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Authors' Profiles V.2

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by poke poke, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Name: Bobandbill

    Age: 16, last time I checked...

    Gender: ALL MALE :p

    Types Of Writing: Comedy. With some parody there as well. Although I like dabbling in the other types as well...

    Strong Areas: The comedy one. :) I like to turn even the most dull thing into something funny. Dialogue as well, I suppose.

    Type Of Characters: Varying. I do have a soft spot for the downright dumb characters though. Comic ones as well. :)

    Current Stories: I present:

    A comedy retake on the game Pokemon Colosseum. Also the various unexplained events and plothole within the game are covered as well. Why did Wes blow up Team Snagem's base? What's with Miror B's hair? That and more in my story!

    (And soon a one-shot for the tragedy conest once I've finally polished it up some. :) )

    Future Stories: Above mention story, which is done in essence (save for changes), just not posted. And I do have some other one-shot ideas, mainly comedy... but it's a secret. :)

    Writing Tips: Proofreading for the win. Take constructive crit on board. Be patient, and don't rush your fic writing (emphasis on that). Read other fics as well, and see how the 'pros' do it. Oh, and take enjoyment from your writing. That, and what everyone else said. :p
  2. Pink Parka Girl

    Pink Parka Girl Solana! ^^

    Name(s): Pink Parka Girl, PPG, Perri, or my real name, Alyssa

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy/Sci-fi. Namely, starting with a fantasy/sci-fi conceit (such as "Arceus controls the course of evolution" or "there's a pokémorph lab out in the woods") and then rationalizing the hell out of it. XD

    Strong Areas: Probably description and sheer writing mechanics. Admittedly, my spelling isn't the greatest (I rely on spellcheck and a dictionary quite a lot), but I'm relatively skilled at using words correctly and with "painting a picture" with them, to use a phrase a reviewer of mine once said. ^^;

    Type Of Characters: I like characters who are flawed, who don't always do the right thing and who have to mature throughout the course of the story. My protagonists are not always the best of people, and even those who are at heart kind and sweet can do terrible things. When it comes to villains, I prefer to humanize them, no matter how twisted and weird they are or what terrible things they do - they tend to have awful, tragic life stories that made them what they are and left them with terribly scarred psyches, lol.

    Current Stories: I have a few complete one shots (Lost and Found, a Pokémon Ranger story, and Unheard, a Mystery Dungeon tale), but my current works are two chaptered stories - Where Even Kilroy Hasn't Been and Paws for Alarm.

    Future Stories: Something for Ledian's contest. Also, look to see me writing more featuring Solana the Ranger, as well. But that is a secret. Made of epic fail. XD

    Writing Tips (Optional): Don't ever give up! Even when you feel stuck, or down ,or discouraged - the more you write, the more you'll improve!
  3. elyvorg

    elyvorg somewhat backwards.

    elyvorg. I don't like to be called anything else, not even a shortened version; also, I'd prefer it if it were kept uncapitalised. If you really must type less than seven letters, you may call me vorg. I prefer my full name, though.


    Types Of Writing
    My favourite genre both writing and reading/watching-wise would have to be sci-fi; I just love all the potential you get out of exploring concepts which are impossible in the real world. That said, while sometimes I like to write entire fics around sci-fi concepts, other times I just slip a few in if the story needs them, while the main plot centres itself around something else. Other favourite genres of mine are adventure and action. I like reading and writing stories where things happen, basically. And more than just friendly traiver-vs-trainer Pokémon battles, too - while I do like writing a nice battle every now and then, it's always more fun if there's something a little more than just a badge at stake.

    I'm rather fond of plot twists and cliffhangers because I love to keep my readers guessing. I like a good complex plot where almost everything that happens has some significance to it; I try to veer away from filler chapters as much as I can. I also enjoy dropping clues early on that allow people to work out later mysteries if only they looked back and joined the dots. No-one ever seems to, though. Which amuses me for some reason.

    Strong Areas
    According to my reviewers, my greatest strength is showing the emotion in characters and writing them believably. I've been commended more than once for not making my characters succeed in everything they attempt, and apparently I can be really good at getting across what a character is feeling in a certain situation, whether from their perspective or from someone else's.

    Type Of Characters
    All kinds, really, so long as they feel real. My main fic doesn't have a large cast of human characters, but those that there are cover quite a wide range of personalities, so I don't think there's really one type I tend towards. I enjoy writing in third person limited to really get into a character's head without the extra trouble of first person (plus, I occasionally switch POV characters, which first doesn't work so well for) and see the world how they perceive it, bias and all.

    I also like to flesh out my Pokémon characters to give them personalities and motives of their own, because I often find them more fun to write about than humans. Due to this, I rather like doing a Pokémon POV every now and then; it's particularly fun and an added challenge if the Pokémon in question is a wild one and therefore knows very little about humans, so I can show them perceiving humans as far more unfamiliar and alien than normal.

    Current Stories
    I have one main chaptered fic and don't plan to start another one until it is finished. I do write the odd one-shot on the side, though.

    Lost Evolution
    When a never-before-seen Pokémon, revived from a fossil, escapes from the laboratory it was born in, a race to find it ensues.

    The fic I've been working on for nearly a year now and am currently about halfway through. Primarily adventure, with some sci-fi concepts on the side. Pretty much everything I wrote in my second paragraph for "Types of Writing" are the kinds of things you'll find in this fic. I love writing this thing so much.

    Taming Evil
    Original One-Shot
    The New Leaf Institute - an organisation dedicated to removing the evil from society and showing them the light. But is it all that it seems?

    I wrote this as Creative Writing coursework for my English GCSE. It was quite possibly my favourite thing I've ever written, so I posted it here as well. Based around a sci-fi concept, slightly disturbing and leaves a lot up to the reader's imagination at the end.

    Maternal Instinct
    When a proud mother's only son is endangered, what else is the mother to do but protect him?

    A Pokémon POV written for the Requiem Tragedy One-Shot contest, which came a solid fourth place. Apparently induces urges to cuddle a small, furry animal, so read at your own risk. x3

    Future Stories
    Nothing planned at all at the moment.

    Writing Tips
    Don't give up, as everyone else has been saying. But to extend on that: ensure that you won't give up by making absolutely sure that you are serious and passionate about your idea before starting. Don't just start writing and posting the first thing that comes into your head. Don't even start if all you have is a very basic, unfleshed-out idea which you're hoping you'll get a chance to flesh out as you write; for all you know, you might never manage it and your fic will end up by the wayside. Only start writing if you're absolutely sure you can see yourself finishing it. Can you imagine yourself spending what will likely be several years of your life on a fic just to reach its end? If you can't, don't even think about starting it.

    It helps to spend a good while before even putting fingers to keyboard just thinking about the plot and how everything in it will fit together and work out. You don't need to have the entire content of every single chapter thought out before you start, but it is a good move to have a basic idea of several key events at different points along the storyline - this way, you'll always know roughly where the plot is heading at each stage, and you'll always be urged to write more as you'll be dying to reach those moments that you've had bubbling away inside your head for so long.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2008
  4. poke poke

    poke poke hello

    Announcement: From now on I am going to list all of the profile by alphabetical order in the first post just to save the time of the person searching.

    Also, the people who have not posted the links of their respective fics, please do so.
  5. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    This is an awesome thread :D

    Name: My username is Buraddo_Aipom - WITH AN UNDERSCORE. I'd get rid of it and change my username, but the Username Change Thread is gone for a while, so for now just call me BA or what I would get my username changed to - Braddiffer.

    Age: Fifteen.

    Gender: Male.

    Types Of Writing: I love to write anything, really. Journey/OT Fics are my favorte, mostly because of the plots and characters that are really fun and enjoyable to create.

    Strong Areas: I'm not so sure what I'm really good at. A lot of people say that my description is really good, as well as the lengths of my chapters. Once my Fic gets farther along, I think that I'll be a lot better at plot *shot*

    Type Of Characters: Any kinds are fine for me. Sometimes it's hard for me to get "into the character" as I am writing, but I can get used to one of them and begin to get better at their personalities and such.

    Current Stories: The Sapphire Story. I'm writing a series based form the games, but the entire plot is my own, having more Team Magma/Aqua involvement, more to the characters, and a way better plot ;)

    Future Stories: Just sequels/prequel stuff to TSS.

    Writing Tips: Take criticism and deal with your Fic. Don't stop your Fic when you realize that it's crap - FINISH and IMPROVE the f*cking thing.

    And there it is :D
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2008
  6. Zadros

    Zadros Incorrigible slacker

    Name: Zadros

    Age: Seventeen

    Types Of Writing: Umm, I like writing sci-fi, action, mystery and that sort of thing. Something fast-paced is fun to write. I like mysteries because you can have so much fun with suspense and red herrings, meanwhile still having the action going on.

    Strong Areas: My ideas are pretty random sometimes, but original. I try to concentrate on the flow too, as flow is what keeps people reading in a way.

    Type Of Characters: My favourite characters to write are probably the underdogs and the cynics. People with strong motivations, or maybe motivations that are less common for variety. I try to 'meet' them before writing them, in my head to try and work out how they would react to certain situations.

    Current Stories: None posted, but I'm currently working on a few things.

    Future Stories:


    A series of one-shots on the hidden side of the Pokemon world; the side they'd do anything to get rid of...​

    [H]ALF Gone
    H[A]LF Hearted
    HA[L]F Life
    HAL[F] Truth

    The Ripple Effect
    There is no escape​
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2009
  7. poke poke

    poke poke hello


    Again, please link your fics in your profile.
  8. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    Name: The Big Al

    Age and Gender: 23 (24 in October) and male.

    Types of Writing: Novels. After failing twice I've discovered I can't commit to writing series fics but I love writing out a plot over a dozen or so chapters. It gives me a chance to flush out that plot and the characters involved and the setting in which it takes place.

    As for genre, it's science fiction all the way. I especially love to include my passion for the weather as well. The idea of worlds that are so different from ours and yet in their own unique way still deal with the same issues as we do has always fascinates me. I also enjoy adventure and humor as well as a little action.

    Strong Areas: Developing plots. I'm great at weaving together elements to form a story.

    I've also been told I'm good at character creation and development. And going with my love of science fiction, incorporating the science into the story.

    Types of Characters: All types. The world is filled with all sorts of people and I like including that in my writing. And seeing the chemistry between all this personalities makes for interesting plot elements.

    I particularly like writing about teenagers and young adults. They're at the point in their lives when they're trying to work out who they are which I incorporate into the overall plot.

    Current Stories:
    The Weathermakers of the Mysterious Planet
    Full title The Weathermakers of the Mysterious Planet: The Floodgates of Hell. My first story for the Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime universe. It was a story about the implications of controlling the weather.
    The Weather Makers of the Mysterious Planet: The Legend of Huracan
    This was inspired by one of the ideas for the science fiction contest I would up dropping for the contest but decided to make a full story for it.

    Future Stories:

    I'm currently working on a one shot for the sci-fi/fantasy contest. I'm also going back to novels following the exploits of the characters from weathermakers.

    Writing tip: Have fun with your work. What? Expecting something profound?
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2008
  9. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    Name: Chibi Pika. Shortened only as Chibi, m'kay?

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Types Of Writing: For Pokemon genres: OT (non-Journey), Legendary, and Evil Team. For all-around, I like drama for one-shots, because of my absolute love of character introspect (to an almost obsessive level). I also like writing action and suspense, particularly with hiding character motives.

    Strong Areas: I like to consider myself good at character development, although I'm not too sure because it's one of those things that I don't really put effort into. Some of my characters have started out bland and I've had no idea how to write them, but they always end up coming up with their own personalities in time.

    I also enjoy plotting, and making up twists for the crazy complicated mess that is my main fic. Although it pretty much plots itself, and then I come up with twists out of nowhere to fill the holes.

    Type Of Characters: I gotta admit, I'm a sucker for the "edged" characters. Not flat-out dark, but, you know...anti-heroes. I write most of my Pokémon characters that way. And I will still always love characters where, no matter how much crap you throw at their situation, they still keep at it and don't let it daunt them. This trait shows itself in many ways in my fic, from indifference the world, to ruthless ambition, to a residing hope in life itself.

    Current Stories:
    The Legendarian Chronicles
    Genre: Action/Suspense
    Rating: PG-13 (Violence, blood/gore, language)
    Ever wondered what would happen if the superiority of the Legendaries was questioned?

    I love this thing way too much.

    Part I: Initiation
    Unbeknownst to all, Team Rocket has reached the brink of world conquest, and the only thing that stands in their way is their own top members who have different plans in mind… But when young trainers are recruited to fight against Team Rocket’s Legendary-capturing project, alliances turn deadly as double agents on both sides are revealed, and with no one left to trust, the only objective is staying alive...

    Part II: Rise of the Chosen
    With an unnerving year-long quiet in Team Rocket, hundreds of trainers busy themselves with the upcoming Pokémon League tournaments. The members of the Resistance have their doubts, though, and when a twist of events leads to dispute between top Rocket leaders, a deadly race for the Legendaries is set into motion. With the stage set for the Chosen to make their arrival, the true nature of the War of the Legends will finally be revealed.

    Part III: War of the Legends
    With Kanto and Johto scarred by Legendary clashes, a long-running conspiracy is finally unveiled, and light is shed upon the true origins of Team Rocket. The conflict may have started out with two sides, but the Resistance knows all too well that nothing is as it seems. When the Eight Chosen join the Johto Force to accomplish their own purposes, however, the alliance between them and their Legends is pushed to the brink. It is a risk they are willing to take, though, and only through it will an unlikely solution be unearthed...

    Part IV: The Second Revolution
    The war is over, but the Second Revolution is just beginning—the awakening of the most powerful creatures the world has ever known has finally come to pass. But within the midst of a new conflict, an unlikely enemy surfaces, and the balance between human and Legendary is sent crashing to the ground. The unveiling of a lost realm can change everything, though—it is on this new front where the true mysteries of the original Revolution will finally come into play.

    Future Stories: Currently toying around with writing Anew an old one-shot reprised into a chapter fic. It follows the backstory of the LC character Firestorm—his life as a naive Charmander in a Starter Pokemon breeding facility, and the less-than ordinary end result to his experiences as a trainer's first Pokemon.

    Writing Tips: Let your mind wander into those what-if areas of your fic...the areas you normally shy away from—it's there that you'll find the most brilliant ideas. But don't be afraid to stray back into familiar territory if you've got a real idea of how to go about writing something.

    And most of all—don't run away from clichés, or potentially clichéd genres like they're deadly taboo. People these days shun the most perfectly legitimate story concepts and ideas—handling is everything.

  10. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Name: Dragonfree. I do not like to be called DF, Df, DragonFree, any other variation thereof, or my real name (Hl?*n) online, so please just stick to Dragonfree.

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Types of Writing: I mostly tend to love emotional anguish. Doubly so when strong characters go through it, because I have a major thing for torturing the strongest and most confident characters to their breaking point. So yeah, my stuff tends to be pretty character-centric and I love making them go through emotional pain. :3

    Strong Areas: People generally tell me they like my characters best.

    Type of Characters: Broken or severely messed-up ones most of the time, although of course some of them are reasonably normal.

    Current Stories:
    [thread=10783]The Quest for the Legends[/thread]
    A very unremarkable boy who wants out on a Pokémon journey ends up tangled in a crazy plan which might save the world (that has to be better than doing nothing, right?) cooked up by a couple of desperate legendaries. [ongoing]

    A few scientists have a bit too much to drink at a party and decide it would be interesting to see if they could splice human and Pokémon genes in imitation of all those children's books about Pokémorphs. The news leaks out, an anti-abortionist group calls attention to their intention to destroy the fetuses, and they end up with a dead-ringer for a popular book character, a shy boy who secretly plays with balls of yarn, a blue-skinned kid with two glowing baits growing out of his head, a psychic ghost child, a boy with liquid skin whose hair keeps igniting, a boy with deformed wings growing out of his back who moves like a bird, a girl with petal-like flaps in place of fingers who photosynthesizes, and a teenage sociopath with scythes growing out of her arms. Oh, and there is a crazed religious fanatic who believes he is God's chosen instrument trying to shoot them all. [ongoing]

    [thread=173739]Scyther's Story (Death is not to be feared)[/thread]
    A Quest for the Legends spin-off, telling of Scyther's life from birth to his involvement in the main fic. [completed]

    Another Quest for the Legends spin-off, this time a one-shot, about a dream that Scyther has. [one-shot]

    [thread=290189]The Fall of a Leader[/thread]
    A Quest for the Legends spin-off and sequel to Scyther's Story, following Stormblade and Shadowdart while Shadowdart becomes ever more obsessed with the Code and Leadership. [completed]

    I've got ancient one-shots too, but I can't be bothered to find them and link them.

    Future Stories: Not sure. I might write more Quest for the Legends spin-offs at some point and I think I'll write more in the Morphicverse when that fic is done, but otherwise the future is pretty unclear.

    Writing Tips: Don't give up. Put some true passion into what you're doing and write it to the end no matter what. Also, listen to critical reviewers. And if you're writing a journey fic in an original region, make a nice, detailed map and write up a reasonably detailed spur-of-the-moment description of every location that you can turn to when you're stuck.
  11. Glitch

    Glitch Giratina's Emissary

    Name: Glitch. If you know my other username, you can call me Popoporo or Popo too.

    Age (optional): 15

    Types Of Writing: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or other thought provoking type.

    Strong Areas: I'm pretty good with plot, and I'm told my characterization is pretty good too. I dunno though, since I've only written four and a half chapters worth of content. x_x

    Type Of Characters: Usually reserved characters, since that kind of character is what I can relate too most. However, it's not hard too see from another perspective to write a certain character, so I'm okay with writing any character.

    Current Stories:


    A girl, forced into another world, trapped in another body, and has become tangled in a plot with a fallen angel.
    (PMD fic)​

    Future Stories: I have an original fic coming up, and a bunch of fanfiction shorts.

    Writing Tips (Optional): A lot of tips come to mind, like show don't tell, try empathy, not symphathy, etc. There everywhere though, and I'm too lazy to put them up.

    Soo...what everyone else said. XD
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
  12. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Name: Psychic Moonshadow is my full alias

    Age: Take a guess, because I'm not telling

    Gender: female

    Types Of Writing: I suppose it's mainly drama and tragedy, but I really just write whatever story's in my mind. I absolutely love doing character reflections where you can see a character's thoughts and reactions on a really deep, personal level.

    Strong Areas: Definitely emotion. I think I'm also pretty good with character development, and my description tends to be pretty good. I think I'm decent at most things; it's the plot that always gets me.

    Type Of Characters: Usually they have some sort of problem, and they often feel helpless in regards to the world and even their own lives. To be honest, I don't usually create my characters; they often just come to me, and wait for me to learn who they are.

    Current Stories: XD I think I'm going to do this part later.

    Future Stories: I'm going to leave this blank so I don't bog you down with the millions of ideas floating around my head.

    Writing Tips: Your story should be a natural thing. Things shouldn't be forced; it will make the story unnatural, and your readers will notice it. Keep the story flowing, incluing during your description, and give your characters room to breathe and develope.

    Be patient with your writing; nothing rushed can be all that great. Do what you can to make your story the best it can possibly be. Don't be afraid to proofread, rewrite, or even completely take apart what you have, because nothing is perfect at first. Nothing has to be set in stone, and don't fret over making changes. Listen to your reviewers and consider what they say, even if you don't like it. Keep your mind open to suggestions and new ideas, but never forget who the story belongs to. Be proud of what you write, but never let your ego rule your writing. Keep your humility, and remember that you will never be perfect, but you can always get better.

  13. Literate

    Literate black cat, black cat

    Name: Literate / Lit

    Age (optional): Fifteen.

    Gender (optional): Female.

    Types Of Writing: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological. Things where I can create a whole world in and control it. Usually Romance/Psychological, introspective character drabbles that's written smoothly.

    Strong Areas: Flow and voice; admittedly, I don't have a huge vocabulary, but I can paint pictures fairly well and write like you're actually watching the action, a movie director-esque take. I'm hell good with character development and personality portrayal-- I portray characters more in action than thought, however. In my fandom, I'm known for keeping them "in character." ;D I also tend to have a noticeable style while writing, even though I change it per each story/one-shot.

    Weak Areas: Humor and action scenes. Just... no. No.

    Type Of Characters: stubborn, "I Am God" guys; actually, both girls and guys. Confidence, personality development, the workings behind them, why they think the world revolves around them and why they don't think it's wrong. I like writing about those who have a blurred sense of what's right and what's wrong and what's taboo and what's socially accepted. And when they eventually break down. ^_^

    Current Stories: If I had actually posted all the stories in the works, summaries, and genres, I would be breaking several rules and the post character limit. I generally write OHSHC, with dabbles in a few of other of my known fandoms, although I don't write too much Pokemon anymore.

    The only Pokemon story I've decided to write is called Wonderfu[l], a side-story to Pokemon XD: Deny and Deceive.

    Tragedy / One-Shot
    I know how he died. He was- smashed, crumpled, shot- against the brick wall. His shirt ripped, tiny streams of blood falling. Slender fingers around his tender, fragile human neck. Clawing for air, futilely, in vain. He died, skull fracturing, blood-rushing, brain shock. I saw it. I was watching. But she didn’t want me to watch. She wanted me to kill.

    Future Stories: -points to current stories- There's too many that I can think of and none of Pokemon, specifically, although I'm thinking of revising The Memory, another side story to Deny and Deceive, a more innocent take on the characters in Wonderfu[l].

    Writing Tips (Optional): One thing I always tell everyone: ALWAYS write the story as if you're saying it outloud. You catch a lot of bumps that way. Write it as if you are the movie camera, catching every little detail that the person makes, that the director can see. Know when to stop, and know when to start. Just be pretend that your fic is a movie, and you, the author, is the director. You cast characters into your situation, make everything work, compromise if you have to, pay your dues to the props, etc, and FILM.

    Or write. =D
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
  14. Elite Six Hector

    Elite Six Hector Silence! I kill you!

    Name: Alexander, actually. My username is taken from a character I created.

    Age: Fourteen.

    Gender: Male.

    Types Of Writing: I can take an action sequence and turn it into a comedy routine. Though I'm working on more serious stuff, such as drama, romance, and even tragedy. I also plan to write some fantasy and sci-fi. You'll see no horror coming from me.

    Strong Areas: I can dream up a plot and characters fairly easily, but getting them down on paper is the tough part.

    Weak Areas: Like George Lucas before me, I can't write love dialogue to save my life.

    Type Of Characters: The one Pokémon-related character I created who has a significant role can be rather annoying and random. In other words, he's like me, which makes him easier to write, in a sense. I will also be known for my heartless villains, who regret nothing.

    Current Stories: I currently have no fics posted on this site. And I'll probably go through several drafts before any are published.

    Future Stories: In this category, I have several entries:
    ~Memento Mori: Twelve-year-old Hector Katterson (from whom I get my username) tries to find a cure for his terminally ill Typhlosion, who was his starter in Johto and remains his most trusted friend. Can Hector find a cure, or is Typhlosion doomed? Title may be subject to change.
    ~Kohan Quest: Seven years after the pilot episode "Pokémon, I Choose You!", Ash, Pikachu, and Misty travel to the region of Kohan. Joining them on their twelve-badge journey is a now-fourteen-year-old Hector Katterson, Kohan's chief of police.
    ~Legend Rising: The sequel to Kohan Quest, and by comparison, it will probably be much shorter. Kohan's local crime syndicate, the Sinnoh Inquisition, manages to get its hands on Mew's Dark-type counterpart, Hiss. An exact clone is ordered, but the evil scientist at the head of the project has other ideas. The resulting superclone turns out to be totally insane, and wages war with its polar opposite, Mewtwo. Can their battle be stopped, or will the very planet be destroyed?
    ~In a Mirror, Dark-Type: This one may be integrated into Kohan Quest, even though it has little to do with Kohan. Like the Star Trek episode from which it takes its name, In a Mirror, Dark-Type is planned to take place entirely within a mirror-universe. You got a sample of an evil Ash in the Battle Frontier...are you prepared for a whole story about him?
    ~Ruptured Cosmos: A non-Pokémon fic, using the following as its backstory:
    ~~Armor Command (Ronin Entertainment/Ripcord Games, 1997)
    ~~Zero Wing (Toaplan/Sega, 1989)
    ~~Terminal Velocity (Microsoft, date unknown)
    ~~Fury3 (Microsoft, date unknown)
    ~~Hellbender (Microsoft, date unknown)
    ~~Titan A.E. (20th Century Fox, 2000)
    The story would be set in the year 4051. The plot is currently unknown, though it may involve an alliance between the Vrass slavers and the last of the Bions.

    Writing Tips: The best stories start as ideas. Daydream whenever you get a free moment. Who knows, something might just hit you. That's how I got my first original idea.
  15. Air Dragon

    Air Dragon Ha, ha... not.

    OK! Let's do this!

    *rubs knuckles*

    Well, as I've finally returned from holidaying, i reckon this is the perfect first thing to do!

    Name: Air Dragon... AD... whatever goes for you...

    Age: 22

    Gender: All boy... in a man's body.

    Types Of Writing: OT, Journeyfic, Adventure

    Strong Areas: Well, it's certainly not character development! I guess i'd say plot and description

    Type Of Characters: I don't really have one, to tell you the truth.

    Current Stories:

    Genre: OT/Journeyfic

    Summary: Sapphire 'Sapph' Manson's your typical eleven year old boy. When his father sends him to the Corei continent, Sapph not only discovers friends and adventures, but more about himself that he wouldn't have really wanted to know...

    Rating: Started as PG... It'll probably end as T.

    [NO BANNER]​

    Name: Battle For Freedom

    Genre: Fantasy/ One-Shot

    Summary: Set in the time before humans and Pokemon interacted, war has torn the Pokemon world into four kingdoms. When peace-loving, diplomatic Laudernum is attacked by the ruthless Torum armies, only one Zangoose stands between the destruction of the world's only peace and the end of the war.

    Rating: PG-13, i think...


    Name: Heart of Seven Stones

    Genre: OT/Journeyfic

    Summary: Set in TCQ's future, Aydan begins his Pokemon journey in the Sevii Islands, in the hopes of locating his lifelong friend Chloe. Even with the help of his cousin Topaz and best friend Kenan, success may prove to be non-existent.

    Rating: PG-13/T

    Future Stories:

    - The Corei Quest - Heroes' Dawn

    Sequel to The Corei Quest, this is the beginning of the end...

    - A Digimon Tamers fic like 02 is to Adventure. Working on title and plot (though their further along that I'd like to admit)

    - A series of one-shot spin-offs regarding the characters mentioned in Battle For Freedom, regarding their past and future lives after the story. Will be similar to Ledian_X's Starbolt Chronicles.

    Writing Tips:

    - Have a plot and cast ready. Spend some time writing out the development of the story and characters clearly in a pocket notebook or something to get you going. A full chapter list helps, too.

    - Don't write... show. Let your description flow with actions... you get the best results that way.

    - Take all advice. As you grow on the forums and turn to advise others, it'll go down easier.

    - As someone said a few posts back... listening to music helps out loads with getting into moods.

    - Don't be afraid to start over if the fic isn't going as you'd like it to. Just don't make a habit of it.

    OK, so that's it...

    Write on!
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  16. FocusPresenceEndurance

    FocusPresenceEndurance Aspiring Author

    Name: FocusPresenceEndurance, Focus, FPE, Shadesninja, or you can be creative, I'm pretty flexible.

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Types of Writing: Uh… well I see myself as pretty flexible when it comes to these kind of things. Let’s see… adventure and action I suppose. Science fiction and Fantasy would also fit in there. I’ve never written horror, but I would like to try my hand at it. I suppose I could squeeze mystery and suspense in there too. There are only a few genres that I can think of off hand that I have difficulty with or try to avoid.

    Strong Areas: Well, being a person who wants to write a novel one day, I would really love to say everything. But as of now, from what I’ve heard, I am pretty good at evoking emotion from my readers and at the same time can make some pretty funny scenes. I have also been told that I am good at writing action sequences (though they do take a great deal of effort for me to write). Plot, character design and description would be some other potential strengths that are worth mentioning. Oh, and I’ve also been told that I’m good with how I pace my stories too, not too fast yet at the same time not so slow that it seems like its dragging along.

    Type Of Characters: OK, I love writing about any type of character. Well actually that may not be true, perhaps I like to write about how different kinds of characters interact with each other. That can make for some pretty interesting situations. I can’t say I have a favourite type of character though.

    Current Stories:


    Bereft of his memory, and turned into a Pokemon, Tristan finds himself stuck in a strange and increasingly chaotic world inhabited only by Pokemon. Why did he become a Pokemon? What is he here for? He'll confront many faces in his search for the answers, some he'll find friends in and others he'll find enemies. But will anyone be prepared for the answers he seeks?

    This is not my first fanfic ever, but when I finish this, it will be the first fanfic that I will actually finish.

    Future Stories: Okay, well I do have two stories that I have developed to a substantial amount of detail. One of them being mor than the other.

    I have plans for a sequel to my current fanfic, the name of which I haven’t decided yet. I can’t really tell much about it, in fear of spoiling the plot to my current fic for you. However, I can tell you that the main character will be different and that it will take place roughly ten years later. There will also be a great deal more plot than my current one. I can also safely say that by the end of this fic (both are mystery dungeon fics) will tie in with the plot of the traditional trainer games.

    Another fanfic that I have had plans for is the one that I have paid less attention to. Again, I haven’t decided on a title. It will be a Sinnoh trainer (possibly a journey) fic and the main character will be… well lets just say that he will have more of a handicap placed upon him than many other characters in that world. Again, I don’t have too many details on it yet, and it might not become an actual fanfic, but there you have it, my plans for it just in case I do.

    Writing Tips: Ok. What tips do I have for any people out there who have a hand for writing? Well several things actually.

    Take your time. Some people feel that they need to rush their chapter so they can post it as quickly as possible. But doing so compromises the quality of the chapter. Sure, waiting may be kind of a drag for your readers. But think about it this way instead: what do you think your reader would prefer? Waiting a small amount of time for a mediocre chapter or waiting a longer time for an excellent chapter? You can’t rush art after all, and writing is a form of art. Have you ever heard someone say, “it was worth the wait”?

    Here’s another tip. Why do you write? Do you write because you love getting comments on your fic? Or do you write because you actually love to write? Usually, the more successful writer is the one who loves to write because even if they don’t get much attention in the beginning, they still stick with it. Sure, getting comments is like the icing on the cake (especially if they are positive and/or constructive) but if you find that you don’t get many right away, it’s not the end of the world.
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  17. Koridojo_Blaziken

    Koridojo_Blaziken The Snarkmeister

    Name: Koridojo_Blaziken. I also go by Kori or KB, or even Jukain or Kahiru on occasion.

    Age: 15

    Gender: female

    Types of writing: Mainly fantasy and action/adventure, though I do enjoy writing pretty much anything from domestic scenes to comedy to dark and graphic tragedy.

    Strong Areas: As stated by some of my readers, I can tend to be surprisingly dark at times. I'm also improving in terms of description and action scenes. Probably the most used strength is my description of the mystic and unknown; I love stuff like that. I also love to create intricate character histories...yeah...

    Types of characters: Uhhh, just about any kind. I really don't differentiate between personalities--I'll write just about anybody.

    Current stories:

    This is not my only fanfiction at the moment. It IS, however, the only one I have a banner for at the moment.

    Future stories: Oh, wow...quite a few. I do have plans for a few Mystery Dungeon fics when I finish these two--one may follow the plot of PMD2 with some extra stuff added in, but the other shall be surprisingly independent of the game plot. However, I intend to start another story only after I finish the ones I'm currently working on. This is because my overworking brain never stops coming up with new characters and scenarios, so I'm trying to exercise some self-restraing and keep myself from getting up to my head in stories.

    Tips: In a few words? DON'T SWEAT THINGS, AND WRITE AT YOUR OWN PACE. I say this because oftentimes I've found myself with a great idea, but staring dumbly at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen while trying to figure out how to word it. Take some time to develop the content and plot of the next chapter in your head, and go through the dialog for certain parts if you can. Then write it down when you think you have a solid outline and plan. However, I would also suggest writing whenever you can. I have read from professional writers that if you leave any story for a while without working on it, then more often than not you may end up with a dead story. Their motto is: "Never a day without a word of writing."

    I personally disagree--while it is a good thing to work as much as you can, it's also important to just take a break for a few days or so if you're really having trouble with something. Chances are that after the break your brain will be back in working order, so your creativity will come more freely.

    And lastly? Write about what you love. Even if it seems like new ground and you're hesitant about breaching it, just go ahead and write. Any mistakes you make at first can be corrected over time with practice and advice, and you can always edit the first draft any number of times before submitting a final copy, so just go for it.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2009
  18. Musapion

    Musapion Boulder Trainer

    Name: Lamees, often called QuietDragon.

    Age: 16 as of the time of writing.

    Gender: Female.

    Types Of Writing: General, humor, and dark. I'm not very good at romance, but I enjoy trying my hand at it.

    Strong Areas: Description, I think. It's not all out meaningless purple prose, but it's not boring and lifeless neither. My weakest area would probably have to be a realistic adult romance, if that counts. I'm just not very good at it. I'm slightly better at innocent, sometimes idealistic, romances.

    Type Of Characters: Any and all characters. Happy-go-lucky types, quiet "angsty" types, naive childlike types... I run a fairly large gamut.

    Current Stories: Here are all of my fanfiction and here are my Pokemon fanfiction.

    As for here on Serebii Forums...

    All the King's Horses and All the King's Men...
    Couldn't put Shinji back together again.
    Revisiting old memories prompts Reiji to wonder where everything went wrong... and forces him to confront that maybe everything was never quite right to begin with. Genfic, no pairings.
    Rating: G

    By Your Side
    ShinHika (Ikarishipping) 50 sentences about Shinji and Hikari. "She wanted to believe that his heart was not like his city in that it was isolated by stone, but instead by ice, so that she might melt it away."
    Rating: PG for light romance

    My Name is Hikari!
    ShinHika (PaulxDawn) whether it's friendship or romance is up to you.
    What if Hikari's obsession with ensuring that Shinji never forgets her name again turns into a sincere desire to understand him? Written from Hikari and Shinji's perspectives.
    Rating: G

    Sick of Fried Rice and Fortune Cookies
    A humorous Team Magma fanfiction starring Tabitha (Homura) and Brody (Bannai).
    The moral of this story is: be thankful for what you have and don't ever, ever let Brody decide what's for lunch.
    Rating: PG for frequent useage of mild language

    The Unroutine Routine
    There were many things Tabitha (Homura) was warned about prior to joining Team Magma and many things he later came to accept as a "normal" in the organization; unfortunately for him, Brody (Bannai) fell into neither catagory. Humorous genfic, no pairings.
    Rating: PG for frequent useage of mild language

    What They Shared
    A short one-shot about a Pokemon Master to-be and a one-track-minded recluse; what was and what never had the chance to be. One-sided Shirona (Cynthia) x Akagi (Cyrus).
    Rating: G, nothing objectionable.

    Future Stories: Nothing in mind at the moment.

    Writing Tips: Read. I cannot stress this enough. Read as much as you can and read anything you can get your hands on; not just fanfiction, but books, newspaper articles, everything.
    It's fine if you have certain genres you prefer, but never be afraid to try out a new one. You might be surprised!

    Learn. Do not just let your eyes pass over the words, learn from the writer's style. Do not steal it or try to emulate it exactly, but think of your favorite descriptions and lines from what you've read and try to figure out why you like them so much. Try writing similar lines about different subjects.

    Remember that your character is not you and you are not your character, unless this is a self-insert (which are very hard to pull off, so I would suggest avoiding them if you're prone to Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus). I find many fanfiction authors can almost entirely disassociate their character from themselves, but still give them an identical musical taste. it's especially bad if they're writing an established canon character and giving them their completely unbefitting musical tastes. Sure, a character can surprise us, but there are limits to even suspension of belief.

    Cheery bubbly pink Hikari is not going to dye her hair black with purple highlights, get piercings, and rock out to heavy metal unless this is meant to be comical or takes place in an alternate universe.

    I have problems with UVs that completely change a character's personality, in general though. If the character does not exist int he same world as in canon, nor does he/she act the same way... it ceases to be the same character. You might as well call it what it is: original fiction or fanfiction for a different universe entirely.)

    Do not ignore constructive criticism. Take every negative comment about your work and try to understand it and learn from it, rather than immediately chuck it in the trash to go wallow in your misery or rage about it in your livejournal. Never attack the reviewer.

    I know this can be hard for those with low self-esteem, but you should be touched that they're trying to help you, even if it sounds like they're taking this creative work of yours which you've invested so much into that you feel as if it's a part of you and tearing into it and revealing all that is wrong with it (even a monkey is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother, remember that), but what they really want to do is help you improve.

    Unless, of course, it's outright flaming such as "lol dis sux n u fail" without giving so much as a HINT as to what is so bad about your story. Those you can safely disregard. Replying to the petty flamer is exactly what he or she wants. Simply ignore him or her.

    Those are my tips.
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  19. ~RaikouRider243~

    ~RaikouRider243~ Lightning Swordsman

    Name: ~RaikouRider243~, Raikou Rider, Josh

    Age: 20

    Strong Areas:

    Spelling and Grammar...my absolute best strong point. I will usually only have one or two spelling errors per chapter at the very most.
    Planning. I will have the ENTIRE story planned out before I start writing chapter 1, and I will deviate from the plan only rarely once the fic is underway.
    Battle Scenes. The transition from the RPGlike turn-based battle script to the actual fight in the fic is almost seamless. That is my secret to writing battle scenes. My battle description is where my best description is.
    Use of Music. To my knowledge, I was the first SPPF fanfic author to make the use of music in a fanfiction, and at least two other authors here (Billy5772 and FlamingRuby) have done the same thing. I always have an appropriate music track for a scene.

    Weak Areas:

    Since I suck at writing scenes of comic relief, like classroom scenes, etc., my fics tend to be faster-paced than they should be.
    Character Development. Making round characters is something I have a lot of difficulty with simply because my filler scene writing sucks. Also, in the original version of The Johto Saga, my three main characters turned out to become quite Gary Stu. A certain reviewer said they still were a little bit so when I posted my latest version...
    Lack of Inspiration. Ever since I started writing my Pokémon Origins series, I haven't been able to move away from it. Every fic idea I have had (I've had one involving the legendary birds, one involving just one of the legendary Beasts, and a few others) have seemed to merely rehash the plot of my first series.
    Lack of Complexity. I have not been able to work in a significant side plot alongside the main plot of a fic, making it lack depth.

    Type Of Writing:
    Adventures are all I write.

    Type Of Characters: I like to write characters that are laid-back for the most part but can critically think when necessary.

    Current Stories:
    Pokémon Origins - Volume I: The Johto Saga
    Three college students of Ecruteak's premier university have their dreams of three legendary Pokémon of the Burned Tower come true, but at what cost? Rated PG for mild language. Rated 4.82 out of 11 votes.

    Pokémon Origins Volume II - Return of the Beasts
    The Ecruteak historical documents speak only of one side of the legend of the Beasts. Explore the other side of the legend with characters from The Johto Saga in addition to new, unforgettable faces. Rated PG for mild language and mild to moderate violence. Rated 5.00 out of 2 votes.

    Pokémon Origins Volume III - The War of Armageddon
    Two years after awakening the trios of mystical Beasts, the balance of power among the legendary Pokémon is upset, and the battleground is the Sinnoh region. The Beast Riders are the world's only hope against the conflict among the noble Pokémon. Can they rid the world of the power-hungry, legend-hunting masterminds who seek to conquer the world? Rated PG-13 for language and graphic violence.

    Writing Tips: Don't try to force the story--let the words come from your heart and the story should write itself. And if you get the highly annoying condition known as Writer's Block (actually when is a more accurate word), just put the fic away and do something completely unrelated.

    Once you get a good inspiration for a fic, write a detailed synopsis of EVERY chapter in the fic. Two to four paragraphs per chapter should suffice. If you cannot write that much for a chapter without going into great detail, either you need to think about the fic in deeper detail or completely scrap it. The key to finishing fics is to know almost exactly what will be going on in every chapter.
  20. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Name: Kutie Pie

    Age (optional): 16

    Gender (optional): Female

    Types Of Writing: I tend to write Romance, lol. However, I do a lot of Friendship, Family, maybe a bit of Humor (though I've proven I don't do so well xD).

    Strong Areas: Description is one of my best features. Back then, I didn't do it very much, but I then began to start typing out paragraph-long descriptions about this or that. Even grammar and spelling happen to be my life. Though I have Asperger's, and thus my style of speaking transfer to my writing, I still manage to keep it perfect (sorta, a few grammar mistakes here and there). I even have this gift of stirring up emotions, I have one-shots to prove it.

    Type Of Characters: Characters with real-life problems tend to be my favorite to do. For a while, original characters are based on myself, or what happened to me. Now, I try to create characters that are branched away from me. Yet, even IF they are based on my personalities, I keep them as different as possible. This is possible if I stay in the character's head for a long period of time.

    Current Stories:

    The Battle for Friendship (PG for slight language and battle scenes)
    Rating: 3
    A forbidden friendship in the midst of a war between humans and Pokémon threatens a hidden village with destruction.

    Hello (G, song-fic)
    Ambertwo was wise in everything during his childhood, though she was all in his head. But was she? As told through Mewtwo's point-of-view.

    Sweet Trickery (G)
    Michealangelo gets revenge for all the trickeries his brothers have done to him by ways of... candy.

    Finding the Golden Rule (PG for slight language, mild peril and violence)
    To save the parents of two lost kittens, a pair of twins and their sister have to mend a broken bond along the way. Meanwhile, the captives are having problems of their own. Sequel to The Battle for Friendship

    Future Stories:

    Phantom Rose (one-shot, PG-13 for talk of being in heat and sexual maturity)
    Who will earn a rare flower from Mew: Mewtwo or Lucario? A fight ensues.

    Love to a Digi-Friend (PG for slight language and violence)
    Gatomon had dreamed of escaping the castle, but never dreamed she'd do it with a mon whom she picked up off the streets in mercy.

    Breathe No More (PG-13 for langauge, violence, dark moments, attempted suicide, and character death)
    Having left her childhood the day Kirby left, Tiff never expected him to return so soon. And at the worst time as well, for a mysterious Cappy named Matter comes to being, and proves to be more possessive than she thought he could be.

    Writing Tips: There's a few things that are part of writing that every author needs: patience, dilligence, determination, et cetra. Yet, there's also a very important technique a true writer needs to have: getting in the character's shoes. This is especially useful when doing first-person stories; you get to think exactly what the character thinks.

    I used this in my one-shot Hello. I've tried first-person before, but this is the most successful I've done thus far. The way a newborn describes things is different from the way a mature person does. Trying to describe (in Mewtwo's own words) clothing, the imaginary world, and even furniture proved to be extremely difficult. There were times I stopped in frustration to THINK of a plausible way to make it work without Mewtwo saying "Hey, a dress!" or "Look, a house!" But in the end, I think it turned out perfect (though he knows body parts, lol).

    No need to bore you with my experience. Just remember to keep your focus on every little thing in your story. You can't build up on one character and leave others weak expecting no one would notice. Every single one, especially the minors, are equally important to to adding on to the whole plot.
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