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Autumn Nights [Pokémon ] SU~


Metallic Wonder
Thweae people are some really sad individuals. lol
This will be fun


literally some guy
....... I can't decide who win the saddest backstory, Tate (Lost) or Lucas (TheSketchQueen)

Woo hoo, I wrote a sad backstory! Personally, I think Lucas's is sadder... but I think that's 'cause I gave him not one, but two disorders, and he has attempted suicide.

And holy crap... I just read Lost's SU, and Lucas and Tate both have one parent in prison, the other dead... Well. That will make... interesting conversation.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Just be careful not to overdo it ok... I've seen that type of role go horribly wrong before. :/


Metallic Wonder
I also changed that a little while ago, btw.


Metallic Wonder
If we start. What's keeping us?

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
If we start. What's keeping us?

From the RPG Forums's rules said:
If you are Accepted to an RPG, then you should have no further reason to post in the Sign Up thread, unless it to ask important questions. Posting to ask "When will the RPG Start?" is considered very rude. GMs reserve the right to throw people out of their RPGs if they ask this question.

I'll just leave this here...


Metallic Wonder
..................... I should learn how to read.... Sorry

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Basically, we're only waiting on four people.

All GH needs is to settle on a Pokemon and some Artes and s/he's good to go. JG has one character done, and the other is pretty much almost done.

War and Rotom are the only ones that aren't almost done. :/ And I can't start until War gets back anyway.

Black War Dragon

Dark Knight
I'm around man so let's get this thing started. Fu-. Still need to finish my SU. -.-;


Really and truly
Guys, SU threads are not for chatting. If you are not posting your sign-up, saying you edited your sign-up, or asking specific questions about the RPG, then please do not post. Use VM/PM for chit-chat. I don't want to have to hand out infractions, but if this continues then I'll have to.

Alrighty, everything seems good, but if I could say one thing... every personality trait seems negative. :/

Okay, I'll treat it as a pending and fix the personality up a bit; yea, didn't mean for her to be such a negative nancy; just that the depression is currently overpowering her.
Next edit I shall have will fix personality, flavor history, and also the Artes. Thank you for the reply.


Question; could the Artes do stuff beyond their normal game conventions? Like for instance; Sunny Day act as a Flash as well? Since ya know, BRIGHT LIGHT would normally blind folk when shined in their eyes....

Edit 2:

Fixed the personality, making it not so negative, but still dark.
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Monster Guy

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We have lots of depressed/not nice people in this RPG, but most of them have some kind redeeming quality. xD I wonder what would have happened if I used someone other than Leo.

There we go, that's better. Now she's accepted

Yes they can. For example, unlike the games do, Leo can heal himself with Heal Pulse... (You can do this in ASB so Wynaut.) It just has to make sense.

Black War Dragon

Dark Knight
Name: Axel Nightvein
Quote: "What is left when everything is reduced to ashes...?"
Theme Song: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Drowning Pool
Autumn Knight Alias: Inferno
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Bronze Cloth: Charizard
Mystic Arte 1: Heat Wave - is Axel's heavy-hitting attack. He generates a powerful wave of intense heat from the palm of his hands.
Mystic Arte 2: Dragon Pulse - works similarly to Heat Wave, the power concentrates and explodes from his palms but is a sequence of pulses rather than an ongoing wave.
Mystic Arte 3: Swords Dance - is a move that requires a high-level of concentration. Axel lifts an arm to the heavens, invoking a circle of spiritual swords that increase the power of his physical artes.
Physical Arte 1: Fire Punch - is literally what is sounds like but the effect is extended. Flames twist on Axel's fists for a period of time that allow for a barrage of melee assaults.

Appearance: Axel is a vigorous, energetic 23 year old, with intense sea-green eyes, pale skin that evokes a surreal aura and raven-dark hair, egotistically held by gel, that spikes in a stylized fashion - unkempt, some might say; smooth cheek bones, a hint of deceitful grace; a defined jaw, sign that suggests he lacks none in the way of compliments from the opposite gender if only his attire was less rude and more approachable. His thick eyebrows are well-trimmed and his facial hair normally shaved save for his sideburns which he's specific about, these hang in sharp points down the contour of his jaw. Standing well at 6'1'', he's a well rounded athletic-type with robust shoulders as his most noticeable feature and a purposefully placed "sleeve" tattoo of a werewolf spreading as if transforming from his right forearm up to his right pectoral.

His choice of wear is about as obnoxious as is his cold, brash personality - he wears faded jeans, denim, and they're always black, grey or shades of blue; he prefers them tight fitting but never to the point of crotch asphyxiation. He doesn't care too much for t-shirts unless they're sleeveless - he has abnormally hot body temperature and prefers the coolness that muscle-shirts allow.

Charizard Cloth (Bronze): The Charizard Cloth is primarily made up of metallic scales. The legs of the armor are made of pitch black, stainless steel. The boots taper off into a sharp point that tilts upward less than half an inch. The boots themselves have a wedged roof in the form of an arch with bolts strapped tight on opposite ends of the foot, one on the outer arch of the foot and the other in the inner arch. The knee piece is built of two main components, the first is a sharp spike that hangs leveled with the ground (or parallel to), intended to do damage and on each knee is a metallic pad made in the shape of a diamond with an etched flame design. To top off the lower body armor is a frontal, waist-cloth that reaches almost as far back as his tail. The Charizard Cloth has a mechanically functional tail. The tail is dark-orange and made of the same metal as the rest of the armor. It has scales tapered into the length of the tail and a set of joints that give it reflex-fast mobility. Sparks of flame flash within the joint-creases of the armor.

The chest plate is the dark-orange colour of the tail; it is fatally hot to the touch, of course Axel is immune to the burn. Strapped on each shoulder is a two-piece shoulder plate with gold lining etched on the edges in the same contour. The gauntlets protecting his arms follow the same golden pattern and are made of two layers. The inner layer is metal cloth that serves as an intermediary between the flesh and the outer layer which is a material made of a lava like substance that does not spill.

Personality: Axel is ambitious, rigidly self-centered, patient and overly competitive. He doesn't like to take shortcuts because he believes that you're only cheating yourself from reaching your true potential. Axel's approach to obstacles appears direct but is really very methodical. Although he might be less tactful with handling of interpersonal relationships, his way of communicating is highly effective in task-based environments. Greatly resistant to external pressure, the same cannot be said about his inner persona; he's a coconut in that sense - hard exterior and a hollow inside. He tends to take on difficult tasks (whether they be trivial or not) just to prove a point, this has negative consequences in that he can bite off more than he can chew.

Despite not verbally communicating it to others, Axel thinks very highly of himself. This isn't evident through his own thoughts but rather through his actions that speak even louder. It isn't that he would downright insult others but he'd rather do things himself in part because he keeps complete control and in part because he doesn't trust others. For this very reason, Axel had a very difficult time when he entered private school; he dreaded group projects because he felt everyone else dragged him down. He doesn't show social initiative but will answer when spoken to even though it is often times with a provocative tone.

Axel is brutally honest and won't hold comments back, especially when he thinks he's right (which is most of the time) but he won't recklessly run his mouth. He frankly doesn't care if he insults people but rarely does it with the intention to do so it simply tends to come out that way because of the way he speaks. It's difficult for Axel to care about strangers but he has made friendships along the way; he tends to be a one-faced person and treats people equally across the board the difference being that when he speaks to his friends, he minds them and their feelings.

Another double-edged trait is Axel's competitive drive. He cannot lose and hates to admit it when he does even if it's under the most trivial circumstances. This is probably the area of his personality that has brought about the most disagreements with his close circle of friends. He's mentally strong, a beast even but emotionally weak. There are certain situations that he cannot contend with. He hates being in compromising situations where he is left exposed. He doesn't know how to comfort others or how to resolve conflicts through the grace of words. He finds great discomfort when forced to show his lighter side, his humane person.

Despite not having many friends, Axel is ferociously loyal and the main reason why his friends have grown to like him. He's usually there when people need him the most and although he doesn't provide words of comfort, he provides company which some would say is just as valuable. He'll tear though brick and stone to help those who made the effort to know him as a person and understand him. His self-confidence pushes those around him to compete harder and to push their own limits.

History: Axel was born to a wealthy couple in New York City. His father, Richard Nightvein owns a powerful investment firm; his mother, Lillian Nightvein retired early from her career in advertising and now spends more time throwing away money in posh boutiques than should be allowed. The Nightvein family is no stranger to controversy. There are rumors int he elite financial world that Richard is actually a mafia kingpin but that's all hearsay and has never been proven nor has it been formally prosecuted; the case has never been made. Axel had a rigorous upbringing complete with ungodly expectations and brutal discipline. Through grade-school, Axel was home-schooled by very fine professors from different fields of study but none perhaps as mystery-filled as his war history professor. The decision alone was downright bizarre, especially given Axel's age at the time but his father thought it appropriate given the latter's future vision for the former.

You Axel never gave it much thought as to why he was home-schooled or why he wasn't allowed to go outside on his own. Even from a very young age, Axel was demanding and didn't respect his professors. Lillian was never a good mother for many reasons and so Axel lacked that specific influence to give him a touch of sensitivity towards others. He rarely spent any quality time with his father but when he did, it was mostly always lectures. One thing you could not hide was how proud Richard was of Axel. As a kid, he didn't have friends his age and he was never allowed to have a pet. His time away from his studies, he spent playing out in the spacious backyard with a ball. Once in a blue moon, his father would play ball with him while his mother would tan out by the pool, this was the Nightvein's idea of spending quality time and Axel enjoyed it.

During his early teenage years, Axel went through a rebellious phase which caused him to bump heads with his father more than would be expected - something that caused the relationship to rip and continues to this day. Axel hated being confined to the house for such long periods of time and decided he wanted to try public school to see what the world was like outside the mansion walls. After countless arguments with both parents and some tough negotiating, Axel finally managed to get them to agree and so he was enrolled in a private academy. Axel never really fit into any archetype groups and was usually alone during recreational hours. Part of his parents' demands was that he come home straight from school, they knew their son well enough to know that he would stray off so they hired a bodyguard that would take him to school in the mornings and then pick him up. Axel hated the restrictions and started to rebel against the house rules.

Not many people tolerated his combative attitude at school and so he didn't have many friends. Only a couple kids didn't mind his arrogance too much and managed to form an acquaintanceship with him. Growing up, Axel attracted girl's attention which brought about problems. Many of the guys at his school disliked Axel and accused him of being cocky among other things. Initially, few fights even resulted in beat-downs but once he established that he'd take no crap from anyone, his male classmates began to settle and mind him less seeing Axel wasn't obviously interested in getting at every girl he could manage. He had a few crushes here and there but was too proud or stubborn to admit a notion even close to that of love.

Axel manged to get through private school but not before picking up habits along the way such as finding creative way to ditch his bodyguard and smoking. With time, Axel's parents lost interest in their son's whereabouts which allowed Axel greater freedom. He spent a great deal of time exploring the nightlife an pursuing other recreational activities like mixed martial arts and street racing. Axel went to college to pursue a degree in business; he graduated in four years and is now working on his graduate studies. He's reluctant to take over his father's empire and prefers to build his own. He spends the necessary time studying but has plenty of time to pursue his hobbies. He continues to practice his mixed martial arts.
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UnlimitedBlade Works
OOC notes said:
Version 1.03 is out~ Work in progress. Fixing up Poke-cloth and Artes currently. IN THE PROCESS OF BEING CONSTRUCTED ON.

Moved the sign-up over to this account. Will fix it when I can as there's errors still but its' now 4:15 am and I need sleep.

Name: Fresca Beauchêne [bo.ʃɛːn]
Quote: "Are we there yet? I'm bored..."
Theme Song: The Used, The Bird And The Worm
A. K. Alias: Climate Control
Age: Fourteen (14)
Gender: Female
Bronze Cloth: Castform


Fresca is four feet, and eleven inches tall. She is on the short side for girls her age. She has a youthful angst in her step; her posture is usually slumped or agitated. With an average fitness, she is involved in small-court athletics. Tennis is her more frequent of them. Gymnastics from an early age have given her remarkable flexibility, reflexes, and dexterity. Her poise is tactful. This is due to a forced bravado. She puts it over herself to create an air of nobility. She has the body of a child, though her body is beginning to fill out into the shape of a woman around her. Her rib-cage sneaks a peak where the abs should be.
Her skin is near porcelain. Apart from the occasional blemish caused by puberty, her skin is clean. It is cool to the touch. She often hugs her limbs to her body to keep warm. Her muscle definition is barely visible when her body tenses up. Her head and limbs are slightly-tanned from outdoor activities; but beneath her cloths, her fare skin contrasts. On her left wrist resides a single scar caused by curiosity and a tinge of depression.

Fresca's eyes, she considers, are Sh*t brown. Her eyebrows are professionally trimmed, and carry her natural hair color. Which is a honey-blonde. Her ears are open-lobed, pierced twice on each ear. One at the earlobe, the other in the upper cartilage. The jewelry in the upper cartilage are fake gemstones colored as an amethyst. The gemstones are placed elongated in a circular pattern forming a flower. The base of these earrings are nickel. The center of the earrings are quartz diamonds [example]. The earrings in her earlobes are often borrowed from her mother. They are small stud-earrings in the style of silver-hoops. The silver is covered with white and black gemstones [example]. The bridge of her nose is narrow. There is swelling at the tip of the nose, due to seasonal allergies. Mostly dust, but conditions are irrelevant. Her jaw is small, and the chin is flat. She is required to wear a retainer in her lower-jaw. She occasionally has to be reminded to put it in.

Her honey-golden mane used to be a prized possession of hers; though she has since discarded it. She removed her pride for her pride. She is used to having long-flowing hair, brushing against her shoulders, the many styles she could wind it to. After an argument with her mother, Fresca cut it. Now, it barely passes her ears. With more struggle, she got a friend to repair it into a modern-style bob-cut [example]. She admires it, more-so for the fact her parents consider it too adult for her. A girl her age should not have such a mature haircut, they argue. The school allows it, and teenage rebellion; she kept it. The volume of her hair is rich. It gleams in light, and has a natural wavy and silky texture. Fresca loves her blonde hair, but would dye it in a heartbeat to look anything less like her mother.

Outfit-wise, Fresca wears items that will benefit her high-class arrogance. Though not necessarily designer in quality, she does often go for the formal-wear style. She will range from dresses, to pantsuits, to the semi-casual blouse with kahkies. It would be very rare to see her in the latter. She prefers the freedom and sensations of the dress. The colors she wears are blues and other cool colors. As a student, she will be seen the most with her private-school's uniform.
She must wear whites and blacks with the deep-green blazer, and liberty-blue necktie and skirt. Her shoes are black Marie-Jane strap shoes, with a metal buckle. The deep-green blazer has her school's logo stitched on in royal purple lettering. Often she'll accessorize the school uniform with appropriate pins. Every girl needs to give off their own flare of personality. The most significant flare to her, but hidden, is a grinning Kero pin from Card Captor Sakura. It is attached to her shoe's buckle. She owns a variety of footwear. She would prefer high-heels to make her height less inadequate but her parents have forbidden them. She may have a hidden pair, but most of her shoes are flat-heeled. Her closet is full of the athletic-kind to assist her in her sports.

For a more casual style of clothing, Fresca would wear clothes commonly seen in an athletic environment. She loves breezy clothing. Tank-tops and t-shirts would be what she wore in the private. She does enjoy the basic t-shirt and shorts combo. For comfort and easy mobility. With her interest in small-court athletics, she does carry a few sporting-team uniforms too. If the public allowed it, she would be happy with just a sports-bra, and running shorts; though she has been lectured many times that outside you wear what is uncomfortable.
She, with her new hair-style does not really wear any hair-accessories. When engaged in sports she has a sweatband. On her wrist, where the cut is, she hides it with arm accessories. It is often "to support a Quebecois cause. Vive le Québec libre." Jewelry on her is pretty much her earrings. She does carry other sets, like necklaces, and wristbands. Her cellphone is bedazzled with many sparkling plastic gems and stickers.

The Poké-cloth she has obtained, represents a long and fat piece of rope. It is tied around Fresca's waist like a belt. Along with the rope, her outfit changes into what can be considered fancy sleep-ware. A thin strip of silken cloth wrapped around her appears as a white opaque nightie. Her feet remain barefoot; but dormant energies of the cloth force dew on the ground to coagulate between her toes. This forms cloud-like slippers. Any existing mist will also gravitate toward her, and just float around her. For random amusement she will try to make shapes of these floating clouds.

The rope is a purple hue. Twisted and tied, it flows in a continuous spiraling pattern around her. The segments of the rope aren't that significant. The only noteworthy things about the belt are the eight central segments. These eight segments contain symbols of weather. One symbol per segment, much similar to the ones found on the original Bronze Cube. These pictures represent the weather and it almost appears that they were burnt into the rope. The rope is made of an unfamiliar fabric, it looks like cotton, but feels like water. When Fresca utilizes her cloth's powers, the rope will evaporate and become her Weather Ball technique. Once awakened, it will reflect, which type the Weather Ball is. The eight unique sections become floating orbs of light, while the remainder of the rope becomes a misty residue that circles Fresca.​


In a few short words, Fresca can be described as kind, caring, over-achiever, brilliant, the future of Quebec. This is only a persona she puts on at school. Reality has been harsh to her. From a childhood riddled with abuse, impossible standards, and the illusion of free-will, it is a surprise Fresca in her early teen-years can hold such accomplishing words let alone her sanity. She has always held a brave face; never crying in the public's eye.

Fresca keeps her life private. It is unsure whether she is approachable. At school she has her group of friends. At school, it is her escape. She sees her peers and compares them instinctively to herself, which often isolates herself. She has depression. Depression is common among girls her age; often a quick condition between growing bones and filling flesh. Her depression is much more deep routed than that. Resulting from cruelty from her father, and ignorance from her mother. Her smiles are fake, and her distractions always temporary. Every-time she opens the front-door to her manor; depression greets her with an icy hug.

Depression rules her life. She a puppet, it the puppeteer. It's not to say her personality has grown all negatively. In fact, it often is a battle within her own mind. The angel vs the Grim Reaper. The battle results in a stale-mate the majority of the time. This neutral state, where one is usually content, Fresca is blank. She hides her emotions. She is afraid of what they'll do when interacting with other people. She has become an ice-queen because of this.

There is a fire crackling, hidden behind the hard shell depression has left; though no one has been able to crack it. Her parents see nothing wrong with Fresca beyond teen angst, and her faculty just see her mask. Therapy is an option beyond her knowledge. She doesn't even consider what she has depression; just 'normal.' She doesn't have psychological knowledge, and what 'normal' is is what one perceives it to be.

The depression has given her insecurities, pessimism, and plenty of other ailments to help erode the psyche; but it also has gotten her stronger. With personal feelings she's faced death. An exaggeration when she stumbled upon a suicide blog. She read, and then practiced the ritual of cutting, it was by first poke, she gave up. Physical pain was not a strong enough distraction. She found it silly to hurt herself. Yet the scar remained. No one questioned it; those who saw it and asked she replied with a 'random cat' got her.

This depression has given her stronger insight into questioning existence. Faith, philosophy, legislation, anything she had learned to question. She is baptized as a Lutheran Christian; though she considers herself among the cult of Vegan-ism. She still holds the christian value background, and once in awhile, in solemn prayer will acknowledge a higher-power. Most of the time however the higher-power is depression, who she kicks in the shins any chance she gets.

She often distracts herself from this depression. Being part of many sports-clubs at her school she lets out much stress through sweat. Motivation is one of the largest struggles she has with her depression. She has no drive, or will to accomplish anything. This has set her back from being an actual ace on the team, to a simple b-list player. She is a regular in sporting however as she does find it fun. The chemical releases through exercise naturally give her a high that tucks the depression away for the time being.

Motivation for her is driven by rage. Rage at her family; her mother mostly. They do not get along. This use of motivation is unhealthy for her, but it inspires enough for Fresca to continue on. For academic related things, Fresca considers them an obligation. She never had to study much for anything either, for the curriculum - she found easy. She's not the top of her class, but high up there. Her intellect has given her both curiosity and sadly, a larger gap for depression to enter. The saying "Ignorance is Bliss" is true for the opposite. The more knowledgeable one is, the more miserable. Her apt to question has caused her outlook on life to sway negatively; ignoring the sugar-coats on the rough edge of things.

She has become quite pessimistic. The pessimism is disguised as realism. She has little hope for anything and anyone. She hates people being idealistic. Not anyone can be the Prime Minister of Canada, not anyone can be an Astronaut, so why have these silly dreams? She expects and categorizes everything she sees into her own realistic views. This view makes her only do just enough. Once the required is complete, she is done. She will never go above and beyond. No point in wasting effort, as she claims.

She does whatever she can to stay away from her house. Using her peers as excuses to explore the cultures of mall-rats, watch new movies, or whatever activity makes it seem she's quite busy and active. She reality is, she hates her home-life and the one thing she is majorly motivated to do is, stay away from home. Still, this motivation has made her appear extroverted and popular. Fresca herself is an introvert.

She loves silence; she would be perfectly happy with a small crowd, with the seldom buzz of conversation. To close her eyes and relax, with a close knit of people around her. Seeing as her drive to stay away from home, and her love and obligations have obtained her the status of a pack-leader; she never gets her introverted wish. People come to her for advice, to mimic her own decisions. She hates this; and secretly chastises those who do. She calls them fake and posers.

The only true friend she has are her magical girls, she thinks. Magical girls, the result of her own idealism influenced by the torture her depression has brought her. She sees an underdog, and secretly routes for them; she sees heroes on the television, and dreams to become them. This has gotten her a strong interest in the Magical Girl genre of Manga. Often she day dreams of the prince charming, and the powers of a magical girl. A secret she keeps from her peers at school, afraid it would ruin her queen-bee status, that they would judge her, outcast her. She is afraid to be truly alone. This hobby has become an obsession. An obsession over prying eyes, imaginary or real, and the secret she collects. It has developed into a fetish of hers, but so far, it is a healthy obsession.

When out with her friends, she'll play the role they placed her in. The ice queen. She rules the pecking order. Often influenced by peer pressure, she will engage in bullying and torment to people that are deemed inferior. She however internally hates it; but only hurts herself about it. Saying nothing appeases her friends and keeps her social status. Instead she lets out the stress by scream-sessions with her pillow and sports. She cannot look at another being with out comparing them to herself, and judging them. She will get icy to newcomers, and lash out at anything that disrupts her ever-shrinking comfort zone. She will never speak out. She nods her head silently and goes with the flow; a huge disadvantage for her.

She is beginning to find interest in boys beyond friendship, and learning the arts of flirtation. Yet, she can't find any boy attractive; it must be a boy by her pushed-upon social status. Most of the time, talk of boys is pressured on her, she has no free will choosing who she finds attractive; unless it's a celebrity of course. She is quite bashful in the category of love, often getting flustered over fake scenarios in her head before she ever acts on what she feels. She is timid to almost everyone, from pretty boys, to strong women, to people with a large percentage of tattoos and piercings. She will never confront them alone; if anything she would hide behind someone else doing the confronting. Often she'll let issues slide by because of this. She prefers waiting and ignoring if drama ripens.

The depression has warped her personality into a psyche where if someone knew her true self, she feels, they'd run away. She is afraid of everyone, and will keep quiet, more for her own sanity. If she disagrees, she fakes a smile, and ignores it. If there's a task that is asked, she will do it, instead of argue, even if it leaves an internal struggle with herself. She's wealthy, and also has her cultural and stereotypical views on people and the world.

In a world surrounded by people, Fresca is alone. Alone because a mother, who should be the ideal definition of beauty for her, is non-existent; and a father who more married his carrier than family, decides the backhand is a suitable conversation partner than himself. She hates it alone, but depression has warped her into accepting the loneliness as the norm. Any sense of emotion she feels is never 'normal' but often hit in waves of the extreme.

Her insecurities are physical. How she views herself looking in a mirror, how she feels naked whenever another's eyes grace her. She hates how she looks. She hates it because her appearance reminds her, of her neglectful mother. Whom she is a near splitting image of. After a major fight in the household, it was her insecurities and hate that cut her hair. At school she is good at hiding her insecurities, mostly by being the bully, the queen-bee of her circle. She has an innate competitive nature, having to be the better one than her peers, so she will always compete with them, trying to make herself feel the superior one. For at home, she's the inferior.

The Poké-cloth:

Current level: Bronze


In times when she draws the latent energies of her Poké-cloth, Fresca becomes malleable to the conditions of the atmosphere. Her body will alter to benefit from the weather. She has four forms that represent a phenomenon of weather individually. With the Castform Cloth, Fresca is very adaptable to her surroundings. Often she would use this cloth as a support for her allies; bending the weather to beneficial conditions. Her basic form, the Normal-element, represents the clouds of the sky.

She refers to this transformation as her Mist-form. The form itself has very little to do with mist, as it most represents the characteristics of the medium-ranged,Cumulus clouds. This form is her appearance when there's an average atmosphere of no extreme conditions. It is the form she becomes every activation of her cloth. Physically she remains the same, with few subtle differences. Only her outfit changes. The rope of the Poké-cloth, evaporates into a a spiraling vapor, that continuously circles Fresca. What remains of the rope is a sparkling pearl-gemstone attached to a bronze setting. The gemstone has fused onto her silken sun-dress. The sun-dress has gotten slightly more transparent, from the fabric being thinner. It is opaque enough to only show the shadow silhouette beneath the cloth. Around her, water vapor coagulates. Continuously expanding and contracting as it moves around her. Her feet are often covered by the heavy clouds forming from what seems to be her body. Vapor leaves and returns to the rhythm of a heart beating.

Light seems to bend behind her giving off a rainbow-colored prismatic effect. She calls this her angel's wings, for the sparkling lights shoot off her shoulders forming what appear to be wings. This is only decoration, and serves no further function beside looking pretty. She does gain an ability of flight. The flight is rather a cloud-walk. She can hop from cloud-to-cloud-to-cloud. Her body floats among the clouds. Her skin becomes buoyant. Water glides off her like she is laminated. If she so chooses, she could potentially walk on water, like she can now walk on clouds. The porcelain nature fades as the texture of her skin turns to grainy. It is not rough as sandpaper, but the unevenness is there. The temperature she emits is always the same as her surroundings. Her tanned limbs fade and reverts back to her pale natural skin-tone. Her hair's volume remains rich, but there is now an airy feel to it; as if it were made of cotton. A decorative cloud-make clasp which has captured the Sun's light rests cutely in her hair.

There are no changes to her personality. If anything, an arrogance of being gifted reflects on Fresca; as she is now superior to the average citizen.




When conditions turn to high arid quantities, the Sun scorching the ground below, Fresca will transform to the element of Fire. Fresca refers to this transformation as her Shining-form. It represents the bright star of day, the Sun. She can activate this form whenever she absorbs a tremendous amount of energy from the Sun. Like her title of the form, she is always shining. She considers it her most powerful transformation. It is her main combat style of her Castform cloth. Instead of staying behind and supporting like she would normally do; Fresca will lead the charge and tackle the the forefront of the battle.
She retains much of her regular appearance in this form, though most of which is just same size of the body. Actual coloration and designs over her body, including how she carries herself, change drastically.

Her physical aptitude expands exponentially. Her agility, dexterity, speed all increase. Her muscles almost seem leaner, though they are actually the same. This illusion is because of an unnatural metabolism she now has developed. She burns energy fast. If not refueled quickly, Shining-form will burn out quickly. Her posture is very agitated; she can not stop moving in this state.

Her skin is very smooth to the touch, but fueled by the fires of the Sun, Fresca's skin is now steaming. The tan that covered her fore-arms and head now cover her entire body. Her eyes now shine. They glow with a golden luster. The shine is so bright, the light drowns out her irises making her eyes appear golden. They shine so bright her irises disappear, making it seem she has Aniridia. Her eyebrows and hair have turned an ember-orange color, and will occasionally spark a flame. When she feels emotions to an extreme, her hair will completely be consumed by fire. The hair along with her tan, give her an unnatural orange hue.

The Poké-cloth, does not altar far from her Normal-type appearance. The gemstone on her chest changes to a glistening dark blue. Fires wrap around her dress and fuse with the very fabric, creating a nice golden-orange hue spiraling design. The shoulder-straps of her dress ignite into two decently sized feather-wings. These wings made of fire do hold motion, and Fresca uses them as an extra boost to speed when flying. The rope has thinned out into many strings of molten fire that continuously rotate around Fresca. fire flows from the hem of her dress, pointing to the opposite direction she is moving. This gives her the appearance of a fiery tail. On her forehead, fire shines golden as a sphere of light sparkles continuously. The brighter it shines, the stronger she is. The duller it is, she is fading. This orb of light on her forehead indicates similar to battery life for Fresca. The clouds that previously swam around her have lessened. Most clouds float beneath her at her feet. This form represents the aridity of the atmosphere, and thus will turn whenever she is hit by such heat.

Fresca represents the Sun in this form, and takes on many characteristics of it. First, she is the brightest. She becomes a beacon of light produced within her. She will dispel shadows anywhere as long as she keeps this form. Second, she has become a noticeable source of heat. Around her, there is a warming sensation. Annoying in days of warmth, godsend in days of chill. She has become a conduit for fire. She is able to carry fire as well as create her own. The radiation she gives off has a subtle invigorating feel to it. Like the Sun, she can energize the things around her. By far the greatest change in her is the psychological effects.

The personality in Fresca is the major change of hers in this state. She adapts more to a beastly persona. She becomes impulsive and quick. She is very hot-tempered and vocal about herself. The signs of her depression have disappeared, instead left with a near-tomboyish personality who prefers to outshine anyone. She will outshine everyone. This trait can lead to annoying peers, and toying with people. Fresca is the light and her personality changes to reflect that. She hogs the spotlight and cares little for modesty, humility, tact.



Water-Type:. Fresca refers to this transformation as her Stormform. It represents the humidity of the atmosphere; the core-cause of many weather conditions. The bringer of storms, water. This is her Water form when activating the cloth. When the environment is thick with water; the air can be cut with a knife, or when she's around a giant source of water, she will transform into this state. It is potentially her most destructive state. The potentiality scale of it however is quite large. She represents the storms of the sky in this stage, from casual sprinkles to torrential hurricanes. Physically, her body changes the most in this stage.

Like water, she gains the ability of expansion. She is able to shrink and grow based on how much water she has absorbed. She hasn't much control over absorption, so her height fluctuates. Her posture is about the same from her regular-self, though it does tend to sag and slouch more. Her physical aptitude remains the same. Strength however does fluctuate like her height. The power behind her swings can differ because of this. The bravado she has is stronger, making it seem she can never look to someone equally. She gains a layer of thickness to her body. She wouldn't consider it fat, but it essentially is. It helps with absorption.

Her skin has its porcelain quality, but now it gains a gelatin-like texture. It seems her very body is made of the water she can absorb. She feels wet to the touch, often a cooling sensation. Her muscle definition becomes invisible. Her eyes turn into a deep sea-green. They sparkle. Her eyebrows and hair become a dark turquoise. Her face becomes further refined into a grown woman's. Her cheeks are thin, and her jaw rounds out a little more. Her lips get plumper and are now a darker red coloring. Her turquoise hair actually takes on the element of water physically. One could take a cup to her hair and fill it full with sky-water. The water-part of her hair is the length of her normal-hair. It fades off into thick then thin vapor as it reaches the end.

With the Poké-cloth, she gains an outfit akin to a Mid-Eastern belly-dancer. Risque, but better than her Shiningform's. Dark clouds, nearly black form a bikini bathing top and bottom around her chest and hips. Continuous winds wrap around her legs and shoulders making it seem she's wrapped in a long scarf.

The personality in Fresca stays much the same; if anything she appears more sorrowful. Powerful negatives of the depression haunt her in this form; she uses the sadness and negativity to amplify her storms.



Ice-Type: Ice. Fresca refers to this transformation as her Windform. The essence that causes the frostbiting windchill is the core of this form. Though reliant on wind, this is her Ice form when activating the cloth. Only accessible through extremely cold conditions. This is her rarest transformation for she rarely enters a climate that contains such features. She retains much of her regular appearance in this form, the extravagance of this cloth is her outfit.

Her physical aptitude remains pretty much the same, but appears slower. Opposite of her Shiningform, her mannerisms become more reserved. Her body seems to have grown into, near masculine, sharper angles. Her skin is smooth, but fragile. Anything seems it could break it. The temperature of her body can fool a mortician into thinking she is deceased. Her eyes have dulled and turned grey. Her hair is now a solid version of the turquoise in her stormform.

The Poké-cloth, in this form, expands into gusts of wind. Wind quickly zips around her, turning into her thin robe. The belly-dancer outfit of her water self exists on this form, but now entirely made of wind. Clouds are non-existant, just the wind.

The personality in Fresca is the same as her normal-self. She does get much more reserved though, nearly becoming a silent protagonist. Her thought process becomes kill or be killed. A silent death.



Fresca was born into a comfortable wealth created by her father's successful software company. her father was a Quebecois business man who often traveled the world, her mother; a night of passion. Her father met her mother somewhere in America, entered an affair. After awhile, the man divorced his current wife, and eventually married that woman. Fresca was born shortly after that. Believed to be conceived on the second anniversary of her parents. She is the only child between her father and his current wife; though she does live with her half-siblings. The honeymoon phase of her parents ended shortly after her birth, when reality struck in. Her father always traveled and her mother, self-conscious over the eyes of her husband's peers, isolated herself.

Fresca more interacted with the few servants of the household, than her parents or half-siblings. Her half-siblings hated her, always bullied her. Her mother wasn't around. her father's first wife often came to visit, she was on good terms with her father. Whenever the first wife looked at Fresca though, Fresca felt she was melting. Fresca was a product between that woman's ex-husband and a floozy he found at a hotel one night.

Fresca had a miserable child. She never really interacted with her mother, or father. The half-siblings were cruel and the hired help payed no attention to Fresca either. Fresca assumed the servants were payed off by her siblings, that or black-mail. Her siblings were old enough to understand how to make the white envelopes black more than her. In school, she fell in love with her teachers; especially the ones who were warm and kind. They were the parental figure she lacked; and with them she excelled in school; actually enjoyed it. School was an escape from the miserable home-world.

Before long, she was admitted into a private school for gifted individuals. Full scholarship, even though her parents could probably pay it. This was the first instance of hard work helping out. Fresca's school life was boring. Always a repetitive cycle of assignments and tests. She grew quiet, and loneliness grew. Somehow this atmosphere created had other students flocked to her, having rumor saying she was some very wealthy heiress (though her dad was only mildly wealthy.)

She grew in popularity and found this to her advantage, an escape from the miseries of home. She joined the athletics club, studied hard. She wasn't the brightest student, but studied always hard. She became a regular and successful tennis player, and she was in the top percentile of grades at her school. She felt the love and admiration of her peers, and with the depression slowly building in her, reveled in it. It warped her into the queen-bee, deciding who was and wasn't popular. To put on fake masks and be the witch to those less fortunate, and a goddess to those who were.

At the time of this RPG, she ran away from home. Having an argument one to many with her family, just made her snap, and run away.​


Fire: Being a Castform cloth, it transforms based on the extremes of the weather surrounding Fresca. When there is high aridity, and the sun is heating up the world with no interference from the clouds, it will turn into this state naturally. The cloudy substance that originally would surround her transforms into strings of fire. The fire does not seem to bother her, but if another were to touch it, they'd be burned. The fire orbits around her in a circular pattern never ceasing for a moment. She gets an orange aura around her.

Ice: When the weather become frigid. Where water turns to ice, and kids can blow a mock-cigarette through their own breath, this form appears. The cloudy rope around her disappears. It is replaced by a trail one would similarly find following a comet. Particles of dust, of frozen water, levitate around her. Light sparkles around her, being reflected by the particles. If the weather conditions are strong, a flurry of snow will envelope her like a toga. Ice will sculpt to whatever she imagines; often she will have a couple of appendages like ice-make wings. Just too look cool.

Water: When there is too high a humidity in the air. When it feels like a simple butter-knife can cut the air in two; the cloth around her turns into this state. This state the rope 'melts,' and becomes a semi-translucent silken fabric constantly dripping water. The rope often separates into the weather balls and just lazily float around her. These separate balls are connected together by a string of water. The water-rope around her expands and contracts autonomously as if it were breathing.

Rock: When the air is filled with solids. Items that should not be airborne to begin with. Where the wind pulled a prank and brought debris into the air; the rope will take this form. The rope grows and spreads out around Fresca, turning into sand. The sand spirals around Fresca, becoming denser as it rotates closer to her feet. It almost looks like she is wearing a dress made of sand.

Shadow: When the air is filled with pollution, the rope takes this form. The rope becomes brittle, worn, and sluggish. The purple coloring turns darker, and seeps off into the ground. A purple stain being left wherever the rope touched. The rope appears to gain significant amounts of weight for Fresca loses most mobility with this form.​

Mystic Arte 1:
Sunny Day - empowers fire-moves of allies and enemies. Lights up the world around Fresca

Mystic Arte 2:
Rain Dance - empowers water and electric-moves of allies and enemies. Summons a storm.

Mystical Arte 3:
Hail - Summons a much more dangerous storm, and frigid temperatures. Golfball or greater sized hail can appear, be wary.

Mystical Arte 4:
Weather Ball = can be physical as well depending on weather. The rope around Fresca turns into eight balls of light which she uses as projectiles.

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