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Autumn Friendly

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Blue Harvest, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Prince Amrod

    Prince Amrod Dragon Tamer

    this is true, just a shame i dont have one of those handy in my team :(
  2. Sagachu

    Sagachu Smooth as a Brock

    Finally hit 1709! I think I'm 29-5 now (3DC's i know i'm lucky). TR teams haven't been a problem for me. They are normally surprised when I encore it just to set it back to normal, and then throw a taunt to the face to stop it from happening again after I take out that annoying amoongus, which must be a ninja due to its ability dodge the my fire blast 50% of the time...

    Also, I'm sick of playing <1500 teams. I only get like 7 points a for win with a potential to lose a lot more. Those are always my most nervous matches.
  3. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    I've only really been hitting quick sweepers, ran into 1 TR team though, and only 1 amoonguss even though i'm using one myself. I do see quite a few whimsicotts, but only one team that had a musketeer+whimsicott, and they didnt even send them out at the same time to setup the trick. So far so good, just starting again so still 14-3​
  4. Arande

    Arande Well-Known Member

    If their TR isn't holding a mental herb, they are doing it wrong D: or just aren't aware of how much it was buffed.

    Wonder if I should have thrown bright powder on my amoogus too? Gave mine a black sludge.
  5. Sagachu

    Sagachu Smooth as a Brock

    Surprisingly, I've only had 1 match where the TR user had a mental herb. But they didn't have the amoonguss as the partner so after it ate the first taunt, I was able to just encore it.

    I think most people assume that amoonguss will cover any taunt problem with the initial rage powder, so holding a mental herb would be a waste of time. This is where Whimsicott shines over the genies.
  6. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    well just went down to 15-4, thank you extreme hax beyond living thoughts, parafusioned both of my pokes via twave and swagger who both easily could've murdered their last pokes but didnt get a single hit in before they died, then proceeded to flinch me with rock slide with my last slim chance of winning, yay me...
    Edit: and yet another D/C...i should be 19-2 if i wouldn't be getting my *** rigged so much :/
  7. Prince Amrod

    Prince Amrod Dragon Tamer

    huh... it took 57 matches before I pulled someone who forfeited, few DC'ers but never a forfeit. Shame, his Haxorus was just about to die anyways.
  8. Arande

    Arande Well-Known Member

    True, I've only ever had 1 person actually taunt my TR'er. Course had I not given it a herb, it'd be taunted constantly XD Oddly yet to see a whimsicott. Might change if I finally get off my rear and pull myself out of the 1500's. Just don't get enough points against 1400's :/ no offense to anyone in there.

    And now that you know I"m running a TR team, watch I run into one of you next :p

    edit: 57 matches? o_O I've only got 12 down. What am I doing taking a break between each one for?
  9. Prince Amrod

    Prince Amrod Dragon Tamer

    yeah 57... started as soon as it kicked off yesterday nd picked it up again at bout 9ish tonight, gonna see out battle 60 nd get some sleep... its nearly 4am now for me
  10. Livinitup17

    Livinitup17 Looking for trades

    my brother reck my record went from 15-2 with bad movesets to 29-10 thats what i get for sharing i don't mind next time around hopefully i have the team i had in mind =]
  11. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    and now we're down to 15-5...i swear this is getting kinda retarded as far as me and luck go already...
  12. Punchdrunk

    Punchdrunk Member

    Heh, just had a wonderfully satisfying moment where I switched in Reuniclus and Ferrothorn just as my opponent TR'd. That was a fun win :)
  13. Prince Amrod

    Prince Amrod Dragon Tamer

    i finished off tonights run by going against a few unexpected pokemon, simisage and swoobat i was never expecting to see in this tournament.
    left me with a total of 38-22 so far, not bad.
  14. Soperman

    Soperman The One and Only

    So far, my only big loss was to a team of all three musketeers and genies.
    I lost 4-0.
    Besides that, i've been doing really well. No haxes in any battles, and my team kicks arse
  15. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hey trainer

    Man, when I got on today, no one was on, and then everyone gets on while I'm at work.

    Sometimes, living in Japan ain't such a hot thing. Anyways, still 9-1, no ragequits yet. I did have this one battle where they set up the Trick Room for me, which was cool cos I got to throw up a Reflect instead.
  16. AzureCharizard

    AzureCharizard Really? Come on now.

    i have 44 matches and my ranking is 1671 =)
  17. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    got 1 more D/C, and then got royally screwed....AGAIN! 15-6 now :/ shoulda entered this tourney and made a team considering my luck...put freakin inner focus and w/e prevents crits on all my pokes or something
  18. Lazy Shiny Hunter

    Lazy Shiny Hunter (Insert witty line)

    Record now is 12-14... yep, a losing ratio. Technically I should have at least 15 wins, but ragequitters ruin all the fun. And by fun I mean getting into an endless cycle of weak players to beat, followed by better players who lower my points, or just plain unfair hax/whatever. After all of that my points add up to a grand total of 1501.
    ...I think I'm quitting for the day.
  19. Punchdrunk

    Punchdrunk Member

    Right, calling it a day, I think. I'm not sure of my exact win/loss 'cos I didn't start counting 'til my 17th match, but I'm currently at 34 played, 1623 rating. Think my win/loss is roughly 21/13. Hopefully I can build on that tomorrow, but that last timme my score was around the low 1600s I lost a bunch and dropped about 70 points in 5 matches.

    Still, wish the ranking battle was this fun all the time. I've run into a few rage quitters, and I've missed out on a couple of wins (and losses, to be fair) from random disconnects, but it feels like my score is accurately reflecting my play for a change.

    Thoughts on the day

    Zoroark is ridiculously easy to spot

    Galvantula is my MVP, no question

    Trick room teams are a pain in the backside

    I put Cinccino on my team for one reason; Rock blasting Volcarona. He is damned good at it. The absolute definition of situational, but that little guy has saved me a whole bunch of times.

    Iron Barbs/Rocky helmet damage has won the game for me twice when I should've been KO'd. I feel terribly bad about this. But not that bad.

    I REALLY hate Amoonguss...
  20. shrek

    shrek Member

    Finally got back on, took long enough 2 find a game but least I won in the end. Still at a low 2-0 but goin strong

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