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ATTACK! OU Team! Rate Please

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by BlueWartortle, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. BlueWartortle

    BlueWartortle ぶル ワルとルツル

    Wanna give a rate?

    Azelf @ Focus Sash, Leviate, Timid, 252 SATK 252 SPD 4 HP Stealth Rock/Taunt/Psychic/Thunder Wave
    Scizor @ Life Orb, Technician, Adamant, 252 ATK 252 SPD 4 HP Bug Bite/U-turn/Bullet Punch/Superpower
    Gliscor @ Toxic Orb, Poison Heal, Jolly, 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4 HP U-Turn/Earthquake/Stone Edge/Ice Fang
    Haxorus @ Choice Band, Mold Breaker, Adamant, 252 ATK 252 SPD 4 HP Outrage/Brick Break/Earthquake/X-Scizzor
    Kingdra @ White Herb, Swift Swim, Modest, 252 SATK 252 HP 4 SPD Surf/Ice Beam/Draco Meteor/HP Grass
    Heatran @ Air Balloon, Flash Fire, Timid, 252 SATK, 252 HP, 4 SPD Flamethrower/Earth Power/Flash Cannon/ HP Electric

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    Give some descriptions for each poke and I will rate and help, for example ... Azelf is my lead starter and is the stealth rock user, thunder wave is used to cripple the foes pokes, while taunt will stop other stealth rock users ... etc
  3. Miror

    Miror Seeker of the Blood Staff Member Moderator

    Dah Rules

    Read these, and then add in descriptions and some formatting. Once that's done, PM the changes to a mod and this'll be reopened ^_^
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