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August 13th: PM2019 076 - Fully Powered! The Alola Desert Island Race!!

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Pls is there any leak on what happens in the upcoming Alola episode tomorrow in terms of captures and the battle?
There will be a fight for sure, as the use of the Z-move was mentioned. But caught? Ah, yeah ... Goh will do it as usual.


Too lazy to pick a pic
Torterra so low makes me sad
1. Sceptile
2. Torterra
3. Bulbasaur
4. Bayleef
5. Leavanny
6. Snivy
7. Rowlet
Hey, rowlet that low makes sad too. At least, it kept learning attacks, what added more than snivy’s tough girl attitude and stagnated move set.

I’m still very disappointed by torterra’s treatment. I can just hope JN can remember the big guy.
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