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Autumn Friendly

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Blue Harvest, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Prince Amrod

    Prince Amrod Dragon Tamer

    Nah, once the tournament is over, the battle box is unlocked and you can take your Pokemon out again
  2. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    Few. That's a relief.

    Well, I'm ready to battle.

    Edit: I won my first battle. Stupid terracott. >: D There is no way I will lose to a puppy with a cotton ball.
  3. unstopable373

    unstopable373 Well-Known Member

    ragequitting stil lives in the tournament :/
  4. Sagachu

    Sagachu Smooth as a Brock

    I'm done today, i think I'm 13-3. I should be 13-2, but I made it to 1602 so I'm happy. Hopefully tommorrow hax will be more on my side.
  5. shrek

    shrek Member

    Nice work guys, I only played one game today to try it out. Least I won anyway. Enjoying the good times so far , sounds like all you guys are gettin some good wins...nice
  6. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    Hopefully when I start battling tomorrow night I'll be able to knock off some of y'all higer-ranking ones and rank up faster ^_^
  7. Cosmic Fury

    Cosmic Fury Evil Overlord

    I haven't been able to get all of my Autumn Friendly Team together...*sigh*

    Oh well. Good luck to everyone!
  8. TDawg

    TDawg Well-Known Member

    Don't worry. In the same boat as you
  9. Demonsead

    Demonsead Hoenn Challenger

    I-m won 3 lost 1 so far.
  10. Prince Amrod

    Prince Amrod Dragon Tamer

    I'm 15-5 now and I'm giving in for the night, bit of sleep and I'll be ready to go later. Looking forward to maybe seeing some of you out in the battlefield
  11. poopoop

    poopoop SPPF STAFF

    stupid trick room screws me over T-T except one time TR wore off and my golurk earthquake kill both reuniclus and confagrigus :D but they sent out caracosta and ko'd me with aqua jet :(

    so far 7-2 ← (both TR team)
  12. unstopable373

    unstopable373 Well-Known Member

    pretty much 3-0 including the rage quit, loving my Cinccino right now, I pretty much swept a guy with that and Amoonguss, I got a couple hax though :/
  13. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    I only got one rage quit so far. I've been building this team to handle both standard and special teams. I made a stupid mistake by not using my thunder-waver against an obvious tail wind team, and not bringing my terracott stopper against a terracott, but my sister was reading an Inuyasha fanfic and kept bursting out in giggles, so I was kind of distracted.

    I brought Archeops because it's one of my favorite gen 5 pokemon, and it's been working better then I though it would. Not much can survive one of it's blows, and I haven't fought a ferrothorn yet(and that is 2HKOed by acrobatics).
  14. Arande

    Arande Well-Known Member

    5-2, gonna call it. Still got plenty of time to fight. One loss was extremely close, one of those both down to the last, etc. Other one someones quick claw screwed me over. He was only 1420ish, so he got a bunch of my points :p

    Is amusing running into opponents from all over. New Zealand, Chile, etc. Seems much more diverse than the normal randoms.
  15. Mavm

    Mavm Active Member

    god dammit , there should be a immediate ban for ragequitters i have 5 already and the last one is one with 1680 ... that

    i´m so mad right now ...

    well ... gonna call it, At least my team work somehow i got 8- 7 would be 12-7 but you know ... ragequitters ¬¬
  16. Silvershark

    Silvershark HAWLUCHA!!!

    W11-L5 with three disconnect ragequits. One of them after the guy sent out an obviously freshly caught Cobalion and my Jellicent took it down to 1/4 health in a single Scald, with a burn too boot, lol. Also ran into what I am really sure was a hacked Haxorus. I had a higher base speed, max speed stat, and a Choice Scarf; and they didn't have TR or Tailwind in play yet it still outsped and OHKO'd me first. Anyways, later I got to 1546, loss to a 1500 player, dropped way down. Saw the same player again a battle later (he was now at 1548, hope he enjoyed the brief rank boost he gained from my defeat), decimated his team, and called it a night at 1570.
  17. Calling it a night after 25 battles.

    Current record: 21W/4L


    If you battle "Joel" from Kansas, with a team of Scrafty, Cinccino, Amoonguss, Terrakion, Tornadus, and Thundurus, that's me. ^_^
  18. wildbiscuit

    wildbiscuit One Tough Cookie

    Just started battling and i'm doing great at the moment: 3 battles, 3 wins. But it takes me forever to find an opponent.
  19. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hey trainer

    Battles start now! Man, it just had to happen while I was at work. @____@

    Anyways, good luck to everyone!

    My current record is 16 battles on the Rated Battles; 9 wins and 7 losses (should be 17 with 10 wins, but someone ragequit), while my Free mode is 2; 2 wins, 0 losses. I got on while everyone was asleep I guess. haha.
  20. Did a few more...Currently 26W/6L.

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