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Author's Profile V.3

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Cyber Robert, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    This remake was approved by Zephyr Flare for inactivity and lack of updating from the last owner. and yep it's another trilogy.
    The original

    Name: Your username, nickname, real name or any other name that you want to be called by.

    Age (optional): Your age.

    Gender (optional): Your gender.

    Types Of Writing: In simpler words (for those who don't comprehend) it's your favourite genre to write; fantasy, OT, romance, horror, etcetera.

    Strong Areas: Which areas of writing are you good at? Are they plot, description, character development?

    Type Of Characters: What type of character's do you enjoy writing about, the moody angster, crazy good-guy or mysterious antagonist.

    Current Stories: The stories which you have completed of are currently writing. You can include the banner, a summary, the genre and basically what you want readers to know about your story.

    Future Stories: Include stories which you have not yet posted or are thinking of writing.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Give writing tips to new authors' here. The Advice for Aspiring Authors serves that purpose but no one has posted in it for a long time and people are likely to want advice from a certain author.

    AND now...

    The Author's Profiles
    Aura Master
    chosen one386
    diablo 200525
    Dragon user X
    Eon Master
    King Raichu
    Legend of Lucario
    Llama Guy
    Mr. Joker
    Mrs. Lovett
    Pkmn Breeder Jack
    Pseudo Lovely
    Shadow Lucario
    Shadow XD001
    shaymin girl
    The Big Al
    Trainer Robert

    (if yours is on the other thread then feel free to copy and paste it over to this thread or link it to here...)
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2010
  2. diablo_200525

    diablo_200525 ミッドナイト ミュウツー

    Name: diablo_200525, Ryan
    Age :17

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Fantacy, Comedy Writing

    Strong Areas: I more the less good at making characters

    Type Of Characters: I love writing the main character who is like the outcast or has a mysterious past. Kinda like me. I just feel like that writing out a new character that you picture as the future you or in somewhat like you is easy for me to come up with and thats why it is my favorite

    Future Stories:
    Unitition (Fan-Fic)
    The chalkborad (Kids/ humurous)

    Writing Tips : Whenever i get stuck i usually take a break and go for a walk. Then after a week later i am back at either the writing desk or the computer. And if that doesnt help me yet i sometimes draw out the characters and do a scene... It usually helps me out and i hope it helps others
  3. PokemonHero

    PokemonHero I can see the future

    Well, I had sent something to Psychic asking if I could restart the thread, but I guess it's no big deal that someone else beat me to it.

    Name: PokemonHero, PH, Hero, Chris

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Adventure, Romance

    Strong Areas: Character development, plot

    Type Of Characters: My favorite characters are those that the reader can connect to.

    Current Stories:


    A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story. Follow Zach, a human who finds himself turned into a Chimchar, as he and his new friends Eevee and Bulbasaur have to protect their world from eternal darkness.


    Amber was just an average teenage girl. That was until a sick experiment turned her into an Eevee. Can she discover a way to become human again? PH's first romance story.

    Partners for Life

    Currently One Shot, could expand into story or collection of One Shots. PMD based.

    Future Stories: I've pretty much cut back on what I'm going to do. The only projects that are currently going to happen are a Mystery Dungeon One-Shot and a sequel to The Light in the Darkness.

    Writing Tips: Even the best character should have some sort of flaw. Nobody's perfect, so neither should your characters.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2009
  4. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

  5. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    Name: ben_pokemon or just Ben :D

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: I tend to write journey/drama/romance types of fictions but you never know :p

    Strong Areas: I would say character development.

    Type Of Characters: I like to develop my characters personalities through the story as they grow and mature.

    Current Stories: None

    Future Stories:

    Spirit of Johto: A New Generation
    Are you ready?
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2009
  6. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Name: palkia1

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Mostly journey and adventure fics, but I also write fantasy a lot as well.

    Strong Areas: I'd like to believe that my strong areas are plot and character development.

    Type Of Characters: I like writing antagonists, more specifically ones that are misunderstood or misjudged or aren't quite as bad as most people think. I also enjoy writing characters who go through a lot of development, being someone completely different at the end then to who they were at the beginning.

    Current Stories: Winds of the Past: Professor Oak and Agatha of the Kanto Elite Four are two renowned Pokemon personalities. See how their journeys began and how they became to be the talented and respected people they are today.

    Future Stories: I've got quite a few stories planned for the future. I have another Pokemon Journey fic, as well as a sequel to Winds of the Past planned. I'm also going to write a Digimon and a Final Fantasy fic as well.
  7. purple_drake

    purple_drake E/GL obsessed

    Name: purple_drake, PD, Pur

    Age: 22. I feel old.

    Gender: female

    Types of writing: Hrm. Mostly action/adventure or drama, but I've been writing more angst lately, and a number of my stories have a touch of fantasy or supernatural ... or even sci-fi. I also have plans for some crime fics.

    Strong areas: Characterisation/development, definitely, and also continuity and research. Pretty good with description, too.

    Type of characters: Law enforcement/military peoples. People put in difficult or ethical dilemmas, or who're being mindf*cked. Kinda like the composed, slightly-insane villain, too. People who're driven, think they know where they're going and what they're doing, and then have the rug pulled out from under their feet.

    Current stories:


    Life is filled with choices. Choices are balanced with consequences. Separated by three regions, the choices of a father and his daughter could bring them together … if they can face the consequences first.


    In-progress. Last updated 03/08/08.

    Awards: Nominated for 'Best Developed Characters (Keegan)' and 'Best Use of Existing Character (Bill)', 2007 Fanfiction Awards.

    Heart of the Magma

    There was a time when Team Magma worked for the good of the pokémon world. When they were ruled by reason and not madness. When they had in their care the daughter of their leader, a little girl who represented hopes and dreams ... and fears ...



    Brother My Brother

    When two eevee are left abandoned by their trainer, the stronger vows that they will never again be owned by another human, swearing that he will protect his brother from servitude. Whatever the cost ...


    Completed; rewrite pending.


    'His reflection stared back at him from the mirror adorning the entirety of the opposite wall. And yet it wasn’t his at all.' Fighting the good fight had never seemed so hard ...


    Completed; 1st in the 'Disillusions' trilogy

    Awards: 1st-place in the Requiem: Tragedy One-shot contest; winner of 'Best Pokemon Oneshot', 2008 Fanfiction Awards; nominated for 'Best Characterisation', 'Best Canon Character-Centric' and 'Most Heartwarming Fic', 2008 Fanfiction Awards.

    The Taming of the Northern Wind



    'I'd played the game for years, for decades, for centuries, and still I hadn't found the answers I sought. And then I met Him.' Suicune reflects on those who chase the legends.

    Awards: 2nd-place in the Myths and Legends One-shot Contest; winner of 'Best One-shot', 2007 Fanfiction Awards.

    Keeping My Sanity: Mirrorscape

    'Today my hair is red. It could be worse. At least my eyes are still grey.' Lance is having trouble keeping his sanity, and his reflections aren't helping.


    Completed; rewrite pending.

    Another Ordinary Day

    '… he probably had the entirety of the lab’s security on his tail. Not that that was entirely new.' A snapshot in the life of a certain dragon master.



    Awards: 2nd-place winner of the Sacrifice: Battle One-shot contest.

    Future stories: In no particular order, and discounting a few other plotbunnies which aren't quite developed enough to list:

    The Games of Dominance: Sequel to 'Choice and Consequence'. Keegan will reconcile some of the things that plagued her in CaC, but there are others which have a way of haunting a person. Chaptered.

    Magma Tales: AU of the Choiceverse. Keegan's ship didn't sink and Team Magma never became eco-terrorists. Series of one-shots from Keegan's AU life.

    The Eyes of the Abyss: Mangaverse fic about Lance, his reasons for his actions, and exactly how he managed to condition himself into that mindset. One-shot.

    Of Pillows and Picture Books: Gameverse character exploration of Steven and Wallace's friendship. Request. One-shot.

    The 'Thin Red Line': Mangaverse character sketch, again of Steven and Wallace, this time with a focus on exploring friendship, sex, and romance, and the sometimes blurry lines between them. One-shot.

    Life is Like a Pair of Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs: Another Lance mindf*ckery piece. Lance has snapped. Now he has to pick up the pieces. Chaptered fic, fairly dark, and despite the title not really kinky (seriously. Don't let the title fool you. And no, I'm not going to explain it. >3 ).

    The Mighty Fallen: 2nd in the 'Disillusions' trilogy. Lance is still struggling to cope after the events of 'The Good Fight', while his friends are trying to figure out how to help him. One-shot.

    A Fool's Paradise: 3rd in the 'Disillusions' trilogy. Lance still isn't prepared for duty when he finds he has no choice but to put up or shut up, or face the consequences. One-shot.

    The Rookie's Handbook to Conspiracy Theory: Shh! Secret.

    Writing tips: Verisimilitude: 'the quality of appearing to be true or real'. In writing terms (and this applies to all types of writing, fanfiction or otherwise), this means that anything you write needs to not only be believable, but it needs to be believable within the context of the story. Take vampires, for example. Vampires are commonly accepted to be unable to walk in sunlight. If you're writing a story which takes this view, you can't simply have vampires wandering around in broad daylight at noon.

    This includes characterisation. A calm and collected character is not going to be jumping up and down in rage whenever something doesn't go their way.

    Canon can be reliably regarded as a fandom's version of verisimilitude. What is there should be adhered to, unless you can think up a good reason for why it can or should be changed (yes, I am aware of the snake's nest I'm poking. Please don't bite me.). Of course, some authors of original fandoms tend to break this rule themselves (e.g. an episode of Angel in which he got a ring which protected him from the sunlight), not always with successful results. Generally speaking, though, this is the kind of rule an author should only break when they really know what they're doing (particularly when they're playing in someone else's backyard).

    So-called 'Mary-Sues' and their male counterparts usually break this rule. Frequently, and with little justification. If a character breaks this rule (frequently and with little justification) then it is a good bet they are a Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu.

    'The first is the worst'. That is, your first idea is likely to be not as good as ones that follow, or that are developed from it. That's okay; first ideas are what can develop into quality stories, so don't be afraid to change things if the story calls for it.

    You've just written a fantastic line when you realise that it really doesn't suit, or that, for whatever reason, you need to delete it. It sucks, but there's no point in leaving in a line which will only make the story seem forced, cloggy, or gratuitous. But hey, copy and paste the line into another document to keep: you might find a place for it somewhere else. It's okay to keep scraps, and sometimes it pays off.

    ... I could say more, but I think that's enough. Long, profile is long.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2009
  8. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    Name: The Big Al

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Types of Writing: Science fiction and comedy for the most part. Sometimes conspiracy thrillers too.

    Strong Areas: Characters and Plot development.

    Types of Characters: The disenfranchised who find themselves thrust into being the heroes and villains with a serious case of megalomania.

    Current Stories: The Weather Makers of the Mysterious Planet: The Floodgates of Hell.

    A novel based on the Twin Princesses of the Mysterious (Wonder) Planet (Star) concept by BIRTHDAY. It was a normal day in the Water Drop Kingdom until a messenger from the Seed Kingdom brought news of flooding in that land. Princess Milro of the Water Drop Kingdom and Prince Auler and Princess Sophie of the Windmill run into a "small problem" when they go to investigate. Now, their kingdoms' weather making workers have two days to end the rain in the Seed Kingdom, or else.

    Future Stories: I don't know. I have been thinking of going back to Pokemon I have some ideas. I might also just hang up my pen.

    Tips for Writing: Write what you want to write, not what you believe others want.
  9. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    Updated. oh and here's mine.

    Name: CyberBlastoise, CB, or Cyber

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Sci-fi and Romance

    Strong Areas: Character development...I always try to know as much of my characters as possible while going through the storyline...

    Type Of Characters: I prefer making the typical brave hero...but i also love making hot-headed people in my fics too

    Current Stories:

    Bill of the Future - What happens when Team Rocket tries to change the past and someone attempts to stop them? Read and find out...

    Pokemon Next Generation - A brand new trainer is about to have his journey under way. He meets some new friends and rivals as well as some from the last generation. Along with this new generation comes a brand new type of trainer...the Treasure Hunter.

    Future Stories:
    Team Rocket Corruption - Team Rocket finally does it. They now rule the world. The only hope of the world now is Ash Ketchum and he's in their prisons bound tightly. What to do what to do.
    Writing Tips: Do not underestimate your works before you publish them. And do not just limit yourself to thinking you are bad without any proof that you are.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2009
  10. Diddy

    Diddy Renegade

    I'll rewrite my profile, can't be bothered CP'ing my other one.

    Name: Diddy

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Horror, Thriller, Mild Fantasy, Crime/Detective

    Strong Areas: I don't think I'd be able to fill this out by myself, this sort of stuff is up to my readers to decide. However, if I have to say what convention(s) of writing I'm best at, it would probably be creating a plot. I've also been told in reviews of my latest piece that the surprise at the end was well done and rather unexpected. I'm working on my ability to scare people in my writing, so that might be a strength down the line.

    Type Of Characters: As my genre choice might indicate, I'm a big fan of Serial Killers and Police Officer/Detective types. The morally grey kind of people that pick their own rules and live on the fringes of society.

    Current Stories:

    In reverse Chronological order...


    PG-13 Horror

    An interesting take on the 'Witch', an enemy character from the game 'Left 4 Dead'


    PG-13 Comedy Drama

    Gym Leaders lead(xD) tough lives. It's fair to assume they need to chill out and relax every now and then.

    A Rose By Any Other Name...

    R Horror

    Mindless Torture or Karmic Justice?

    Angel Of Mercy

    PG-13 Romance, Thriller

    Nurse Joy has a tough job, sometimes she wishes she could just escape...

    The Masque of the Black Death

    PG-13 Thriller

    Adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe short story 'The Masque Of The Red Death' and deadly plague has hit Sinnoh but Mr. Backlot has gathered a hundred of the finest men and woman in Sinnoh and sheltered them in his mansion. But how safe are they really?

    My Pathetic Fallacy [aka Descending Chaotic Majesty in C minor]

    PG Angst

    Something I wrote when I was in a foul mood with two certain people, as the title suggests, It reflects what I was feeling at the time.

    I'm Dreaming Of A Red Christmas

    R - Horror, Thriller

    Set in my own universe where humans don't exist and pokemon take their place as dominant species on Pokearth. Ramirez, a reclusive Gallade living in a cabin in Ilex Forest, decides to spread his own brand of christmas cheer to a family living in the Azalea Township.

    The Sanguine Rose

    PG-13 Fantasy

    Completely original piece that sees Ariana searching for a cure to her husbands deadly affliction.

    Got fourth place in the Dungeons and Starships Sci-fi/Fantasy one-shot contest

    The Yellow Delcatty

    PG-14 Horror, Thriller

    Another Poe adaptation, this time of 'The Black Cat' it follows a pokemon loving man caring for a wounded Delcatty but steadily finds himself loathing the creature and everyone else as time goes by in it's company.

    Night Mare

    PG-13 Thriller

    A woman falls asleep and finds herself in a colourful garden, but as she approaches the manor, she starts to wonder if it really is a dream.

    The Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist

    PG Thriller

    Follow the life of Yuri Karkov as he strays dying through Red Square, Moscow, reliving his past as he finds himself slipping into darkness.

    Serial: The Book

    R Horror, Thriller

    The Gallade, Ramirez, has had a tough life. Luckily he kept a diary, detailing all the favourite aspects of his life.

    New Born

    PG-13 Drama, Thriller

    A song fic, the song being New Born by Muse, about a Gallade and Gardevoir who are just about to become parents. But what's that saying, ah yes, "Life's a Bitch"


    R Horror

    Anne Pretloe loves picking mushrooms for her friends to enjoy in her fabulously cooked meals. But little does she know that someone watching her would love just as much to see her blood coat the forest floor.

    Ramirez' first and indeed my first foray into the fanfiction world.

    Wow, I really have posted quite a few pieces. Almost all of them are one-shots mind you, but that's what I like.

    Future Stories:

    Far too many to name... funny thing, a Plot Bunny's natural habitat is actually my head.

    For Whom The Bell Tolls

    PG-13 Adventure, Journey Fic

    What would you do if you woke up in the middle of a forest one day? How about later that day you find that your grandmother has given you a pokemon? Cue a journey, set in Johto's past, roughly at the dawn of the creation of the pokeball. Can Zaniah get over her fear of hurting her pokemon in battles? Only time will tell.

    Writing Tips: PLOT PLOT PLOT! As long as you know where your fic is leading, you will always know what to write. And you can always chop and change certain things as you write.

    That and LISTEN TO YOUR REVIEWERS they post because they want to help you get better. They want you to take their advice so you can become a better writer. Don't turn down help, or you'll only back yourself into a corner.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2011
  11. duncan

    duncan Well-Known Member

    Name: duncan, Duncan McNeil, duncan33303 depending on where you look for me.

    Gender: Male

    Types of Writing: I've experimented with all kinds, but my main focus is usually on dark, apocalyptic fics. I've also written journey fics before, as well as various adventure themed fics.

    Strong Areas: Plot. Everything else is about average, I would think.

    Type of Characters: I like to have a wide variety of characters in my fictions, but the ones I come back to are anti-heroes and evil overlords.

    Current Stories:

    I'll just mention the ones I haven't disowned.

    Blazing Dreams: The Phantom Overlord
    The Phantom Overlord was a one-shot based on the events that led up to Legends of Sinnoh.

    Survive was a one-shot about a mysterious figure who started a coup, only to face divine retribution because of his actions.

    I Am Deoxys
    My winning entrance into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy one-shot competition, I Am Deoxys followed the stories of several people as the end of the world dawns, brought about by Deoxys misplaced need to save humanity.

    Blazing Dreams: Apocalypse Rising
    A two-shot set inside the storyline of The Eternal Night, Apocalypse Rising follows the stories of Kyrie and Magnus, two teenagers living in a shadowy sect called the Horde. With the help of an old enemy, they attempt to free themselves from the horror that is the Ritual.

    Blazing Dreams: The Eternal Night
    The third and final saga of Blazing Dreams, The Eternal Night chronicles the journey of Duncan as he attempts to understand his place in the complex new world that is dominated by the Overlord, Giratina.

    Writing Tips:

    Listen to your reviewers. Welcome criticism, no matter how harsh it may be, and use it to better your writing. Don't try to immediately be perfect, you will just go crazy trying to fix every small detail. Instead continue writing, work on your flaws as you are able to get a handle on them and constantly improve.
  12. elyvorg

    elyvorg somewhat backwards.

    elyvorg. I don't like to be called anything else, not even a shortened version; also, I'd prefer it if it were kept uncapitalised. If you really must type less than seven letters, you may call me vorg. I prefer my full name, though.


    Types Of Writing
    My favourite genre both writing and reading/watching-wise would have to be sci-fi; I just love all the potential you get out of exploring concepts which are impossible in the real world. That said, while sometimes I like to write entire fics around sci-fi concepts, other times I just slip a few in if the story needs them, while the main plot centres itself around something else. Other favourite genres of mine are adventure and action. I like reading and writing stories where things happen, basically. And more than just friendly traiver-vs-trainer Pokémon battles, too - while I do like writing a nice battle every now and then, it's always more fun if there's something a little more than just a badge at stake.

    I'm rather fond of plot twists and cliffhangers because I love to keep my readers guessing. I like a good complex plot where almost everything that happens has some significance to it; I try to veer away from filler chapters as much as I can. I also enjoy dropping clues early on that allow people to work out later mysteries if only they looked back and joined the dots. No-one ever seems to, though. Which amuses me for some reason.

    Strong Areas
    According to my reviewers, my greatest strength is showing the emotion in characters and writing them believably. I've been commended more than once for not making my characters succeed in everything they attempt, and apparently I can be really good at getting across what a character is feeling in a certain situation, whether from their perspective or from someone else's. One reviewer has also said she often likes the way I word things.

    Type Of Characters
    All kinds, really, so long as they feel real. My main fic doesn't have a large cast of human characters, but those that there are cover quite a wide range of personalities, so I don't think there's really one type I tend towards. I enjoy writing in third person limited to really get into a character's head without the extra trouble of first person (plus, I occasionally switch POV characters, which first doesn't work so well for) and see the world how they perceive it, bias and all.

    I also like to flesh out my Pokémon characters to give them personalities and motives of their own, because I often find them more fun to write about than humans. Due to this, I rather like doing a Pokémon POV every now and then; it's particularly fun and an added challenge if the Pokémon in question is a wild one and therefore knows very little about humans, so I can show them perceiving humans as far more unfamiliar and alien than normal.

    Current Stories
    I have one main chaptered fic and don't plan to start another one until it is finished. I do write the odd one-shot on the side, though.

    Lost Evolution
    When a never-before-seen Pokémon, revived from a fossil, escapes from the laboratory it was born in, a race to find it ensues.

    The fic I've been working on for over two and a half years now and am currently about three-quarters of the way through. Primarily adventure, with some sci-fi concepts on the side. Pretty much everything I wrote in my second paragraph for "Types of Writing" are the kinds of things you'll find in this fic. I love writing this thing so much.

    Taming Evil
    Original One-Shot
    The New Leaf Institute - an organisation dedicated to removing the evil from society and showing them the light. But is it all that it seems?

    I wrote this as Creative Writing coursework for my English GCSE. It was quite possibly my favourite thing I've ever written, so I posted it here as well. Based around a sci-fi concept, slightly disturbing and leaves a lot up to the reader's imagination at the end.

    Maternal Instinct
    When a proud mother's only son is endangered, what else is the mother to do but protect him?

    A Pokémon POV written for the Requiem Tragedy One-Shot contest, which came a solid fourth place. Apparently induces urges to cuddle a small, furry animal, so read at your own risk. x3

    Future Stories
    Nothing planned at all at the moment.

    Writing Tips
    Don't give up, as everyone else has been saying. But to extend on that: ensure that you won't give up by making absolutely sure that you are serious and passionate about your idea before starting. Don't just start writing and posting the first thing that comes into your head. Don't even start if all you have is a very basic, unfleshed-out idea which you're hoping you'll get a chance to flesh out as you write; for all you know, you might never manage it and your fic will end up by the wayside. Only start writing if you're absolutely sure you can see yourself finishing it. Can you imagine yourself spending what will likely be several years of your life on a fic just to reach its end? If you can't, don't even think about starting it.

    It helps to spend a good while before even putting fingers to keyboard just thinking about the plot and how everything in it will fit together and work out. You don't need to have the entire content of every single chapter thought out before you start, but it is a good move to have a basic idea of several key events at different points along the storyline - this way, you'll always know roughly where the plot is heading at each stage, and you'll always be urged to write more as you'll be dying to reach those moments that you've had bubbling away inside your head for so long.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2010
  13. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Name: Bobandbill. B&B, b&b or bnb for short, I suppose.

    Age: 18, last time I checked...

    Gender: ALL MALE :p

    Types Of Writing: Primarily that of the comedy genre, with some parody scattered in here and there as well. I do mess around with a few other styles or moods though, but not that much in fics, I suppose. I find comedy to be be most fun genre for me to write, and I like to try to entertain others as well with my efforts.

    For reading though I quite like anything, really, as long as it holds my interest and all.

    Strong Areas: Once again - comedy. I like to attempt to turn even the most dull thing into something funny. Dialogue as well, I suppose - I have a fair bit of writing concerning that aspect.

    Type Of Characters: Varying. I do have a soft spot for the downright dumb characters though. Comic ones as well. These tend to transfer to my 'Pokemon' in my stories as well.

    Current Stories:: I present:

    The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum (TRoPC)


    This here is my lightly-written, comedy retake on the game Pokemon Colosseum. Involves a bit of parody of the game, and it's also my attempt to explain the unexplained events and plot-holes within the game - it's a fic that takes on the likes of Shadow Pokemon and Miror B's afro. It's going slowly but surely - 12 chapters and a prologue in thus far.

    Unfortunately Blue


    This is a one-shot I did for a Tragedy contest a while back (placed somewhere in the middle) - just a story involving a Houndour who is growing up. With a twist of sorts, of course.

    Future Stories: Too many ideas, really - I have quite a number of them. Most I'm still debating on whether to do or am planning and thinking it out in my head, and am more focused on my main fic when I have the time for it as well.

    Writing Tips: Proofreading for the win. Take constructive crit on board. Be patient, and don't rush your fic writing. Read other fics as well, and see how the 'pros' do it. Take enjoyment from your writing. That, and what everyone else said. :p
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2010
  14. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Name: Ysavvryl

    Gender: female

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, primarily, the whole range of it. I dabble in sci-fi and often find brushstrokes of other genres appearing.

    Strong Areas: Not sure, but I like coming up with odd ideas.

    Type Of Characters: All sorts. I have a fondness for nerds, artists, and fringe characters, though.

    Current Stories:

    Pokedex One-Shots: My (and my readers') addiction. Basing stories solely off the information you can find in the Pokedex, this short story collection seeks to explore all kinds of aspects of life in the Pokemon world. Guest one-shots are welcomed with approval. It has now passed 25% completion! -will continue

    Pokemon Mage Ruby: A rethinking of the 3rd gen games under the genre of fantasy. A trio of teenagers try to become Pokemon Wizards by gaining the partnership of a Guardian, but the forces of magic may have other ideas. -completed

    A Mundane Story: Two-shot (cause of two posts). After his Trainer gets married, Ray the Gallade finds himself facing a mundane life. Can he take it?

    Trial By Water: A sequal to PMR, taking aspects of the fourth gen story that were only hinted at and expanding into a fantasy epic. Having evaded a terrible death by taking on an equally-terrible curse, Vincent finds himself in Sinnoh, on the trail of a missing Professor and an emotionally unstable legendary. -in process

    The Ballad of Deoxys and Mewtwo: Two powerful young legends on a quest to take over the world. It might help them if I wasn't writing this to the tune of the cartoon 'Pinky and the Brain'. -completed

    Future Stories:

    Six Spirit: A story about an artist seeking to escape the artificiality of the Contest circuit. Very character driven. Edit: Also about a unique culture struggling to thrive when the Pokemon League culture is trying to take over its native region.

    Writing Tips (Optional): Make sure that you feel sympathy (or at least understanding) for your characters. Because if you don't care about them, nobody will.

    And then cruelly test them to their limits.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2009
  15. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

  16. Draknir

    Draknir Team Popplio

    Name: >Entei<, Draknir(Penname:p)

    Age (optional): 15

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: Adventure

    Strong Areas: Plot(I believe I think too far in the future when I should be writing the next chapter)

    Type Of Characters: Characters who seem bad but are really good or seem good but are really bad.

    Current Stories: Pokemon: The Platinum Journey

    Future Stories:
    (A space means a different universe)


    Pokémon: The Emerald Journey(Working on first chapter)-Fic based off of Emerald.
    Pokémon: The Crystal Journey-Fic based off of Crystal
    Pokémon: The Kanto Journey-Fic based off of Fire Red/Leaf Green
    Pokémon: The Arctic Journey-Fic that encompasses the region I made
    Pokémon: Apocalypse-Fic that involves a very dark outlook on the Pokémon universe

    Pokémon: The White Riolu-Fic involving a Riolu that can use Aura Sphere and can never feel cold. Only Hot.
    Pokémon: The Red Eevee-Fic involving an Eevee that can use Flare Blitz and can never feel hot. Only Cold.
    Pokémon: The Black Shinx-Fic involving a Shinx that appears in the previous two.


    Digimon: The Dark Times-The evil Darkmon reigns over the Digital World and has enslaved its populous. Four friends however set out to change this.
    Digimon: The Great War-The Digital World is on the brink of a war for control. Only one digimon can return peace to the world, but he's stuck in a Digi-Egg
    Digimon: The Returning Darkness-Many Generations after the war, a young human befriends a digimon who has ties to the past. An evil force looms to reawaken the evil Darkmon.
    Digimon: Mercenary-A mere sellsword, Nova has been enlisted by the Chaos Knights to do some dirty work.
    Digimon: Calamity-Nova realizes that the dirty work that the Chaos Knights had him do has set off a chain reaction and threatens to tear the Digital World apart.
    Digimon: Redemption-Nova plans to redeem himself in the eyes of the Digital Empire's leaders by helping end the war. He has been asked to accompany a major player in the struggle to lead an attack straight at the Chaos Knights castle.
  17. BladedScizor

    BladedScizor Well-Known Member

    Name: BladedScizor, Bladed. Heck, feel free to call me BS if you want. :p

    Age (optional): 22

    Gender (optional): Male

    Types Of Writing: So far, my Pokemon fanfic experience consists of OT, Journey, and Action.

    Strong Areas: I have consistently been complimented on my description and character development, so I'll go with that. I've always been fairly proud of my battle sequences, and it seems they've been getting some notice lately as well.

    Type Of Characters: I try to be fairly straightforward with my characters. While they do have internal struggles, I try to make those struggles ones that fit fully into the story and don't seem simply tacked on just to add drama.

    I also try to make most of my characters so that they aren't completely likable or unlikable; again, I try and do this in a way that any contradictory traits still seem in-character, and aren't just tacked on so that a character won't be absolutely perfect or universally hated.

    Current Stories:
    Mastering a New Start
    After being unexpectedly transported to the Pokemon World by an unknown force, Mark Rowley must now try to find a place in his new surroundings while trying to find his way back home.
    In Progress

    Rising Mettle: An Elite Clash!
    Bartholomew Metlen is a trainer whose fascination with Steel-type Pokemon has led him on a unique journey that has led up to a chance to become a Gym Leader.

    Future Stories: An idea or two that I might still decide to post somewhere down the road, and I'll probably come up with some more one-shots involving MaNS side characters every once in awhile.

    Writing Tips (Optional):
    - Respect reviewers. Every fic, no matter how good it may seem, is capable of being improved; don't follow every bit of their advice without question, but at least consider what they say. This goes especially for readers; if your favorite fic gets a negative review, it is not your place to bash the reviewer for it.

    - Learn from everything. If you're reading someone else's fic, look at how they do things, and see if you can use that example to improve your own fic(without actually copying it, of course). Don't skip over the reviews, either; read the advice, and see if it can also be applied to your own work.

    - Remember that this is only a hobby. The likelihood that a Pokemon fanfic will actually be published is pretty much nil, so the satisfaction of getting your writing out there for others to see is the most payment your going to get out of this. That said, don't take negative reviews too seriously, and don't push yourself to write something that you don't want to write.

    - All your base are belong to me. ...Um, I have no idea how that got in there, honest.
  18. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

  19. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Name: Griff4815 - You may call me 'Griff' or 'Griffy' if we're friends and you don't already know my real name.

    Age: Old enough to complain about being old (arguably).

    Gender: Male

    Types Of Writing: Uhmm... Well, I guess I technically write an OT, Journey fic, but it's really more of a character drama with adventure and stuff. It's like the TV show Lost in the way or characters and their backstories (I'm sure that's giving me too much credit, but it's theorhetically speaking.) As for things I like to read, I love adventure, action, suspense, drama, character drama, and things with immersive mythology and qualities (especially all rolled into one- then you get 'Lost'. *shot*) Comedy is also good, of course.

    Strong Areas: Characters, Character Development, plot twists... umm... that's it, I'd say.

    Type Of Characters: I have a soft spot for cool, collected, stubborn characters *glances at Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile and elyvorg's Velotus* and also genuinely altruistic characters. I especially like making characters with depth and backstories- to make you want to learn more about them and how they came to be that way.

    Current Stories:
    Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place
    An impulsive yet self-conscious teenager named Jeff meets a stubborn, rebellious Treecko under dire circumstances. Drama/hilarity/action/suspense ensues...
    OT/Adventure/Drama/Character Drama/Suspense​

    Drezdk is a worrysome, frightened Beedrill in the Reconaissault (Recon/Assault) squadron of his hive. His team must lead the charge against a 'hostile' Beedrill hive. For them, there is only victory or death.
    War/Tragedy Oneshot. Came 5th in the Serebii tragedy oneshot contest.​

    And a bunch of others that may or may not be seen.

    Future Stories: I intend to write a PMD fic of some sort. Soon.

    Writing Tips: This section is also a work in progress. </lazy>
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2009
  20. Bay


    Updated: June 28, 2009

    Name: Bay

    Age (optional): 20

    Gender (optional): Female

    Types Of Writing:My favorite genres to write are comedy, parables, and mystery. Parables as I love to make my readers think, comedies so they can laugh, and mystery to make them guess for more.

    Strong Areas: I’m best with characters as I have a good idea on their personality and also how to develop them. Also, I can be good with emotions, get an idea when it’s appropriate for them to feel that way and such.

    Weak Areas: Pacing. I tend to put in either too much or too little in a chapter and also I tend to have the plot go a bit too fast and not slow it down. Hence, why my stories tend to be short. XD

    Type Of Characters: I love writing all types of characters, from comedic sidekicks to obsessed ones. My favorite characters though were Damus (Heart of the Sea), Bunny, and Jacob (both from “Nothing, Everything”). Damus I loved how he developed from someone not care too much if he caught a lot of fish to suddenly getting a big one and having his pride take over him. Bunny because she’s so obsessed with history and artifacts and also she would be someone you don’t see often on the streets. Jacob because he’s a really jolly guy but at the same time cares about his reputation a lot.

    Current Stories:

    Heart of the Sea
    How far would you go for pride?
    My very first Pokemon fanfiction story here at Serebii that I wrote in February of 2006. Got inspired by Ernest Hemingway story's "Old Man and the Sea" (great book) XD. My readers quite enjoyed it. ^^
    Parable/ Drama (Hoenn)

    Take Fifty-Five!
    No one said making movies would be easy. Pidge and Mell would have to learn that the hard way from two other Pokemon.
    My entry for the Laughingstock Comedy One Shot Contest, which got fifith place. Posted it in three parts because the story's a little long (thirty pages) XD. Really loved the characters I had in there.
    Comedy/Pokemon POV
    Completed (A three part one shot, technically)

    In the sequel to “Take Fifty Five,” Pidge and Mell have some competition. Not only that, two enemies came back, this time with a new friend.

    Sequel to "Take Fifty Five." Got the idea for it after some D/P news came out. XD
    Comedy/Drama/Pokemon POV

    Nothing, Everything
    History is breaking apart, so how much will it be worth? Three people would soon find out that answer on a journey that would teach them a thing or two about history.

    This story actually got started in August of 2006 and I was already writing twelve chapters, but then I had writers block and quit the story. However, I got inspired again and I made quite a lot of drastic changes, including the plot and characters (the original NE is totally different than the one posted here).
    Mystery / Suspense (Sinnoh)

    Destiny’s Tricks
    Having a little fun with Destiny.
    Got inspired writing that story one day after seeing some parody fics and also when there were a few debated topics in the fanfic section, thus this story was born. XD However, I discontinued it after running out of jokes early on and also wanted to focus more on NE and real life stuff.
    Parody / Comedy (Sinnoh)

    Rid of the Scarlet Letter
    Something suddenly made Jessie snapped, thus causing her to do something she wouldn’t dream of—all for freedom.
    Got inspired by one of my friend's one shot, actually. XD Also I remembered having one of the scenes being replayed in my head while at work. XD
    Suspense/Drama (Sinnoh)

    Hounds of Goldenrod
    The fine line between loyalty and betrayal. What would you do if someone broke the most important rule of the pack?
    This stoy was for the July prompt, "Freedom" at PokeCommunity Forums. I got this idea all of a sudden one day after waking up. I think it was inspired by one of Saffire Persian's fics. XD
    Pokemon POV / Drama (Johto)

    She Just Smiles
    There was a time when Cyrus had emotions...he just didn't know how to handle them.
    One Shot for the Dungeons and Starships contest, won fifth place. Felt weird writing about Cyrus...XD;
    Science Fiction/Tragedy (Sinnoh)

    Clay Puppet
    Art is anyone's guess, anyone's perspective.
    Basically I got this idea after watching some Naruto Shippuden and one scene from The Dark Night movie. XD

    Future Stories:
    I might or might not go through with these ideas. ^^; For now though, these are the future stories I come up with:

    Chosen Burdens
    (One Shot)

    The boy’s black hair was covered in a white and green bandana. His brown eyes were wide, but no glitter or movement. There was a bullet hole on his head.
    An Armageddon idea I thought of after reading katiekitten's fic, Oblivion. It's finished, but I need to revise them.
    Drama/Suspense (Hoenn)

    The Last Rocket
    (Short Chaptered Fic, Three Parts)
    After Team Rocket disbands, one member wonders if he'll be able to redeem himself.
    Part One of the Outcast Deltas series. A short story (originally one shot) idea that I thought about after the Heart and Soul news came out.
    Drama (Kanto)

    The Delta House
    (Chaptered Fic)
    Three years after the disbandment of the Rocket, rumors suddenly spread that they are back but more dangerous than before. One young trainer and one ex-Rocket are about to find out what's their next plan of action.
    Part Two of the Outcast Deltas series. Idea again from the Heart and Soul news and also inspiration from the Delta Species cards (hence the title).
    Original Trainer/Suspense (Johto)

    (One Shot)

    Ellie Watts is a Pokemon photographer who wants to take a picture of one of the legendary beasts of Johto. When she does have that oppurtunity, however, something unexpected happens.
    Idea thought up after reading a few entries of the Heart and Soul contest (judge is I). XD Also, this is going to be a one shot version of a fic I abandoned long ago called "Through the Lenses."
    Drama (Johto)​

    Writing Tips (Optional): Have fun. True, it’s cool to have reviews full of gushing praise and lots of them too, but the most rewarding thing is if you enjoyed your story that you had fun with it that how many replies you had on you story won’t matter in the end. Also, if you end up with criticism, keep an open mind on it. There’s many kinds of criticism, so it’s up to you to decide if that criticism is helpful or just plain harsh. However, most of the time criticism can help you improve.

    *Banner credits: Heart of the Sea (Saffire Persian), Nothing, Everything (Zadros), The Last Rocket and The Delta House (Skyomi), rest by me.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2009

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