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Attack of the Pre-historic Pokémon! (046)


little punks!
I absolutely loved this episode- it's one of the best in the entire series.

Obviously the main highlight was Charizard's appearance. Yeah, Charmeleon's evolution took place too fast, but it was definitely worth it to see Charizard fight Aerodactyl and establish itself as Ash's powerhouse.

I enjoyed everything else too:

- Gary appears and digs up fossilized manure :p

- Squirtle chases after a dynamite fuse

- Ash, and TR get trapped in the biggest hole ever, and Ash is about to get himself eaten alive

- Charmeleon evolves

- Jigglypuff surprisingly reappears to knock out Aerodactyl back to sleep.

- An egg appears for the first time in the series

- TR once again surrounded by killer pokemon. I love it.
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Am I the only one that didn't like how fast Charmeleon evolved? I mean, I enjoyed the Aerodactyl/Charizard fight scene but Charmeleon's my favorite second stage Pokemon, and I guess I just wanted to see more of him. Great episode though, 8/10.

Maestro Kinético

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Loved it, so many things happened, now in 11 episodes very few happens. The evolution of Charmeleon was brilliant, and the Togepi egg was mysterious, always loved the togepi arc.

Korobooshi Kojiro

This episode was kinda boring, the evolution of Charizard seemed kinda forced, and the Fossil Pokemon (besides Aerodactyl) were greatly underused.

Korobooshi Kojiro

Yes, the only thing I liked was the fuse scene, everything else just wasn't as good.

I'd take the awesome Aerodactly scene from Movie 5 over this anyday.
This was one of Kantos Pure gold moments. I loved the prehistoric Pokemon, and I loved it when Charmelion Evolved into Charizard and chased after Aeodactyl!


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Excellent episode, I really enjoyed the this episode. We have the first mention and appearance of fossil Pokemon and they are done very nicely in this episode as to later episodes. I enjoyed seeing Aerodactly actually frighten away the others when it arrived and then it being show actually trying to eat Ash. Charmelon evolving into Charizard in order to combat Aerodactly was a very nice surprise seeing as how Charmelon was only in 3 episode of the entire series, I would've personally liked to see more of Charmelon. Nice to see the animators sneak Togepi's egg into the last couple of minutes of the episode i enjoyed it.
This still remains to be one of my favourite episodes (after the Togepi/Togetic leaving episodes), purely because of the wide range of pokémon used. Seeing this again, I was reminded of the aerial battle between Charizard and Entei in the 3rd film (which made that film for me), not exactly the same, but still seriously cool.
Also, first appearance of Togepi! No. 2 GS poké!


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Does anyone happen to know the name of the background music that plays during the evolution to Charizard and the following chase? I've never been able to find it.


A classic, in my opinion.
It rocked because:
-Gary dug up old Poke-poop.
-It looked like Charmeleon was...um..."flipping off" Aerodactyl in the taunt scene...lol!
-the fight scene
and once again,
Loved it.


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Wow. I never realized how many people liked this episode. Well, to be truthful, I found it a bit boring.


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While this is one of my favorite episodes, the coolest thing is when charmeleon evolved and the fact that Gary dug up poke poop, I also found myself wondering things. Why didn't Ash use any of his other pokemon. He used pikachu, squirtle, and charmeleon. What about pidgeotto, squirtle, and bulbasaur? don't think he left the other pokemon some where else. This was something I always wondered.


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Oh man, this was one of my favorite Pokémon League episodes.

First off, Gary was in it XD In full-blown spelunker gear, or as I call it, "Indiana Gary." Throw in some taunting toward Ash, and I am good to go ^_^ "Fossilized Pokémon manure"! Ewww!

Next, Team Rocket... just how stupid can you be? I hope that they learned that if you blow up a canyon, you'll be blown up too D: Amazing that they somehow survived... oh, and Pikachu, electrocuting the dynamite. W.T.F?

Then... Charizard! :D I love that thing! I loved the bit when Ash got all teary-eyed, thinking Charizard evolved to save him from Aerodactyl... when really, it was just to do battle with Aerodactyl XD

Jigglypuff also came in handy here! I don't much care for the personality, but she was still funny.

And then, we get an egg, which later hatches into Togepi! That is a dang lot of action in a single episode o_O;

Again, definitely one of my faves ^_^


In my nightmares
I love the Aerodactyl part. The thing he does with his eye. A rather amazing episode. Charmeleon evolving just to fight Aerodactyl? Such a great plotline if you ask me.


Charmeleons evolution process into Charizard is one of my all time faves through the generations. I liked it how Aerodactyl was teasing Charmeleon because it couldn't fly and Charmeleon was getting frustrated. Next thing we know he goes "Char char char char meeee" and glows. A brilliant scene.

Overall Rating: 10/10

it was a great ep, but i hated how zard evolved so fast. 3 episode from lvl 18 to 36! Squirtle's been in 200 eps and it hasnt evolved once!