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Aug 25th: XY&Z039 - Team Flare Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!!

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Once more we get images of Lysandre looking rather... disturbing... What is that face?! o_O

Sheer insanity that's probably on the same level as Cyrus's insanity went he went into that dimension.


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wonder if they will add the looker bit in this arc instead of the girl going rampage in that robot suit


Ideally the post-league/victors celebration happens in the first half of this episode, so that the last episode can entirely be devoted to the full battle. Flare can come in during the second half.


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The decisive battle the entire Kalos region gets involved in finally begins!!

Well this is hype. Never got such a thread over a whole region. Seems to be a good six parter if the climax of the arc happens after the Greninja episode.

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Wowowowow Lumiose City??? Whats with the red Zygarde as well? Could this have something to do with Yvetal?

It's probably just the lighting. Maybe the city is on fire


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So Alain realizes the errors of his ways and goes with Ash will be interesting to see if it happens during this episode or after it and Lumiose city is feeling the Lands Wrath


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Maybe we could get a glimpse of Alain starting to distrust Lysandre and start to see past his "lies" in the episode before Ash and Alain start their battle against each other, then what happens in this episode could make Alain's slight distrust of him become complete.

U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
So what's up with this red zygarde? Is bluni-chan being controlled by Flare or something?

I'd assume it's the lighting. The city could be on fire and that's why.


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lmao I love when people spell Lysandre as Lysandra, just gives me a laugh.

As long as we get to see Lysandre's Mega Gyarados by the end of this I will be super happy, although, either way I'm sure it'll be awesome.


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Yup like I expected. Lysandre pulled an Unalaq. Ash must now become a giant spirit thing and Bonnie must pull the DEM to power up Ash.


Lysandre's face lol

Tho I'm looking forward to this arc, it doesn't seem like there's any stops from the league till the end of the arc


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Does anyone else notice the fact that Ash is actually confronting Lysandre? Like, it makes me wonder if we're finally going to have a legitimate Ash vs. Head of Criminal Syndicate battle, and not a quick curbstomp like the one against Giovanni.
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