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Aurora's Solace (suicune pencil drawing)

This started as a sketch in class, on a piece of paper that looked like it belonged in the trash, I figured, why does its destiny have to be so? Just because some grease spilled on it, and it has folds, does it really have to have to be discarded like that?

And so I drew on, and on, and thought of burning the thing :p Just something from my memory popped in, and that was the reason I wanted it damaged, plus it looks kinda cool.

A friend died recently, and I'm not entirely sure what to do or think, but I'd like to dedicate this sketch to him, though it may not be the prettiest of all my works, or the tidiest, this is for him. Descansa en paz amigo mio, se te extrañara demasiado.




Wow, it looks really professional for just a sketch of a Pokemon. I really like it. I think the thing that stands out about it the most for me is that Suicune's mane looks more like hair than ever before; that's just really detailed so I'm loving it. I also appreciate the shading as well as the burnt edges around the sketch. I'm sorry that your friend recently passed away, but it's sweet of you to dedicate this to them. It's well worth it.


Sound(?) asleep...
Amazing and professional, Mex. Pretty much everything that KIRA said up there I agree with. I also love the soft rub in the background. It gives a sense of perspective.

Constructive crit:
I'm wondering if you've ever studied animal anatamony (in particular skeletal and muscle structure). Suicune's left shoulder blade looks a bit funny. I know that Sugimori's style tends to highly simpliy joints (sometimes to the point of the joints acting wonky), but if you were to "correct" Suicune's joints it could give you that extra edge of realism that could make it stand out. You already have that impressive mop of hair mastered...
Kira, thank you, I guess I'm improving a bit. Yeah, he was a good kid. I think he'd have been happier to have it in person, but it was his time I suppose. Life goes on.

Luxrayess. I suck at anatomy 8D And I didn't study up on it before going for the suicune sketch, I know it would have made it better >.< I don't plan to touch the piece anymore, I'll leave it as is xD But I will keep anatomy more in mind in the future. It's something most people ignore including myself 8d Haha mop of hair xD


If the Crown Fits...
This is beyond stunning and beautiful.
If there was ever a live action movie, I could see this being a prop of a well preserved Suicune drawing as they discuss the dogs.
Suicune is my favorite of the Legendary dogs and you have captured the beauty of her wonderfully. I would love to have this framed in my room. Listen to no one, change nothing.
UmbreonKit333, haha I guess I did, hmm, that quote brought back memories. Actually that, and two other pencils this time. 2H and 2B mechanical. I'm coping with it pretty well I guess.

Royalty, I actually do wanna frame this :). Haha don't worry, it'll just chill like it is.


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Hey this is pretty good, I've only seen the burning of the paper thing a few times so it's refreshing to see it again, the shading is very good.