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Attack Face-Off V 2.0!

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Crunch!It can lower the enemy's special defence,so you can kill it quicker.


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Drill Peck is so much better
Yeah, Drill Peck looked awesome on pokemon Stadium 1 and 2. It looks bad on Colloseum whilst Crunch looks good on Colloseum but not on the Stadium Games. I

I prefer Crunch because it is nice to see a Steelix Crunch a Caterpie or something.

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OK. We're done here. Final score:


I'm very disappointed by that. I dread this coming down to a Calm Mind VS. Crunch/Thunderbolt match...


[IMG240]http://www.serebii.net/attackdex/megahorn.png[/IMG240] VS. [IMG240]http://www.serebii.net/attackdex/thunderbolt.png[/IMG240]

'megahorn' vs. 'ten thousand volts'​

OK. These two are the only two powerhouse moves remaining so think wisely.

I vote for Megahorn. Not only do I prefer physical moves but Megahorn gave Bug types a much needed powerful attack in the second generation and although Silver Wind and Signal Beam have taken some of the limelight away, Megahorn is still a great move to use, looks fantastic and is awesome on everything which learns it (except for the obvious disclusion of Seaking).



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wow, after a long time you posted the results ^^

I vote thunderbold:p, but I´m almost sure which one will win...

hummm, the things are good for me.
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I vote for THUNDERBOLT because...
1. it has better accuracy than Megahorn
2. it has an added effect of paralysis, while Megahorn is just a normal attack
3. paralyzing your opponent is good, this way it lowers their speed AND occasionally prevents them from attacking

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Thunderbolt. Boltbeam>Life.


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I vote for Thunderbolt.


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Both are the better moves in their types, and both deserved to win but I will vote for Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt has more PP if I'm not wrong, has the cool accuracy, and the Paralysis chance. It makes that some Special Sweepers can destroy teams and it is the first part of the BoltBeam. Plus, the animation rocks so the electrics that can use it with power.

Megahorn is also a very special move, but the number of Physical Sweepers that can destroy teams are fewer. It also has a terrible accuracy that is painful. The animation is also one of my faves but it fails when it is most needed, sadly.

But whichever attack wins, I hope it isn't defeated by Calm Mind >.>

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I may be the only one, but Megahorn. I just love how it's sheer power rips Psychics and Grass Pokemon to shreds. Thunderbolt is really cool too, but I have a vendetta against it for being Pikachu's signature move.
Megahorn, because Heracross can use it to obliterate opponents, particularly of the psychic persuasion.
Thunderbolt. More useful, more available, more reliable. Megahorn's accuracy just doesn't do it for me ;-;

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Mega Horn cos it is a brilliant move and one of my personal favs.


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Thunderbolt. Nuff said. Megahorn's got too little accuracy, and whenever my Heracross is fighting something like Alakazam and I use Megahorn, I miss then get creamed by a psychic.
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