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Attack of the Pre-historic Pokémon! (046)


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This was an awesome episode, I really enjoyed watching it. This is the first episode where fossil Pokémon were mentiond. Also, it's the first episode where fossil Pokémon(Omastar, Omanyte, Kabuto, Kabutops)actually appeared in the anime. It's interesting how the explosion of the dynamite awakend the fossil Pokémon, who were sleeping for... who knows how many years? They were already mad .....but they got ever more mad when Team Rocket tried to catch them. Seriously, how stupid Team Rocket are? Ash ran for his life, but a hungry Aerodactyle caught him and started to fly off with him. It was really awesome when Charmender evolved after the Aerodactyle mocked him, sadly he was still disobidient. I really felt sorry for Ash when he thought that Charmeleon evolved into Charizard to save him, but Charizard just wanted to battle the Areodactyle. :/

Misty's idea of getting Jigglypuff to make everyone fall asleep was DUMB! If Charizard didn't saved him, Ash could've died after falling from that high! I hated the scene where that Jigglypuff scrubbled on their face, geez I hate it when she does that. Anyway, I thought It's quite surprising that it took only 3 episodes for Charmelon to evolve into a Charizard, but I'm glad that he finally evolved. Later in the series, he would turn into a powerhouse of Ash's team.

Ash found a Pokémon egg towards the end of the episode, too bad he couldn't keep the Pokémon after it hatched from the egg in EP050.
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I don't get it when Ash is trapped underground Brock should have used his Onix to dig and Bring Ash and Team Rocket up.


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But there was nothing to dig into. It was an underground cave, and I doubt Onix could have made it's way back up.
Besides, it could have made the roof collapse, killing them all.

This episode was quite interesting in terms of evolution.
I think this was the only time we ever see a Pokemon really "force" itself to evolve. With other un-trained Pokemon such as Piloswine, it just sorta happened with no difficulty. But Charmeleon really looked like he was struggling to "activate" the evolution.
I wonder if this could be the reason why Charizard was so small compared to the other Charizards in the Charicific Valley.
Like a baby being born too soon, the early evolution made Charizard both smaller and weaker than those who evolved normally.


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Charmeleon uses Growl Attack on Aerodactyl before it explodes!

I agree! I think that Ash should get another Charmeleon! Not to replace Charizard, but to make up for how we did not get to see Charmeleon for long enough!

Yeah, I think that the writers should let Ash have another Charmeleon! We should write into the writers explaining why we feel the way we do about it!
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Just watched the original version of this episode. It was just as good as the dubbed version, if not better imo. I loved how Jessie hit Meowth with a mallet in the beginning and seeing Team Rocket running after Ash and forming a ball was hilarious. Pikachu's attempt to stop the dynamite from exploding was for nothing, but at least it showed that Pikachu wasn't infallible. I loved how spooky it was when the Fossil Pokemon's eyes started glowing out of the darkness, and I cackled when Jessie and James's Poke Balls were deflected by Kabutops and hit Meowth. It was amusing to see Arbok and Weezing being chased by Omanyte, Omastar, and Kabuto while TR just hid behind rocks, and I surprised that Pikachu's Electric-type attack didn't affect the Kabutops. Aerodactyl's screeches in the Japanese version hurt my ears, and it was kind of lame how Officer Jenny brushed off the whole Aerodactyl thing as a "dream," but the episode in general was very enjoyable.

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Ah yes. One of the best OS episodes. Especially the birth of Ash's strongest beast.


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I remember as a kid when the Togepi egg was found in this episode, I really thought that Togepi was going to be a fossil pokemon in gen 2.
Wow, Charmeleon evolved quickly.
It was awesome to see fossil Pokemon for the first time when I first saw this episode all those years ago. :)


I remember as a kid when the Togepi egg was found in this episode, I really thought that Togepi was going to be a fossil pokemon in gen 2.

Same here. I assumed that it was somehow related to Aerodactyl since the egg was found right after Aerodactyl had emerged from the chasm...

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I was in awe when Charmeleon evolved to save Ash cuz he seemed so aloof and I wasn't sure if he even cared about Ash any more hee hee. Aerodactyl almost biting Ash's neck was creepy however and the other fossil pokemon were pretty scary as well with their bloodshot eyes. ^^


Aerodactyl was hardcore like when he almost bit Ash's throat and I liked how Charizard chased him down and protected Ash. 8.5/10
My favorite scene was when the fossilized Pokemon began chasing Ash and Team Rocket in the chasm. It was like a Tom and Jerry scene.


Great episode. Shigeru's appearance was nice, although he should've done more to rescue Satoshi from the chasm. I liked seeing Satoshi and the Rocket-dan being chased around by the Omnite, Omstar, Kabuto, and Kabutops, as well as when Ptera appeared and made Lizard so mad that he went and evolved.
While this is one of my favorite episodes, the coolest thing is when Ash's stubborn and disobedient Charmeleon evolved and the fact that Gary dug up that weird fossil.


Ah, I really enjoyed the this episode. We had the first mention and appearance of Fossil Pokemon, and they are done very nicely in this episode. I enjoyed seeing Aerodactyl actually frighten away the other Pokemon when it arrived and then it being show actually trying to eat Ash. Charmeleon evolving into Charizard in order to combat Aerodactyl was a very nice surprise seeing as how Charmeleon was only in 3 episode of the entire series, I would've personally liked to see more of Charmeleon.
I enjoyed seeing Aerodactyl actually frighten away the other Pokemon when it arrived

Which made no sense now that I think of it. Why were the other Fossil Pokemon afraid of Aerodactyl in that scene, then at the end they were sleeping in his den without fear. :/


So Charizard only helped save Ash because he hated Aerodactyl, right? I wish we had seen more of Charmeleon though. He evolved way too soon.