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Automation and the Future


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I read that the demand for workflow automation processes is expected to spike to $26 billion by 2025, up from less than $5 billion in 2018. More than 25% of companies use automation in their hiring process, and by 2022, 70% of customer service interactions will leverage some sort of AI automation technology.

What is the future of automation? What are your thoughts is this good or bad?


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I'm agree that automation is the future. Automation will bolster connectivity and reliability in any business. I'm sure it's a profitable field for the future. I found supplier Eltra Encoder that supplying encoders here https://eltra-encoder.eu/. They provide the best prices for full range of rotary encoders.
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Im also agree that automation is the future. Yes many people will losing they jobs, but if many company decited do use more machines they will need some people who repair, develop and do some service for the machine. I think in the future not all can work so we need a system for people who "cant" work.


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I don't think it is a good idea. Sure car factories are a lot faster with robots. But without jobs many people could become lazy, out of shape, out of practice with their old skills and get bored super easily if they're just home all day.

For people 20 and above It'd would become too similar like old people who are stuck at home all day in their really late retirement years.