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Author's Run

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Dormant, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Hello, this is my second fan fiction. It's an idea I had, And I decided to write it. I know it's not smart for a newbie like me to make a second fic. But I'll see how this fic goes so here we go!.

    AUTHOR'S RUN by Dormant

    Rated:pG-13 or less/more (A LOT of cuss words)

    Genre: Comedy/Adventure

    Character Bio


    PM List:

    Pink Harzard

    Prologue: The Grammar Police Attacks

    "And that's chapter 18! Done!" said Me.

    Hello everybody. I am Dormant. I am a Noob at making fan fiction. Here I am finishing a chapter I have made in my fan fiction.

    It was an average day in the district. The Authors are updating, the readers are reading. I am just writing a chapter for my story like I did everyday. But then, everything changed. I heard knocking in my door. Then I heard them said somethings.

    "Open the door Dormant! This is the Grammar Police! You are under arrest for your horrible grammar!"

    I panicked. I am currently wearing a coat with a purple shirt with a black tie inside, black pants and a cowboy hat. I heard the knocking getting louder and louder. I then thought of something. Author's have powers beyond imagination. Then without thinking I wrote some words on my Serebii Tech. I wrote down:

    A wormhole appeared in Dormant's bedroom, that leads to the world of 'New Fan Fiction'

    And then, before my door broke down, I went into the wormhole. When I reached at the end of the wormhole, I found myself in some mountain. The mountain is cold. Snow is pouring down like nobody's business. I suddenly began to loose conscious.

    "Dormant. Dormant! Wake up!!"

    I woke at the start. I was still on top of some mountain. But now the snow stopped and I saw a big white creature in front of me. I saw it's red eyes.

    "Arceus?" I said

    "Yep, its me, the 'Creator of the Universe' guy" said Arceus

    "What are you doing here?" I said

    "I am here because Palkia told me he felt a disturbance here. And I found you. What are you doing here anyway?" said Arceus

    "I was running away from the Grammar Police. They've come to arrest me for my horrible grammar" I said

    "Oh. Grammar Police eh? From what I've heard, the Authors cannot manipulate the Grammar Police. Meaning that, they can't write them away or kill them by writing their death" said Arceus

    "I know! This is horrible! I can't get rid off them! I have to run away for the rest of my life!!"

    "Not necessarily." said Arceus


    "I've been going through the cosmos and discovered something. I find out how to get rid of the Grammar Police"

    "Its that true? How?!"

    "The only way to get rid of the Grammar Police. Is to possessed a certain items"

    "What are this items?"

    "The Chaos Emeralds"

    "Wut?" I said

    "That's right the Chaos Emeralds" said Arceus

    "Are you serious?!?" I said disbelievingly

    "Dead serious"

    "Oh come on! That's so random!! Why does it have to be items from Sonic the Hedgehog. I mean come on!"

    "I guess Grammar Police loves Sonic the Hedgehog"

    "But this is Pokemon!! How can we get this Chaos Emeralds?!"

    "Maybe use your Author powers to make them appear here."

    "Wait, where is 'here'?"

    "We are at Mt. Silver."

    "You mean.. We're at the Johto region?" I said

    "Yep" said Arceus

    "Johto...Oh well, I guess I could get the Chaos Emeralds here then..." . I pulled out my Tablet and typed:

    The Chaos Emeralds are now in the Johto region, scattered across the region.


    "Uhh...Why didn't you just say that the Chaos Emeralds appeared before us?"

    "I have a set of rules when writing my stories. One of my rules, is never write a boring short story. Why? Because I hate boringness"

    Arceus just sighed


    "Say, Arceus? Can you help me search for the Chaos Emeralds?" I ask

    "I can't I'm too busy doing...Uhh..................................Okay fine! I guess I got nothing else to do. Might as well go on an adventure." said Arceus

    "Great!! Now, where should we look first?" I said

    "Hmm... How about we start at the beginning?"


    "New Bark Town of course!"

    "Well okay.. But you need to disguise yourself first!"

    Arceus then transformed into a lady with a Grey T-Shirt and a White Coat with White skirt and white flowing upward hair. But, she also have two bracelets that resemble Arceus's ring.

    "You're a girl?!"


    "Alright... Let's go to New Bark Town!" I said. Then I typed on my Tablet that says:

    Dormant and Arceus have appeared in New Bark Town

    And the Two figures on Mt. Silver, disappeared from the Mountain.

    "What the-?!?"

    That's what the Grammar Police Chief said when he and the other officers entered the room. The Grammar Police wore the same clothing that a policeman would've wear. Except their clothing is black and their badges says 'To Serve and Correct. Grammar Police'.

    "Sir! I found a some sort of Wormhole!" said one of the officer. The rest of the officers saw the Wormhole. The Chief broke out a grin. He has a chinese mustache and wore a big brown fur coat and a black Ushanka. He then spoke in a russian accent

    "So Dormant. Hiding in one of your stories eh? Well, looks like your story is gonna be a bad one, once Chief Thanatos is done with it. Officers we're going in!"

    And on that note, Chief Thanatos jumped into the Wormhole. The others joined in as well.

    I hope you might like this fic!

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
  2. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Chapter 1: The New Era of Randomness

    We both appeared in a very small town. The Town only has Three Houses, one small hut and a big Lab of some sort. There's also some sort of Windmill at the edge of a house.

    "Wow, this is the smallest town I have ever been" said Arceus

    "Really? I thought this is the first town you have ever visited" I said

    "It is. Hey, whats going on over there?" said Arceus as he looked towards the south.

    I saw a couple of ten-year olds playing soccer or something in a plain field. But, there is no soccer net and their just kicking the ball willy-nilly.

    "Hmm... Is this what you humans called 'soccer'?" said Arceus

    "Sort of. We normally kicked the ball to a- Why am I telling you? I'm an Fan Fiction Author not a soccer fan!!" I said angrily

    "I bet these kids are pretending that ball is a crying baby, and that they wanted to kick it for fun" That statement caught me off guard.

    "Dude!! That is horrible!! How could you think something like that?!" I exclaimed

    "Yeah, you're right. I bet these kids wanted to kill their parents that-"

    "Enough!! I don't want to hear your violent accusations! Those kids are just playing! For fun! Not for malicious purposes!!" I said

    "Alright fine, Just who are these kids?" said Arceus

    "Oh, their Red and Gold." I said.

    "Red? What is he doing in Johto? I heard he lives in Kanto." said Ms. Accusing McViolent

    "Red and his mother moved into Johto, because of financial problems and stuff" I said

    "Financial problems?"

    "Meaning, The bank is being a jerk"

    "Oh...So Red is here now." said Arceus


    "But why did you move him here?"

    "Can't tell you. Spoilers" I said

    "Nobody is gonna read this adventure!" said Arceus

    "I'm gonna write about our adventure" I said


    "Cause, I'm the Author"

    "We've been doing nothing but talking"

    "Yeah, you're right. Let's talk to the kids"

    We went towards the two kids. The kids saw us and stopped playing. The Golden one speaks

    "Hello, Uhh.. Who are you?" said Gold

    "HOW DARE YOU NOT KNOW ME!! I SHALL SMITE-" shouted Arceus until I put my hand on her mouth

    "Sorry about that, my friend here loves attention" I said

    "Uhh................" said Gold

    "Anyways I'm Dormant!" I speak

    "Okay...Who's she?" said Red. I let go of Arceus's mouth. Then I wish I didn't

    "This one creeps me out" said Arceus

    "What?" I said

    "What's wrong with Red?" said Gold

    "Oh, it's just that his eyes are bloody red" said Arceus

    "Oh come on! First you accused them of kicking babies, And you're telling me that you're afraid of Red just because- OMG You're eyes are red" I said

    "Wait. Kicking babies?" said Gold

    "Yeah, My eyes are red. Big whoop!" said Red

    "Well at least you're not insane as this lady besides me!" I said

    "Who is she?" said Gold

    "Me? ME?! I AM AR-"

    "Armantinehondalavistamacarona" I said very quickly

    "Huh?!" said Red, Gold and Arceus

    "Yeah... Her name is Armantinehondalavistamacarona!" said Me

    "Arma-What now?" said Gold

    "Armantinehondalavistamacarona!!" I shouted

    "How on Earth could you say that?" Red spoke

    "I'm special!" Tis I say

    "That's not-" said Arceus

    "Anyways!! Erm.. Do you guys see any colored, diamond shape, emeralds around here?" I says

    "Err...No?" said Gold

    "Bug***, Maybe we should look for the Ch-" said Arceus

    "Chansey! Yes! We're looking for a Chansey!" I said

    "A Chansey?" said Gold

    "Now wait a minute! First you said if we see any emeralds and now you're telling us that you both are looking for a Chansey! Now tell us what's really going on" said Red

    Me and Arceus looked at each other. I sighed

    "Alright fine. I am err... A dimentional traveler!!"

    "A dimentional traveler?" said Gold disbelievingly

    "Err.. Yeah and I need to search for 7 artifacts known as Chaos Emeralds! To err...Stop the err... Evil errm.. Porcupine! From er.. The Milky Way Galaxy!!" I said.

    The boys looked at me. Then they look at each other. The two boys stepped back.

    "Err... I gotta go now.." said Red

    "Yeah... It's not that we're going to call the mental hospital on you if that's what you're thinking!!" said Gold.

    Red slapped his forehead and the two boys continued to back away. Then they ran.

    "Hey! Wait!!!" I shouted after them

    Then Arceus teleport in front of the two boys and startled them.

    "What the-" said Red

    "Who are you?! What are you?!" said Gold

    "Who am I? WHO AM I?!" shouted Arceus

    The two boys are shivering with fear.


    The two boys sat down and began rocking back and forth while sucking their thumbs. Arceus looked angry

    "WHAT THE F-"

    "Arceus! Stop! You're scaring them!!" I shouted at Arceus

    "Oh come on!! I merely shout at them! Why should they be that afraid?!?!" said Arceus

    "Well, lets see. First, this two are young kids. Two, they don't have Pokemon, and we seemed to be a couple of insane people trying to harmed them!!!" shouted I

    "Oh... So now what do we have to do?" said Arceus

    "You have to prove to them that you are Arceus"

    "WHAT? BUT I-"

    "Just freaking do it!!!!" I shouted.

    Arceus grumbled and agreed. She then opened her mouth and shot a huge beam at the east of the town. The beam obliterated a bunch of trees. The boys stopped rocking back and forth and looked at Arceus with shock.

    "Oh my Gosh. You. are. Arceus. THE Arceus" said Gold.


    "Anyways yeah. This is Arceus. I am a dimentional traveler that needs to find 7 Chaos Emeralds to defeat the Evil err.... You know what bug*** it! I need the Chaos Emeralds to defeat a group called. The Grammar Police" I said

    "Grammar Police?" said Red

    "Yes, They are a band of people that want's to do me in. For bad grammar" said Me all me!!


    "The point is! Have you guys see any shiny emerald objects?!" said I. The two boys merely shook their heads.

    "Sorry. No" said Gold

    "Nope" said Red

    "Alright then, Arceus come on. We got to go find them before the Grammar Police comes" I said

    "Yeah, let's go" said Arceus.

    But as we tried to leave. The boys called us.

    "Hey wait!" said Gold

    "What is it" said me

    "We would like to help you!" said Red

    "Erm. I'm sorry but-" said me

    "Dormant. I suggest we should let them follow us" said Arceus


    "Because, They would do it anyways. Plus, I think more man power would be a good idea" said Arceus

    "Okay fine, But these two boys need their own Pokemon first before we go" said I

    "So all we have to do is to get our Pokemon, and then we can go with you?!" said Gold. Me and Arceus nodded.

    "Great! Let's go visit, Prof. Elm then we're off!" said Red

    The Quadruplets then began walking towards the laboratory. As I keep wondering if the Pokemon World has bathrooms in it.

    The Grammar Police found themselves inside some sort of Cave. The cave is made up of Blue rocks and the temperature is quite low.

    "Sir, Where are we?" said one of the Officers.

    The chief sniffed in the air and began scanning his surrounding.

    "Its seems that we are inside Mt.Silver." said Chief Thanatos

    "Why are we here?" said another Officer

    "Wormholes are very tricky, my friend. It can lead you almost everywhere" said Chief Thanatos

    "But where is the target?" said an Officer

    "Hmm... The only place I could think he would go is at New Bark Town." said Chief Thanatos. Then he heard a sound. He turn around and saw.............................................................................

    An officer eating Pringles.

    "What?" said the Officer.

    Chief Thanatos then angrily took the Officer's Pringles.

    "We're in Mt. Silver! If a Pokemon hears us-"

    "Chief! Look!" said an Officer. The Chief looked and saw a bunch of Sneasels incoating his men in ice.

    "Looks like we got ourselves" The Chief put on his sunglasses.

    "An icy situation"


    "Woah!! What the heck was that?!?!" exclaimed Gold. Arceus and I looked at each other

    "Their here." I said

    And Chapter 2! I keep wondering why my adventure with Arceus has a lot of talking in it. Oh well... I hope that the Grammar Police doesn't Catch me!

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2013
  3. Rotomknight


    You have hear a fic that could rival the adventure of adventureness. Mayhaps your inspiration was a mix of your bad grammar and AoA.
    It is amazing yet has your own sense of humor.
  4. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Rotomknight! Becareful! The Grammar Police might arrest you! And whats AoA?

    Chapter 2: To Elm or not to Elm

    Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, There lies an island. That holds a Government Headquarters of the International Police. The HQ is a big white cone-shape building with only one set of windows. In the hallways of the HQ, there's an announcement being made.

    "Agent Double-O 9, May I see you in my office"

    The Agent, noticing the announcement, went towards the Boss's Office. The only thing in the office is a Desk and a Rotatable Chair. The Agent went inside the room with difficulty due to his big size. The Boss is currently looking out the Window, smoking a Cigar.

    "Greetings Agent Double-O 9" said The Boss

    "Greetings to you, M. Where's other M?" said Agent 009

    "You ate him remember?" said M

    "Oh, sorry" said Agent 009

    "It's okay. He's rather dull, and has no impression on his face whats so ever" said M

    "Okay. So what do you call me for?" said Agent 009

    M turned around, with his rotatable chair. Where it's revealed that he is an M&M chocolate with Eyes, Mouth, Legs and Arms.

    "I called you to give you a mission" said M. At the side of the room, a bunch of computers screens popped out of nowhere and showed, Graphs and Geeky stuffs.

    "As you may see. Our Scientists reported that there is a Distortion of Space and Time. It seems as though, a Wormhole appeared here. On Earth" said M

    "Aren't Wormholes supposed to be in space?"

    "Exactly. This is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very RARE phenomenon to occur. To Rare if I say so myself."

    "So, you want me to investigate this Wormhole?" said Agent 009

    "No, cause there is no Wormhole" said M


    "You see, Our scientists have analyzed that there IS a Wormhole. But this Wormhole doesn't go front and back. Meaning this Wormhole is located in another dimension, and who or whatever comes in that Wormhole, goes here, but not the other way around"

    "So, it's a black hole?"

    "No, Whatever comes into a Black Hole goes to the Void. But this isn't The Void, and the Wormhole isn't sucking anything in. No, this is a special Wormhole. In fact, one might say it's a one way door." said M

    "Okay. So what do you want me to do then?" said Agent 009

    "Patients. I'm not done yet. Our Scientists have also said something very interesting."


    "They said that something went through that Wormhole."


    "Yes, My guessing is that, whoever or whatever went through the Wormhole is the one who made it. But there's more. The Wormhole leads that thing on top of a Mountain known as Mt. Silver" said M

    "So you want me to investigate the mountain" said Agent 009

    "You could...But you won't find the thing over there"

    "What do you mean?"

    "The thing that arrived here, only appeared on the top of the Mountain for a few seconds. Then the thing somehow disappeared" said M

    "What are you talking about?!" said Agent 009

    "Meaning the thing teleported away after it landed here. And the scientists said that they tracked down where the thing teleport to" said M

    "Okay, where?" said Agent 009

    "New Bark Town. Now, its time for your mission. Your mission is to investigate the thing. Ask anyone in the area for information. My guess is, that the thing is moving through city to city, As Johto is known to be a straight line. There are some tools in the car, that could help. I want you to make sure you have leads on this thing" said M

    "You can count on me boss!" said Agent 009

    "Now go my fellow agent!" said M

    "And don't fail us"

    Me, Arceus, Gold and Red went inside the Professor's Laboratory. The lab is big and very white. Its filled with bookcases and machinery. I saw Prof. Elm at the end of the lab.

    "Hello Boys! Who's your friends? What are you doing here?" said Prof. Elm

    "Hello Professor! This is Dormant and this girl here is-" said Gold

    "Armantinehondalavistamacarona!" I said

    "Muwha?" said Prof. Elm


    "How did you-"

    "Anyways! We want ourselves some Pokemon please" said Red

    "Wait. You want to get your first Pokemons. TODAY?" said Prof. Elm

    "Yep!" said Gold

    "But why?" said Prof. Elm

    "It's because, we're are going to sa-" said Gold

    "Because I ask them to help us" I said

    "Help you? For what" said Prof. Elm

    "Uhh... To....Uhh" said me

    "To help us find our lost items" said Arceus

    "Lost items?" said Prof. Elm

    "Yeah! You see, we've been through all over Johto, And we ended up missing some items. So we came here to ask some people to help us. And this two boys agreed. But they need to have some Pokemon with them." I said

    "Oh. Well, I would give these two a Pokemon each. But have they told their Parents?" said Prof. Elm

    The two boys looked at each other and facepalm.

    "I guess thats a no then" said Prof. Elm

    "Don't worry! We'll tell their parents right away! Right Arc- I mean Armantinehondalavistamacarona?" I spoketh

    "Uhh... Yeah" said Arceus

    "Okay, I'll give these boys their Pokemon, after they get their parents approval!" said Prof. Elm

    "Red, Gold. Stay here, we'll tell your parents Okay?" said I



    Arceus and I nodded and went out of the laboratory, leaving behind Red, Gold and Prof. Elm.

    "Uhh.. Is her name really... Uhh.." said Prof. Elm

    "She's from Sweden" said Red

    "I'm from Sweden!!" said Prof. Elm

    "Uhh.. I think he meant Switzerland!" said Gold quickly

    "I'm from Switzerland!!"

    "What? How on Earth can you live in Sweden and Switzerland?!" said Red

    "I was Omnipresent when I was young" said Prof. Elm

    The two boys looked at each other in confusion.

    "Sneasles, May I ask you to let go of my men?"

    The Sneasles merely growled at him.

    "Uhh... S-sir? What do we do n-n-now?!" said an Officer. Chief Thanatos looked at him with his sunglasses on, and said this:

    "We fight Janodaya. We fight"

    He then took some chips from the Officer's Pringles and ate them. He then took out his Pokeball.

    "Grim Reaper! Crush this pack of snivelling Sneasels!" shouted Cheif Thanatos as he unleashes a Pokemon with grey hands and one red eye.

    "The Ch-Chief's Dusclops!! G-Go! Gallade!!" shouted Officer Janodaya. He unleashes a Gallade.

    The Sneasels hissed at them.

    "Nice Pokemon my friend" said Chief Thanatos

    "Th-Thank you sir" said Officer Janodaya

    "Alright.... Grim Reaper! Melt the ice with your Will-o-Wisp!!" shouted Chief Thanatos.

    The Dusclops then shot blue balls of Flames at the frozen Officers. The Officers was then thawed out of their icy prison, and began calling out their Pokemon.

    "Go! Golem!"

    "Go! Zangoose!"

    "Go! Lickitung!"


    "Yeah why not Lickitung?"

    "Why not Zoidburg?"

    "What's Zoidburg doing here?"


    The Sneasels growled and hissed at the Pokemons and their masters. They then attack!

    "Grim Reaper! Use Shadow Balls at them!!" shouted Chief Thanatos

    The Dusclops shot a dark Balls of Darkness at Three to Four Sneasels

    "Gallade! Use Brick Break on the Sneasels!!" shouted Officer Janodaya

    His Gallade then began chopping through a bunch of Sneasels with great speed. The Gallade had taken out Five to Six Sneasles.

    "Golem! Rock Slide! Now!"

    "Zangoose! Show them a REAL Fury Swipes!"

    "Lickitung! Use Lick!"

    "Why not Zoidburg?"

    The Sneasels began to become overwhelmed by the Grammar Polices Pokemons. The Sneasels kept on Slashing through their opponents, but they couldn't defeat them long enough to be defeated. The Sneasels, finally realized that their losing. They then retreated back to their nests. The Grammar Police, seeing the Sneasels running away from them, burst out many cheers. Except Zoidburg.

    "Well done, my comrades. You have all done well. Now, we must marched on. And arrest Dormant for his horrible Grammar!!" said Chief Thanatos

    "Yeah! Down with Dormant!!"

    "Horrible Grammar! Horrible Crime!"

    "All of us except Zoidburg, will Get him!"

    "Why not Zoidburg?"

    "Alright, Alright, Alright. Lets go before one of Dormant's peons comes after us!" said Chief Thanatos

    Then the Grammar Police starts to march out of Mt. Silver. Unaware that two pink-colored eyes are watching them from above.

    "Hey We're back!!" said me

    Me and Arceus came back to the lab. The two boys and the Professor looked at us.

    "So, What did they say?" said Gold

    "They were skeptical at first, but agreed that you guys can go with us." I said

    "Really?!" said Gold

    I nodded

    "Well that's fantastic! Looks like today's the day boys. The day you become trainers!" said Prof. Elm

    "Yes!!" said Gold and Red

    "So, what Pokemon would you like?" said Prof. Elm

    "Uhh.......................................................Umm.......................................I-no........................................Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...................Cha-no...............................................U-ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" said Gold

    "JUST PICK ONE ALREADY!!!!!" shouted Arceus

    "ALRIGHT!!" shouted Gold





    "DO IT!!"




    "NO, I'M NOT!!!!"

    "YES YOU ARE!!!!"


    "I'M NOT SLOW!!!!!!"


    "NO I'M NOT!!!!"

    "WHY ARE WE SCREAMING?!?" shouted Arceus

    "YOU ASK ME!!!" shouted Gold

    "Stop screaming you guys!!" shouted Red

    "WHAT?!?!" shouted Gold and Arceus

    "I SAID STOP SCREAMING!!!!!" shouted Red

    "WHY SHOULD I LISTEN TO YOU RED EYES??!?!" shouted Arceus

    "MY BALLY THROAT HURTS!!!!" shouted Gold

    "THEN STOP SCREAMING!!!!" shouted Red

    "NOT UNTIL YOU STOP FIRST!!!!!" shouted Gold

    "HOW ABOUT WE ALL STOP!!!!" shouted Red

    "NEVER!!!" shouted Arceus

    "WHY?!?!" shouted Red and Gold



    "YOU CAN DO THAT?!?!?!"

    "YES!!! NOW STOP SCREAMING!!!!!" shouted Red and Gold

    "Oh, okay" said Arceus

    "WHAT!!!!??" shouted Red and Gold

    "I SAID OKAY!!!" shouted Arceus

    "GOOD! WAIT. OH CRAP!!!" shouted Red and Gold


    "I DON'T WANT TO DIE THIS WAY!!!!!" shouted Gold

    "NO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!!!" shouted Red

    "WE'RE STUCK LIKE THIS FORE-" shouted Arceus

    "C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!" I shouted.

    Then the three shouting maniacs stopped shouting and fell on the floor, breathing very rapidly.

    "W-w-water w-w-water uhhhhhhhh" said Gold clutching his throat

    "GIVE ME WATER!!!" shouted Arceus

    "HOW ARE YOU STILL SHOUTING!!!?" shouted Red and Gold

    "OH CRAP!!!!" shouted Arceus


    After a ton of cold and hot water, A bunch of Strepsils and A dozen teaspoon of cough medicine, the boys began to pick out what Pokemon they wanted.

    "Uhhh... How about a Cyndaquil?" said Gold

    "Yes! A very good choice! Is it? Uhhhh.....Armentinlahondavalavisamacaroni?" said Prof. Elm

    "Yeah sure whatever. And its Ar-"

    "Armantinehondalavistamacarona" said I

    "So! What Pokemon do you want?" said Prof. Elm to Red

    "Umm..... A Pikachu I guess" said Red

    "Wow,that's a surprise" said Arceus sarcastically

    "Yep! Here's both of your Pokemons!!" said Prof. Elm as he gave out the requested Pokemon to Red and Gold

    "Sweet! I got myself a Pokemon!!!" said Gold

    "Cool." said Red

    "How about you? Dormant? Uhhh..." said Prof. Elm

    "We're good" said I and Arceus

    "Uhh... well I can see why you're good Dormant, I can see you have a Pokeball. But, I think the lady needs some Pokemon to accompany her" said Prof. Elm


    "Please!! You might make all of us shout again!!" I said

    "But, I can soooo take care of myself! Because I am Ar-" said Arceus

    "Yes, yes! We know that you're Armantinehondalavistamacarona! Just pick a Pokemon!!" said Me

    "B-But! This is SO wr-"

    "We'll discuse this later! Just pick one Already!!!"

    "Grrr....Fine!! I'll choooosse a....................Bronzor" said Arceus

    "Uhh.. I don't have a Bronzer" said Prof. Elm

    "Then what do you have then?!?"

    "Let's see... A Snubull-"

    "Uh, No thanks"

    "Okay, then a...... Clefairy"

    "OH HELL NO!!!"

    "Then a..... Lickitung-"


    "A Rattata?"

    "I don't want a RAT!!"

    "A Sentret?"

    "My eyesight is just fine! Thank you very much!!"

    "A Dunsparce?"

    "Are you kidding me? What other Pokemon do you have?!"

    "The only Pokemon I have left is.... A Koffing"

    "FINE!! Good enough!"

    "Good! Here you go!" said Prof. Elm as he gave Arceus a Pokeball containing a Koffing.

    "Great! Now we're all settle! We can go now!" said I

    "Hold it! You guys need Pokedexes before you all leave!" said Prof. Elm

    "Really?! I can have a Pokedex?!" said Gold

    "Sure! Here you go!" said Prof. Elm as he gave Gold and Red their Pokedex.

    "Wow, Thank you Professor Elm!" said Red

    "Do you guys need Pokedexes?" said Prof. Elm

    "Nope! I know every Pokemon from the back of my head!!" said Me

    "Uhh... Yep! Me too!" said Arceus

    "Okay then! I hope you guys have a good journey!!" said Prof. Elm

    "We will! Thanks for the Pokemon and the medicine for our Sore Throats!!" said Gold

    "Yeah! Thanks Professor Elm!!" said Red

    "Yeah, Thanks" said Arceus

    "Well, then. Let's get on the road!!" I said

    Then we all went out of the lab.

    "Man, Those people are crazy!" said Prof. Elm

    We are on our way towards the next town. We began talking about somethings.

    "This. Is. So. Wrong." said Arceus

    "What's wrong?" said Gold

    "I, Arceus. The Pokemon. Own a Pokemon. That is so wrong!! A Pokemon! Owning A Pokemon!! Is this Inception or something?!?!"

    "Well, I see nothing wrong"

    "Huh? What makes you said that?" said Red

    "Well, She IS known to create the entire universe, so doesn't that makes her One Above All? Meaning she is above Pokemon?"

    "Yeah, That makes sense. It's like a Human who is above all Humans, kept other Humans inside small plastic balls!!" said Arceus

    "Cheer up Arceus. You might know how it feels like to be a Pokemon Trainer!!"

    "I don't need to be a trainer!! I have powers beyond imagination!!"

    "Human Psychics have powers and they still train Pokemon" said Red

    "Ugghh...Fine. I wonder what a Koffing is anyway" said Arceus

    "Wait. Didn't you said that you too, know all about Pokemon?" said I

    "I... lied"

    "Arceus, LIED!!?" said Gold

    "Hey! I can lie! I'm not Reshiram! Or something!!"

    "What's a Reshiram?" said Gold

    "If you don't know Pokemon, How do you know about Reshiram?" I said

    "I know all Legendaries! Since All legendaries know one another!" said Arceus

    "Whatever." said I

    "Hey! Let's see our Pokemon!!" said Gold

    "Yeah, Thats a good idea" said Red

    Red, Gold and Arceus took out their Pokeballs and released their Pokemon

    "Cute and cool. I like him." said Red

    "Pika pika!"

    "Wow, My one is cute and cool as well!" said Gold


    "WHAT THE F***!?"

    "Koff Koffing"

    "Hello! Agent 009!"

    Agent 009 was about to go into the garage until he heard that voice. He turned around and saw a man with orange-red hair and is wearing a suit.

    "Ah! Agent 005! What brings you here?" said Agent 009

    "Please, call me Knight. I am here to assist you on your mission Agent 009" said Knight

    "Really?! M called you to assist me?!" said Agent 009

    "Why yes. Is there a problem?" said Knight

    "No no no! In fact, I'm just a little shock that M sent me the best Agent in the entire Organization, to help me!" said Agent 009

    "Please, Just think of me as a fellow Agent operative. M ask me to help you, because this mission could be one of the most toughest missions the Organization has ever done." said Knight

    "Really? Wow, looks like we better get going then! I want to end this mission before it becomes more dangerous!" said Agent 009

    "Yes, As we Agents know. That dangerous missions gets more dangerous if we let time fly" said Knight

    "Well, lets get in the car then!" said Agent 009

    "But hang on, What's your name?" said Knight.

    Agent 009 took off his sunglasses and said this words:

    "Lax. SnorLax"

    Man, My adventures are getting more and more crazy in a second. A chocolate is the boss of a Government Agency with a Snorlax as an Agent!? Oh my!

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
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  5. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Chapter 3: The Ridiculousness of Silver

    "Pika! Pika!"

    "Hello Pikachu, My name is Red. I'm your new trainer"

    The Pikachu stared at Red and saw his eyes. The Pikachu was thrown off by surprised.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Pika pika pi pika pi pika pika!!" said the Pikachu

    "He said that your eyes are red" said Arceus

    "Oh great, My Pokemon now thinks I'm scary or something!!" said Red

    "Pika! pika pika pika pii!!"

    "He said you look menacing and yet cool" said Arceus

    "Well, He does look Menacing." I said

    "Yeah, you do look cool Red" said Gold

    "Uhh.. Thanks! I guess..." said Red

    "So anyways. Cyndaquil, I am Gold. Your very own trainer!"

    "Cyn cyndaquil!"

    "What did he say?" said Gold

    "'She'. And she said 'You look stupid and weird'" said Arceus

    "Cyn! Cyndaquil!!!"

    "Alright fine! She said Hello. Am I gonna be the translator or something!?"

    "Yep!" said Me, Red and Gold

    "Crap I say. Crap"

    "So, Are you going to introduce yourself to your Pokemon?" said Me

    "Hello, Floaty Gassy Circular Thing. I am your Trainer. Arceus"

    The Pokemons were surprised to hear that and took a close look on Arceus. They were shock to see that it's really her. (Pokemon can see that she has almost too many resemblance to the Legendary, that it had to be her)

    "Arceus, That's a Koffing. Not a thing" said I

    "I find this ridiculous!" said Arceus

    "What's wrong with Koffing?" said Gold

    "I am Arceus! I, Creator of the Universe, Owned a Floating Gas machine!!"

    "Well, it does add a little spice in your adventure" I said

    "Yeah I know. Me owning legendaries does seemed to be too mainstream. But still! If people see me owning such a weird Pokemon! I'll be humiliated for the rest of my life!!"

    "Arceus. Do you know Lance?" said I

    "Uhh.... Who?" said Arceus

    "What?! You don't know who L- Oh yeah. One Above All. Sorry." said Gold

    "Anyways...Lance is one of the most likable and coolest person of all Kanto and Johto" said Me

    "So?" said Arceus

    "He wears a cape. All the time" I said

    "Oh.... Well that makes feel much more better actually."

    "What's wrong with capes?" said Gold

    "You look like a weirdo pretanding to be Superman" I spoke

    "Oh well, if people love weirdo's in capes. I guess me owning a Flo- I mean Koffing won't be too humiliating" said Arceus

    "Yeah your so lucky to pick a Koffing rather than a Lickitung" said Red

    "True. Well Koffing. Looks like I'm going to have to train you" said Arceus.

    The Koffing cried happily.

    "Say, Dormant"

    "Yeah?" I said

    "You haven't shown us your Pokemon yet." said Gold

    "Oh.. I left some of my Pokemon in the Storage Box. But I have one with me" said Dormant-I mean me.

    "So what Pokemon is it?"

    "Go! Ekans!" I shouted as I unleashed my Snake


    "Wait, I own a Koffing and you own a Ekans. For some reason this reminded of a cartoon." said Arceus

    "Yeah, Anyways lets get to the next town before sunset. I don't want to be caught by the Grammar Police" said I

    "Alright!" said Gold as he put his Cyndaquil on his shoulder

    "Let's get going" said Red as he put his Pikachu on his shoulder

    "I doubt I need to put my Gas monster on my shoulder then" said Arceus

    The Quadruples began walking towards their next destination.

    Meanwhile back in the Global Headquarters of the International Police....

    "Man, this car is huge."

    "Of course, I'm one of the biggest Agents in the whole agency" said Agent Snorlax as he sat on the driver seat, while Agent Knight sat on the passenger sit.

    "Uhh.. Are you sure you should drive? I see that your arms are quite stubby" said Knight

    "This car is made for me. Besides, I drove this car many times already." said Agent Snorlax

    "Did you drove it in the air?" said Knight

    "Uhh...What?" said Agent Snorlax

    "Well, we are on an isolated island, so every Agent's car has the ability to fly or to drive across water. Their all literally all terrain vehicles" said Knight

    "Oh.. So how do I made this bad boy fly then?" said Agent Snorlax

    "Uhh... Maybe I should drive" said Knight

    "Nonsense! Let me drive! It IS my car. So how do I fly then?" said Agent Snorlax

    "Uhh.. You pressed this button here-" said Knight

    "Oh okay!" said Agent Snorlax

    He then pushed the button.

    The Grammar Police managed to get out of the mountain. The outside is less colder than the outside and the sun is shining brightly.

    "AAAAHHHH MY EYES!!!" said one Officer

    Isn't life wonderful?

    "AAAAHHHH MY EYES!!!" shouted a lot of Officers

    Magnificent isn't it?

    "What are you fools doing?!" shouted Chief Thanatos

    "We saw something shiny up in the sky!!" said an Officer

    "Yeah. But that shiny yellow thing burned our eyes!!" said another Officer

    "Should we do something about it?" said another Officer

    "Do something about it? My dear stupid friends, that is the sun. And we can't do anything about it!!!" said Chief Thanatos

    "What's a Sun?" said an Officer

    "Janodaya, Why are these officers so stupid?" said Chief Thanatos

    "Well, they must have gotten a brain injury when they were frozen. Maybe they'll heal after some amount of time" said Officer Janodaya

    "Can't your Psychic Pokemon do something?" said Chief Thanatos

    "I don't think we should hamper with their minds sir. I think we should let their minds, fix themselves sir." said Officer Janodaya

    "Hmm... Very well. I shall follow your advice comrade. Let's hope that their minds go back to normal once we encounter Dormant" said Chief Thanatos

    "Yeah me too sir" said Officer Janodaya

    "Lets go men! We need to get Dormant! Do all of you have a Flying-Type Pokemon?" said Chief Thanatos

    "I have a Piplup! Can they fly?" said an Officer

    "Uhh.. No" said Chief Thanatos

    "I have a Torchic! Can they fly" said another Officer

    "No" said Chief Thanatos

    "I have a Rhyhorn! I heard they can fly!!" said another Officer

    "Of course not! There's no way they co- WTF!!!" said Chief Thanatos until he saw the Officer's Rhyhorn flying through the air

    "Sure, a Rhyhorn can fly but not my Torchic!!!"

    "HOW-WHAT-WHY-WHEN-WHO?!?!" said the Chief

    "I got my Rhyhorn from the Hoenn Region!!" said the Officer


    "Every Rock-Type Pokemon, that was born in the Hoenn Region can fly." said the Officer


    "I don't know. I heard Regirock is the first Rock-Type Pokemon that is able to fly" said the Officer


    "Why not?"


    "ME!!" said the Officer

    "I'm so confused and shock right now. How could I not know this?" said Chief Thanatos

    The Quadruplets have reached the city of Cherrygrove. The City is small and has some houses.

    "You call this a city?" said Arceus

    "Yep! Smallest City in Johto!" said Gold

    "It is small.." said Red

    "Smaller than my room" said Me

    Just then, An old man fell from the sky and landed in front of us.

    "EEEEKKKK!!" screeched Gold

    "WHAT THE F***!!?!" shouted Arceus

    "OMG!!" shouted Red

    "WHAT THE?!?!" shouted me

    "HellothereboysandgirlsmynameisKindlyoldman!DoyouknowIlovecoffee?Ilovecoffee!CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee!!!" said the Old man very quickly

    The Old man suddenly jumped up in the air and fly away in a superman fashion.

    "What. The. F***?"

    "What just happened?" said Gold

    "I really- Uggh my brain hurts" said Red

    "Pika pi.." agreed Pikachu

    "Boy, that escalated quickly" I said

    "You did not just do that!" said Arceus

    "I did it, and I'm proud of it!" I said

    "Hey! I can see the Pokemart and the Pokemon Center!" said Gold

    "Okay.... And?" said Arceus

    "Never mind" said Gold

    Then all of a sudden a red haired boy ran into Gold. The two fell over.

    "Ouch..." said Gold

    "What the? Who's this guy?" said Red

    The red haired boy stood up as well as Gold. The boy has red hair and a black clothes with red lining. His eye color is black.

    "Watch where your going you fool!" said Arceus

    "Che' It's not my fault this weakling blocked my way!" said the Passerby Boy

    "I'm not a weakling" said Gold

    "Hmph! I bet this Weaklings right here, are your friends. I presume?" said the Passerby Boy


    "I'm not a freak, hag! I am going to be the strongest trainer in the world!" said the Passerby Boy


    "Anyways, who are you?" said Red

    "Why should I tell- OMG Your eyes are red" said the Passerby Boy

    "Yeah? Well your hair is red!" said Red

    "Whatever, I'm not going to tell you my name!" said the Passerby Boy

    "Hmm. Maybe he doesn't have a name" said Gold

    "Yeah... Heh heh heh. Maybe we should give him a name" said Arceus


    "That's a great idea! What should we name him?" said Gold

    "Uhh.. I don't think this is a great idea guys" said Red unsurely

    "Nonsense! We can't let this boy be nameless!" said Arceus

    "Hey! I have a name!" said the Passerby Boy

    "So what should we name him?" said Arceus ignoring the Passerby Boy

    "Hmm.. How about 'Captain America'?" said Gold

    "WHAT?!" exclaimed the Passerby Boy

    "No, he is not from a America! Red? What should we name him?"

    "Uhh...Daniel?" said Red

    "He doesn't even look like a Daniel!!" I said

    "I purpose, uhhh.... Stupid DuckFace!!" said Arceus

    "What?! You weaklings! Stop it!" exclaimed the Passerby Boy

    "He doesn't have a Duckface! How about 'Deathwing Lord of Destruction'?" said Gold

    "Meh.. To subtle"

    "How about... Silver?" said Red

    "No way! He's too ugly to be Silver!" said Arceus

    "I resent that! And Silver is my-" said the Passerby Boy

    "You know what? Let's call him.... Le Stinky McPoopsalot?" said Arceus

    "Eeww!!" said The Passerby boy

    "Why not Elizabeth?" said I

    "Why not Zoidburg?" said a voice far away from here

    "Hmm... Nope! We'll call him El Poopy!"

    "But-" said Red

    "WE'LL CALL HIM EL POOPY AND THAT'S FINAL!!!" shouted Arceus

    "Yes!!" said Red, Gold and Me

    "Are you kidding me?" said El Poopy

    "Nope! Anyway El Poopy. What's the big idea hitting on Gold and calling us weak?" said Arceus

    "My name is NOT El Poopy!"

    "Yes it is! Now tell us!" said Arceus

    "Hmph! I have no time for you weaklings! I'm leaving!!" shouted El Poopy as he stormed away from us.

    "What's wrong with him?" said I

    "Yeah.. He's really mean" said Gold

    Suddenly they saw a Police man running towards us. I thought he was part of the Grammar Police, until I realized his clothes are blue. Not black.

    "Uhh.. Hello?" said Gold

    "Hello, I am looking for a Boy with Red hair." said the Policeman

    "Uhh.. He ran off" said Red

    "Where to? Listen, He stole a Pokemon from Prof. Elm!" said the Policeman

    "What?!" said Gold and Red

    "Yeah. Do you know anything about that Red Headed boy? Like a name?" said the Policeman

    Arceus then broke out an evil grin

    "Why yes officer, I do know the boy's name" said Arceus

    "Can you tell me mam?" said the Policeman

    "Why, his name is El Poopy!" said Arceus

    "El Poopy... Got it!" said the Policeman as he ran off to the same direction, El Poopy went.

    "Uhh.. Arceus. You do realize you made that boy get away by giving the Police a fake name?" said I

    Arceus grinned at me and said this:

    "Fake name?"

    "Hahaha! Manage to get away from that fool!" said El Poopy.

    He is hiding behind a bush in the city, where the Policeman is trying to find him.

    "Now to make sure my Identity Card is still in my wallet" said El Poopy.

    He tooked out his Wallet and he saw his Identity Card still inside it

    "Phew.. That was- Wait"

    He looked closely at his card and then he saw His name has been change to El Poopy.

    "Wh-What?! H-H-How!?!?" exclaimed El Poopy.

    He then screamed at the sky.

    "Ah! There you are!" said the Policeman

    "Oh S***!"

    El Poopy then ran from the bush and head towards the outskirts of the city

    "Hey come back here!" ordered the Policeman, but the boy was too far gone.

    "You're a meanie" said Gold

    Arceus looked at Gold

    "Yes. Yes I am. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" laughed Arceus

    "Man, I didn't know Arceus could do that" said Red

    "She's Arceus! She has the Power to do a lot of things!" I said

    "Yeah, like humiliating a teenager" said Red.

    "Yeah..." I said

    I learned one lesson today.

    Drowsee's are weird

    "Looks like our boys have finally grown up!"

    Back in New Bark Town. In Gold's house, There were two ladies currently chatting among each other, while sitting on the sofa drinking tea. The two ladies are the mothers of Red and Gold

    "Do you find it odd, that our husbands are missing?" said Gold's mother

    "I know it's weird! I get the feeling his cheating on someone else!" said Red's Mother

    "Me too! I think our Husbands are cheating on us!" said Gold's Mother

    "How dare they! I scoff at them!" said Red's Mother

    "I scoff at them as well!" said Gold's Mother




    Suddenly a flying car appeared!

    The car has smashed through the wall and windows. The two mothers were shocked, surprised and afraid. The Car is big and holds two beings. One is a Snorlax with sunglasses and a tux. While the other is a human with a tux and orange-red hair. They looked like they have a rough time.

    "Agent Snorlax...." said Knight

    "Y-yes?" said Agent Snorlax

    "Maybe next time... I should drive" said Knight

    "Yeah...." said Agent Snorlax

    They Both Fainted, as well as the two mothers

    And that's Chapter 3! As you know by now, Agent Knight is based on another Fanfiction Author: Knightfall. Agent Knight is known to be one of the best Coder in the entire world. He is the Master of Codes and Technology. If you need someone to crack open a code or a computer. This Agent is your man. He is also a very good Agent, and knows Karate and is quite intelligent. His full name is Knight Fallington.

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
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  6. EmphaticPikachu

    EmphaticPikachu A tired little girl~

    For the very least, I got quite a few laughs out of this, I enjoy overreactions and such. XD
    But as a personal preference, I think that the main thing you could do is use italics and such your advantage. For some reason, Italics or boldness emphasize the comedy better then a word describing there emotions. It lets the reader...I could almost interpret it in a much funnier way. I've always felt it breaths life into any sort of written fiction. (Sadly, the copying and pasting from fanfiction of my stories removes my italics... >3>...)
    Let me copy an example.
    ""Wait. You want to get your first Pokemons. TODAY?" said Prof. Elm"
    I Feel like the today would be better emphasized as italics or bold. While I know bad grammar is kind of being the point sometimes (Not that caps is bad grammar in dialogue...) but ehhh...it just feels funnier. Like you know its exaggerated.

    This isn't anything bad really (Its just something I picked up), but I can't tell whether to take this seriously or not. Comedy plots are either short and comical, or long and comical, hiding a serious side. I'm not saying all are like this, but I feel like since chapter 2 was pretty long, I expected something serious...(If the agent stuff was truly serious and not meant to have a joke played, then I simply facepalm at myself and my denseness. XD; )

    One final thing, in a story like this, let the dialogue flow. This might be personal preference and thought, but...
    Don't have the characters comment on non-serious things. Hell, if you know who's speaking, don't even say "I said or he said, or arcues said". It requires me to stop thinking about the dialogue and start thinking about the character's feelings. While that's not bad in the least, it halfway ruins my enjoyment of the overreactions you gave. I can't get swept up in some of them and I have to force myself to ignore the obvious "I said."

    I prefer not to use anything like that if the scene is comical, it feels much more witty, especially if you add italics or boldness (mostly italics).

    Though don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the heck out of many things in this. xD

    If your job was to get me to laugh and enjoy it, you defiantly did it. Good job :p... I didn't quote things nearly as much because I'm on a tight schuecle...So if you want me to evaluate the jokes themselves, don't hesitate to ask me to. I will when I have time.

    /read chapter 1, 2, and most of 3.
  7. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Thanks for the review!!! Yeah... I have a problem at making dialogues. Because I wanted people to know who's telling what, but I don't want to always put 'said this' and 'said that' all the time. But yeah! I edited both Chapter 2 and 3 so that the dialogue is better (Maybe). So thanks!

    By the way, yes you can evaluate my jokes. So yeah thanks!
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  8. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Chapter 4: A not-so-forgotten Past


    "Mama, Can I have a Pokemon?"


    "But, Mama...."

    "No means no boy. I'm you're mother. Therefore you must respect my answer"

    "But, whyyyyy?"

    "Because, why should we waste our time and money to give you a Pokemon?"

    "Yes, you owning a Pokemon is like giving a gun to an insane convict! Trouble I tell you!"

    "But, Papa..."

    "No, means no! Now get out of my sight! I don't like wasting my time with a troublesome boy like you"

    "Papaa... Maaa..."

    "Get out!"

    The boy was wearing toddler clothes, and went slowly to his room, with tears on his eyes.

    "I bet El Poopy stole that Pokemon, is so he could cook it and eat it, naked"

    The statement that Arceus had said, caught me and the boys guard off.


    "Chapter?" said Gold

    "Uhh.. I meant metaphorically! But seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!"

    "I feel sick..." said Red clutching his stomach

    "Pika pi.... Pika pika pi..."

    "WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!!?" shouted Arceus at Pikachu

    "What did he say?" said Gold

    "He said 'Me too... I didn't know Arceus is mad in real life....'"

    "Well, at least the Pikachu agrees with me" I said

    "I'M NOT MAD!!!! right?...."

    "Sure you're not...........yes you are"

    "Oh okay.......Hey!! I SAW THAT SIZE ONE TEXT!!!"

    "What are you talking about?" said Gold

    "She's delusional" I said

    "I wonder why she's crazy. If she created the universe, I would say this world will be filled with crazy illogical stuff. You know like, kids owning fire breathing dragons, Cats that can shoot Laser Beams, Creatures that look like eggs except their plants and-Oh." said Red

    "Man, its no wonder Pokemons are so weird..." I said

    "That actually explains everything..." said Gold

    "And yet she doesn't now half of it"

    "Ugghh... Can we talk something else? I'm tired of people telling me I'm crazy" said Arceus

    "Sure." I said

    "Hey, since we have our own Pokemon, I suggest we should train them" said Gold

    "Yeah, I agree. Maybe we should head out of the city, and train our Pokemon. And maybe capture other Pokemons as well.." said Red

    "Okay, I'm in!"

    "Yeah, I want my Koffing to be the best. Besides me of course."

    "Arrogant much?"

    "I created the universe. I deserve to be arrogant"

    "Okay... Whatever, let's go!"

    And on that note, We all leave Cherrygrove city and head north towards the new Route.

    And I still wonder if the Pokemon world has Bathrooms in it.

    "So... You're telling us that you guys are from the International Police?"


    The two mothers and the two Agents, are currently sitting in the living room of Gold's House. That has a big car, sticking out on the wall. The Agents did have a hard time getting out of the car, after they woke up. The mothers healed them up with potions and medi-kits.

    "Sorry for your wall Miss, I can assure you the organization will repair your home right away!" said Agent Knight

    "Oh it's no big deal! I'm just wondering why there's an Agent and a Snorlax in my house...." said Gold's Mother

    "I'm no ordinary Snorlax." Agent Snorlax then took off his sunglasses.

    "I'm Lax. Snor,Lax"


    "Still, You haven't answered our questions!" said Red's Mother

    The Agents look at each other and sighed.

    "Mam. I believe we, are going to be the ones asking the questions." said Agent Knight

    "What Questions?" said Gold's Mother

    "First off. Do you see anything unusual around the area?" said Agent Knight

    "No, not at all" said Red's Mother

    "Do you see anyone that is not from here?" said Agent Knight

    The mothers look at each other, and began whispering. After a moment, The mother's look back at the Agents.

    "Well.... About an hour ago, A man with a black vest and a purple suit came here, with a lady that has this weird bracelets on. She also has weird big shoe-things" said Gold's Mother

    "It's that so... Hmm.... Can you tell me more about this, man and women"

    "Well..." said Red's Mother. "The man said that, our boys volunteered to help them find their lost items and that he needs our boys to receive their Pokemon. We were Skeptical at first, but the man insisted that we gave him our permission. After much talking, we've agreed to let our boys go on a journey. After all, My Red hasn't gone outside our town for ages. I figure, an adventure would be good for my son."

    "And my son as well" added Gold's Mother

    "Hmm...... Then what happened?"

    "They left, The man thanked us and left. They said that they are going to Prof. Elm's lab" said Red's Mother

    "Now that I think about it... I heard loud voices, being raised at the lab as well!" said Gold's Mother

    "Hmm.................................................................. Alright! Thanks for the information madams. I'm afraid our questionings are now over. Agent Snorlax! Come on! We're leaving!" said Agent Knight

    He saw the Agent is not moving and seemed to be snoring.

    "Agent Snorlax!!!"

    "Snuuuurttt!! Whewat?! Who am I?! What her face?! Whoshemewhattheheck?!" said the Snorlax

    "Come on Agent Snorlax. We're leaving."

    The Snorlax got up on his feet and followed Knight to the door.

    "Wait!!!" shouted Red's Mother. "What about our boys?! Are they in trouble?!!? Are those people dangerous?!"

    Knight looked at the two mothers and said this:

    "We'll find out"

    He then heard crunch noises, and saw Agent Snorlax eating a packet of Doritos.

    "What? I'm hungry!"

    "So let me get this straight. EVERY Rock-Type Pokemon in the Hoenn region......can fly"


    "I've heard of Nintendo logic, but this is ridiculous!!"

    Back at Route 28, Our crazy antagonists: The Grammar Police Are ready to fly towards New Bark Town. Where they will try to locate Me.

    "Sir, I hate to interrupted but, I got a feeling that Dormant has already left New Bark Town." said Officer Janodaya

    "Yes... We are out here for too long my friends.. Hmm...."

    Chief Thanatos began thinking for a short few minutes.

    "I think, Dormant has already reached Cherrygrove City..." He said

    The Chief then looked at his comrades.

    "Change of plans! Our enemy has reached a new destination! I suggest we take to the skies. And fly towards Cherrygrove City!!!" said Chief Thanatos

    He then unleashes a big, crow-like Pokemon that resembles a mafia boss.

    "Janodaya. Do you have a Flying-Type?"

    "Uhh... Not exactly sir..." said Officer Janodaya

    "What do you mean?"

    Janodaya took out his Pokeball and look at it.

    "Go! Flygon!!" shouted the Officer as he unleashes his Dragon


    "He owns a Flygon!"

    "Where did he get that?!?"

    The Officers began asking Janodaya on how he got his dragon

    "Well... Remember the time we were chasing an Author throughout Orre? When we were searching, I stumble across an old lady. She gave me a Vibrava that is nearly close to evolution." said Janodaya

    "Wait! Why did that old lady gave you a Vibrava in the first place?!"

    "Well, I..Uh..."

    "It doesn't matter" said Chief Thanatos. "This is no time for questions and answers, what really matters now Is our mission!"

    The Officers began talking amongs themselves. Then they all nodded.

    "Good. So! Are you ready?!!" said Chief Thanatos

    "YES SIR!!" shouted the Officers.

    The Officers unleashed their flying Pokemon and mount on them.

    "Then, Let's fly!" said Chief Thanatos


    The Officers and the Chief was thrown off by surprise. They saw the source of the voice, which is an Officer that is sitting on his Fearow.

    "What now?!" said Chief Thanatos irritatingly.


    Can we buy some Pringles???" said the Officer.

    The Chief responded by falling anime style. The Officers however seems to like the idea and began nodding at one another.

    "Ugghh...Alright fine." said Chief Thanatos

    The Officers cheered and the Grammar Police took off for Cherrygrove City, while on their Pokemon.

    Meanwhile at Route 30.....

    "Cyndaquil! Use Tackle on that Sentret!"

    "Pikachu! Thundershock!"

    After 5 minutes or so, We arrived at Route 30 and fought many Wild Pokemon we stumble across. Arceus was at first, a little reluctant but then got over it once her Koffing had beaten a single Rattata. My Ekans is doing good as well.

    "Ekans! Bite that Rattata!"

    "Koffing! Poison Gas!"

    A lot of Rattatas and Sentrets were fainting under our Pokemons. We defeated about 10-15 Wild Pokemons in less than an hour.

    "MAN! I never knew being a Pokemon Trainer is so fun!!" said Arceus

    "Yeah! My Cyndaquil Rocks!!"

    "Pikachu, You're amazing" said Red

    The Pikachu rub the back of his head and smiled.

    "Ekans is the best! Ekans is the best!" I said

    "Hold on a moment!!!" said Arceus. "My Koffing is the best since it is myPokemon. Your Ekans is as powerful as a toddler!"

    "Oh Pe-lease! My Ekans can beat up that Pokemon of yours!"

    "Hahaha! Don't make me laugh!"

    "Don't make ME laugh!"

    "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

    Everyone then began looking at Gold, who is pumping his fist up in the air and rooting for us to fight.

    "Alright then. Maybe we shouldfight!" said Arceus

    "Woah! I hope you meant in a Pokemon battle and not in a realbattle!" said Red

    "You worry too much Red Eyes. Of course I challenged him to a Pokemon Battle! I'm not a some Pokemon that repeatedly pick a fight with someone!"

    "Well, At least don't call me Red Eyes...."

    "Enough Talk! Now is the time to show how good of a trainer I am!" I said

    "HA! I'll show you what real power is!" said Arceus

    "Gold! You'll be the referee"

    "Aye Aye Captain!!" said Gold

    "Red you can be the spectator!"


    "Are you ready to be Pwnd?" said Arceus

    "Nuh uh! I'm ready to kick your butt!" I said

    "ARE YOU BEING SEXIST?!?!?!" shouted Arceus

    "No! I'm just gloating, thats all!"


    "Guys! We have a battle here. Remember?" said Gold

    "Oh, right. Let's dance!" I said

    "Do you know how to dance?" said Arceus

    "Do YOU know?"


    "I thought so"

    Then our first Trainer battle, is about to begin.

    CURSE YOU WRITER'S BLOCK!!!!! THEIR SO ANNOYING!!!!! YAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! So yeah, I hope you enjoy my new chapter!

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
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  9. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Ladies and Gentleman! I would like to present, a thing that I haven't done since.......ever. May I present:


    Dormant(AKA. Me!!!)

    Personality: Eager, Somewhat Sarcastic, Smart, Lazy, Gluttonous, Vengeful, Chaotic, Random, Impatient.

    Bio: I like Lasagne

    Pokemon: Arbok, Haunter

    Likes: Lasagne, Evanescence, Chuggaaconroy, Food, Music, Reading, Writing, Chaos.

    Dislikes: Vegetables, Noobility, Boringness, Unfairness.

    Powers: Writing, Manipulating.

    Looks: Wearing a black buttonless vest and pants, a purple suit, a black tie, and a cowboy hat.



    Personality: Weird, Weird, Weird And........... Weird


    Alright fine....

    Personality(For real): Sarcastic, Weird, Overreacting, Arrogant, Short Tempered, Rude, Smart, Foul mouthed, Vengeful, Sometimes nice, Wise(?), Prideful, Impatient, Ironically Destructive.

    Bio: Arceus is the creator of the Pokemon world. She(In Actuality, she's an it but she doesn't like being call it so she became a girl) is very powerful and is the longest living Pokemon to have ever existed. She is, not only the creator of the universe, but she is also the creator of Time, Space, Dimensions, Knowledge, Willpower and Emotion(AKA. Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit). She doesn't tolerate fools so gladly. One time, A guy gave her cake for her 1000th birthday. Turns out, the cake was a lie. She then Imploded the guy's nose. The guy's name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. That's why he's so ugly. And grumpy. And mean. She also doesn't like it when people don't know who she is, and being insulted. She is obsessed with Cupcakes. And if she sees any other Arceus' she would assume that they're related.

    Pokemon: Koffing, Murkrow, Magnemite, Growlithe

    Likes: Cupcakes, Herself, Cupcakes, Her friends(Secretly), Cupcakes, Food, Cupcakes, Being known, Did I mention Cupcakes?

    Dislikes: Fools, No cupcakes, Being not known, Being insulted, El Poopy, Falkner.

    Powers: Judgement, Psychic, Hyper Beam, Recover, Spawning Cupcakes, Reality Warping (Can't use to prevent herself into becoming a Mary Sue)

    Looks: Wears a grey T-Shirt and a White buttonless vest with White skirt and has white flowing upward hair, two bracelets that resemble Arceus's ring. She has green eyes in human form.



    Personality: Enthusiastic, Kind, Strong-willed, Somewhat Naive, Loyal, Sociable, Stupid and yet Smart, Jolly, Average Temper, Brave(Unless it's Arceus), Bold, Talkative.

    Bio: Gold is an average teenager from New Bark Town. His mother named him Gold, because she likes them. He is a kind and benevolent. He is also good at sports, most notably soccer. He likes all kinds of Pokemons whether their menacing or ugly. He also tends to be stupid sometimes, but in truth he is in fact smart. He's favorite food is Ramen, and he also like cookies as well. Gold hates People who are mean to Pokemon, like Team Rocket. He will do whatever it takes to help people in need. Gold does not fear anything if his friends or innocent lives are at stake. Except of course, Arceus. Gold has a heart of gold. Lol

    Pokemon: Quilava, Flaffy, Happiny, Dialga Egg, Slowpoke.

    Likes: Pokemons, World of Warcraft, My little Pony(Brony lol), Peace, Fun, Ramen, Kind people, His friends.

    Dislikes: Bad people, Unkindness, Evil, Doing nothing, Kimchi, Enraging Arceus(Especially Enraging Arceus).

    Powers: Stamina and Strength of an average young Pokemon Trainer.

    Looks: Same as Ethan in Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver.



    Personality: Cool, Calm, Smart, Somewhat Sociable, Kind, Loyal, Brave(Again, Arceus), Not-so-Talkative, Patient, Strong-willed, Scary(Because his eyes are red, but he can be scary if he wants to).

    Bio: Red once lived in Kanto, but due to circumstances he has to move out to Johto. He was once a shy little kid back then, but then he met Gold and the two became best friends. He became more Sociable then before. And prefers not to talk about his eye color. A lot of people thinks that Red is either evil, chaotic, creepy, insane, menacing, sadistic, murderous, or even a freak of nature because of his looks. But in truth, he is not at all evil nor insane. He is actually a nice kid that dislikes mistreatment of any living thing. He is no monster, he's just an average boy.But that doesn't mean he can't be menacing and/or creepy. He can be if he wants to.

    Pokemon: Pikachu(Duh), Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle

    Likes: Pokemons, Reading, Coffee, Okami, Peace, People liking him, Kind people, His friends.

    Dislikes: Bad people, People noticing his eye color, Insults, Shunned, Unkindness, Enraging Arceus(No one likes that).

    Powers: Stamina and Strength of an average young Pokemon Trainer. Scaring.

    Looks: He looks like Red from Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen. Except his hair is black and his eyes are red.

    Agent Snorlax

    Personality: Somewhat Lazy, Gluttonous, Sleepy, Somewhat Calm, Bashful, Loyal, Cool.

    Bio: He's a Snorlax. And an Agent. No explanation is needed. Because this character is too cool to be explained.

    Pokemon: He doesn't need Pokemon. Cause he's got the power of Awesomeness.

    Likes: Food(No sh*t), Doritos, Having a nap, His agency, M, Knight, World of Warcraft(Looks like Gold isn't the only one), Batman.

    Dislikes: Bad people, Hearing a Pokeflute, Ra's Al Ghul.

    Powers: Strength.

    Looks: He looks like a Snorlax in a tuxedo, and has sunglasses. Actually that is his look.


    Agent Knight

    Personality: Genius, Cool, Calm, Somewhat Eccentric, Serious(Tries to. But unfortunately, my fic is a Comedy. Not a Drama. Or is it?), Brave, Bold, Patient, Polite.

    Bio: Agent Knight. AKA. Agent 005, is one of the best agents in the Agency. He is ranked number 2 in the Top Ten Agent board. The only person to have ever beat him, is Sherlock Holmes. The detective maybe dead, but hey he's Sherlock Holmes! Agent Knight is a magician among machines. He is able to create a machine that can transform Humans into Pokemon. But his invention was destroyed by Mewtwo. 'Why?' He said to Mewtwo. Mewtwo responded by saying 'Because f*** you that's why'. Mewtwo is such a jerk. Agent Knight was an Agent for 20 years. He owns a special Mansion. The Mansion is special because, it can fly, dance and can also kick people in the face. After all, he DID create the mansion on his own.

    Pokemon: Since he is based on Knightfall, his Pokemon is going to be Charmeleon.

    Likes: Charmeleons, Codes, Machinery, His agency, Agent Snorlax, His mansion, Sherlock Holmes.

    Dislikes: Mewtwo, Bad people.

    Powers: Stamina and Strength of a Top Agent. Great knowledge of Machinery and Codes. Hacking.

    Looks: He has a semi tanned skin and wears a Tuxedo and has spiky orange hair with some red streaks.

    Chief Thanatos

    Personality: Smart, Determine, Somewhat Prideful, Sort off Kind(He would never kick a baby nor puppy), Polite, Strong-willed, Menacing.

    Bio: He is the Chief of a Grammar Police Squad. His history is unknown but, it is known that Chief Thanatos is one of the best Chief of the Grammar Police. He is also known to suck the soul of a Bad Author and delivers it to the headquarters. Thanatos, no name is more suitable.

    Pokemon: Dusclops(Nicknamed: Grim Reaper), Honchkrow, Arbok(Nicknamed: Basilisk)

    Likes: Good Grammar, Janodaya, Vodka, Hot Dogs, His Pokemon, Pringles(Secretly), Koko Krunch.

    Dislikes: Bad Grammar, His squadren getting hurt, Fools, Walnuts.

    Powers: Stamina and Strength of a Grammar Police Chief. Great Leadership skills.

    Looks: He has a Chinese mustache and wears a big brown fur coat, Snow boots and a Black Ushanka with a Red Star on it.


    Officer Janodaya

    Personality: Kind, Cowardly(He tries to be brave, trust me.), Unprideful, Determine, Loyal, Minor Stuttering.

    Bio: His past will be revealed in due time. All you need to know, is that he is the youngest Grammar Police in the 21st century. He is 15 years old. Five years older than Gold and Red.

    Pokemon: Gallade, Flygon

    Likes: His Pokemon, The Chief, Helping others, Being nice, To be brave.

    Dislikes: Being a coward, Bad people, Murder, It.

    Powers: Stamina and Strength of an average Teenager.

    Looks: He's quite handsome, but he lacks muscles. He has pale skin and Teal colored hair. He wears a standard Grammar Police costume.


    Severus Snape

    Personality: Cold, Sarcastic, Foreboding, Mean, Unhappy, Demeaning, Severe, Calm, Arrogant.

    Bio: Like Janodaya, his past will be reveal in due time

    Pokemon: Kadabra

    Likes: Potions, A certain girl, Dark Arts.

    Dislikes: Idiots, Being fooled, Bullies.

    Powers: Magic!!!

    Looks: Like Snape


    Personality: ???

    Bio: T.. ...e..m.. . ..nt... ..o. ...e..a.. ..a..v.. y.. .., D..'. .oo. .nt. ..'s ...s .l.... .o.'t l... .. ..! ...'.!! P..... .O.'.!!! PL....---------------

    Pokemon: ....

    Likes: ???

    Dislikes: J..o...y.

    Powers: ???

    Looks: ???

    ...'. l... ..t. ..'. .y..

    And that's the bios! I will update the bios when the story is progressing. Solve the mystery of the last villain. I might give you a LOLLIPOP!!! Or maybe not....
    By the way: Turquoise is the main color of this story. Why? Ehh.. Why not!

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
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  10. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Chapter 5: First Battle!



    "What now child!?"

    "Do you love me?"

    "Why should I waste my time, loving you? I've got someone else to love instead of some brat"

    "Why do you love him more than me!!?!"

    "Don't talk about your little brother like that!! Anymore rude comments about him, And it's off to boarding school!! Understand!?!?"

    "Y-yes, mama..."

    "Now, go away!!"

    The little toddler, did what his mother said and go away. As his mother is busy cuddling his younger brother.

    "Hmph! I can't wait to get rid of that brat!"

    "It's time...TOO WOOP YOUR ARSE!!!!"

    "Geez... It's only a battle..."

    Me and Arceus are about to have our first Pokemon battle. Red and Gold are currently sitting on the grass, looking at us.


    "Arceus, I think you're overreact- Wait, did you say cupcakes?"


    Arceus then pulled out a bunch of cupcakes from her coat. The cupcakes are chocolate with a swirly colored fillings on top of them. She began munching them, one by one, by smothering her face with them.


    "Uhh...." I was speechless

    "Wow.... Cupcakes... Who knew she likes cupcakes..." said Gold

    Arceus then starts to glare at Gold.

    "ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT?!?!?!!?!?!??!" She shouted

    "Nonononononono!" said Gold hastily

    "You better not be... OR I'LL JUDGEMENT YOU TO DEATH!!!!!". She then proceeds to smother her face with cupcakes.

    "Uhh... Arceus? Don't we have a battle here?" I said


    "Wow... Just wow...." said Red

    "Umm.. You're not gonna kick my butt literally, are you?" I said.

    Arceus didn't say anything, because she is smothering her face with cupcakes. Koffing and Ekans sweatdropped.

    "Look! Can we just battle!?" I said finally.

    "FINE!!! Sheesh! Can't you wait for a girl to finish eating her own cupcakes?!" said Arceus

    "Alright...? Ekans! Lets Go!"

    Ekans then jumped in front of me and hissed at Koffing, who is floating next to Arceus. Looking at her cupcakes.




    "Just, beat up that snake! If you win, I MIGHT give you one cupcake!!" said Arceus

    "Koff! Koffing!" said the Koffing excitedly. It then floated in front of Arceus, glaring at the Ekans.

    Gold then stand up and stood between me and Arceus.

    "Alright! It's Dormant vs Arceus! This battle will be one on one! No Substitutes, yadda yadda yadda. And...."

    I glared at Arceus's eyes, while she glares at mine. Her is filled will fillings and crumbs.


    "Ekans! Use Wrap!" I said immediately.

    The Ekans quickly wraps Koffing with it's serpentine body.

    "Koffing! Tackle!"

    The Koffing then rammed a nearby tree, hurting the Ekans that is wrapped around it.

    "Ekans! Use Bite!"

    Ekans bites the Koffing's body. The Koffing cried out in pain.

    "Koffing! Smokescreen!"

    The Koffing began producing black smokes around it. The Ekans began coughing and released the Koffing.

    "Smart.." said Red

    "IS THAT AN INSULT!!?!!?" shouted Arceus.

    Red then shooks his head many times in a fast rate.

    "Ekans! Use Bite!"

    "Koffing! Tackle!"

    The Ekans and the Koffing charged at each other in mid air. The two accidentally hit each other with their heads and fell to the ground with swirls in their eyes.

    "TIE!!" shouted Gold

    "WHAT?!?!" shouted Arceus

    "Oh well, At least it's not a lost...." I said

    "Koffing! You failed to win! Therefore, I shall not give thee any cupcakes..........................NOM NOM NOM"

    The Koffing made a sigh, before Arceus returned it back to it's ball.

    "Wow... That was intense!" said Red

    "I know... it is" agreed Gold

    "Boy, that battle escalated quickly..." I said


    "Yeah! Again! Got a problem? Eh?!" I dared say

    "Problem? PROBLEM!?!!? I'VE NO PROBLEM WITH YOU B****!!! YOU DIRTY LITTLE F***!!!! HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME YOU A**F***!!!! F*** YOU! AND YOUR F***ITY F***ITY F*** POKEMON OF YOURS!!!!!" shouted Arceus

    The Boys and I, wet our pants.

    "Hello, How can I hel-WAAAHH!!!"

    The two Agents: Snorlax and Knight, are outside of Prof. Elm's lab. Prof. Elm was surprised to see a big Snorlax and an Agent, in front of his doorstep. He's even more surprised to hear that the Snorlax is an agent as well. The two Agents was then invited to go inside the lab. Agent Snorlax broked the lab's door and made a big hole that has a shape of a walking Snorlax.


    "Oh.. Never mind! I was getting tired of that new fancy 10000$ diamond-made door that I bought yesterday....." said Prof. Elm

    "Don't worry, the Agency will pay for the damage." said Agent Knight

    "Well.. Do make yourself comfortable! Here, You can sit on the couch if you want to..."

    "Sure!" said Agent Snorlax as he walk towards the couch, until Agent Knight stopped him.

    "Actually, I think you should sit on the couch. We got some questions for you"

    "Uh. What?!" said Prof. Elm

    Nevertheless, he followed the Agent's order and sat on the couch.

    "Okay, first things first, I-"


    "Sir, I was just gonna-"








    "That doesn't even-"



    The professor then stopped talking, and started to put his hands on his eyes and cried.

    "Get a hold of yourself man!!! We are not here to arrest you!!!" said Agent Knight as he shake the professor's body, trying to snapped him out.

    "Y-y-you're not?!"

    "NO! We're here to ask some questions! That's it!"

    "Oh.... I feel embarassed. Hey, can I have some of your chips?" said Prof. Elm

    Agent Knight didn't know what he was talking about, until he saw the Snorlax eating a bunch of Doritos. The Snorlax then glared at the Professor.

    "These are not CHIPS!!! They are tortilla chips!!!!!!" Agent Snorlax shouted

    "Oh!! Sorry! I didn't know!!"

    "Alright Prof. Elm, may I ask a question right now?" said Agent Knight


    "Have you seen the two boys named Red and Gold?" said Agent Knight

    "Yeah! I saw them! And hooooweee! Man! I remembered a lot of things that had happened, this morning!" said Prof. Elm

    "Can you tell us, what happened?"

    Prof. Elm began surveying the room. Then, he let out a sigh.

    "Phew... Well let's see...Umm, Well... It began this morning...."

    After our fellow Grammar Polices have bought Pringles from 7 Eleven, they then began their flight towards Cherrygrove City. Chief Thanatos is on his Hounchkrow, Officer Janodaya is riding his Flygon. And one Officer is.....riding on a Rhyhorn.... A Hoennian one that is.... Nintendo Logic....

    Their flight to the city is not a comfortable one. First, an Officer needed to use the washroom. Second, an Officer nearly fell off his Skarmory. Third, an Officer nearly puked on top of his Drifblim. And lastly, An Officer nearly died of Air Pressure, if not for his Pokemon to descend below the clouds.

    Chief Thanatos is really stressed that the Officer might open their cover. But he has other things in mind. He began thinking about something that he never think of, for about 10 years or so. He was thinking about his Subordinate, Janodaya.

    Chief Thanatos was the one who found him, and made him an Officer of the Grammar Police. Janodaya isn't a typical Grammar Police. He isn't mean or tough. In fact, he's a nice person. Many people in the Grammar Headquarters thinks he's weak and soft. But Chief Thanatos knows that's not true.

    After all, he found him barely alive when they first met.

    "Prepare your an*s"

    Me, Gold and Red, jumped backwards, clutching our butts. Arceus laugh her butt off.

    "That is NOT FUNNY!!!!" I shouted

    "Yes it is!" said Arceus

    "To you of course, you sicko!"

    "Oh come on! It's funny! If you do it, It would be hilarious to you instead! And I'll be the one, hitting your head repeately with a bottle of vodka!"

    "Okay... I guess you're rig- Wait, why vodka?"

    Arceus shrugged "Why not?"


    "First she soiled our pants, now she soiled it again!" said Gold

    "You peed your pants again?" said Red


    We then took a step backwards from him.

    "Kidding! I was just kidding!!" said Gold as he laugh

    "I think we should buy him a diaper" said Arceus

    "I told you! I was kidding!"

    "I know, I just wanted to buy you a diaper so that I could tell everyone that you're still using a diaper"


    "Hey! If you think I'm mean, You should see my evil twin brother!"

    "Wait. Did you just say...... evil twin brother?" said Red

    "Yep! I'm not the only Arceus you know! Indeed, I have a brother. And he is one of the biggest jerk in the entire history of all multiverses!"

    "So, what makes him a jerk?" said Gold

    "Well. If you must know, he himself made a universe!"


    "And in his universe, he has his own Pokemon World"

    "Really? There are more worlds like ours?!" said Gold

    "DUH! And do you know what he does?!"


    "Well. First, let me tell you a story"

    "A story?" said I

    "That's right! A story which I like to called 'Predestined'"


    "Wow, your brother is a jerk!" said Red

    "I really hate you...." said Gold to Arceus

    "Me?! See! I told you he had given me a bad name!" said Arceus

    "Say, isn't that story cre- I mean! Told by Brutaka?" I said

    "Yep! The one and only!"

    "Man, I felt sorry for the character." said Gold

    "She should have bought a Starly with a Focus Sash on it, with Endeavor as its move. Heck, Predestined or not. Nothing can beat a Focus Sash Endeavourous Starly!"

    Gold then began thinking for a moment. He then looked at Arceus.

    "Say, Arceus?"


    "Is everything here, in this universe, Predestined?" said Gold

    "Well, if everything we do now, is Predestined. I imagine that either Fate has lost her mind or Everything is predestined by a monkey in a diaper."

    "So essentially, no?" said Red

    "I didn't say that!" said Arceus. "I mean this adventure could be predestined. But, its either by a Crazy lunatic or a Diaper Monkey"

    "Great... I feel very happy hearing that!" said Gold

    "Well, you did ask!"

    "I think a crazy lady would have made this. A diaper monkey would be making a story about bananas" said Red

    "Maybe the Diaper monkey is allergic to bananas?" said Gold

    "In that case, I feel sorry for the monkey."

    "Is it possible to be allergic to fruit?"

    "Maybe the crazy lady is allergic to fruits" said Arceus

    "Is that possible?"

    Arceus shrugged "Hey, I don't know. I don't know how humans work. In fact, I don't know how I work"

    "Neither do we"


    Little do the boys and Arceus know, that I am looking at them from behind. With a Crimson red face and steam pouring out of my ears. Since Arceus is basically saying that I am either a mad women or a Diaper monkey.


    And that's Chapter 5! The ending is essentially a big shout out for Brutaka's new Fan fic. Predestined. Here is the link@!

    By the way, the Arceus in this world and the Arceus in the other fic are not related. Is just that Arceus in this world just thinks that their both related. Since both of them are the same species.

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
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  11. Dormant

    Dormant I'M A TREE RAWR

    Chapter 6: Long A*ss Name

    Last time on Author's Run.....







    "These are not CHIPS!!! They are tortilla chips!!!!!!"

    "Prepare your an*s"

    And now, back to Author's Run

    "MAN!!! Why is this Route so loooooonggg"


    Me, Red, Gold and Arceus are currently walking across Route 30. Gold has been constantly complaining on how long the Route is.... even though we've been walking for about 4 minutes.

    "Hey! I think I see a house over there!"

    I then looked infront of the Route and saw a small house next to the road.

    "And?" said Arceus

    "Wait, isn't that Mr. Pokemon's house?" said Red

    Arceus nearely tripped.

    "Wait, did you say. Mr. Pokemon?" said Arceus

    "Oh! Sorry, that's his nickname. No one knows his real name though." said Red

    "Let's go to him! I've always heard of Mr. Pokemon from Prof. Elm, but I never see him in person!" said Gold

    "Yeah. But, Prof. Elm is always uneasy when he was talking about him."

    "Yeah... I guess we should just-"

    But before Gold could say another word, Arceus was currently in front of the house's door. She then knocked the door.

    "Hey Arceus! Wait up!" said Gold.

    We three reached the house, as the door opened. The man opening the door looked like an old gentleman.

    "My, my! It seems I have visi- OMG your eyes are red"

    "Yeah, yeah. I know!" said Red

    "Red, Chill man" said Gold

    "Well, I'm sorry young man, for my rude comment. I am Mr. Pokemon"

    "Okay! I'm Dormant!"

    "I'm Ar-"


    "Can you think of another name!!!? I'M TIRED OF HAVING A COMPLICATED LONG AND NON SENSICAL NAME!!!!"

    "Uhh... Wait. Your asking him to give you another name?" said Mr. Pokemon

    "Uhh... Yeah! I am uhhh...... A Name Rater!!"

    "Aren't Name Rater's suppose to name Pokemon?"

    "I am a Human Name Rater!" I said

    "Oh! Okay! So... Are you going to name her?" said Mr. Pokemon

    "Yep! Now then... I shall name you-"

    "Please let it be shorter and less complicated than the last."

    "- Archie!"


    "Fine! I'll name you Ariel!"

    "FFFF- Wait, Actually that's much better"

    "Oh. Kay......... Anyways! Who are you two chaps?" said Mr. Pokemon

    "I'm Red"

    "I'm A Gold!!!"

    "You're made of Gold?" said Mr. Pokemon

    "No! My name IS Gold"

    "Oh!! Hahaha! Of course! I've heard of you boys! Prof. Elm kept telling me about you two! And I am personally surprised that Prof. Elm said was true!"

    "Let me guess. He talked about my eyes" said Red

    "Yep, I'm also surprised to see you own a Pikachu! Some people don't normally used them as a starter! Anyways, come inside! You must be tired of walking across Route 30! My my, I even build my house here, because I couldn't reached my regular house!"

    The four of us then walked inside Mr. Pokemon's house. Mr. Pokemon's house is a reasonable size. It has some bookshelves, a big table, a small table with a laptop and an egg on it. There's seemed to be an old man with a lab coat on, sitting besides the big desk.

    "Here we are, in my humble aboad! By the way, I would like you to meet-" said Mr. Pokemon

    "Mother of Arceus! It's Prof. Oak!" shouted Gold as he saw the old man

    "Who? And since when do I- Uh! I mean Arceus have a mother?"

    "Ar- I mean, Ariel! This is Prof. Oak! He is one of the greatest Pokemon Researcher EVAR! I always listen to his radio broadcasts!" said Gold. Prof. Oak chuckled.

    "Young man! Gold, is it? Well, I like to say that I am flattered by your- OMG your eyes are red"

    "Great.... Now one of my favorite talk show host, thinks I'm weird!" said Red

    "Pika pi" Pikachu, who is on Red's shoulder, patted Red's head.

    "Oh sorry! It's just that-"

    "You don't normally see a person with red eyes before? Yeah, I know."

    "Actually, I think I know you" said Prof. Oak

    "Huh?" said all four of us (Not really me, because I made some of Red's past. I get into more detail later)

    "Is your name Red? By any chance?"

    "Yes?" said Red with confusion

    "Well! You can call me, Uncle Sammy!"

    Then Red, suddenly remembered. Gold looked at him and Prof. Oak with wonder.

    "You two know each other?!" exclaimed Gold

    "Yeah! When Red was living in Pallet Town. I've always played with him and lecture him about Pokemon!"

    "WOOOOWW!!! Red!!! You've been tutored by Prof. Oak himself?!?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!?!?!?" shouted Gold

    "Sorry! I forgot! I was about 4-5 years old when we moved out!"

    "Uncle Sammy?" said Arceus

    "Yep! My full name is, Samuel Johanson Jackson Simpson Fartacus Trottimus Sonic Lickitung Tom Marvolo Bilbo Baggins Aristotle R. Kelly Billy Mays Orangutan Peter Parker Martha Steward Icepops Ooh a nickel Will. I. Am Mooshroom ICarly Mordecai Meg Griffin Harry Potter is on FIRE Superman Darth Vader Mickey Mouse C.G.P Grey Omelet Tu Formage Toby Timmy Turner Aunt Judy Mr. Bean Michael Jackson Chuck Norris Overly Attached Girlfriend Charlie Brown Calvin and Hobbes Craig Benzine King Ghidorah Oak"

    Then everyone was quiet in the house.

    "Wut?" said Arceus

    "How is that name possible?!?!?!" exclaimed Gold

    "Cyn! Cyndaquil! Cyn!!"

    "My head..... I feel like my head is going to explode" said Red


    "Do you did this on purpose!" whispered Arceus in my ears. I nodded with a smile

    "You are crazy!" she shouted in my ear.

    Everyone looked at Arceus.


    "Nothing... Anyways! I have an egg! And-" said Mr. Pokemon

    "Please don't tell me that you laid an egg!" said Arceus

    "No... How would I- Anyways! I want you to take care of it"

    Mr. Pokemon then gave Gold the egg

    "Why me?" said Gold

    "Because you suck and I'm lazy"


    "I'm joking! About the first bit, I am truly lazy at taking care of the egg."

    "Then why do you have it?" questioned Arceus

    "Because the Kimono Girls threatened me to give this egg to a kid with a pure heart"

    "Kimono Girls?" said Red

    "The Kimono Girls are a group of girls that acts like a mafia. They owned a dancing theater in Ecutreak City to fund their inner needs, you know? Guns and stuff." said Prof. Oak

    "They put a gun on my head, and threatened to kill me if I didn't accept the egg" sobbed Mr. Pokemon

    "Why would they want to give you the egg, instead of giving someone themselves?" said Gold

    "Because their busy, And I owe them."

    "What did you owe them?"

    "My soul"


    "It doesn't matter! What matters is that you should take care of that egg with love and respect! YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!?!?!?!?!" said Mr. Pokemon quickly and loudly


    "Then get out of me home!!"

    "But before you four leave. I would like to give Red something" said Prof. Oak

    "What is it?" said Red


    Prof. Oak gave him three Pokeballs.

    "What the-"

    "These Pokeballs hold the Kanto starters, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander"

    "WHAT?!" everyone shouted

    "B-but why?" said Red

    "Because, I want to see how you raised your Pokemon! Plus, I figured you need more support since people find you weird."

    "Gee, Th-thanks but I think Gold, Ariel, Dormant and Pikachu supports me."

    "I also want to have them because I stole them from the Kimono Girls"

    "Oka- WHAT?!?!"

    "Err... Well! Been fun seeing you and your friends. But I have some other stuff to do, so been seeing you! Sayonara! Bye bye!"

    And on that note. Prof. Oak push all four of us, out of the house.

    "And that's the end of my story"

    Back in Prof. Elm's lab. Our Agents were listening to Prof. Elm's story.

    "So what you're saying is that two stranger's ask you, to give Pokemon to Red and Gold to find their lost items?" said Agent Knight


    "And one of the stranger's screamed at Gold because he was taking too long trying to pick a Pokemon?"


    "And all of them started shouting until their throat hurts?"


    "....Sir, Are you serious?"


    "... Oh well, I normally would think this is some made up story, but I have myself an Agent that is a Snorlax."

    "So, you're done?"

    "... Just one more question"


    "... What Pokemon have Red and Gold, picked?"

    "Uhh.. Let's see.... Oh! Red picked a Pikachu and Gold picked a Cyndaquil"

    "And the lady picked a Koffing"

    "She doesn't seemed to like Lickitungs"

    "Pfft.. No one does."

    "HEY!!!" shouted every Lickitung fans


    "Holy crap! They're surrounding my lab!"

    Indeed, outside of Prof. Elm's lab There is about a 1000 of Lickitung fans waiting outside, holding signs that says: LICKITUNG RULEZ, I LIEK LICKITUNGS, LICK ME LICKYTUNG, I LIKE COOKIES or my favorite ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY LICKER

    Agent Snorlax woke up from his nap as he heard a bunch of people screaming. "Lickytung FOREVERZ!" "We love Licky's!!" "WHERE'S THE BATHROOM?!".

    "Snnuuuuurrrrrrt! What?! Wha-What's going on here?!?!" said Agent Snorlax

    "I may have angered a lot of Lickytung fans" said Agent Knight

    Then, Prof. Elm and the Agents heard lasers being shot.

    "What the heck!? THEY HAVE FREAKING LASERS?!?!?!" exclaimed Prof. Elm

    Many lasers was shot through the lab walls, making tiny circular holes appear on the front and back wall of the lab. The Professor and the Agents was trying to avoid the lasers being shot from outside.

    Agent Knight saw a laser coming straight at him, and dodge it. Matrix-Style

    Yes, Matrix-style.

    He's not only a coder, He is an AGENT.

    Agent Snorlax tried to do the same thing. But he ends up falling on the floor while the laser hits his belly.

    "Ouch! If I'm not a high defensed Snorlax with 200 hp. I would've died!"

    "We need to get out of here!" said Prof. Elm frantically

    Just then, the lab's roof collapsed and the debris landed on top of the Professor and the Agents.

    And all that's left, is dusts.

    Now, back to the Grammar Police. Our gang of Grammar correcting Officer's are now above New Bark Town. They were currently in a relaxing mood right now. After all, nothing could happen to them.

    Except it did.

    An Officer looked down at the town and saw a bunch of people outside of some sort of laboratory.

    "Sir, there's something going on, at the town lab!" said the Officer

    "Hmm? I don't see-"

    Then suddenly, The Lickytung fans saw something up in the sky and pointed their laser guns at the figures. The figures saw this as well.

    "Oh crap" said Chief Thanatos.

    And before you know it, the Officer's birds and flying Pokemons started to get hit by the lasers. Then every Pokemons that the Officer's were riding, began to fall on top of the Laboratory.

    The Pokemons, along with the Officers, crash landed on the roof. Causing it to collapse, due to the amount of pressure and weight.

    And all that's left, is dusts.

    "I can't believe, that the Professor had given me, three stolen Pokemon"

    "Pika pi.."

    In Route 30, Me, Arceus, Red and Gold are discussing about Red and Gold's new party memebers.

    "Those two... Man! Remind me to never make a deal with a mafia!" said Gold

    "Are you planing to?" said Arceus

    "Guys! If the Kimono Girls found out that I have their stolen Pokemon, They WILL kill me!" said Red

    "I think they will notice your eyes first though" I said

    "That's even worse!"

    "Don't worry Red, you won't be murdered as long as I'm around" said Arceus

    We all looked at her with surprise

    "What?! Oh, please! I'm not my brother! Sure I could be rude, angry, and arrogant. But that doesn't mean that I'm not nice!"

    "Could?" said Gold

    "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!"

    "Nothing! Absolutely nothing!!" said Gold quickly

    "Gee, thanks" said Red

    "Meh, No problem. If you excuse me, I must famish myself"

    "Tha- Wait, what?"

    Arceus then took out a bunch of Cupcakes and proceeds, nomming on them.


    "She really does love cupcakes" I thought.

    After 5 minutes or so, We finally reached Route 31. Good thing is, Violet City is nearby and I don't have to listen to Gold's constant complains and s**t.

    "Here we are! Route 31!" I said

    Arceus has done nomming on her cupcakes. Red and Gold looked tired.

    "Are we there yet?" said Gold


    "Hey! What's that cave over there!"

    I saw that about 200 miles or so, there is a huge, dark cave in front of us.

    "I think that's the Dark Cave" I said

    "How original!" said Arceus sarcastically

    "We Johtonians have no originality, what's so ever!" said Gold


    "What? What do you think we called ourselves?"

    "Never mind"

    "Let's heads west, because Violet City is that-"

    But when I turn my head to the left. I saw something that shocked every single one of us.

    And that's Chapter 6! I hope you enjoy it. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
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    This is so hilarious, if you have a pm list please add me to it.

    I also love lickitungs...
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    Heh. It's just this kind of dumb humor and overreacting that makes me laugh. Keep it up. I expect great (and grammatically incorrect) things here.
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    deh74: Sure! (Oh crap! I don't know how to pm a person! WAAAH! I'm such a noob!)

    ga'hoolefan: Thanks!

    Chapter 7: Weirdess. Tea Party. Ever

    Previously, on Author's Run

    "Wait, did you say. Mr. Pokemon?"

    "My, my! It seems I have visi- OMG your eyes are red"

    "I am a Human Name Rater!"


    "How is that name possible?!?!?!"

    "But before you four leave. I would like to give Red something"

    "These Pokeballs hold the Kanto starters, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander"


    "Holy crap! They're surrounding my lab!"

    "What the heck!? THEY HAVE FREAKING LASERS?!?!?!"


    But when I turn my head to the left. I saw something that shocked every single one of us.

    And now, back to Author's Run

    I looked to my left and saw, a round table. The table looks fancy, since it has a marble surface and some gold decorations. But that's not what surprised me. What surprised me is the Three people sitting next to the table, having tea. In fact, one of this people is not even human.

    "Guys" I spoke

    Arceus, Gold and Red looked at my direction and looked shocked as well.

    "What. The. F**k?"

    "Hey! I know who that is!" said Gold

    He then ran towards the table, as the rest of us followed him.

    "Will you please kindly pass the suger cube?" said the not-human person in the middle.

    "Sure thing" said a man dressed as a green plumber as he passed a pot filled with suger cubes.

    "Bleh! This tea, Is good! What tea is it?" said a pale man wearing a long black cloak with a tuxedo on the inside.

    "It's Earl Grey Tea" said the middle figure

    "Bleh! I need to get more of this! Bleh!"

    "I prefer Jasmine Tea, actually" said the green plumber

    The tea sitters then saw Gold running towards them.

    "Why, hello there" said the middle figure

    "Bleh! It seems we have visitors! Bleh! Bleh!" said the cloaked figure

    "Dude, You don't have to say 'Bleh' all the time" said the green figure

    "I don't?"

    "Mother of Arceus. It really is you!!" said Gold to the middle figure

    "Since when do I have a mother?!" said Arceus as we reached Gold

    "Hahaha! That's right! I am- OMG your eyes are red" said the middle fing- I mean figure.

    "Really! Does Everything that moves and talks, have to say that line?!" complained Red

    "Who are you two?" said Arceus

    "I am- OMG your eyes are red" said the two figures on either side

    "This is so annoying" said Red

    "Uhm uhm. Sorry about that, I am-" said the middle figure

    "I know who you are!! You're Princess Celestia!!" said Gold

    "Wut?" said Arceus and I

    "Princess Celestia? You mean that pony princess from My Little Pony?" said Red

    "Princess Celestia!" said Gold ignoring Red. "I am a big fan of yours! I've been watching My Little Pony in secret, ever since I was a kid! Can I have your autograph?!" He then pull out his notebook, from his bag. As Arceus and Red stared at Gold with shock.

    "Sure thing! By the way, What's your name?" said the pony as she signed Gold's notebook with a hovering pencil.

    "My names Gold! This is Red. That's Arceus and that man right there is Dormant!"

    "You. Watch. My Little Pony?" said Arceus with disbelief

    "Ye- Oh crap! I just revealed my inner most secrets, didn't I?!" said Gold

    Everyone nodded.

    "Uhh..... Yeah, What's your names then?" I said after a few minutes of silence. The man, sitting on the left, spoke

    "Me? ME?!"

    "Here we go..."

    "I am the King of the Night! The Dark Lord of all Vampires! The terror that lurks in your hearts! I am the awesome powerful DRACULA!"

    And on that note. There was lightning flash

    "Seriously Dracula, How did you do that? And where did the lightning come from?! There's not a single cloud for miles!" said the green figure

    "Because I am Dracula, Luigi!"

    "Okay.... Anyways I'm- HEY! Didn't I tell you, not to introduce me?!" said Luigi

    "Hmph! What cha gonna do? Jumped on me?" dared Dracula.

    "I'll hammer you!"

    "I'll eat your soul"

    "I'll eat YOUR soul!"

    "I don't have soul!"

    "I'll give you one!"


    "Enough!" shouted Princess Celestia as she stomped on the ground. The men stopped talking.

    "We are here to drink tea, and give out a warning! Not to argue! Understand?!" she said sternly

    "Yes mam" said the two men.

    "This is so weird" said Arceus

    "Yeah- Wait, What warning?" said Red

    "Mmm... I love Earl Grey Tea, more than sucking the blood out of my victims" said Dracula as he sipped his tea

    "Yes yes. We know that Dracula. Anyways, We are here to deliver a warning for all four of you" said Princess Celestia

    "Two warnings, to be precised" said Luigi as he sipped his tea

    "Okay first things first, Why would all three of you, who aren't even related to one another, have tea in the middle of a Route?" I said

    "I think the universe is on Crack" said Arceus

    "You created the universe" said Gold



    "Pfft. Sissy" said Dracula



    "That's what I thought!"

    "Are you going to give us the warnings?" I said

    Princess Celestia dumped a biscuit on her tea.

    "Well, the first warning is this."

    She then munched on her biscuit and spoke

    "Muh muff mupfft muh muh moo murcury muh muh huehuehuehuehue"

    "What?" said Red. Princess Celestia swallowed.

    "You will meet a man with a book of the future, also brush your teeth"

    Silence... For 5 seconds

    "Okay..." said Gold

    "What's the other warning then" said Red

    "Okay, the second warning is this: Beware of Ilex Forest" said Princess Celestia

    "Huh?" said Me, Arceus, Gold and Red

    "There is something over there. Something, not.... natural" said Luigi

    "Even I get chills, going through that accursed forest" said Dracula

    "Wait, What are you talking about?" said Gold

    "I do not know what lurks in that forest. But what I know. It's not from this world" said Princess Celestia

    Then a wind blew past us.

    "That is all" She said. She took a sip off her tea.

    "Wait, what do you mean?" said Gold

    "We don't know. But you must be cautious." she said

    "Yeah, and when she means cautious. She means cautious" said Luigi

    "I think we know what cautious means, Luigi" said Dracula as he rolls his eyes

    "Anyways, that is all I have to say. In the mean time, How about you guys rest for a time being? Goodbye"

    And on that note, all of us disappeared in a flash of light.

    The lab's roof has collapsed.

    The Lickytung army left.

    And all is left was dusts.

    But that was until an Agent awoke.

    He saw a Snorlax, wearing a tux.

    Holding on the big debris.

    Preventing it from crushing the people indeed.

    POETRY!!!!! Isucksobadisucksobadisucksobadisucksobad

    "A-Agent Snorlax?" said Agent Knight as he saw Agent 009 carrying a flat wall of debris, preventing it from crushing the Agent and the unconscious Elm.

    "Get out of here! I'll hold on to it!" the Pokemon said

    Agent Knight quickly grabbed the Professor, and put him on his shoulder. He then ran towards the woods, that is beside the laboratory. He then saw the Snorlax dropping the debris at the side.

    "Thanks Snorlax. If it worn't for you, we would be crushed to bits!"

    "No problem! I'm a tough Snorlax! I'm not all about looks you know!"

    They both laugh, until Prof. Elm groaned.

    "Oh crap! We need to send this guy to the hospital!" said Agent Knight

    "But the nearest city is to far from here!" said Agent Snorlax

    "Then let's find a car, stat! This guy's leg is broken and if we don't treat him, his condition will get worse"

    Agent Snorlax took out his Doritos and put a Tortilla chip in the Professor's mouth.

    "What are you doing?" said Agent Knight

    "Well, you said to treat him so-"

    "Enough! Let's go!"

    The two Agents began running through the forest in a fast pace. Ignoring a pile of fallen Flying Pokemons and Grammar Polices on the destroyed lab.

    "Uhh..." said an Officer

    "What happened?" said another one

    "I think we got shot down by an army of Lickitungs" said another

    Then all of the officers groan, and just lay on the collapsed Laboratory.

    "Wah?!" I said

    We were once at Route 31, but then for some odd reason, we've reached a new city.

    "I think they teleported us to Violet City" said Red

    The city is bigger than Cherrygrove and New Bark Town. The road is paved with purple bricks, and multiple houses with purple roofs. And there's a tall tower that I can see from the city entrance.

    "Well, this is one big city" said Arceus

    "Yeah, I'm tired of going to small towns. Hey! Maybe we take on the Gym!" said Gold

    "But, we need to find those Chaos Emeralds. Remember?" I said

    "Yes, but no reason for me to not fufill my dream!"

    "I thought your dream is to be the best World of Warcraft player" said Red

    "That too! I will be the Champion of both the Pokemon League and Warcraft! Then I'll be able to fight Deathwing himself! As well as C'thun!"

    "Who and what?" said Arceus

    "World of Warcraft. It's an MMORPG game that people like. It's filled with mythological creatures and lots and lots of stuff" I said

    "Yeah, I know what WoW is. I just wanted to know who and what Deathwing and C'thun is"

    "Err.. Their very hard bosses, Deathwing is the current final boss. While C'thun is an optional boss"

    "Hmm... Okay... Red?"


    "What's your favorite game?" said Arceus

    "Uhh.. My favorite game... Is Okami" said Red

    "You mean the one with the wolf?"

    "Yep, I've always played the game with Wii. I really like the game"

    "Umm Guys, The sun's setting. I think we should go to hotel or something" I said

    "Alright. I wonder how Human Hotel's look like. I hope it's not like those Motel's the legendaries kept talking about. They say it's an equivalent of a Muk's Toilet" said Arceus

    "Don't worry Arceus, Hotel's are much better than motels." I said



    "Oh, looks like our Pokemons are tired" said Red

    "Well let's go then! We got a big day tomorrow" I said

    We all then walked through the city. Searching for a hotel for us to stay in for the night.

    Then I thought of something.

    Why does Arceus love Cupcakes?

    Chapter 7! Is done! Pretty random ehh? I've got a question. Who is your favorite character of the fic and why? Don't pick me, because that would be selfish. I'm just curious that's all.

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
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    Dormant, you just click on their username and a little menu comes up where you can click private massage to pm that person.also my favorite character is arceus/armantinelahondavista, I live how she somehow fails to realize that she its the reason the universe is on crack.
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    Chapter 8: Hotel breaks Dusk HERP

    We founded a hotel for us to stay at night. The hotel is called 'Hilton Hotel'. The hotel is tall tower-like structure. The inside of the hotel is beautiful that Arceus was utterlly surprised.

    "Wow! This is one heck of a hotel! This is nothing like does motels I keep hearing about!!"

    I went to the receptionist and booked a room with four separate beds. I really like this hotel. It prevents me from sleeping with the same bed as Gold, Red and....her. I think Gold is thankful for not having to sleep next to Arceus. Because, that would make one of the biggest disasters in the entire history of the universe. Other than the 'Great Coffee' incident. I'll get back to that in about a Million years. It's a really... bad event.

    After I booked the room, we went up the elevator that shows the city outside via glass window.

    "Man! Look at the city! It's so beautiful...." said Gold with his eyes sparkling.

    "Yeah.... It is. Hey! Is that Starbucks over there?!" said Red

    I saw a Starbucks shop near a lake with a bridge leading to the tall tower.

    "Yeah? So?" said Arceus curiously

    "Oh, I forgot to mention that Red likes to drink coffee. Especially Starbucks coffee" said Gold

    "Isn't he too young for coffee" said Arceus

    Red looked at Arceus with his eyes burning. He looked very, how-do-I-say-this? Scary. He looked very angry and very malicious that he looked like a madman from hell, that killed a bunch of people each day. Pikachu and Cyndaquil looked petrified.

    "Umm..... Arceus... You should not have done that!!!" said Gold frantically

    "You. are. never. too. young. for. Coffee. Do you understand?!" said Red to Arceus

    For the first time in my life. I saw Arceus shuddering with fear on her face. She is really scared. Arceus nodded after hearing Red. Then the elevator door opened. And We all went out. Well, Me, Arceus and Gold stuttered our way out.

    Red is very scary when his angry.


    That was Gold's reaction when he we entered the room. It seems the beautiful look of the room, shocked three of us back to normal. The room has two separate beds on both sides and there are two big pictures of Ho-Oh and Lugia on either side of the room.

    "Human hotels are awesome! I should tell the others about this!" said Arceus

    We changed our clothes with our pajamas and laid on the bed. Me and Arceus unleashed our Pokemon and let them socialize with Cyndaquil and Pikachu.

    "Koffing, I will allow you to talk with other Pokemons and sleep outside of your Pokeball. But on one condition. Do. Not. Make. A. Single. Gas! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!" said Arceus

    Koffing nodded with glee and floated towards Ekans, Cyndaquil and Pikachu, who are currently sitting on a round table near the balcony doors.

    "Hey Red? Why don't you let out the new Pokemons that Prof. Oak gave you?" said Gold

    "Hmm? Well, I'll let them out tomorrow. I'm quite sleepy to introduce myself. Not to mention I'm still angry about the Professor giving me three stolen Pokemons"

    "Yeah, I'll be mad too if My uncle gives me illegal Pokemon" said Gold

    "Oh! I need to brush my teeth. Be back in a sec." said Red

    He walked into the bathroom.

    "Pfft.. He doesn't need to worry! Those Kimono Girls have to go through me first!" said Arceus. Pikachu nodded.

    "Yeah, but couldn't Red just scare them off just by doing the same thing he did just now?" I said

    "Brrr.. Don't remind me! I'll get nightmares!" said Arceus.

    "Yeah, Red does that when he's angry. Well it depends. The more angry he is, the more scarier he looks. And he gets really angry if people tried to stop him from drinking coffee." said Gold

    "When did this scary thing started?"

    "I don't know, But I do remember seeing him traumatizing his mother when she refused to give him more coffee, after he drank hers. Heck, I was traumatized as well, I remembered having nightmares about him being angry. And his mother, Whenever Red tried to talk to her, she would freak out sometimes. Even though he tried apologizing to her."

    Silence... for a minute

    "Wow, I bet that's the reason you watch My Little Pony" said Arceus

    The Pokemons and I laugh while Gold pouted

    "I watch it because is fun" mumbled Gold

    Then Red, came back from the bathroom and saw us laughing.

    "Uhh... Did I miss anything?" he said

    "It's-It's nothing really" I said

    "Man, I need to go to sleep." yawned Gold

    We all laid in our beds and fell asleep, while our Pokemons sleep on the table.

    Are we good trainers or what?

    Agent Knight and Snorlax reached Cherrygrove City. After they've encountered the Crazy Coffee Man, they went to the Pokemon Center to heal up Prof. Elm's Leg. And their headaches.

    "The professor did sustain a lot of damage, Mind telling me what happened?" said Nurse Joy

    "Well, The Professor's lab was destroyed by an army of Lickytungs whom, has laser guns. The roof collapsed and the professor broke his leg from the wreckage" said Agent Snorlax

    "Well that's- Wait. Lickytungs with laser guns?" said Nurse Joy disbelievingly

    "Uhh... We did saw an Old man flying like Superman"

    "Oh, You mean that old coot that kept surprising people away? Yeah, a lot of this people come here to see if their sane or not"

    "So, what's going to happen to the professor?" said Agent Knight

    "Hmm... We'll have to call the Ecruteak City Hospital, because we only heal Pokemons. Not Humans. Be back in a chiff."

    Nurse Joy then walked towards a video phone. Agent Knight is looking at the unconscious Prof. Elm that is lying on a moving hospital bed, while Agent Snorlax continues to eat Doritos.

    "The Professor is out cold. He might even be in a coma. Man, I may be a master of technology. But I'm not a doctor. Agent Snorlax?" said Agent Knight

    "Hmm?" said Agent Snorlax with a handful of Doritos in his mouth.

    "I would like you to contact M, we have leads on these ominous suspects. I believe that one of the two suspects, would be our dimentional friend."

    "Sure thing, Boss!" Agent Snorlax then took out his phone and began to call M

    'Hmm, I wonder if this suspects took the kids from New Bark Town for a reason... And if M statement is true, why would a dimentional traveler come to our world? Is it plotting something? Or it plans to bring its species to this world for an invasion. Hmm...... So much questions, little answers'

    Agent Knight ponders in his own thoughts until, Agent Snorlax shakes his shoulder, trying to get his attention.

    "What is it?" he said

    "It's M! He has a very important news to tell us!" said Agent Snorlax

    "What news?"

    Agent Snorlax looked around to see if anyone's listening.

    "It's about the Wormhole"

    The Grammar Polices continue to sleep as the sun sets.











    Yeah, not a big Grammar Police chapter is it? Eh?

    "Agent Knight Fallington and Agent Snorlax, May I have a word with you two"

    The voice of M emits from Agent Snorlax's phone. The two agents lean closer to the phone.

    "Listen, Our scientists has revealed that our dimentional friend is not the only one that came through the wormhole."

    "What?!" the two Agent's shouted

    "Quite! You might been overheard! Listen carefully. Our top scientist Cutler has said that a huge amount of life has come through the wormhole. He... I mean she...No, uhh.... Whatever! Cutler said that this amount of life came, after the first one teleported."

    "So, There's more?!" said Agent Knight disbelievingly

    "Yes, but that's not all. Cutler also said that it's probable that, the large amount of life that came to this world"

    The Agents lean closer to the phone.

    "Is chasing our dimentional friend"

    "WHAT?!" they both shouted.

    "Silence you fools! I said it's a probability. Though it is very probable"

    "So what do we do M?" said Agent Snorlax

    M didn't respond to them immediately. After a minute, M spoke.

    "Continue pursuing the target. If the large amount of lifeforms reaches our target, we might be in serious trouble. I'll contact Agent Tec Tonical and Agent Bruta Fate to investigate the lifeforms. I think that if they are chasing the target, they would be near New Bark Town. But until then Agents, don't fail us"

    And on that note, the phone loses connection.

    "Their sending Agent Tec and Fate to investigate!" said Agent Snorlax

    "Ahh.. My old teammates. M did the wise choice, picking my friends to investigate. I'm sure they'll get enough information." said Agent Knight

    "I remembered. The most well-known team in the world. The Agents of Justice. You three were an amazing team! I even look up to you three when I was a novice! Man! This investigation is getting more and more serious, with M bringing out the best!" said Agent Snorlax

    "Thank you, and yes. This investigation is going to be one the most hardest investigations in history!"

    "Man, I can't believe M gave me the job in the first place! I'm not like the Agents of Justice! I'm just a simple Agent that happens to be a Snorlax!"

    "Snorlax, M gave you this mission for a purpose. Too prove yourself to be a worthy Agent! Already, you have proven yourself to be a fine one as well. If it weren't for you, Me and Elm would be crushed by dozens of debris! And as a member of the Agents of Justice. I must say, You are a great Agent."

    Agent Snorlax looked at Agent Knight with his eyes sparkling.

    "Thank you! Agent Knight!" he said as he bows in a japanese fashion.

    "Don't thank me yet, We still have a mission to do!" he said as Nurse Joy came back at the room.

    "Thank you for waiting, I've already contacted the hospital and they said they will sent an ambulance here in about 20 minutes. In the meantime, would like to stay here and rest for a while? It's night already and you two looked extreamely tired." said Nurse Joy

    "Alright mam, We'll stay here for the night" said Agent Knight

    "Okay, but what about the Snorlax?"

    "I'll sleep outside. I would love to see the night sky. By the way, why aren't you freaked out by the fact that I'm a talking Snorlax?"

    "Puh-Lease! I live in the same town as the old Coot! Do you think that I would be surprised by anything?"

    "Oh. That makes sense."

    "I don't even know what that words mean, but anyways! Mr. Knight, I'll show you where you would be sleeping. Mr. Snorlax you are free to sleep outside, just don't wake the others up."


    "Thank you Miss Joy. Good night Snorlax. I'll see you in the morning" said Agent Knight

    He and Nurse Joy left the room as well a Snorlax.

    "Agent Tec. Do you see anything paranormal over there? Over" Beep

    "Nothing out of the ordinary here, Bru. I can safely assumed that the Rock Slides are made by a bunch of agitated Onixes. Over" Beep

    "Yeah, you're probably right. Maybe some Trainers made a bunch of Onixes angry. And don't call me Bru! Over." Beep

    "Ha ha ha! Sorry Fate, I should have kept my mouth close for a while! Over." Beep.

    "Whatever, let's meet back at the entrance, M is giving us a new mission. Over." Beep.

    "Really? Shouldn't we tell him that Toujo Falls won't be operational for a while? Over." Beep.

    "Later, M said it's really important. He even said that Agent Knight is investigating a part of this big mission that M made. Over." Beep

    "Knight Fallington! Dude, M is calling all of us to investigate this mission! Over." Beep.

    "Not all together, Agent Knight is currently at Cherrygrove City healing up a wounded professor. Over." Beep.

    "Really? What happened? Over." Beep.

    "I'll explain more details once we are at the entrance. Over." Beep.

    "Alright, I'm coming. Over." Beep.

    "Copy that. Over." Beep.

    "Do we really need to say Over at the end of our sentence? Over." Beep.

    "Just get your butt over here. Over." Beep.

    "Sheesh, Don't have to be rude. I'm coming! Over." Beep.

    "I think we could stop saying Over now. Over." Beep.

    "And yet you're still using it. Over." Beep.

    "You too. Over" Beep.

    "Over. Over." Beep.

    "Over- Oh shut up! Over." Beep.

    "Not until you stop saying Over. Over" Beep.

    "Fine, I'll tell M that you're not coming! Over." Beep.

    "Wait Wait Wait!! Hold your Ponytas! I'm coming! Over" Beep.

    "You better be, Because M will throw a chair out of his window if he doesn't contact us. Over." Beep.

    "I'm almost there! I can see the light! Over." Beep.

    "It's the middle of the night! What kind of light are you seeing?! Over." Beep.

    "I think it's the moonlight. Over." Beep.

    "Alright. I think I see you. Over." Beep.

    "Yep, I can see your shiny white hair with blue streaks. Over." Beep.

    "Is that a joke? Over." Beep.

    "Nope... Well sort off. But I'm coming out. Over." Beep.

    And on that note, Outside of Toujo Falls. An Agent with pale skin and white hair with blue streaks, waits for another Agent to get out of the falls. Sure enough, an Agent with light skin and green hair with yellow streaks, came out of the entrance of the falls.

    "Hello, Bru! so what's this mission, M is giving to us?" said Agent Tec

    "Don't call me Bru!"

    And so, two new Agents have entered the story.

    Chapter 8 Finished!!! Haha! New Agents! I think you can guess who inspired these two new Agents. I bet you know the scientist, M keeps talking about. You know? Cutler? But anyways I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
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    Great Chapter!
    I'd post but I have nothing to type.
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    Wut? I do not get it. Wut?
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    I love you. This is so amazing, first reds eyes, then flying Rhyhorn, then an evil lickitung army, asking with many other shaving buys of comedy. And let's not forget my favorite Steelix in the world.
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    deh74:THANK YOU!!!! I feel very motivated by your response! Thanks! And what do you mean by Steelix?

    Chapter 9: Hotel breaks Dawn DERP

    The next morning, I woke to see Red and Gold, wearing their pajama clothes and a towel around their groin, waiting outside the bathroom with their arms crossed. I also saw our Pokemon are still asleep on the round table.

    "Arceus!! You've been in the bathroom for too long! Can you please hurry up!?" shouted Gold

    "SHADDAP!!! CAN'T YOU WAIT FOR A LADY TO POWDER HER OWN NOSE?!!?" shouted Arceus from inside the bathroom.

    "But you've been powdering your nose for like an hour!!"

    "SO? Why are you being so impatient?!"

    "I'm being patient as hard as I can!! I need to shower as well!!"

    "Well I need to look PRETTY!!! SO SHUT UP AND WAIT!!!!............... om nom nom.."








    Then, the bathroom door opened. In it is a fully dressed Arceus, fuming with rage.

    "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!!"

    "NOTHING!! Nothing at all..."

    "You better be. Anyways, you can used the bathroom now. I'm done"


    Arceus closed the bathroom door.

    "Wow, what a morning we're having huh?" I said

    "Do me a favor and just shut up" said Arceus

    I shrugged.

    Agent Snorlax woke up as the sun shines brightly on his face.

    "AAAHHH!! MY EYES!!!!"

    Agent Snorlax then ran back to the Pokemon Center, desperately wanting to dosed of his flaming eyes. Nurse Joy smiled as the Pokemon Center door opened



    "Hey what's going on here?!" shouted Agent Knight as he stepped out of his room.




    "WTF?! THAT'S SO LOUD!!!"


    "QUICK! WE MUST GIVE HIM THE TREATMENT!!!" shouted Nurse Joy

    She grabbed Agent Snorlax ,with her arms which are surprisingly very strong, and put him down on a table with his face on it. She then punched the Snorlax's back repeatedly for a few minutes. Then she grabbed the Snorlax's legs and twisted it. She then karate chops the Snorlax's back as if she was cutting a log with her bare hands.

    "Uhh... Nurse Joy?"



    "Oh, sorry I forgot" she apologized.


    Agent Snorlax then began to ran towards a nearby bathroom. Smashing through the doors and walls.

    "Oh, the Agency isn't going to like this...." said Agent Knight as he sweatdropped.


    "Huh? Is that the sun?"

    Then every Grammar Police Officers(except Chief Thanatos and Janodaya) eyes are on FFFFFFFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE.

    "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" shouted the Officers

    Yep, gonna be a long day.

    Red, Gold, Arceus and I left the hotel and went towards the city. We stopped by at Starbucks and bought some coffees. Arceus got a Medium size Hazelnut Frappuccino, Gold has a Chocolate chip one, I've got a Caramel Frappuccino and Red has gotten himself a.....

    He has gotten himself a TRENTA SIZED ESPRESSO FRAPPUCCINO. Oh by the way, HE BOUGHT TWO OF THEM. Yeah, He really is a Coffeeholic.

    "Red geez. I didn't know you like coffee so much that you've bought two large ones." said Arceus

    "What's wrong with that?" said Red

    "Uhh, Well you might end up like that Old Geezer back at Cherrygrove City"

    "Brrr.. Don't remind me about that guy. He nearly destroyed my sanity." said Gold

    "Cyn..." agreed Cyndaquil

    "Pika...."agreed Pikachu

    "Yeah, but don't worry. I won't be drinking them simultaneously." said Red

    "Hey! I just remembered something!!!" said Gold

    "What?" said all three of us

    "I've heard that there's a huge tower in Violet City that holds many powerful trainers!"

    "What? The Sprout Tower?" I said

    "Yeah! And I bet there's a Chaos Emerald in that Tower! I just know it!"

    "Wait. What makes you think that the Sprout Tower holds an Emerald?" said Red

    "I've got a feeling"

    "Well if boys have feelings that means that it must be true! COME ON! LET'S GO TO THAT SPROUTY WOWTY TOWER THING AND GET THIS OVER WITH!!" said Arceus

    She then ran ahead of us in high speed. She then stopped and ran back at us.

    "Uhh.. Where is it again?" said Arceus

    "Well... I see a big tall tower behind us so..." I said

    "Okay! COME ON! LET'S MOVE IT!!!"

    She then ran towards the tower, with us trying to catch up to her.

    The Grammar Police managed to unpile themselves as well as dosing off the flames on their eyes, and began to stretch their limbs.

    "Ow! My back!"

    "Who's shoe is this?! I found it in my mouth!"

    "That's MY shoe! Thank you very much!"

    "I can't feel my head!"

    "Who are YOU?!"

    "I am Zeus!"

    "No, no your not."

    "Chief! I lost 15 IQ points!"

    "This is getting worse" said Chief Thanatos as he sees his Officers being a bunch of idiots.

    "It's like this world is against us!" said Officer Janodaya

    "It is against us! This is Dormant's World. We are in the enemy's territory. Even if the Enemy can't control us. He can control our surroundings."

    "Then, what should we do?!"

    "We need to expect. The unexpected. By the way, why is it that you're not as stupid as the other Officers?"

    "Umm... I guess that I'm lucky?"

    "Hmm.." Chief Thanatos ponders. "Yes. You are extremely lucky. But be careful. Lucky people are known to have an unfortunate life."

    Officer Janodaya looked to the ground and thought of something.

    'You have no idea.....'

    Chapter 9! FIN! Sorry for the long wait! Been busy! Like a bee! I suck so bad.

    So Dormant;429; signing off..
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