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Autumn Nights

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Monster Guy, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Leo Silverstone
    Paladin - Gallade Cloth
    Dorm room

    Leo's eyes fluttered open as light filtered into the room from the window. He slowly pulled the comforter off his body, sat up, streched his arms out, and yawned loudly. His first week as a college student had come and gone. Now he was just looking foward to having a relaxing weekend. As he got out of bed, and streched a bit, something in the room got his attention. It was a rather large Bronze Cube sitting at the foot of his bed, that he was sure hadn't been in the room before. He walked up to it, rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things, and looked at it curiously. He picked it up by it's straps, and wondered out loud."What is this?" Upon closer inspection, he saw that there were images etched into the faces of the cube. Specifically, images of a Gallade. "Hm, I wonder how this got here? Gallade is an awesome Pokemon and all, but why would anyone give this to me? If anything, someone would give me a Pinkie Pie cube. Hehe."

    The boy didn't give the strange object too much thought. After all, it didn't look dangerous or anything. What's there to worry about? He decided to head into his kitchen to make himself breakfast. At first, He had been a little disapointed that he wasn't given a roommate this semester. He would've appreciated having someone to talk to. Then again, by having a single room, he didn't have to worry about irritating someone with his quirks.

    He grabbed a remote, and turned on the small TV in the kitchen. The local morning news show was the first thing that came on.

    "Many people are baffled by these strange phenomenon." The anchorwoman on TV said. "Bizarre apparitions occurring replacing significant landmarks. The Sears Tower has been replaced with a mysterious tower that reaches impossible heights. It’s as if straight out of a fantasy tale... "

    Leo kept changing channels, but these apparitions were the only thing anyone was talking about. Eventually, he just turned the TV off. He didn't really get what the big deal was. After all, nothing bad had happened yet, so what was the point in getting everybody worked up over nothing? If anything, these strange occurences could be totally awesome. Maybe it's some adorable alien race that's trying to make contact. Who knows? But of course, all anyone can do is spead fear and make people paranoid. Who needs that this early in the morning?

    ♪My name is Leo guy (Hello!)
    And I am here to say (How ya doin'?)
    I'm gonna make you smile and I will brighten up your day
    It doesn't matter now (What's up?)
    If you are sad or blue (Howdy!)
    'Cause cheering up my friends is what Leo's here to do!♪

    Changing his thoughts to something more positive, Leo happily sang his favorite song while making himself some pancakes. Saturdays were always pancake day back home, so why shouldn't that continue here?

    ♪'Cause I love to make you smile, smile, smile
    Yes I do
    It fills my heart with sunshine all the while
    Yes it does
    'Cause all I really need's a smile, smile, smile
    From these happy friends of mine♪

    The minute he finished flipping a pancake on the pan, there was a loud knock on the door. Well that's weird. Who'd be coming to my room this early in the morning? He turned the oven off, and made his way to the door. "Just a second!"

    But whoever it was that was at the door didn't have time to wait a second. They had violently broke the door down. Whoever owned this building wasn't gonna like that. Soon six heavily armed people swarmed the dorm room, and surrounded Leo, and more of them stormed his house, as if they were looking for something. All them looked like they weren't going to take any bullshit from him. They all had guns pointed at him.

    The woman in the center of the group who looked like she was in charge was the first to speak. "Leonardo Silverstone. We need you to come with us."

    Leo's heart started to beast fast, and he shivered from the shock. He gulped loudly, and quickly threw his arms up in the air. He had seen this type of thing happen in movies and TV shows before, but it was usually to criminals, and he was no criminal. He didn't think this type of thing would happen to him in real life. "W-w-what do you want from me?!" He stammered. There was fear in his voice, and his blue eyes started to water, like he could break down and start crying at any moment.

    Seeing that the boy was scared out of his wits, they lowered their weapons slightly, "This is very serious. We need you to bring that Bronze Cube. There's no time."

    He calmed down a bit, and put his arms down. He assumed she was talking about that cube he found earlier. If this was part of some elaborate practical joke, then someone must have a lot of free time on their hands. "Ok... but can I least get dressed first?" Leo was still wearing what he had gone to bed in, which was nothing more than a simple pair of red boxers.

    "What part of there's no time don't you understand boy?!" One of the male agents shouted.

    Leo flinched and threw his arms up in the air once again. "I'm sorry sir!"

    "Commander, we found it." A different agent said running from the direction of Leo's bedroom carrying his cube.

    "Wonderful! Let's move out!"

    The agents escorted Leo out of his dorm room. He was relieved that there was no one around to see him. What would they think if someone did see him being escorted by a bunch of people in uniform while he was in his underwear? That would've been rather embarrassing to have to explain later. When they got outside, he could hear the sound of helicopter propellers spinning overhead. He looked up, and shielded his eyes from the blinding lights. Ropes dropped down from above, and he was ordered to climb aboard.


    Leo was still nervous as hell upon entering that helicopter. Who were these people, where were they taking him, and what did they want? All these thoughts were racing through the boy's head as the copter flew. It wasn't a particularly smooth ride, which didn't exactly help him calm down. If it weren't for the fact that he was sitting in a seat, and buckled in, he would be rolling around wildly back there, and probably would've banged his head on something. Leo had never been in an aircraft like this before. It looked like something that was invented several thousand years into the future. Some very strange things were going down.

    He took a moment to try and relax a little. He closed his eyes, and just breathed deeply. Trying not to think about all this, and just put himself in a happy place. Unfortunately, that didn't work out all too well, because as soon as he calmed down, the copter started to shake violently. They were coming in for a landing. Leo grabbed onto a handle, and peered over to look out a window. He saw that they were in Downtown Manhattan, surrounded by a bunch of skyscrapers. The copter approached one of those buildings. Suddenly the roof began to open up, and the copter went in. Then things got dark. It wasn't dark for long though, suddenly blue lights came on. Leo could see from the window that there were more helicopters outside. Before he got a chance to question this, they went through a tunnel with more blue lights along the edge. "W-w-wha...?" the boy gasped in awe.

    Once the shaking ceased, the doors opened, and he was greeted by two female soldiers who had apprehended him earlier. "We apologize for all this, but we can't take any chances. Now, please step out of the aircraft." One of the soldeirs threw on a pair of handcuffs around his wrists. "Follow us please."

    Even though he didn't like how tight these handcuffs were, he thought it was better to cooperate than get these guys upset by complaining. So Leo quietly obeyed, and he slowly got up, and exited the helicopter. The soldiers escorted him across the hangars, and through a long hallway. The place was as futuristic as the copter he was on. They came to a red door with digital locks. Just like in the movies, one of the soldiers put her eye up to the iris scanner, and the door opened. Then, she stepped aside, and gestured for Leo to go through.

    The room was big, perhaps big enough to hold fifty people. In the center was a large round table made of glass and around it, twenty chairs. At the moment, he was the only around. He was ordered to take a seat, and they placed his bronze cube in front of him on the table.

    "Now, be a good boy and wait for the others." One of the women said as they exited the room. "The General will give you all a debreifing once everyone has arrived."


    I think this post is self explanitory, but I always found it helpful when GMs leave a little note on what I should be doing.

    There are a few things that should be happening in your first post. You find your Bronze Cube, you're recruited or taken into custody by Government Agents, and you arrived at the Headquarters where Leo is. Anything else is up to you.

    Feel free to resist "arrest" However, those agents have Tranquilzers.

    If you have any questions, VM me or War. At least until I can get a Discussion thread approved.

    Have fun!
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2013
  2. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Florenz Witershin
    Mr. Temptress- Luvdisc Cloth
    Hotel Suite- Room 1503

    Covers pulled up high over his eyes, the young blonde man, Florenz Witershin, was bundle up deeply into the sheets of the hotel suite’s bed. Even as light crept in he remains shielded from its brilliances and continued to sleep on. It wasn’t until the ringing of the phone that any sign of life emerge from the bed. Struggling with the clinging sheets that he was wrapped in, he managed to answer the phone. It was the wake-up call he requested, right on time. Having a small chat with the hotel management, he requested breakfast being bought up to his room. Hanging of the phone, the man sat up drowsily with a yawn, scratching his head. Quickly enough he noticed a surprise in his direct point of view.

    Florenz merely stared at the odd structure just sitting there at the corner of his bed. His brown-eyes glance around the large room in search of a person or anything else… that came up empty. He finally crawled up to give a closer inspection. It was a bronze color cube and on every side there was a heart with an eye towards its pointed end. The blonde couldn’t help but be confused.

    “Isn’t it too early for Valentine’s Day,” he murmured to he lifted the box and it was rather weighty for him. He searched for a way to open it and even scratched the outside as if the bronze color of it would peel and reveal chocolate or something, no such chance. Catching a glimpse of the clock he realized he wasted too much time fiddling with the cube. “I need to get ready.”

    With that, he tossed the box back on the bed and started through his morning preparations. The only snag Florenz got to was his hair which always turned out messy in the morning. Then the blonde hair had to go through the torturous raking that the brown-eyed man put it through as he attempted to get out the knots and positioning the curly, wavy hair into a neat-ish fashion. Florenz just cannot get fixed up without cranial nerve damage.

    After all that he got dressed in his brown suit outfit: a peach colored button up shirt, a brown slack pants, a matching silk brown tie and some shiny black dress shoes. The blazer remained off, hanging on the back of a chair. He came all this way to New York with his dad to observe another of his business arrangement to witness how to efficiently negotiate. It wasn’t like he anything better to do this weekend.

    Florenz’s eyes turned to the bronze box again, shimmering in the light that touched it. He again examine for some secret to open it. This time a knock on the door interrupted him; it was most likely room service with his food. The man was going to eat and meet up with his Dad; he placed the box on the nearby table and headed to the door. He was about a half a foot away from it when it suddenly, very violently, swung opened crashing against the wall. Florenz felt the air on his face and his hair moved as he saw what was on the other sided of the door. A group of soldiers, each one armed. Just the sight of it was frightening and confusing; he ended taking a few steps away as they entered.

    “Don’t move, stay where you are,” one of them ordered him as he pointed the weapon at him and the others moved to surround him. This quiet morning turned nasty quick and the blonde young man knew not what to do, so he smile as he found it was better to deal with hard to handle situations.

    “…You… must have gotten wrong room… I pretty sure I order the breakfast special.” Florenz tried his best to ease the tension with some light-hearted humor. “It must have been those guys down the hall. They order the strangest thing!” He laughed but no one else was amused. The blonde’s attempted was a failure. The tense situation just got really uncomfortably awkward.

    “This is no joking matter” the leader, he assumed, reprimanded him as he finally entered the room, “Florenz Witershin.” The guy addressed him by his full name, who exactly were these people, the FBI or something?

    “Who are you guys and what have I done?” He asked, it was the only thing he could do as they would probably gun him down if he attempted to runaway…… And they would probably be laughing for days at his sad attempt; he had speed but not much stamina.

    “That’s classified,” the FBI leader flat out refused to answer both his questions with only two words. “You and the bronze cube need to come with us promptly.”

    “Huh, that Valentine’s Day box? You know, it’s too early to be eating chocolates.” He continued to smile and throw out other joking statement, but again they weren’t entertained by it… these people were too serious for their own good… or maybe the situation was too bad break with humor. Either way his usually antics were failing. He didn’t know what else to do but smile and hope to situation resolve somehow. “Well if you don’t have some legal reason to contain me, I really need to be going to meet my Dad.”

    “Don’t worry, we already had a chat with him and he has given us approval to have you meet with us,” With that following statement, Florenz had nothing else to argue. They herded him off along with the strange cube to some helicopters parked on top of the building. He spent the whole time walking there trying to convince himself that his father didn’t sell him out to the FBI but was tricked… I mean he would never abandon him like that…


    Although he had flown in helicopters before, this seems to be a very advanced model compared to those ones. All the man really did was stare out the window as no one would talk to him, whenever he spoke they wouldn’t response… it felt like he was living through his childhood of being ignored all over again. But he really didn’t want to get on the bad side of the people who had a high-tech helicopter and guns so he was force to bear with it. Eventually they got a building which roof opened up and they entered… He wasn’t incredibly familiar with his part of New York.

    Coming into a rather bumpy landing they pushed him to the door where just two soldiers stood, one of each gender.

    “We apologized for troubling you, but this is a very urgent matter and we cannot afford any ‘troubles.’ Please exit the vehicle now.” Lady solider was rather polite, it was the first bit of decency he had receive all day. This was making him feel slight bit better maybe things would look up. As soon as he thought that the guy clamp handcuffs around his wrists… he had spoken too soon. The metal binding really pinched him.

    “Ow… you put them on too tight it’s pinching me” Florenz complained, he never been treated so roughly before by another; he didn’t like it. “I’m going to bruise around my wrists.”

    “Stop your whining and get walking,” the man crudely talked to him before the two of them guided him along with the bronze in hand through a very technology building that even had an eye scanner… So what they heck was the cuffs for, there was no way he could get anywhere far with so many things to stopped him… Handcuffs were really uncomfortable. The door opened when it identified the eye, they gesture him to go in first. It was large room with only a single round glass table, chairs and a single person.

    “Take a seat and wait over for everyone to arrive.” The lady once directed him rather kindly, as kindly as being kidnapped could be. He smiled and gave a confirming nod.

    He took the seat next to the lone person of course; I mean what would be the point of sitting off by him? It was kind of hard not to stare at the guy as he was… undressed. In Florenz opinion it didn’t really matter for him as he was tone, tan and tall. It really made him feel pathetic as man… The blonde couldn’t force himself to grow taller but maybe he should consider lifting weights… nah too much work. He had a Valentine’s Box too though upon inspection his had a mutant human on it or something… The guy must have gotten the Halloween version.

    “Hello, it looks like were in the same boat though your side might be slightly leaking,” Florenz started with simple friendly greeting…… As he looked at his face again he had the oddest feeling this guy seem familiar. The brown eyed guy chalked it up as his imagination, but that thought continue to nag him in the back of his mind. “It seems it just the two of us until everyone arrives. So we should chat, my name is Florenz.”
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2013
  3. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Alex King
    Fatal Fist - Hitmonchan Cloth
    Small Apartment

    Alex yawned and stretched as he lazily sat up on his bed and looked outside. For a day where he didn't have to go in for work, he had woken up surprisingly early. For a moment, he contemplated about simply going back to sleep, but ultimately decided that there were plenty more productive things that he could do. Maybe he could go to the gym today?

    As he stood up and turned towards his closet, Alex noticed something particularly out of place; a bronze colored box sitting on a table. It had the picture of what looked like a strange looking boxer on it. Was this a gift from his mother?

    "Ma!" Alex called out, "Did you leave this box here?!" No response; she must have gone to work already. She likely wanted to personally give it to Alex but didn't have the time. Alex walked over to the box to try to open it, but to no avail. After trying for a minute or two, Alex gave up and figured he could just ask his mother about it when she got home. Turning his attention back to his closet, Alex pulled out some clothes them on. A white t-shirt, some jeans, socks, and a red and grey jacket; fairly simple in terms of clothing choice, but that's how Alex liked it.

    Alex entered the living room/kitchen part of the apartment, pulled out a bowl and a spoon, then poured cereal into the bowl. As he ate, he turned on the news. The news was talking about how apparently several land marks throughout the world have been replaced by strange new ones. "What, is it April Fool's Day already?" Alex said out loud to no one in particular. He didn't really know what was happening but Alex figured it was nothing that concerned him and turned the TV off as he finished his bowl of cereal. After putting the bowl in the sink Alex put his shoes on and started to walk towards the door to head out to the gym. Just as he reached the door though, he heard a loud knock. Ugh, is that the landlord again? How many times do I gotta tell him that I can't help it if I disturb the neighbors when I use the punching bag in my room?

    "Yeah yeah, what do you- WHAT THE HELL?!" Alex opened the door expecting his overweight landlord, only to be greeted with a half a dozen soldiers, all pointing guns at him. As two of the soldiers kept their guns pointed on him, the rest of them stormed the apartment and started searching for...something.

    The leader of the group looked over to Alex as several other soldiers shuffled around the room. "Are you Alex King?"

    "Yeah, but why did you-" Alex was immediately cut off.

    "You and that cube of yours need to come with us, ASAP." Just as the leader said that, another soldier came out of Alex's room carrying the cube from earlier. "We got it sir, let's roll out."

    "Hey, what gives you the right to come into my apartment and take my stuff?" Normally Alex would stay pretty calm in situations like this, but these guys, whoever they were, were really crossing the line. Who the hell were they anyway? Why did they want his mom's birthday present? Are they government agents? Terrorists? A thousand different questions ran through Alex's head, none of them with any answers.

    The commander rolled his eyes and pushed Alex out the door. "You'll know soon enough, now come on." Oddly enough, he started taking Alex up the stairs rather than down them. How were they going to leave from upstairs? As he climbed up the steps though, he heard a sounds that answered his question: it was a helicopter. These guys landed a helicopter on a small apartment building in the middle of Manhattan? These guys had serious balls, whoever they were.


    After getting shoved into a rather futuristic helicopter, the rest of the soldiers piled in and the helicopter took off, wasting no time to reach its destination. Alex looked down and admired the New York skyline to try to calm himself down, but his heart was still racing after everything that happened. These guys landed a helicopter in the middle of New York City, so obviously they aren't worrying about being seen. So obviously, they don't want to kill him; if did want to, they would've done so back in the apartment. Still, that didn't mean Alex didn't have to worry.

    A minute or so passes by, and the helicopter approaches and lands inside a hole that opened up on a building. Looking out the window, Alex could see more helicopters all around him. Alex was starting to suspect that these guys were probably involved with the government, but he couldn't say for sure yet.

    Alex was led out of the helicopter, and was promptly handcuffed. "Hey! Watch the wrists buddy!" Why he needed to be handcuffed, Alex wasn't really sure. He had cooperated so far, why would he try anything now?

    "Sorry, we're not taking chances here," the soldier who handcuffed him said. In hindsight, maybe it was a good idea for him to handcuff Alex, because he really wanted to punch that guy in the face right about now.

    Alex was escorted out of the hangar and into a long hallway, until reaching a red door at the end of it. After one of the soldiers opened the door, Alex was led into the room and was told to sit down in one of the chairs.

    "You know, I've had about enough of this crap. Why don't you just tell me what the hell is happening already?" Alex said to the soldier pushing him around as another soldier put the cube from earlier onto the table in front of him.

    "You'll get a briefing about all this when the time comes. Until then, sit down and don't cause any trouble." With that, the soldier left Alex's side and left him to just sit there, handcuffed on a chair waiting to figure out what the heck was happening.

    Looking across the table, he saw two other guys, who based on the fact that they were also handcuffed and had one of those bronze boxes, were in the same situation he was in. One of them was in a suit, while the other, the poor bastard, must've been dragged out of his house while he was still in his boxers. It was somewhat comforting to know he wasn't facing this alone, but seeing other people in the same situation only made Alex even more confused as to what was happening.

    "Can you believe these guys?" Alex said, gesturing towards some of the nearby guards leaving the room. "What gives them the right to push people around like this?" Since these guys were stuck in the same shitstorm he was in, Alex figured he might as well trade names. "Hey, I'm Alex King. I'd offer to shake your hand or something, but my hands are kinda...occupied, right now. Heheh," Alex said with a sheepish grin, showing his handcuffed hands behind his back.
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  4. Pinkazoid

    Pinkazoid Well-Known Member

    Masha Svetlova
    Sparky – Luxray cloth
    Dorm Room


    Masha opened her eyes and jolted up in her bed. She winced and started rubbing her leg.

    “What the…? Seriously, did I hit something? It hurts…” – she murmured and opened her eyes. Only then she realized that there is something in the corner of her bed. A…cube?

    Still in bed, she crawled closer to it and touched the surface of the cube, inspecting it. It was rather large, bronze cube-like structure with the images of some kind of animal carved on it. She knocked on it. The sound told her that was definitely made of metal.

    “Strange…it seems familiar” – she looked closer and her expression changed into a surprised one – “Luxray? Seriously, that must be it! Well... I love Pokemon and even had a Luxray in my Pearl party. So I see the connection. But I always lock my dorm door, I would have heard anyone trying to enter!”

    The thought of someone else in her room made her shiver. Masha got out of bed, put on her pink slippers , took the cube and carried it to the kitchen. Turned out it wasn’t as heavy as she imagined it to be. She put it on the table, then made herself a cup of coffee with milk and sugar and grabbed a chocolate chip muffin. She ate, stared at the cube and kept pondering about what to do next.

    “I guess I’m cancelling my trip to the mall today. Anyway…lots of creepy stuff is happening nowadays so maybe it is somehow connected… Oh jeez, it’s kinda terrifying and exciting at the same time. And it is always me, who gets into troubles! Why me, of all people?” – She sighed.
    Masha almost finished her breakfast when a loud knock at the door interrupted her trail of thoughts. She jumped, not expecting anyone at that hour.

    “Coming!” – She shouted and run to the door, only stopping for a second to grab and put on her fluffy light-pink knee-length bathrobe. She wouldn’t want anyone to see her in a short lacy nightgown which was rather saucy. But before she could reach the handle, the door swung open with a loud crash and Masha found herself surrounded with a bunch of men in uniform pointing guns at her.

    She screamed and backed away, but there was no escape. It was horrifying.

    “I didn’t do anything, please, don’t shoot me!!!” – Masha was on the verge of panic and crying. She raised her hands up, closed her eyes and prepared for the worst.

    “Maria Svetlova?” – She heard a calm, but strong and firm voice. She slowly opened her eyes and saw one of the soldiers in the group taking a step forward to her.

    “Y…yes…” – she managed to whisper, her body was shaking like a leaf.

    “You have to come with us. Now. And where is that Bronze Cube you have received? ”

    Mashas mind told her that now was the time to obey and not asking any questions. Unable to speak, she pointed in the direction of a kitchen. A man nodded to one of the woman in the crew and she immediately went there. She came back, holding a cube in her arms.

    “All right. Moving out.” – The man placed a hand on Mashas shoulder and escorted her upstairs to the roof, his men following them behind.

    This whole situation was surrealistic, Masha could never imagine that something similar would happen to her. Everything was like a blur to her and the last thing she remembered is entering the giant aircraft…


    “We have arrived. Time to go.”

    Masha opened her eyes. It seems that she has passed out from the shock and slept through the whole ride. She cursed under her breath for not knowing where the hell she was, but followed the leader soldier to the exit. She noticed that he was carrying her cube.

    In the hangar she was greeted with two more soldiers and one of them handcuffed her wrists. Masha gasped and desperately tried to shake them off, but no avail.

    “Sorry, girl. Just security measures. Follow us.” – The big man with her cube chuckled and the three of them moved forward. Masha hurried after them, at the same time trying to understand what the hell was going on.

    “Where are we!? Why am I here!? What’s gonna happen!? Does my family know!? Oh, God, whyyyy did it have to be me!?” – She was close to panicking again, but barely managed to control herself and started to observe the surroundings. The place was all high-tech and futuristic, just like some kind of science-fiction movie…Is it a prank or not? She didn’t know what to expect…

    Finally they have arrived at the large red door. At first glance there wasn’t any handles. But before Masha managed to think about that, the soldier put his eye to the scanner next to the door and it opened.

    “Wow…” – she uttered when she walked inside. A big room with a round glass table and lots of chairs surrounding it. A meeting room, perhaps?

    “Have a seat and wait till everyone arrives. The General will explain everything later.”

    “Okay…” – Masha nodded and walked to the table. Only then she noticed three people sitting there with their cubes and also in handcuffs. Three male, one of them almost naked. Oh boy, poor fellow. At least she had her bathrobe on. But seeing people in the same situation as hers made her breathe a sigh in relief. She wasn't alone in this mess. And that was reassuring.

    Masha took a seat next to the boys and the guard put a cube in front of her and left.

    “Well…hello there, guys…” – She said quietly, blushing a little – “I guess we are all in the same boat here…”
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  5. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Elaine Dewitt
    Scout - Marowak Cloth
    College Dorm

    Sounds could usually be heard from Elaine’s dorm, and today was certainly no exception. The sounds of a trumpet and drums filled the small dorm, all from Elaine’s small Ipod dock. Elaine always managed to focus better with music playing in the background, and today certainly wasn’t an exception. Why would it be? She always went for the calmer variety, and she rather liked Balkan Folk music, which she usually was mocked for.

    Elaine sat on her computer, ticking wildly at the keys on her laptop. “Oh come on! That wasn’t fair!” She called aloud. Elaine’s large laptop screen revealed an open game of Minecraft, she seemed to be using some sort of server. “Ugh. I hate this game, but I can’t give it up…” She murmured, getting up from her chair and walking to the small kitchen in her dorm.

    Upon getting into the kitchen, the girl noticed an odd bronze cube on the counter. That’s… weird. She thought to herself, she had remembered going to a friend’s house last night, but she certainly had no recollection of bringing this odd box home. She looked closer at the box, cupping it gently in her hands, almost as if it might hurt her.

    I’ve seen enough Doctor Who that I know what these god damn boxes are capable of. She thought to herself. She looked at the sides of the box to see a small drawing of a Marowak etched into the side. “Marowak? Hmpf.” She thought it must be some kind of joke. Sure, Marowak was cool and pretty strong, but it evolved from a cry baby of a Pokemon. She sighed a pushed the cube back onto the counter.

    She turned to the fridge only to be interrupted by a knock at the door. Odd. She thought. I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone. She slowly walked to the door, opening it and looking at two finely dressed men. Almost as if they were some kind of secret service, but she highly doubted that was true. “Um… hello?” She asked, questioningly.

    “Are you Elaine Dewitt?” Asked one of the two men. What? No pleasantries? Who were these guys?

    “Maybe. What do you want her for?” She asked, leaning on the door frame and crossing her arms.

    “Miss. Dewitt, we need you to join us. And please do hurry. Also, bringing your cube will be wise.” Elaine narrowed her eyes.

    “Why should I?” She asked.

    “Because, we do have ways to make you come if you decide not to comply.” The other man remarked.

    “Oh? What’re you gonna do? Hit a lady? I don’t think so.” Elaine attempted to walk back in and shut the door, only to be grabbed by one of the men. “Um! Excuse me!” She yelped as one of the men scooped her up and flung her under his arm. The other man went inside and picked up her cube. They then took her to a large aircraft and stuck her in, despite Elaine’s protests.


    Elaine was dropped off in a room with four other people, three of which being boys. Ugh. She groaned slightly, especially when the man dropped her on the bench. She was mildly upset about being carried, but more so about being forced to come here. Elaine rolled her eyes as they dropped the cube on the floor in front of her. Before remarking;

    “Miss. Dewitt, please take your seat and wait for the General, otherwise we may just have to give you a little something to… help you relax.”

    Elaine sighed. Looking to the others in the room, she rolled her eyes mildly before saying. “So this blows. I’d rather be at home.” She smirked and sat back in the chair with her arms crossed.
  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    (OOC: Whenever I spell Luc, it's pronounced "Luke")
    Lucas Moncrief
    Angst - Banette Cloth
    Lucas's Room

    "Dude, wake up already!" Lucas heard Collin say as he was shaken awake. Lucas groaned, and buried himself in blankets. Collin shook Lucas again. "No, seriously, Luc, get up and put some clothes on. You gotta see this."

    Lucas shoved Collin off, and sat up. "If you want me dressed so badly, hand me my shirt 'n shorts, would 'ja?" he said, dazed. Collin snatched Lucas's clothes off the foot of the bed, and threw them in Lucas's face. Lucas grunted, jumping off the bed and slipping into his shorts and black t-shirt with no left sleeve. Lucas grabbed his wallet and ipod off of his dresser and stuffed them in his pocket, turning back to Collin. "Alright. What did you want me to see?"

    "Meet me in the living room, you won't believe what's on the news," Collin replied. "Oh, bring your guitar, we can practice afterwords." Lucas nodded, and Colin walked out of Lucas's room. Lucas stretched out his back and arms, then walked over to where his two guitars sat. His debated between his electric or acoustic, but settled on acoustic. He admired the dark black stain of the guitar for a second, slung the guitar over his shoulder, then walked over to his nightstand to get his paracord bracelet. What he wasn't expecting was what was next to the bracelet. Lucas stared at it as he put the bracelet on. The crap? he thought, I don't remember putting a... what is this, a box? A bronze box? He picked it up and examined the strange cube. Is that some sort of doll etched on to it? Lucas's train of thought was cut by his roommate. "Lucas! Are you comin'?"

    "Be right there!" Lucas called, throwing the cube on the bed and running out into the main room. Collin sat on the couch, staring at a small TV, a glass of water in his hand.

    "Can you believe this?" Collin said, taking a swig of water, "'Monuments replaced with strange new ones!' Pshh, I don't believe any of this. This is about as bad as War of the Worlds."

    "Aww, come on, Collin," Lucas said, plopping himself on the couch next to Collin, "War of the Worlds was cool!"

    Collin rolled his eyes. "Whatever. So, what new song were you working on?"

    Lucas started tuning up his guitar. "It's just a cover. It's by Three Days Grace, called Gone Forever." Lucas started to strum the first chord, then began to sing.

    Don't know what's goin' on,
    Don't know what went wrong,
    Feels like a hundred years, I,
    Still can't believe you're gone
    So I'll stay up all night
    With these bloodshot eyes
    While all these walls surround me
    With the story of our life...

    I feel so much better
    Now that you're gone forever!

    About half-way through the chorus, Lucas heard a knock on the door. Lucas swung his guitar to his side, and called out, "Be right there!" He got up, but before he could get to the door, the door burst open, and five or six armed men marched in, a tall, dark-haired woman walked in behind them. Lucas could feel his ears start to burn. "What the crap!? I said I would open the door, and then you just burst right in!?"

    "Lucas...!" Collin muttered, "This is probably not the best time to get angry...!"

    Lucas's took a deep breath, and glared at the woman. "Fine. What do you want?"

    The woman looked straight at Lucas. "Lucas Moncrief?" she asked. Lucas nodded. "Well then, Lucas. Get the cube. You're coming with us."

    "I'm not going anywhere." Lucas growled. The woman nodded her head, and suddenly, two men grabbed Lucas by his arms, squeezing tightly. "Get off of me! Let me go!!" Lucas screamed, struggling. But the men were too strong, and wouldn't let go.

    The woman sighed. "Let it go, kid. These guys have tasers, and they hurt like fire and brimstone."

    "Ma'am!" A man called out, saluting and holding the cube in his arms. "We have the cube. We're ready to go."

    "My guitar, shouldn't I leave it here-"

    "No time, kid. We gotta get moving." The woman said. She nodded to the man with the cube, then waltzed out the door. The men followed her, Lucas in the middle. The group marched to the roof, where a helicopter was waiting. A door opened in the sleek aircraft, and Lucas was escorted in. He sat down on the seat, and pulled out his guitar, and started to sing again.

    I feel so much better
    Now that you're gone forever
    Tell myself that I don't miss you at all!
    I'm not lyin', denyin', that I feel so much better now
    That you're gone forever

    Now things are coming clear
    And I don't need you here
    And in this world around me
    I'm glad you disappeared
    So I'll stay out all night
    Get drunk and f***in' fight
    Until the morning comes I'll
    Forget about our life

    "Hey, kid, you have a great voice and all, but we're here," said the woman, "So ya better put your toy away and get ready to land."

    The next couple moments were a blur. The helicopter landed, and Lucas was escorted into what looked like a hanger. Before he could take it in, however, a pair of handcuffs were slapped on his wrists. "What the-" Lucas sputtered, "I didn't do anything wrong!"

    "No," said the woman, "It's for security reasons. Now, follow."

    "As if I had a choice," Lucas muttered as he was taken down a long hallway, dimly lit with blue light. Eventually, they came to a large red door. The woman put her eye up to the iris scanner, and the door slid open. Lucas peeked in, and saw a large room with were five or six other people sitting around a large table, talking. Lucas cursed under his breath as the soldiers led him in.

    The woman smiled as Lucas sat down. "The General will give you the details when he arrives. Until then, ta-ta!" With that, a soldier put the cube in front of him, and he and the rest of the men left.

    Lucas sighed. Let the weird looks begin, he thought, looking at his scars. Heh, if I had known, I would have worn my long sleeves. Oh well. Lucas smiled at the people at the table. "Um, hi. I'm Lucas. Guess we're all stuck here, so what are your names?"
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  7. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Ridley Herondale
    Executioner - Froslass Cloth
    Ridley's penthouse appartment

    It was a warm, late night in the life of Ridley Herondale. He had spent all day working, and it didn't stop, even when he came home. The last thing he really remembered before falling asleep was that he was sitting at his desk by the huge window, looking over a ton of papers while drinking coffee like there was no tomorrow. He awoke to the sound of the city outside, though it was a little faint, as his appartment was on the 32'th floor.

    When he opened his eyes, he was very confused and very disoriented. It took him a while to remember all the work he had been doing, and he quickly sat up, with papers stuck to the right sideo f his face. He cursed and quickly sorted out all the papers on his desk, and suddenly stopped when he saw an object he had not seen there before. Right in front of where his head was sleeping, there was a rather well decorated cube, bronze in color just laying around. Ridley suspiciously looked at it in silence a few seconds. It's markings seemed to be an image of some being.

    Ridley didn't really think twice about the cube. he picked it up and went towards the kitchen. "What on earth should i be doing with this..?" he said to himself. Not only was it big and clumsy, it didn't match anything in the house. He put it on the kitchen corner as he made himself more coffee. Looking at himself in the huge mirror in the hallway, Ridley saw that he looked very, very tired. His hair was messy, he had big dark spots under his seemingly very tired eyes, and his shirt was open, with his tie just hanging there like a dead man. "I should probably tak a shower-.." he said to himself as he yawned loudly. His yawn was interrupted by a three knocks on the door. Ridley looked at his watch, and couldn't figure out why anyone would visit him at that early time.

    Ridley walked over to the door and opened it. He was quickly pushed aside by a few armed men that stormed in. His survival instinct kicked in, and he quickly disarmed and knocked out two of the armed men. They did not stop coming though, and suddenly, he felt a strong electric jolt in his back, which knocked him to the floor, paralyzed. It appeared he had been stunned. "Are you Ridley Herondale?" A woman voice suddenly said. Ridley couldn't see her, and he couldn't speak either. "You'll come with us, with the cube" she then said, and Ridley felt someone lifting him up, supporting him as they forcefully walked him out of the appartment.

    When Ridley regained his senses, he was in a helicopter of a very futuristic design. As he couldn't sit or stand up, he couldn't look out the windows to see where they were going. But when the helicopter landed, Ridley had fully recovered, and could stand on his own. They were outside a big facility. For some reason, ridley was now in handcuffs as the soliders followed the woman from before through a long hallway. None of them talked, but the atmosphere was clouded with anger and hatred. He got a glimpse of his reflection in a window, and he looked even worse than earlier.

    "You have no choise but to follow us and do what we tell you to. After what you did to agent Johnson and Schade, you should be upt in prison for assaulting government in action" The woman said strictly as she noticed that Ridley had gotten most of hus senses back.

    The woman led Ridley into a room where there sat a few other people, who looked like they were taken out of their beds by force or something. "You can sit down here, and don't make any more unnecessary trouble for us, or we will have no problem immobilizing you.. again" she slightly giggled after she said 'again', and Ridley felt that he really disliked this woman. He was put down on a chair, with the handcuffs still on. The woman informed him that he would get a briefing when everyone was gathered, and left. That meant that there would be more people like him, and the ones here already. Ridley thought.

    Now, he sat in a chair in a room with six other people, all having the same type of cube in front of them, and all which were handcuffed. Some of them had tried starting a conversation already, but Ridley really wasn't in the mood for chit-chatting right now. he looked terrible, and he was so tired that he knew that if anyone, especially the woman from before, were to talk to him, he'd snap their neck on the spot. He decided to take the oppurtunity to have a little nap, and slammed his head on the table before doozing off
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  8. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    (Ooc: This place will just be ??? until the location gets revealed.)

    Leo Silverstone
    Paladin - Gallade Cloth

    As he sat there, Leo fidgeted in his seat. His leg bounced up and down as he impatiently waited to find out what was going to happen next. He had never been good with long waits. Especially when he didn't know what he was supposed to be waiting for.

    Slowly, others started to trickle in. First was a blonde haired guy in a suit. He also was handcuffed, and had a Bronze Cube like his, but his Cube had Luvdisc on it. He took a seat next to Leo, and started talking to him. “Hello, it looks like were in the same boat though your side might be slightly leaking,” He said with a smile. “It seems it just the two of us until everyone arrives. So we should chat, my name is Florenz.”

    He seemed friendly enough. Leo had a strange feeling of Deja Vu when this guy started talking. He swore he had heard that name somewhere before, but he couldn't think of where. He gave him a smile in return. "Hi! I'm Leo. I'd shake your hand, but well..." He raised his arms to show they were cuffed. "This would be a problem, heh. You know, is it just me, or do I know you from somewhere? You seem strangely familiar. It's probably just me... Anyway, I see you got the Luvdisc box. I got Gallade. wonder why we're being arrested for having these Pokemon boxes? Or why we have them in the first place?"

    A brown haired guy who was dressed more normally than the two of them, came in soon afterward. He didn't look happy to get dragged here, and Leo couldn't really blame him. This guy had a Hitmonchan box. Dang, what is with all these Pokemon boxes? He took a seat at the table, and introduced himself. "Can you believe these guys?" He said, gesturing towards some of the nearby guards leaving the room. "What gives them the right to push people around like this? Hey, I'm Alex King. I'd offer to shake your hand or something, but my hands are kinda...occupied, right now. Heheh."

    "Leo Silverstone at your service! Yeah, same here. Maybe they really don't like Pokemon?" Leo shrugged his shoulders. "It still doesn't give them the right to barge into people's houses and kidnap them like this. Hopefully, this won't end badly."

    A brown haired girl with the Luxray box was the next to arrive. From the way she was dressed, it looked she had been caught in her PJ's too. At least she had time to throw on a bathrobe. Not that Leo minded if anyone saw him in his underwear, but he would've at least liked to put some pants on. It was a little awkward being the only one that wasn't fully clothed. “Well…hello there, guys…” She said quietly, blushing a little. “I guess we are all in the same boat here…”

    "Yup, it looks that way... But hey, it this could be worse. At least we have each other to talk to until we get out of this mess right?"

    Another girl with long curly blonde hair was physically carried in by her captors. Understandably, she did not look happy about that at all. “So this blows. I’d rather be at home.” She smirked and sat back in the chair with her arms crossed.

    "I would too." Leo said with a smile. "It's Saturday, this is supposed to be my fun day! But were here unfortunately, so we might as well try to make the best of this. At least we get cool Pokemon boxes! Hm, I wonder what they're for?"

    One more guy with spiky black hair arrived who had the Banette box. Leo couldn't help but notice the scars on his arm, but didn't put too much thought into what they could mean. Besides, the guy seemed friendly enough. Maybe he was just bullied a lot. The guy smiled at everyone at the table. "Um, hi. I'm Lucas. Guess we're all stuck here, so what are your names?"

    "I'm Leo! Wow, there are a lot of Pokemon boxes. I wonder which one is gonna show up next."

    As he said that, a pale skinned white haired guy who had a Froslass box walked in. The guy looked tired, and like he hadn't changed his clothes from the day before. Once he arrived, he didn't say anything to anyone. He just slumped his head on the table, and took a nap right there.

    Leo looked at him curiously. While he didn't really get how anyone could just doze off with all this drama going on, judging by the way he was dressed, he probably worked late the previous night, and hadn't had a chance to get to bed yet. He just shook his head and left him be.
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  9. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Florenz Witershin
    Mr. Temptress- Luvdisc Cloth
    ??? Location possibly still in New York

    The near naked man seemed rather cheerful as he smiled at Florenz and spoke: “Hi! I'm Leo. I'd shake your hand, but well...” The guy showed his wrists which were cuffed in a similar fashion as his, however it didn’t seem to as uncomfortable as it was for him. Though the blonde was slightly caught up on his name, Leo, that was the name so his best friend in 2nd grade though for the life of him he couldn’t remember his last name… The name Leo wasn’t an incredibly uncommon name so it was more than likely to meet another person with the same name. “This would be a problem, heh. You know, is it just me, or do I know you from somewhere? You seem strangely familiar. It's probably just me... Anyway, I see you got the Luvdisc box. I got Gallade. wonder why we're being arrested for having these Pokemon boxes? Or why we have them in the first place?”

    Hmm? I seem familiar? There was a strange mutual feeling between them. Had they met? His train of thought to figure out that was replaced with an odd flurry of strange words: Love disk, Gallad, and Pokaymon. He stared at his bronze cube, it wasn’t a Love disk box… was it? If so where would one put in the disk? What the heck was a Gallad? Even though the Pokaymon was something he didn’t know it at least slightly sounded like he heard it somewhere before…

    The brown-eyed was just about to ask him about it went another guy showed up handcuffed as well with the same looking box, there was certainly a trend going on here. He has slightly messy brown hair and wore rather simple causal clothes. He didn’t seem too happy, understandable given the situation.

    “Can you believe these guys? What gives them the right to push people around like this?” the man scoffed as he looked back over to the solider exiting the room with a body gesture as he took his seat near them. “Hey, I'm Alex King. I'd offer to shake your hand or something, but my hands are kinda...occupied, right now. Heheh.” He added his full name at the end of his ranting and a bit of a sheepish laugh.

    “Leo Silverstone at your service! Yeah, same here. Maybe they really don't like Pokemon?” Silverstone, Florenz eyes once more turned up to Leo as he continued to speak. Unfortunately he didn’t listen to what he said after he fully named himself. That named was the last name of his Leo… maybe… at least it felt like it was. It couldn’t be though, right? It would be too big of coincidence even for this situation… but he did emit a friendliness that would match the one in his memory…“-a lot of Pokemon boxes. I wonder which one is gonna show up next.”

    That was the next thing he heard Leo mentioning before he snapped out of his deep thoughts. In that time three more people joined them, a brown-haired girl in her bathrobe another caught undress in at the start of the incident, another girl with curly blonde looking absolutely infuriated and the final one, more stout guy than other around, had spiky black hair. This one caught his attention more than the others at glance as he left arm was riddle with scars. There were so many of them, they looked like they were painful…

    Wonder what expression was on his face when he got them~ Florenz was overly thrilled as he thought that and ogle at his scarred arm. I wish I could have seen his face contort as he writhes in pain! It’ll be way better than way it is now… As Florenz tried to imagine that agonizing look that spiky-haired guys’s face, the blonde man realized his sadist side was bubbling out and his face suddenly turned more neutral than happy.

    Just as he was hoping that he wasn’t making some weird expression people would pick up on, another person entered. He was an eye-catcher: pure white hair and red eyes also he had rather pale skin… there was word that described living things like that though it escaped him. He looked exhausted and as soon as he sat down he was out; he must not have gotten enough sleep. Florenz was actually bit tired himself, skipping a few time zones did that to a person. He was particularly bad at adjusting, he hated to admit.

    What was once one lone person in a room jumped up to seven, seeing there was no one here to explain he could only assume there were more to come. It looked like no one else was entering at the moment. Florenz decided it was only proper to introduce himself again now that there were a bunch of people before him. He put on his best smile.

    “It’s sure getting lively in here and since the higher up hasn’t come to chat I guess that means there are still more to come. My name is Florenz… Florenz Witershin.” He introduced his full name as he gave Leo a sideways glance checking to see if he had any reaction to hearing it at all. Unfortunately the wavy haired guy couldn’t tell if it was so or not. A part of him really wanted to know if this was the same person who he admired so much… the other part was a tiny bit skeptical but being direct was the only way to know for certain. His gaze turned to the black-haired man. “Hey Leo, have you ever lived in Miami, Florida?”
  10. Pinkazoid

    Pinkazoid Well-Known Member

    Masha Svetlova
    Sparky – Luxray cloth

    "Yup, it looks that way... But hey, it this could be worse. At least we have each other to talk to until we get out of this mess right?" – replied the naked guy, smiling at her. Masha couldn’t help but grin back. She already liked his warm and friendly attitude. “He is nice, I’m sure we will get along!”

    “I guess so…” – said Masha, while eyeing other people in the room and trying not to stare at his body that much. The second guy was short and even effeminate, but he was definitely classy in his suit. Masha even felt a bit of jealousy because if his golden locks. The third one was tall with brown hair and striking blue eyes.

    “I wonder how many people will show up…” – thought Masha.

    Some time passed and more people started to arrive. There was a short blond girl with curly hair, who was literally carried by soldiers. She was undoubtedly not happy about that. Then a tall lanky guy with spiky black hair and…huge scars on his left arm. Masha shivered a bit. She never liked the concept of cutting yourself. The last was an unusual guy, an albino, who dozed of immediately, as soon as he got to his chair. And no wonder, Masha noticed that he looked really exhausted, with dark circles under his eyes. She decided to let him be.

    The first guy, Leo was already trying to chat with everybody, but Mashas thoughts were occupied. She was carefully looking at other people Bronze Cubes. Yep, as she thought. Pokemon. To be precise, there were Gallade, Luvdisc, Luxray, Hitmonchan, Marowak, Banette and Froslass. This was getting even more confusing…

    “Well…the name is Masha. Masha Svetlova.” – She addressed particularly no one – “Hey, you know what strangely bothers me the most? Not that we have been taken from our homes and dragged to the middle of nowhere, not that these cubes have appeared at our homes… But why there are Pokemon carved there?"
  11. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Lovina Violenza
    Reaper - Hydreigon Cloth
    Cosa Nostra Ristorante, Boston

    Lovina wiped her forehead as she finished restocking the bar's drinks and glass supply. An unfortunate fight had broken out the night before between a very drunk Felice and one of her bartenders, who was in fact a trained Mafia spy, Fiorino Rossi. It wasn't a pretty sight, a number of bottles and glasses were smashed and Fiorino ended up with several cuts and bruises on his arms, two fractured ribs and was currently at the hospital. Felice on the other hand was relatively unscathed, aside from the bruises on his chest, the nasty cut on his left shoulder, and the damn hangover that he was going to have to deal with. Vincenzo assured her last night that everything was going to be fine, but Lovina did not want to believe her assassin-slash-head-chef. One, Felice was probably going to go out even with the hangover, and two, Ludovico was taking care of Felice for the day. What kind of bribe was he going to give the nineteen-year-old for the latter to rest? She moved from behind the bar counter and towards one of the already-set tables, tugging at one of the chairs and dropping down down on it, sitting in a spread-legged position like she almost always did. She growled and cursed to herself. Today was not her day, she felt like hitting someone or something already.

    Lovina got up and looked at the time, decided that she still had enough of it and walked out of the restaurant, mounting her motorcycle and started it up. She rode past several restaurants and stores and down two streets before halting and parking her motorcycle and getting off. She turned right to the nearest alley. Seeing a number of Dumpsters, she went up to them and kicked one of them violently with her heavy combat boot. It fell over, which satisfied her. Taking a cigarette and a lighter from the back pocket of her shorts, she stuck the small cylinder between her lips before lighting it and inhaled deeply, expelling puffs of smoke a few seconds after. She leaned against one of the walls as she continued on.

    Merda...why did I even wake up today? Stupido Felice...che idiota!

    Despite her words, she did not hate her younger brother. However, it did help her ease the baggage out of her system. It took three cigarettes and twenty minutes until Lovina finally decided to go back. Leaving the alley, she hopped onto her ride and returned.


    "Vina, where were you?" Vincenzo asked Lovina as she walked back through the doors. Vincenzo was grinning, and was dressed in his chef's jacket, currently stained with pasta sauce. Lovina couldn't help but smirk back at his state. Leave it to Vincenzo to actually make her smile even just a little bit.

    "Damn Enzo, I'm twenty-two, I could take care of myself!" She replied, sitting at the table Vincenzo was closest to. She saw a fairly large bronze-colored cube on top of it, which she picked up. Etched on it were images of Hydreigon, one of her favorite Pokemon. She turned it around and saw more of it, before looking up at her friend, knowing that it wasn't there when she left.

    "Besides, I'm not the one who brought a damn toy here, Enzo!" She laughed roughly, holding the cube up and waving it in his face while banging the table with her free hand. Vincenzo did not know what it was either. In fact, he took it and looked at it as if he never saw it before.

    "Vina...this isn't mine. You sure you aren't pranking me?" He chuckled. Lovina looked at him and shot him a death glare and took back the supposed toy cube, placing it back on the table. He had to fess up somehow, whether it was really his, or perhaps, a gift he chose for her. Vincenzo Farfalle was a very bad liar, and when he did, it did not take long for the truth to come out.

    "Confess, Enzo..." She started, reaching out for his neck. No, of course she wasn't really going to strangle him, it was just her idea of fun. After all, he was her best friend. Maybe she would have actually done it when she first met him, or all of her inner circle for the matter, but she learned to trust them, and she knew she could, even though she still picked some fights with them. Before she could threaten him however, the doors of the restaurant were flung open and six heavily-armed men poured in, heading for the table and surrounding her.

    I thought nobody knew! Who's the fucking traitor?

    The man closest to her started to speak. "Lovina Vanaria. We need you to come with us."

    Okay, no traitor. Now what?

    "Che cazzo! You broke in here and you expect me to listen? Vattènne! Fuck off!" She shouted, standing up. One of the other men picked up the cube on the table and handed it to the man who gave orders.

    "Here's the cube. We better get moving." He said, to which the one in charge nodded.

    "Move out, Vanaria. Hurry up!" He ordered. Lovina only glared at him. No, she wasn't going to take it without a fight. She stomped up to him and punched him squarely on the left eye, forcing a cry of surprise and pain out of him. Lovina punched once again, this time on the groin which made him stumble and fall back. The other men immediately surrounded her and grabbed her. She forced herself out of their grasp and kicked one of the others on the stomach. She did not notice, but the smallest of the men shook his head before taking out a gun and shooting her on the neck twice. Lovina felt sharp, successive pains, before quickly feeling heavier and more sluggish. She raised a hand to her neck, but before she was able to feel anything, she collapsed on the floor and saw only black.

    Felice Violenza
    Il Innamorato - Garchomp Cloth
    Violenza/"Vanaria" Residence, Boston

    "Feli, just rest. No going to the restaurant, no going out." Ludovico Ferri sighed as he placed a portable tray containing a plate of seafood pasta and a glass of orange juice on Felice's king-sized bed. The nineteen-year-old, despite his lingering headache and overall disheveled appearance, still dressed like a prince, bare-chested and wearing a navy blue silk robe over gold silk pajama pants. He grinned widely as he looked at his food, then back up at his crush.

    "You made this just for me, Lud? Aww, you're sweet." He giggled, before taking a forkful of pasta to eat. Ludovico's face grew nearly as red as his own hair as he swiftly shook his head.

    "N-no, I just brought it here...and maybe helped Mickey a bit. Just a little bit." He replied, repeatedly emphasizing on the "little bit". "Besides, who hired an American cook anyway? Mickey doesn't know how to work with cheese!" He continued. Felice shook his head and smiled, his garnet-colored eyes mischievous.

    "You know that you're a terrible liar, mi amore. I could see it in your face." Felice flirted cheekily as he reached for the redheaded bodyguard-doorman. Ludovico tried to keep a straight expression as he attempted to avoid Felice's hug, even though it was a one-handed hug. He knew of Felice's strength, and did not want to be his next unfortunate victim. The man still couldn't understand what the younger Violenza saw in him. He wasn't like passionate Vincenzo, sophisticated Luca, beautiful Fiorino or even eternally-happy Matteo. He was just...Ludovico. Ex-convict, released on condition of aversion therapy and hired by Alessandro Violenza to protect the siblings, not have a romance with either of them!

    "Just eat, Feli. I don't know why you insist that I'm not telling the truth, when I clearly am." Ludovico sighed, trying to keep a stern face. Felice merely smiled as he started eating. At least I'm having him in here without sorella having a problem with it... Though he wanted to get out of the house, he decided that having Ludovico all day, all to himself was so much better. Lovina had reluctantly given in and allowed Ludovico to handle Felice for the day, thinking he would keep her younger brother inside. Felice finished up his food before taking the bronze-colored cube he had found on his nightstand when he woke up. It had engravings of Garchomp all over it, and a metallic sheen. Felice had asked Ludovico if it was a gift he bought, and why he chose such a Pokemon, as Felice preferred a more elegant one, but the twenty-three-year-old denied it, saying that he did not have time to buy such a thing so early in the morning, and reminding Felice that he did break two of Fiorino's ribs the night before. He looked at it, under its base, on top, seeing even more Garchomp, before putting it back where it was.

    Sounds were coming from downstairs, loud pounding followed by yelling. Ludovico told Felice to stay inside as he left the room to handle whatever was happening. Once Ludovico was gone, Felice got up from the bed, intending to follow the redhead. However, he heard stomping up the stairs, followed by Ludovico's voice arguing with...other voices, not ones that Felice was familiar with either.

    "No! Out! You have no authority over Mr. Vanaria!" Ludovico protested.

    "As far as the reports are concerned, our other men have his sister." A different voice replied. Sorella? Lovina? Felice heard it clearly. Why did they have his sister, of all people? Has their cover been blown? Felice shook his head, he was going to try and deal with them his way. He quickly walked to his closet, despite his headache, and changed clothes before heading for the door. Plastering a fake, wide smile on his face, he opened it.

    "Feli! I told you not to get up!" Ludovico growled. Six armed men stood outside, the leader among them eying Felice as the rest tried to look inside the room.

    "Felice Vanaria. We need you to come with us." He said, mispronouncing the nineteen-year-old's first name. Felice kept the smile on his face as he stood at the doorway.

    "C'mon, I just broke someone's ribs...didn't kill anyone. And, it's Feli-che, do I look like a pretty girl to you? Well, you seem kinda cute, but Lud-..." He replied, before being cut off.

    "Yeah, yeah. Sure...now, where's the cube?" The leader asked. Oh...so it was delivered here by mistake! Felice thought as he walked back to his nightstand and picked up the cube, holding it up for the men to see.

    "It's right here! You need it?" He said before heading back and giving the cube to the leader, who passed it on to one of the bigger armed men.

    "Now, you must come with us, Vanaria." The leader said. Felice didn't understand...he already gave them what they wanted. What else was there? If they weren't going to go away and release his sister over a cube... He decided to handle it himself.

    "Si, just...let me hug you! You're so cute!" He burst out, before he took the leader into a tight bear hug. The latter was surprised, protesting and trying to make Felice let go. The blond only hugged tighter, fully intent on making the man pass out in order for them to stop bothering his alone time with Ludovico and release Lovina. The man was starting to gasp for breath, and Felice smiled. His triumph was short-lived however, as he felt a sharp pain on his back, followed by weakness...and then darkness took over.


    Felice was still disoriented and handcuffed when he was led off the aircraft he woke up in and into a room by a serious-looking man.

    "Mr. Vanaria, remember that violence will not be tolerated in this facility, not even violence of...such nature." There were others, seated around a table. They all had cubes in front of them...cubes that looked very familiar to Felice. They looked just like the one he found in his room. Felice was led to a chair, which he then sat on.
    The man then placed the Garchomp cube in front of him.

    "Wait for the General. Everything will become clear." He said, before leaving. Felice looked around the table, seeing the different people and smiled at them. Their cubes had different Pokemon on them. Somebody even had a Gallade. Felice pouted, wondering why someone else got his favorite Pokemon. His expression perked up however, when he saw the owner of the cube. He seemed pretty nice and friendly. Felice guessed that maybe these people weren't supposed to be such bad company after all, whoever they were.

    "Ciao! I'm Felice...Vanaria. You can call me Feli!" He greeted, smiling warmly and nearly slipping up on the surname. If this had something to do with the government, one small mistake could put him behind bars. He heard the doors opening once again, followed by a female voice shouting strings of Italian swears.

    "Figlio di Troia! Vaffanculo! Va' All'Inferno!" Two large men were restraining a handcuffed young woman, beautiful but angry, with red hair tied into a messy ponytail. A third man led the way, equally large. Felice immediately recognized the female. Lovina.

    "Vina!" he called towards the redhead. His sister took one look at him and wrestled herself away from the men's grasp.

    "Perché hai preso mio fratellino? What did he do? He has nothing to do with this...nothing!" She growled in question, visibly angry and upset. The man leading the group only kept walking as Lovina tried to break free of her handcuffs. The two men grabbed her and tried to lift her, but she retaliated with a two-handed punch on one of them.

    "Vanaria, extreme violence is prohibited in this facility, and any more attempts will result in another round of tranquilization." The older man said. Lovina only smirked.

    "Try me, idiota. Just try me." She snarled before taking her seat next to Felice. The man placed a bronze cube in front of her, bearing Hydreigon engravings before leaving. Felice looked at the cube, then at his. It apparently wasn't only him, but the both of them. He looked at her, then smiled once again at the others. Lovina merely glared at them with piercing violet eyes.

    "Hehe...this is Lovina, my big sister. She can be a little scary, but she's actually really nice inside." He said, introducing her. Lovina merely kept an angry expression on her face as she flipped the bird for everyone to see.

    "Suck my balls, dickheads." She growled. Felice looked at her in horror.

    "Vina! That's not nice!" He exclaimed. His sister didn't show any signs of wanting to take it back, however.

    Lovina...why can't you play nice sometimes?
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  12. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Tate Lionheart
    Joker- Vanilluxe Cloth
    Small Apartment somewhere in Illinois

    Tick, tock, tick, tock. The constant ticking of the grandfather clock was the only sound in the entire room, the darkness not helping the gloomy feeling. Though, it was just an average morning in the boy's apartment. Well, at least the main room. In one of the bedroom's a light can be seen turned on. Inside, well, let's just say that it was a giant mess. Tate sighed as he continued to shuffle through all the Vocaloid in his libary, trying to find a specific song.

    "Damn it, where's Matryoshka? Well, Invisible just played... I haven't listened to that in such a long time, but it does bring back very painful memories. To think I was an utaite at one time, but I just can't bring myself to sing after what happened... Ugh, I need to finish this GUMI pic I'm drawing for art class today and I need to find Matryoshka. Eбать это, I'll just work on this later," Tate muttered to himself while flipping through his library. He decided to pick up his room a little before hearing the alarm buzz for six.

    He quickly grabbed a pair of cloths and hopped into the shower. Tate started to hum Invisible for a bit after getting out of the shower, the song actually helping fuel his creativity. Putting on his clothes, the boy quickly grabbed his sketchbook and started to draw a haphazard line-art before breaking out into a few lyrics.

    "Daikirai, kirai, kirai na boku ga, mietemasuka? Runpappa! Shir-" He started to sing the chorus before his roomate busted into his room, bewildred.

    "Okay dude, seriously, I know we both like vocaloid and all, but that's just ****ing creepy. You sound like a famous utaite from back in the day... Anyways there's a package for you at the front door. See ya at class," she told him before leaving. Tate sighed and gave her a cheerful good-bye.

    He quickly put his things together, and went to the front door. He looked at the package, which was more of a bronze cube then anythign else. On it seemed to be a Vanilluxe, or what looked like it. Tate was curious why a Pokemon would be on the cube, maybe his siter found his old Pokemon cards and decided to ship them back? He still couldn't understand why there was a Vanilluxe on it, and it started to eat away at him. He found some straps on the cube and carried it into the house. Tate decided he'd investigate it later, some last minute homework was more important.

    He continued on with his daily morning schedule, from taking his anti-depressants to drawing while eating breakfast. He quickly flipped through the TV channels, but all he could find were these strange apparitions that have been appearing lately.

    To think about it, the Sear's tower looked a bit weird yesterday when I saw it. Oh well, it must be some government conspiracy theory... He sighed and started to finish the shading on GUMI's hood when he heard the doorbell.

    "It's unlocked!" He shouted , putting down his pencil. Instead of the person simply walking in, Tate's eyes widened when he saw the door fly right in front of him. He put on a cheery smiled to make his company feel welcomed, and fought himself to keep it up when a few heavily-armed soldiers came in. A woman then emerged from the group and sat adjacent from him.

    "Tate Lionheart, I presume?" She asked coldly

    "Uh, yeah. Whatcha guys need?" He asked a little bit childishly, even if nervousness was clawing at him.

    "We need you to come with us, and bring the bronze cube along," She ordered

    "And what if I refuse, сука?" Tate playfully asked.

    "What did you just call me!?" She asked furiously

    "He called you a bitch, ma'am," One of the soldiers answered politely.

    "What, I'm only joking after all! I was going to come with you anyways, I jsut wanted to see your reaction, and it was pretty funny. Besides, I need to finish this sketch," Tate cut her off, getting up and grabbing his anti-depressants, notebook, and pencil.

    "Don't move or we'll shoot!" She yelled.

    "Do you want me to kill myself?" He asked, his voice having a tone of seriousness.

    "No... I can't allow you to die," she responded.

    "Then let me grab my deck of cards and MP3 then we can leave, got it?" He playfully smiled before grabbing hte rest of his things, then walking out ahead of everyone. He gave a small smirk before entering the helicopter.



    Briefing room

    Tate, now handcuffed, sat in a room with a few others. He scanned the room, seeing a couple of cute men in their but shrugged it off. He giggled at the two siblings, but overall everyone else was having their own small talk. He looked at his Vanilluxe cube and wondered why he got it. He wasn't exactly a fan of fire, but it did match his orange hair...

    I guess it works out...

    Tate sighed and smiled, starting to sing Matryoshka.
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  13. ChintzySnail

    ChintzySnail Banned

    Autumn Nights

    Fresca Beauchêne
    Climate Control - Castform Cloth
    Park Bench


    "Mmn." A young girl stirred in her sleep. Bird songs echoed around her. The sun lazily poked at shadows, scaring them away. It was dawn. It was a calm morning. A gentle breeze flew over the girl, tickling her, brushing up against her hair, her worn-out clothes, her bare-skin legs.

    "Mmn." She groaned once again. The wind would not forfeit. It grew stronger, wrapped around her leg, blew up into her skirt. "Gyah." She sat up startled swatting at the invisible air. The blew stronger. She held down onto her skirt, only to protect her modesty. In a panicked state, she looked around. Her honey-blonde hair whipped her cheeks as she looked side to side. That's right, she thought, I, ran away... This was not her comfortable room; there were no walls. She was on a wooden park bench.

    She let out a sigh and balanced her forehead on her palm. She got up too quickly. The park was eerily quiet. No joggers, no early vendors, no creeps. A dark shade covered the entire park; the sun was awake, but barely risen. Where is everyone? She thought, as her eyes followed a discarded burger wrap being pushed around by the wind.

    "This is... odd? Where is... everyone? Mmn..." She spoke to herself, as she looked to the empty pathways, the solemn road with empty parked cars beside the park. I could of been... molested. Stupid stupid, why'd I fall asleep here... She bit her lower lip as panic came across her again. She looked over herself.

    Fresca still had on her school uniform, she never returned home after school the other day. Her blazer was her blanket, removed from her arms, and placed over her chest. Her blouse with mismatched buttons-to-holes. Her belly-button exposed to the world. Her skirt ripped at the front, grown larger since before she fell asleep. Her shoes scoffed with dried mud, scratched by loose sticks and stones. Her outfit was not neat and pressed as it should be; instead wrinkled, stained, broken. She looked to the sky as she remembered. I ran away... A smile grew on her face. She felt relief.

    It was the evening two days ago that made her decide. She found pictures, of herself, not taken by her; on her father's computer. She only meant to use a printer, but his account was unlocked, logged on. Curiosity took over her and she clicked on a random folder. These pictures were taken from angles behind Fresca; as if he was following her. She had no privacy in her own home. She clicked through many, none were risque. The most revealing was Fresca in a bathing suit at a pool. She thought it was perverted, weird, controlling. Most of all, she felt fear. This fear finally pushing her away from the comfort of the domestic, to the world of a gypsy. The only company she had now, was a squirrel beside the bench, chewing away; tapping its tail.

    Fresca sighed again. She dusted off her outfit, and placed the blazer over her shoulder. She hopped of the bench, and reached for her make-shift pillow; her school-bag. She pulled it up to be placed over her shoulder and noticed something falling. An odd cube-shaped object fell from her bag. It hit the benched with a loud ting, bounced and hit the grassy ground beneath. She looked at the object, both eyebrows raised.

    "hi?" She spoke to the object. She pivoted toward it, dragging her feet. "What are you?" The cube did not respond, it stood still with one corner dug into the dirt. Fresca loomed over the small cube; reaching for it. Is it mine? One of my friends? What is it... a puzzle-box? Jewelry? A paper-weight? She felt around the cube, there were inscriptions, protrusions, indentations; each shape smooth to the touch. She rubbed the cube, it felt of well polished metal. "What is this?"

    Fresca grasped the object. It was small enough to fit in her palm. Slowly, she lifted it with bent knees. "heavy?" She struggled to bring it up with one arm. She grabbed the object with her free-hand and raised it higher. As much a toil as it was to lift close to the ground, it grew lighter as she lifted it higher and higher. Soon it was the weight of a feather, despite being metallic.

    "Wha--?" She uttered surprised; looking at it. her nose now nearly touching the metal as her eyes scanned. It's like a large, weird, dice, she thought.

    The cube had unique pictures on each of its six sides. Fresca pivoted the object around. One side had the picture of a cloud, with a smiley face. Another side had the same smiley face, but in a sun. Other sides had the face in a raindrop, a snowflake. A lone lightning bolt was on another side; and what Fresca assumed to be either a rainbow or horseshoe existed on the last side. "What are you?" She muttered to the object again.

    She fiddled around the cube, noticing seams on few of the sides. It looks like it can open. A puzzle box, then? She thought. Wait...

    Fresca looked up near the bench; the odd squirrel still chewing on some seeds. "Could it be... Could you be, am I dreaming? Could this, was I chosen to be magical girl? Maybe there's a wand or something inside!" She had a mischievous glee as her eyes sparkled and mind retreated into her fantasies. She looked at the squirrel, though instead of getting the squirrel's attention, she startled it. The next second it was up a tree staring down at her, still chewing away.

    She flew her fist into the air, scolding the squirrel, she heard two voices behind her. People! She turned around to see where the voices came from. They were two men in black-suits; earpieces and sunglasses on their face. They spoke with an American accent, a strong drawl. She rotated the cube in her hand as she stared blankly at the approaching men. Have The States, invaded?

    "Miss Beauchêne?" One man spoke to her. He was the shorter of the two, a tad curvy on the gut as well. His was was clean-shaven, else his eyes and hair were hidden behind sun-glasses and a black hat.

    "...?" She stood silently, looking at the man who called out to here.

    "Miss Beauchêne. You need you to come with us." He spoke calmly, trying to suade her.

    "Did... So I've been found? They sent you?" She looked at the man, quickly glancing at the cube, and back to the pair. "I-I'm not going back, no."

    "Miss Beauchêne. Don't make this difficult." The man came closer. His arm outstretched.

    "S-stay away. I... Help?!" She screamed to the silent streets. The taller man looked around, and nodded back at his partner, still getting closer to Fresca. "Stay away,"she whined.

    The man came closer and grabbed at her wrist. Fresca yanked her arm away, but his grip was tight. She, flustered, grabbed her bag on her shoulder hitting the man square in the face. Whatever was in this bag was heavy enough to loosen his grip as she escaped and started running. She stuck the cube into her blazer pocket without thinking. The taller man tried to corner her, but with quick thinking she brought her knee to his groin. he tumbled over. She ran toward the road, when the buzzing of air being sliced flew right by her ear. She slouched, and looked back. The man she hit with the bag had shot at her.

    "Help! Help!" she screamed again as she headed toward the road. She noticed a person up ahead, exiting a store. Thank you, thank you, thank you. She thought as she ran toward the person. The person smiled as she approached. Fresca knew something was off. Two shadows ambushed her from behind; she felt very groggy. She passed out.

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  14. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Leo Silverstone
    Paladin - Gallade Cloth

    “It’s sure getting lively in here and since the higher up hasn’t come to chat I guess that means there are still more to come. My name is Florenz… Florenz Witershin.” "Hey Leo, have you ever lived in Miami, Florida?”

    "Yeah, I used to live there. Why do you ask?..." It took him a minute to put the pieces together before his eyes widened. "Wait a second... OHMIGOSH! I knew you looked familiar! Didn't we used to go to school together?! Wow, it's been such a long time. How've ya been?!"

    Two new people started to arrive. "Ciao! I'm Felice...Vanaria. You can call me Feli!" Shortly after he introduced himself, another girl was dragged in against her will. This was one was brought in kicking and screaming. Afterward she had been seated, Feli explained that she was his sister.

    "Hehe, I'm Leo." The young man said with a smile, and giving him a thumbs up. "And don't worry, I've known a lot of people like that. They might yell a lot, but deep down, they have a warm and fuzzy side. They always do."

    A young looking guy with orange hair had been brought in during all of that. He sat a table and started singing a song to himself.

    The girl who called herself Masha was the next one to speak. She brought up a good point that Leo hadn't really bothered to think too much about before. “Hey, you know what strangely bothers me the most? Not that we have been taken from our homes and dragged to the middle of nowhere, not that these cubes have appeared at our homes… But why there are Pokemon carved there?"

    The Pokemon cubes were cool and all, but why were they given Pokemon Cubes to begin with was a complete mystery to him. "Hm, I wonder that too..." He put his hand on one of the Gallade faces etched into the bronze. Before he had a chance to question the strangeness of this situation further, the cube glowed and started to come apart. A strange gravitational force pull him upward. "Hey, put me down!" he shouted to no one. His arms and legs fell limp, and his chest stuck up. The boy was completely helpless, and unable to move.

    Suddenly, his left eye began to burn. Like someone was grafting it with a very hot needle. The pain was intense. "Gah! Why does it burn?!" Growing up, Leo developed some tolerance for pain, but this was far too much. This was almost impossible to bear. For the next few moments, all Leo could do was scream as the glowing cube pieces whirled around him. They started spinning faster and faster, attaching to his body and forming clothes as the intense pain he was feeling only got worse. "AHHHHHH!" Then, he heard a "Click" sound in his head, and everything stopped. He was gently lowered back into his chair.

    For a while, Leo simply sat there panting. His heart was racing, and adrenaline was flowing through him. His eyes were shut, and his arms outstretched. He had broken out into a cold sweat as his mind and body tried to process everything that had just occured. Eventually, he opened his eyes, and sat up. "Ok, what was that?!" He saw that his cube was gone. His hands were no longer bound, which was great. As he leaned over the table, he looked at his reflection on the glass surface, he noticed something that surprised him. "Oh. My. God!" He was now wearing clothes, and they were not normal clothes either. From the look of the green helmet, the sword like green gloves, and everything else that he was now wearing, it was quite obvious that he was dressed like a humanized Gallade. He had quickly forgotten about that awful experience he had to go through. "Wow, this just went from scary to cool in just a few seconds! Do you know what this means?! We're superheroes! Haha, this is great! I always wanted to be one!" He cheered as he got out of his seat, flexed his arms, and admired himself in his new duds. "Hehe, I actually look kinda hot in this!"

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  15. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Florenz Witershin
    Mr. Temptress- Luvdisc Cloth

    “Yeah, I used to live there. Why do you ask?...” Leo answered him rather confused, which for a moment made the guy think that maybe he had gotten the wrong person. But after a minute or so his eyes widen as he had his sudden realization. “Wait a second... OHMIGOSH! I knew you looked familiar! Didn't we used to go to school together?! Wow, it's been such a long time. How've ya been?!”

    Florenz was really happy to meet his best friend, Leo again even though the black-haired guy’s memory of him didn’t seem too great. It was normal since they’d know each for about a year in second grade. But his best friend Leo would hold a special part in his memory banks. Even though he was much taller and muscled than back then Florenz was…… actually he hadn’t really change much had he? Surly not in height or muscle, he did have a better sense of fashion.

    “I’ve been good, a lot of good things happen after moving… and bad,” he thought that last phrase with a smile. His brown eyes looked to him again at an upwards angle. “I should have eaten my vegetables and maybe I would have grown some more.” He amusedly chuckled to himself.

    “Well…the name is Masha. Masha Svetlova.” The first girl to arrive introduced herself. It was much like this a more general everyone greeting. The brunette thinking continued to speak about something else. “Hey, you know what strangely bothers me the most? Not that we have been taken from our homes and dragged to the middle of nowhere, not that these cubes have appeared at our homes… But why there are Pokemon carved there?"

    Masha mention that pokemon thing again... What exactly was that suppose to be...? He stared at his cube confusedly tilting his head as if to see something that he might be missing. So the engraving on this bronze box was a Pokémon? Florenz could only see a heart design with an eye. He nearly asked what it was when the clamor of other person entering arose. A cheerful blond guy entered with a huge grin. He said his name was Felice but shortly after a larger ruckus arose. As a lady was furious shouted out a foreign language... It was not one he was familiar with nor that he think he could repeat even if he tried. The guy that just entered seem to recognized her as he called out to her.

    "Perché hai preso mio fratellino? What did he do? He has nothing to do with this...anything!" Her anger got a dozen time worse after seeing him confirming that they knew each other in same. With two large men straining her, the redhead woman struggle to get free. Even striking them with a her hand bound... She seemed very violent but it was probably due to she and Felice were forcefully bought here. The leading solider advised against violence unless they go to more extreme methods of restrain in which she responded with challenging to do it.

    "Hehe...this is Lovina, my big sister. She can be a little scary, but she's actually really nice inside." That what the little brother said but she was still peeved and pointed that at them. It was understandable that this Lovina was upset but there was no reason to point it toward them, right? They were all in the same situation... some maybe worse off than others.

    "Suck my balls, dickheads." She growled. Felice looked horrified which match his expression as she glared and growled at them. This lady was more than a little scary she was terrifying. He had never in his life felt fear towards such a beauty woman. Or witness such vulgarity from one... He was glad she wasn't sitting next him and that he wasn't alone with her. Leo’s opinion about her being ‘warm and fuzzy’ anywhere seem more like optimistic rambling, however it wasn’t like he knew many people like that. Either way, he looked toward the brother and sister with a smile. Florenz began a motion to wave only to suddenly remember with a painful wince that his hands were still bound together at his wrists.

    "Hello, quite an entrance there... nice to meet you..... I'm Florenz Witershin," The short blond attempt to sound cheerful sounded very fake even to his ears, he still smiled and tried. There was silent pause but only for a moment. As Leo said something again about the cube and touched it and suddenly, he was defying gravity…screaming in pain about burning as the thing started to wrap around him. This time Florenz kept his sadism internal as he wore a concern expression to hide his glee of watching Leo squirm~ Once it finish he was wearing an interesting outfit…… And it forgot to give him a shirt.

    “Wow, this just went from scary to cool in just a few seconds! Do you know what this means?! We're superheroes! Haha, this is great! I always wanted to be one!” The black-haired man returned to jolliness which was a pity, he was to see more pain… not that he wasn’t glad that Leo wasn’t kill. He would hate to part after just meeting him after so long.

    Florenz was now looking at his cube rather cautiously; he had no motivation to touch it. The man was not fond of pain on himself. He glanced around to see if anyone else was willing to touch their cube and risk the same result… As of now no taker, he surely didn’t want to be a ‘superhero’ after that. But before anything else happens he decided he would try to get some of his questions answered.

    “This may be a bit late to ask… and a weird question… but what is a Pokaymon? Is it a bad thing? And how is this, a Love Disk?” Florenz knew someone could give him answers since; they seem to understand what it was. The blond however was so completely in the dark about all of this. He returned to staring at his bronze cube but he clearly had not intention of making any contact with it anytime soon.
  16. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Tate Lionheart
    Joker- Vanilluxe Cloth
    Location: Unknown

    Tate stopped singing at the sound of pain, and gave a quick glance over towards the boy named Leo. It seemed it was a response the cube made to him, and was perhaps a warning not to touch them. Tate giggled a bit at his childish efforts to assuage the pain, but overall stayed silent through the ordeal. Though afterwards it seemed like the cube disassembled and started to swirl around the boy until he was wearing cloths.

    "He looks like a Gallade... And has no shirt," Tate muttered before getting up and poking Leo's abs. "They're a bit squishy though~ And that costume looks a bit funny. Are you sure this isn't some joke you're playing on us?" Tate giggled questioningly after the other boy's super hero line. He then noticed the boy next to the Gallade boy ask a few questions.

    “This may be a bit late to ask… and a weird question… but what is a Pokaymon? Is it a bad thing? And how is this, a Love Disk?” He asked, a little bit confused

    "Well, a Pokemon, or Pocket Monster, is a sort of creature developed by the Japanese video game company Game Freak. The games are target towards a younger demographic, but have captivated the hearts of many people over the world. Many pieces of fan art and fan fiction have come up, and even some fan games as well. The game is published by Nintendo, usually on their portable handheld systems. A Luvdisc, L u v d i s c, is a water type Pokemon introduced in the third generation of games, Ruby and Sapphire. It has very weak offensive and deffensive stats, but has a reasonably high speed. It's shaped like a heart, and in the games it's said that couples who find one are granted eternal love. I wonder why you got such a bad Pokemon though, while some of us got a Gallade, " Tate groped Leo's abs again. " and who knows what else. I know I got a Vanilluxe... Which isn't bad but it's not that great either... So, I hope that helps!" Tate exclaimed cheerfully after is childish, factual blabber.

    "Now... I guess I'll test to see if the same thing would happen to me. After all, it's certainly evoking some curiosity in all of is, is it not?"

    The twenty three year old then happily skipped over towards his cube and slammed his hand into it. A sharp, grating pain shot through his body as the cube started to react around him. The cube disassembled and started to attach itself to him, making the pain only worse. Though, it was barely even a scratch to what emotional pain Tate had gone through, so it was barely nothing. When it was done, he heard some sort of click in his head.

    When the whole ordeal was over, Tate looked at his reflection. His orange locks were replace with a more smoother, icy blue hair that curled at the side. He was wearing a black mask with a smiley face on it, maybe to signify Vanilluxe's two faces. He looked down to feel a giant blue and white scarf wrapped around him, and a white and powdery blue overcoat. Further down, he was wearing blacks jeans, and a sword was at his left side. He quickly drew out the sword, which seemed the function like a mirror. He examined himself in the mirror, but his face quickly become overcome with shock at what he saw and swiftly put the sword away. He then sat back down and returned to signing Matryoshka.
  17. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Lucas Moncrief

    Lucas watched as others streamed in. Shortly after he sat down, a man with strange white hair stumbled into a chair, and immediately crashed. Lucas smiled. Best let him sleep... Then, a guy with black hair spoke up. "I'm Leo! Wow, there are a lot of Pokemon boxes. I wonder which one is gonna show up next." Lucas looked him over. Dude... that would suck, being dragged in wearing only your boxers... Lucas smiled, and dipped his head in greeting before focusing his attention on the bronze box in front of him. Pokemon, eh.... now that he mentions it, this doll does look familiar! I played this game when I was... I don't know, eleven or twelve. That's a... banette? Yeah, I had one in Emerald...

    Lucas shrugged. Another boy stumbled into the room, smiling. "Ciao! I'm Felice...Vanaria. You can call me Feli!" Lucas smiled at the young boy, and was about to say something, when a woman, maybe in her early twenties, came in screaming.

    "Figlio di Troia! Vaffanculo! Va' All'Inferno!" she said, struggling to get out of the grasp of two men. Feli seemed to notice her immediately. After a small conversation between the two men, Feli, and the woman, Feli introduced her. "Hehe...this is Lovina, my big sister. She can be a little scary, but she's actually really nice inside." Lovina spewed some more vulgarity.

    "Nice to meet'cha, Feli, although I can't really say the same for your sister. She'll probably kill me. My name is Lucas." Lucas smiled, waving at Feli.

    After the siblings came another boy. He sat down quietly, then proceeded to sing. Lucas couldn't understand the lyrics, but liked the guy's voice, so he regarded it as background music and focused on the present.

    “Well…the name is Masha. Masha Svetlova.” A voice said, directing Lucas's attention to a girl who came in before he did. “Hey, you know what strangely bothers me the most? Not that we have been taken from our homes and dragged to the middle of nowhere, not that these cubes have appeared at our homes… But why there are Pokemon carved there?"

    "Hm, I wonder that too..." Leo said, putting a hand on the cube, which was etched with the figure of a Gallade. The cube began to glow and come apart, and Leo began to float upwards. "Hey, put me down!" he shouted to no one. His arms and legs fell limp, and his chest stuck up. "Gah! Why does it burn?!" Leo screamed. The glowing cube pieces spun around him, faster and faster, grafting onto his body. "AHHHHHH!" Then, everything stopped- and Leo was set gently down into his chair. He just sat there panting for a while, his arms outstretched and his eyes shut. Then, he opened his eyes and sat up. "Ok, what was that?!" the boy said. Lucas blinked. The heck just happened... the cube's gone, he's dressed in green and white, probably to symbolize Gallade, and his hands are untied... "Oh. My. God! Wow, this just went from scary to cool in just a few seconds! Do you know what this means?! We're superheroes! Haha, this is great! I always wanted to be one!" He cheered as he got out of his seat and flexed his arms. "Hehe, I actually look kinda hot in this!"

    Lucas smiled, and stared at his cube. His hands were itching to touch it. To feel it. Before he could, however, another guy, whom Lucas had dubbed "The Singing Dude", reached out and touched his cube, a cube with Vanniluxe etched onto the sides. After the whole cube-attachment mess, his hair became and icy blue, hie face covered by a black mask, and he was wearing a snow blue ovrcoat and scarf, jeans, and he had a sword. Lucas grinned. It's my turn.

    Lucas thrust him hand onto his Banette cube. Instantly, a spurt of pain spiked through his arm. Lucas cried out, but the sound seemed to be swallowed up in his throat, and was cut short. Suddenly, it felt as a dark, ghostly aura surrounded him, engulfing his nerves with pain. The aura seemed to make gravity stronger, and no matted how Lucas tried to stay upright, he fell onto his knees. He smiled, gritting his teeth as cloth pieces flew onto his skin. Before long, however, the burning sensation became too much for him. Lucas tried to scream, but no sound escaped him. Then suddenly, he heard a clicking noise, and everything stopped. He stood up and shuddered. "I've never felt anything that... intense." Lucas said. He then looked at himself, using the glassy table as a mirror. "Heh, I look nice," he said, flexing his arms. His t-shirt had beed replaced with an unbuttoned, hooded vest, his shorts replaced by black sweatpants, and he was barefoot. Covering his mouth was a black bandana, with a yellow smile that had been stitched on, a zipper at one end. "Totally reminds me of Banette!" He smiled at Leo. "Although, I am glad I'm not the only shirtless one."
  18. Pinkazoid

    Pinkazoid Well-Known Member

    Masha Svetlova
    Sparky – Luxray cloth

    There was a newcomer. A big cheerful guy with golden hair and a cute curl who introduced himself as Felice. Masha felt almost the same positive vibe from him as from Leo and wanted to reply to his greeting. But then the soldiers dragged the crimson-haired girl in. Oh boy…She was thrashing about and screaming something in a language which Masha assumed to be Spanish or Italian…But the biggest surprise was that Feli called her his sister!

    “Whoa…can’t believe that they are siblings… I mean, they are complete opposites!” – thought Masha, slightly horrified at the sight of Lovina flipping the bird to everybody and cussing. She felt uneasy.

    “Something tells me that we won’t get along well” – Masha murmured to herself and snuggled in her fuzzy bathrobe. It was starting to get cold…

    Then another boy was escorted in. A very youthful-looking guy with bright orange hair, who seemed unfazed with the whole situation happening around him. He just sighed, smiled and started singing. A sound of a familiar tune made Masha perk up.

    “Haha, I know that one!” – she grinned – “Anone, motto ippai matte choudai! Karinka? Marinka? Gen o hajiite~” – she softly hummed to herself and wanted to raise her voice louder in order to join in the chorus…

    But then this happened.

    A scream jolted Masha out of her bliss. She abruptly turned and screamed herself, jumping from her chair in the process. The sight of Leo, floating in mid-air while the Cube pieces stuck to him…his screams of pain…The picture was surreal like something out of the movie, something which can never happen in reality…And then it was over. Leo fell back in his chair, panting and sweating. His hands were free but his looks changed. Even in her shocked condition Masha managed to realize that he resembled a humanized Gallade, complete with green helmet and bladed gloves.

    “Wh…Wh…What the hell is going on!? How was that possible!?’ – Masha managed to squeeze this out of her, choking on words. Her mind couldn’t even grasp what has happened in front of her eyes. But Masha wasn’t mad she knew that…So this was all true. But Leo seemed to be fine and dandy.

    "Wow, this just went from scary to cool in just a few seconds! Do you know what this means?! We're superheroes! Haha, this is great! I always wanted to be one!" – he got up from his chair and started showing off. Masha could only stare at him, wide-eyed.

    After Leo, two people immediately tried the same thing – touching the Cubes. And again, a painful transformation occurred. Soon, there stood human representations of Vanilluxe and Banette. The guys seemed excited too, Masha even envied their composure.

    “Leo, are…Are you okay?” – She stood up and moved closer to Leo. She wanted to take a closer look at him – “I just can’t…can’t believe this…So what does it mean? Superheroes are real? Magic is real? Pokemon are real!? Gah! I’m so confused! – Masha sounded scared and confused at the same time. And she kept glancing at her cube which she left on the table. Suddenly…it became so tempting.
  19. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Florenz Witershin
    Mr. Temptress- Luvdisc Cloth

    The redheaded boy explain rather thoroughly the answers his questions, while stroking Leo stomach for some reason, so pokemon was a video game... that would explain it, he never played any video games even in his childhood, but it seem popular so he might have seen it around, maybe? The way that young teen describe the Luvdisc as 'weak offensively and defensively' and 'such a bad Pokemon' made Florenz feel sympathy for the poor thing. No love for the Luvdisc, it seems... even if it had its negatives there was no reason for it to be disliked and looked down at so harshly... But then again, that's how life was... things that are bad is hated. He felt it had some kinship with him, this pokemon... thought about touching it just for the poor unlike creature.

    After two, while enjoyable to watch, transformations he quickly lost his resolve about the cube. Florenz REALLY didn't like pain... nor could get handle it well and that looked incredibly painful. Staring that heart-shaped pokemon remember the words of the redhead, he again started feeling bad for the Luvdisc... The man would have hoped that there would be someone willing to take pain for him and not abandon him because of it.

    ……The blond short guy decided he would accept it for all its bad traits... he quickly grabbed the cube before someone else did and he changed his mind again. It was a quickly regretted action, because it was painful!!! It was the worse pain he had ever been in. He didn't do any weird floating or stuff; he just collapsed to the floor in pain and squeezed his cuffed arms himself as if that would help. It didn't help as the burning sensation spread through his body. He let out multiple yelps of agony and twitched on the ground until a sensation like the cold splash of water seemed to soothe it all.

    He stayed motionless for a moment, his eyes closed. Florenz was trying figure out how someone just shrugged that off?! Was is the understanding of Pokémon or were they just tougher than him? Whatever the reason, he was nearly in tears it was so agonizing… he decide to stay down a moment longer to calm himself before he flew off the handle in an emotional state which would be bad.

    He finally sat up and opened his eyes, after taking a few breaths, to a world now in a shade of blue. Even through the blue-tinted visors he could tell he was wearing pink... a lot of pink: The top was pink with a heart on it, pants were pink turning darker towards the bottom, really dark pink shoes, a pink sash was wrapped around his waist, checkered pink tie around his neck, a pink mask covering the bottom of his face, a pink cloth covering almost all of the top half, pink gloves and dangling bracelets of different shades of pink covered his hands and wrists. The only things visible that wasn't pink were the sleeves of the top, the glasses and the few locks of his golden hair that hung down. The tight fitting clothes squeezing his unflattering, pudgy built which gave him a very curvy and effeminate appearance.

    It wasn't like he was expecting to even look close to as manly as compare to any of these guys but he didn't think he would look super girly... probably more feminine than the girls here... But with a name like Luvdisc, he probably should have expected this... at least he was fully clothed because he could never pull off that shirtless look. Overall, he didn't really understand the enthusiasm of other people... Pokémon really didn't mean much to him other than a word and the damn thing that put him through horrible pain... At least his wrists were free the cuffs, they were quite unpleasant; it was one thing he could that be thankful for.

    “That was… incredibly excruciating… I never want to go through that again.” Florenz complained rather than being all excited/shocked about his transformation like the other three. He ended up staring at his reflection in the table… “Is it the clothes or have I always looked this girly?”

    His pride as a man was slightly bruised seeing at how he looked in his new clothing. But he learned in his life was beggars can’t be chooser and you just got to settle with what you got. He smiled again even though the mask made it impossible to tell.

    “I guess I did; it must be why I got this outfit change. I feel it oddly suit me, this Luvdisc monster. Maybe it’s our charming looks?” Florenz tried to be happy, cheerful and optimistic about it… only slightly trying to follow Leo’s example. The rest of him just smiled and accept things as they were, he had no intention to fight it, not that he believed he could anyways.
  20. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Felice Violenza
    Il Innamorato - Garchomp Cloth

    "Hehe, I'm Leo. And don't worry, I've known a lot of people like that. They might yell a lot, but deep down, they have a warm and fuzzy side. They always do." The dark-haired boy with the Gallade cube introduced himself. Lovina merely glared while Felice grinned. The blond boy liked him and felt that they would get along. Maybe he could even help his sister become less hostile in general? He took a quick glance at Lovina, thinking that the dark-haired boy might suit his sister perfectly. Lovina returned his look with a harsh "don't you ever think about it" look. Felice merely smirked back at her before the others introduced themselves.

    There was Florenz, the small blond with warm brown eyes. Masha was the pretty brunette, and there was a redheaded boy who did not introduce himself, but started singing. Masha joined along, apparently knowing the song. The others sitting in the room included a white-haired boy with red eyes, possibly an albino, and two blonde girls, one of them with long curls and formally-dressed, and the other one much smaller and younger-looking, wearing a red outfit.

    "Nice to meet'cha, Feli, although I can't really say the same for your sister. She'll probably kill me. My name is Lucas." A tall boy with black hair waved at Felice, grinning. Felice smiled back. Lucas was handsome, possibly just as much as Ludovico. He looked once again at Lovina, who was cursing under her breath. Undoubtedly, she wasn't as warmly-received as her brother, and she noticed. Felice couldn't blame any of them however. He was an optimist by nature and believed in seeing the better side of people, no matter what. Lovina was his opposite, it was difficult to warm up to and get to know her. He knew of his natural charisma, and it always got him what he wanted, even if he used it on his own sister.

    "C'mon, Vina. Smile! They don't seem like bad people... Give them a chance." He coaxed.

    Lovina Violenza
    Reaper - Hydreigon Cloth

    Lovina truthfully wanted people she could trust, wanted friends. She did not want a repeat of the Francois incident however. She still regretted the day she allowed herself to fall for the man and love him, when in the end, it was him who betrayed her and left her. Francois who told her that she could trust him was the very person who betrayed that trust. While he might have been dead, and while Lovina might have learned to trust her assigned inner circle enough to befriend them, she was not going to allow herself to trust these people, people who could very well be quick to jump to conclusions. They wouldn't understand...they never would. Not even the Leo guy, who was either really stupid and dense or a bit too much like Felice for her comfort. She wasn't going to give in, she didn't need anyone, she didn't want to get hurt again.

    But as much as she hated to admit it, her brother was her own weakness. Despite how she acted around Felice in public most of the time, she secretly doted on her adoptive brother and never wanted to let him down. Truthfully, Lovina secretly wanted to be like Felice, wanted him to rub off on her a bit. He was quick to trust others, more likely to look for everyone's better side, made friends with ease and found it easier to love and let go, even though his situation was more difficult than Lovina's. He went through so much, and should have found it harder, yet he didn't. How was he still able to love Lovina like a sister even though she was the reason why he had to break it off with Roberto in the first place? How did he let go without hate or regret? But it wasn't him who was betrayed. Lovina thought. She wasn't going to allow herself to be used and broken all over again.

    Felice looked at her once again, his garnet-colored eyes hopeful. Lovina returned it with a murderous look, before muttering a curse word. Feli...I swear that you'll be the death of me. She thought as she looked at the others. She was going to do something alright, if only for Feli.

    "Lovina, the name's Lovina...damn bastards." She growled, before leaning back on her seat and scowling once more.

    Felice Violenza
    Il Innamorato - Garchomp Cloth

    Felice gave his sister an encouraging grin. At least it was a start. He didn't see why immersing in bitterness was a good way to handle things. He found it much easier to look on the bright side of things, forgive and move on. He loved life and wanted to make things count. He might not have had the most ideal childhood, but he knew that life was beautiful, despite everything that could happen. For him, it was up to the person to make his life painful or not, and he wanted to see it as something that was worth living. Roberto...he had not wanted to break up with him, yet without moving, he wouldn't have met Ludovico. He knew his sister had it in her to change her views, yet she was held back by her own anger and hurt. He remained hopeful though, after all, nobody saw her like he did, and he knew that if she trusted, it was real.

    Maybe I can get her into Leo! He's sweet... He thought. Speaking of Leo, Felice heard a scream, and in the next moment, everyone was looking in Leo's direction. Felice followed suit and saw that Leo was dressed...differently, in a white-and-green outfit. Like a Gallade. Leo's wrists were unbound from their handcuffs too. This surprised some of them, and Leo suddenly got the idea that everyone was a superhero. Soon, the copper-haired boy and Lucas touched their cubes and the same thing happened to them, except of course, they were wearing different outfits, the smaller boy resembling an Ice-type Pokemon, perhaps a Vanilluxe, complete with a change of hair color. Lucas on the other hand, looked to be dressed like a Banette. Felice couldn't help but stare at the designs of their new clothes. They weren't typical, not ones commonly seen in designers' collections and fashion shows, except for perhaps, the most daring and unusual ones. Was his going to turn out that way too?

    "Wow, I never seen designs like those before...they're so...creative...out-there." He complimented, fixing his hat. Tempted by the outfits that he saw, he picked up his own Garchomp cube. Pain immediately shot through the nineteen-year-old's body as the cube broke down. It hurt, it burned, so much that Felice cried out. Never in his life had he felt a pain this intense, or even one that was close to it. He felt more jabs of intense pain on his arms and torso, before it all ended abruptly. Felice looked down at himself and saw...tattoos. Red tattoos all over his naked torso and arms. Covering his legs were tight navy trousers with silver spikes going down them, tucked into similarly-spiked navy boots. A shoulder guard with a sharp fin protruding from the back rested on his right shoulder and a tattered navy cape flowed from behind him. He looked at his reflection on the table and saw that red war paint also covered his face.

    Why the tattoos? Why me?

    He didn't understand who had the idea of giving him such ugly markings. He never liked tattoos, believing that they ruined the skin and clashed with most outfits. He saw that he had a small gold crown sitting on top of his head however, and immediately smiled. That was probably the cutest and best part of his outfit, in his opinion. He also saw that his wrists were free of their restraints, and he was now holding two curved dagger-like weapons, similar to dragon claws. He looked at himself, then looked at the others.

    "Haha...I like it except for these, and these...I'm a Garchomp, I guess!" He chuckled, pointing at his tattoos. He did look like the dragon Pokemon, though he still didn't get why he got such a Pokemon. He raised both his hands to show Lovina that he was unbound, knowing that she wanted to break off hers as well. Lovina took her own cube and Felice watched as black shadows and black flames surrounded her. Unlike him, his sister didn't scream, or at least refused to scream. The cube fell apart and started to form into what looked like clothes and flew onto her skin. This continued for a few seconds until the shadows dissipated and Lovina was dressed in an entirely new outfit. She was now wearing a zippered black corset with dark blue edges and a dark blue zipper over a tight, black leotard. Assymetrical thigh-high black boots with belts covered her feet and elbow-length black gloves covered her hands and arms. On her back rested what looked like six dark wings, a dark blue tail nearly touched the ground, and she carried a large black-and-blue scythe. Her face was covered with blue war paint. She was a Hydreigon, and Felice felt like it fitted her too well. The girl however, looked a lot less angry, perhaps because her restraints were off, though there was still a look of shock on her face.

    "C'mon, touch the cubes, guys! I wanna see how you all look! This should be fun!" Felice said excitedly, eagerly waiting for the others to give in and do it.

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