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ATTENTION, everyone who has settled a pre-trade with me


PokeTrainer Miki
uhm,can I still have the shiny dialga&palkia?...

who said I have a shinypalkia/dialga? I never had those pokemon


PokeTrainer Miki
no tyt, pls ppl with pre-trades make sure u contact me!


PokeTrainer Miki
I do remember you needed something from me :s maybe you forgot cuz you never checked your Jirachi's natures XD

Ooh, you have lots of shinies that I like...

Let me know what you wanted again...


wat shinies do you have?


Angel of Mercy
They're in my haves/wants thread...

Clonable Shinies:
Milotic Lv70
Hariyama Lv55
Parasect Lv50?
Beldum Lv5
Metagross (evolved from Beldum) Lv55
Whismur Lv7
Goldeen Lv20?
Rayquaza Lv70
Eevee Lv25

Absol Lv62
Wartortle Lv26
Mewtwo Lv100
Latias Lv50
Dialga Lv47
Floatzel Lv41
Machop Lv25
Bibarel Lv25
Bronzor Lv16
Lucario Lv46
Charizard Lv36
Charmander Lv5
Hypno Lv42

Some have Nicknames...



PokeTrainer Miki

i'm interested in these, what did you want?


PokeTrainer Miki
jirachi: 2 are timid and one is calm