

I've never been prouder of any of my Pokemon, bar maybe my original Yellow version Pikachu from more than ten years ago.

V Faction

I had this Blaziken that I was pretty attached to. First starter I ever picked up for the 3rd Generation. A bummer when I had it transported over to my Collosseum or XD file and some how the data got corrupted, losing it forever. Was level 100 to boot.

That's about it really.


The Fluffy One
I'm attached to my Leafeon, LeafClaw. It's the first Pokemon I've EV trained and has helped me ever since.

Then there's my HM Slaves, Bibarel and Tropius. I like them so much I'm going to trade them to Heart Gold when I get it. XD

There's also my very first Pokemon, Blade the Sceptile on Emerald. Unfortunately, I started a new game and no other Sceptile was able to take it's place...


I had this Blaziken form my Sapphire "broken now" that I traded to my Emerald, I got her to 100 beat every gym "twice" and the elite four several times, along with every frontier brain "except Factory". I then traded it to my Pearl and she helped me win many online battles... but sadly she's in the PC retirement home for not used Pokemon now.

My new Favorite is my Snorunt that I'm Eving to be a powerful Froslass.


Magic School Dropout
I get attached to my team Pokemon. I fight with them through many tough battles, so it's only natural. I remember back when I was a young child playing Blue version and my data got lost. I cried so hard, I was so attached to them.

But seeing as Jigglypuff is my favorite Pokemon, I have a Jigglypuff that I'm really attached to. When I was getting back into Pokemon, I bought a copy of Emerald, and remembering my fondness for the puff, went looking for one. Ran into a male Jigglypuff, caught it immediately with one throw of a Premier Ball.

It's now at level 100, with 38 ribbons. It's pretty much my dearest Pokemon; every time I get a new game, I trade it over to get whatever awards a Pokemon can get with it. And just like Some_Chick is a crazy Absol breeder, I'm a crazy Igglybuff breeder. The children of my prized Jigglypuff have traded for many good Pokemon, although I give them away just to spread the Puff Love.


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Of course I get attached to my Pokémon. That's the whole appeal of the game really, raising these creatures and battling with them, as though they were real. If I was just in it for competitive, tactical, cold, emotionless competition . . . there are much better games.

i remember the first time I beat the Elite 4 with my team of EV trained Pokémon I hatched myselves on my (now sadly lost) pearl cart. It was a genuinely emotional experience.
I breeded a sceptile for compet, when I was REALLY new to it. It was docile. I still can't get the urge to breed for a new one, its the only one I raise.

Most of the time, your relationships with data happen with your fave poke.


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Yeahh. On the GST someone was trading a Pokemon I needed for a Gengar, but I just couldn't let him go! I've had him since he was a little Gastly and he helped me win the E4 :)