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August 17th, 2005 - Cyber Dragon

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by Tamer Zack, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Tamer Zack

    Tamer Zack SPP forgotten member

    COTD August 17th, 2005 - Cyber Dragon

    Cyber Dragon CRV-EN015
    5 Stars
    ATK/2100 DEF/1600
    If there is a monster on your opponent’s side of the field and there are no monsters on your side of the field, you can Special Summon this card from your hand.

    Why Cyber Dragon? because if you're second, almost all the time your opponent puts down a monster on the first turn and you can special summon a 2100 machine on your first turn.
    Other pros to cyber dragon include, light -chaos food, 2100 attack is good for a lv 5 monster, and the fact its a machine.

    Off topic: I forgot to add the COTD part
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2005
  2. striker

    striker Guest

    your point is
  3. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    I would just like to state for the record that I hate Cyber Dragon in all its forms (Twin, End, and normal). This monster represents everything that is wrong with the current game. KONAMI continually serves up some kill-all card, it takes over the market, and is eventually offered up as a sacrifice to the banlist.
  4. Eon Chao

    Eon Chao Phoenix Clan Samurai

    But i thought you were trying to play machines? Anyway when BLS gets banned soon it'll be slightly less uber.
  5. The Requiem

    The Requiem Wanna?Slash


    As easily BTHed and BOMed he is, he is still a free 2100 attacker. I dont see him as a meta-killer though.

    Cyber Dragon is incentive to go turn 2, where that usually spells death. He might SAVE the meta..I think they should Errata the fusions though. They need to not be morphable...

    *points at all 10 of Metal Reflect Slime's stars*
  6. Phaedra

    Phaedra IS THAT PAM GRIER??

    That would actually mean something if that card were released here (referring to "Metal Reflect Slime").

    And really, how is Cyber Dragon a "kill-all" card? This thing is good, granted... a Special Summoned 2100 ATK monster on turn 2 is NOTHING to laugh at - but it's still vulnerable to removal, amongst other things.

    You want to talk "kill-all"? Try the Ankokukai cards from Elemental Energy. Now THOSE cards are a prime example of "kill-all", even if they aren't as broken as Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning or whatever. And if you don't know which cards I'm referring to (and you probably don't), here's a hint: [SPOIL]EEN-JP024[/SPOIL]

    Chill out. This thing is NOT going to kill the game.

    That said, it is going to rock our world quite a bit. As said before, this thing is a free 2100 drop on turn 2 if your opponent has a monster (hint: Scapegoats in the Battle Phase), is Morphable into Balter and Fiend Skull Dragon, and provides LIGHT food for Chaos decks. Though I'm sure many will just ditch it after a while and go back to Parshath...


    I call tomorrow's card...
  7. Love Hina Fan

    Love Hina Fan December Third...

    Like VA said, Cyber Dragon is good, but nothing to get scared about. It's not broken in the sense that if you want to keep up hand advantage, you wouldn't want to summon another monster in the same turn. Also, the Anokukai/Dark Realm monsters are powerful, them alone are the most powerful theme deck ever unleashed.

    Traditional: 6/10

    Advanced: 7.5/10 it's not that broken at all...
  8. The_Darkness_Incarnate

    The_Darkness_Incarnate +Erratic-Inanity+

    This does not strike me as an exceedingly good card. It's okay, but... yeah. I'm not really sure how to explain this. It's good, but it's not that good. Um... *gets shot* 7.5/10
  9. ~-=Mewtwo=-~

    ~-=Mewtwo=-~ Guest

    It's like an awesomer Fiend Megacyber... Just 100 atk points less... able to fuse... and an awesomer effect...
  10. Obelisk 1

    Obelisk 1 Defense Trainer

    Imagine this situation; you maindeck 2 Cyber Dragons(as I am starting to see a lot in Chaos, and even Horus decks o.0) You enter Regionals/Nationals whatever, and come up against Mill(deck destruction for those of you are unused to the term ¬_¬) Certain builds have as few as 4 mons(Cyber Jar being the key card)-Most of the time, the opponent will not have a monster, so these Maindecked Cyber Dragons become useless essentially. This, and the low attack stat of Cyber Dragon show why it is not "gamebreaking." People are just going to run it because it is a Light Attribute. For all Chaos is, I am starting to look forward to the October Ban-update, and the day when they kill Chaos in the Advanced format....the day when both my Envoys will sit in the Trade folder ^_^ Maybe then some originality and/or sense will come into the game...*actually I can hardly talk, I do run every Cookie Cutter deck under the sun...but still.
  11. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    I retract my statement, System Down beats the living hell out of Cyber Dragon.
  12. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    No, I haven't played with a Machine deck in a long time. Even if I wanted to dust off my XYZ deck and work Cy into it, it's too expensive and time consuming to be worth it.
    I play for fun, not meaningless titles. I don't know about any of you, but spending months hunting down a handful of cards and depleting my entire bank account again in the process, isn't my idea of fun.
  13. aron fan

    aron fan Guest

    whta the probelm yes its a gd card yes its slightly broken but how many of you play bottomless and armors yes all of you af signing off
  14. Phaedra

    Phaedra IS THAT PAM GRIER??

    "Though I'm sure many will just ditch it after a while and go back to Parshath..."


    After seeing this card's effect on the metagame, I have to look back on this, and wonder...


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