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Attack of the Pre-historic Pokémon! (046)

Hikari Paradise

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Charizard to the rescue. I doubt it evolved just to battle aerodactyl because he really does care for Ash. Also the togepi egg was a good find.


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This is, personally, my favourte episode of the Kanto era and one of my favourite episodes of all time. This is the first appearance of both Charizard in its Charizard form and Togepi, who would hatch four episodes later.


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So sense wise and technically, Togepi was supposed to be Ash's. After that incident with that egg, then Ash was able to carry others and hatch them without them being given to someone else.

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Charmeleon's evolution into Charizard is probably one of the best shown evolutions in the animé, not to mention the most unexpected. I mean, no one was expecting it so soon after Charmeleon evolved from Charmander only a few eppies ago!O_O; Jigglypuff's reappearance was cute; and was the second and final time she got through the whole song! Too bad we didn't see Charizard's graffiti marks...:D Ash finds Togepi's egg(even though we don't know what it is at the time); and the rest, as we know, is history.;)

Diddent Jigglypuff get the whole song done in the episode where Ash catches Snorlax in the orange islands?
Sorry if Im wrong


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1 of my absolute fav. episodes! Charmeleon finally evolves into Charizard! Seeing all of the prehistoric pokemon was very cool. Never did understand why Kabutops wasn't affected by thunderbolt though... It was funny when Gary discovered pokemon manure.



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I was surprised to see fossil Pokemon. I was shocked that seemingly extinct Pokemon would be living underground, since I thought they would only exist as fossils.

It was kinda weird to see Charmeleon evolve already, it definitely seemed a little rushed. Seeing the big Charizard made me miss little Charmander even more. :/

Finding the Togepi egg was cool, but a little strange, because who would just leave an egg there?


A lot of things happened in this episode that are important in the show's season. Seriously? I felt overwhelmed with all the important events. Charmeleon evolving, and Misty and Ash fighting over an egg. Wow. But overall, was a very enjoyable episode.



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I absoulutly love this episode. Great to see Charmeleon evolve in to the almight Charizard very cool to see all the prehistoric Pokemon. Funny to see Gary find Ancient Pokemon manure. And Misty finds An egg. 10/10


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this is my favorite episode of all time, with fossils, a great plot, charizard, gary, the egg. its just great. plus when they were all rolled in to a ball when the dynamite exploded? that was great


More episodes like this need to happen. I thought that fossil Pokémon would have to be reanimated but it seems that they aren't. It's strange how they aren't more common since they don't seem to be that deep underground or anything. Maybe it's only in that specific area. Anyway, Charmeleon evolving into Charizard was a good thing for its rebellious streak. It works a lot better as a Charizard.


aka Lamia
The is probably one of the best episodes to ever come out of the Pokémon Animé. I loved pretty much every second of it. It was great to see that Prehistoric Pokémon actually existed and the Charmeleon evolution was epicness! Althought it disobeyed Ash all the time, you could tell it still cared for him because it evolved to save him pretty much. That or.... it just wanted to be better than Aerodactyl. This episode also introduced the Pokémon Egg!!


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I definitely agree with the people commentating that this is most-likely one of the best episodes in the Kanto saga. For me, first I was quite disappointed by the fact Charmeleon evolved so fast, but then again, Charizard established himself as an powerhouse and the overall plot, combined with some of my favorite characters and Pokemon, made this episode a monumental episode indeed.

ADDING 8-31-2012: After re-watching this episode again, I can only reiterate how awesome this episode was in many ways. Truly a masterpiece of the anime franchise as we rarely see today.
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Seeing Ash abducted by Aerodactyl was scary back when I was a litte kid, now I laugh about it. The best moment here is the evolution of Charmeleon, because Ash's Charizard is awesome. However, it was too soon after becoming Charmeleon... I like it, but it's not a favourite episode of mine, 8/10.


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A good episode, Charmelon evolving into Charizard in order to combat Aerodactly was a very nice surprise but too soon because we didn't see enough of Charmeleon. Sneaking in The Togepi egg was nice to see.

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

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This was the very first episode of the show that watched, back when I was 9. I admit it, SSB got me into Pokemon. I noticed that both Smasher Pokemon from that game, Pikachu and Jigglypuff were in the episode.
One of the best Pokemon episodes and for a good reason.

It had Gary, Jigglypuff, and the debut of Togepi and of one of Ash's strongest Pokemon, Charizard!

Very good episode, the fossil Pokemon were cool, but were cast into the shadow of Charizard at the end of the episode.

My favorite parts are Ash and Squirtle trying to put out the fuse, Gary making a reappearance, Jigglypuff singing her song, Charmeleon's evolution into Charizard, and Ash and co. finding the Togepi egg!

Princess Raspberyl

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Oh no. Not Charizard. (O.O) This is where it began. Haha. I couldn't help but laugh at Omastar's eyes. They were just too funny. xD It was an okay episode to say the least.

Oh yesh. Charizard. =D D8 I love Charizard, he's one of my favorites of Ash's Pokemon. :) And this and the Vermillion City Gym Battle were my favorite Kanto episodes as a kid. ^_^