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Awesome New Team (in need of rate) Title: Tearrors for Fearrors by the Fanatical Pokecultist


(Team inspired by FairyWitch, for being such a good friend to me on this site)

This team is called Tearrors for Fearrors, (and also the father title of Tears for Fears)

I also just came up with a new word and philosophy, partly inspired by this team. This team is also inspired by the philosophy. It's called Tears for Fears. And also, 2ndarily, Tearrors for Fearrors. Since a lot of blood sweat and tearrors (by that I mean tears) went into it. By tearror, I mean the word tear combined with tear since terror makes you cry tears. And by tearror, I also mean the word tier. As in pokemon tiers, and TEARS! Since this team makes opponents and other pokemon cry tears. For the fact of all their battling FEARS! I was also inspired by the band Tears for Fears to come up with another combined word called Fearror. By That I mean the combination of the words Fear and Terror, since they are related concepts even to tears. Since one cries and feels terror when they feel fear, and feels fear and cries tears when they feel terror. Tears for Fears is a genius philosophical concept of hidden Alexander the Great religion. So practice well, as one does in pokemon. I also have more to post on this later because it's such an interesting concept. I may post a thread in the proper place later on it to promote philosophical discussion on crying matters of Buddhistic discussion. So be on the look out for that! :)

-Alex Amaterasu

THIS IS ALSO CONSIDERED A DUBSTEP TEAM, so know that when considering the song posted.

Awesome song to share as well, it's a favorite laddering song of mine. I play this song a lot when playing this amazing team. Btw, ninur is a concept relating to the philosophical concept of "Tears for Fears" which that another band named themselves after. And it just happens to be the name of this song. By that I mean, Ninur.

-Alex Amaterasu

And one more song to show that's a favorite laddering song of mine, especially high up on the ladder, called Butterfly Caught, which is an apt simile for this team since it's so perfect and gemly beautiful. This has been a favorite song of mine since I was a kid in the 90's and especially back when I was in the 8th grade as well, dating one of my favorite gf's back then, whom remains to one of my favorite people and friends to this day.

-Alex Amaterasu

Also, always be aware that an old very well-known ladder name of mine, especially from PO days is CN. tower.exe. I am very well-known for posting VERY and always coming up with and making excellent meta teams for topping the ladder. Which is why I go by the ladder name C.N. tower.exe, since it sounds like the top of the ladder. And evokes the image of a tower, which is a simile for the word ladder, and since the word is an onomatopoeic and poetic word for being at the top of something, like a ladder, (AND) the ladder. Which is always someplace I find myself to reach, since I am so aptly good at the competitive game of pokemon.

Pretty sure I just invented a new word. Tearror. Derived from the word Tear, as in the ones that you cry, combined with the word terror. Apt words to combine since the terror is often what makes one cry. I don't say this to promote terror, because I am totally against it, but if you understand psychology, terror can be consumed and meditated upon to turn it into something good to cry in happiness during the fact of terror in order to combat terror constantly forever.

I'm very proud of this word because it's based off of martial arts philosophy and Buddhistic talent of martial habit of crying, and sadness, which are everything, and truly heal everything. So the enemy against terror can be made Tearror, if you consider it and make it an entire Father Philosophical Concept.

-Alex, Kant Phraseology, new rap name (as well with the old ones), Tearror

Team Theme Summary Title: 2nd Title of the Team (for aesthetics as well)

"I run AV on Ninetales -Alola to evoke it as a jacket for Ninetales Alola to create the image of warming it in case it's cold in it's snowy land. I also run facade to absorb burns and make it hit hard when burned to create the image of a burning ice creature being warmed by hot flame that hits hard for the fact of being attacked by too much fire. I would call this a snowy assault vest scald cold burn for the meta, since this mon versatilely trick the meta with it's newness and unpredictedness."

-Alex Amaterasu

One of the Greatest (haha, get it?, word used to reference Alexander the Great) Teams for hard-punching holes in the entire meta. This is a cat's cradle conundrum team as explained by in the rotom-w summary description and hinted to and by! Hahahaha, get it? This team would even provide many with goosebumps. Some say this is also an ultimate bluff team! Hahahahaha, get it? The word also is a bluff. So maybe I should call this a Goosebumps team. Only serious rates are appreciated btw, as you can tell by the serious of this team. And by the seriousness of my playing, all-around mentality, and playing-mentality. So rate wisely.


Porygon-Z @ Life Orb (Tearror)

Ability: Adaptability

EVs: 29 HP / 252 SpA / 227 Spe

Timid Nature

IVs: 0 Atk

- Nasty Plot

- Tri Attack

- Ice Beam

- Thunder Wave

Hey guys, I'm an old ladder player that used to play on po a lot and play a lot of competitions in the past. I used to go by a very well-known name of C.N. Tower. exe. I am very well-known in the world of old comp and ladder playing. I came up with a very masterful team that conquers very much all of the meta. It starts with Pory-gon Z to bluff a 4th gen archetypal lead of specs which was popular back in mid-4th gen meta. The specs set has good niches as a lead in current meta to trump slow-lead lando-t. I use the life orb set to run t-wave and slow lower speed latias sets. It's also a very quick sweeper. I also run t-wave to slow down scarf teams to make up for the fact of this being one of the ultimate non-scarfer hard hitting teams. Which are very apt for beating and punching holes in the meta and winning all games. I used to tutor on this tactic on old sites way back in the day.


Latios-Mega (M) @ Latiosite (Tearror)

Ability: Levitate

EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Timid Nature

IVs: 0 Atk

- Dragon Pulse

- Thunderbolt

- Psychic

- Calm Mind

I run M-latios to bluff a scarf latios set which pairs with the bluff specs pory-z. I run a calm mind set to bluff dd which matches with the team, which is a foundationary bluff to form the dd bluff of dd latios-m. I run thunderbolt as an ode to alexander the great to homage him as a thunderbolt God, which he was known for in the 15 century. This set CM mon is to defend versatile runs and builds of pokemon in standard current meta. This is since DD is the main standard in the current meta.


Rotom-Wash @ Leftovers (Fearror,Tearror)

Ability: Levitate

EVs: 233 Def / 248 SpD / 27 Spe

Calm Nature

IVs: 0 Atk

- Will-O-Wisp

- Hydro Pump

- Volt Switch

- Dark Pulse

Note: I nicknamed this mon Fearror/Tearror since it's a ghost type in original form mon and water type mon that evokes the image of tears when it terrorizes you with terror and the sounds of washing machines. I run a versatile moveset of Rotom-W for countering normal Lations sets. 248 SpA is for sponging Draco. Dark Pulse is for annihilating Latios on the switch or after a hit. I run will-o for burning lando, and t-tar, and terra. I also run band Jirachi to bluff it with U-turn to bluff a vol-turn team, but run an entire attacking band set on Jirachi to attack and annihilate and destroy opposing teams like fruit flies. No lie. Hahahahahah, get it? I also run ice shard on Ninetales to ameliorate the fact of not having a scarf on rotom-w, porygon-z, and not having a u-turn or scarf on rachi. Ice shard amends for the fact of not having scarf or and, and, u-turn on jirachi by acting as a scarf priority move. Rotom-W also acts as a slow foundational vol-turner to form the basis of hard physical pounding and sweeping pokemon like Choice Band Jirachi, and Nasty Plot Pory-z, respectfully. This pokemon amends the fact of not having a scarfer, no scarf on rachi, and not having DD on Latios for sweeping. I also use this to sponge special fire attacks from fire mons that counter ninetales alola. Both alola and Rotom bluff as possible leads as well, and leads of each other. I also run dark pulse for bluff hitting Jirachi, which as not many know, is based off of flinching and hard-hitting tactics of scarf rachi sets. I also run will-o, to burn rachi since rotom-w lures scarf rachi u-turn sets with volt turn relational mechanics by forwardly pressuring the opponent with the threat of THE will-o or volt-switch conundrum which is also a cat's cradle.


Ninetales-Alola @ Assault Vest (Tearror)

Ability: Snow Cloak

EVs: 19 HP / 252 Atk / 237 Spe

Adamant Nature

- Aqua Tail

- Zen Headbutt

- Facade

- Ice Shard

I run the rarely used in ou ninetales alola to versatilize the metagame. I run av to make it versatile even more, as well as a physical attacking set for the same reason. The theory of this set mon with spd investment and av is to propose it as an ICY war general of the team which misleads the opponent with it's physical set and as a potential attack lead, since most ninetales alola are used as lead sets. I run ice shard for priority attacks on dragons to behemethly take them down with deception and priority. As well as for sponging dragon attacks. I run facade with max attack for sponging toxics and burns and attack with a facade. Which is a theme construction of this ninetales set since it's a facade to deal with in all ways. As a lead, as an ice-sharder, and even as a special attacker, since no one runs physical attacking alola sets. Some would say this team makes good money, and that it's quite funny. I also run AV to evoke it as a jacket for Ninetales Alola to create the image of warming it in case it's cold in it's snowy land. I also run facade to absorb burns and make it hit hard when burned to create the image of a burning ice creature being warmed by hot flame that hits hard for the fact of being attacked by too much fire. That it did not like. I run AV with facade to sponge scald burns, which is evoked to and by the av "jacket set" to keep my ninetales warm and have it sponge scald or will-burns and hit hard physically, which is based off of hard-hitting offensive concepts of CB Jirachi. Which is backed up by the lacking of a scarf by the priority scarf-nature construction of the use of ice shard on this ninetales, which is a new constructional innovation made up by me. So, if anyone wants to talk about this new idea of the scarf construction priority of ice shard, which makes this ninetales act as an actual scarf mon with the choice of using more than one move, with the support of the constructionists behind the entire team, I'd be glad to explain it, because it'd make the RMT too long. I'm really that good and knowledgeable though, so feel free to ask.


Jirachi @ Choice Band (Fearror)

Ability: Serene Grace

EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Jolly Nature

- Iron Head

- Heart Stamp

- Thunder Punch

- Drain Punch

Note: I nicknamed this mon Fearror, since it can be seen as a very smart and feared Emporer that evokes the image of tears. I run a versatile Choice Band Jirachi set to bluff a scarf based off of the bluff of the build of scarf Rachi with SpD Rotom-W. I run Iron Head for T-tar, drain punch for thunder punch is for the water heavy defensive meta, which is the main reason I run band. Thunder punch with band punches holes in the entire meta by taking down the very presently defensively based water defense meta. I run heart stamp for flinching fighting types and iron head for flinching rock types. This is truly a slow quick team without a need for a scarfer because it's already quick enough and hits very extremely hard physically and specially with the likes of rotom-w, this band rachi, victini, cm m-latios, and the versatile np pory-z with t-wave, which slows down other scarf teams. This is also a cat's cradle pokemon like Rotom-W, this band set bluffs a u-turn scarf standard proxy set by proxy of threat of standard-lookingness on this team which looks like a scarf rachi team, which I intentionally made it to look like. Some say I am THE ultimate bluffer.


Victini @ Assault Vest (Tearror)

Ability: Victory Star

EVs: 153 HP / 228 Atk / 127 Spe

Adamant Nature

- V-create

- Bolt Strike

- U-turn

- Zen Headbutt

Note: I nicknamed this mon Tearror, since it looks likes a tear and terrorizes the meta. I run AV Victini for slow and offensive hard-hitting defense to bluff CB and or scarf, and act as a very quick and hard-hitting defensive/offensive (that's very hard-hitting) wall. I run v-create for destroying the grass meta. Bolt strike for hard-hitting and attacking flying types, u-turn for vol-turn with Rotom-W, as a fire and water vol-turn core. And I also run Zen Headbutt for stab hard-hitting dark types, this last move makes this team cover the entire meta. The Zen Headbutt makes this team cover all the meta. This is especially by it hard-hitting dark types which are very offensively present in the current meta, in offensive terms.

I go by the name Alex Amaterasu on the ladder btw people. So find me on PS or on the ladder, if you want to battle. Hope you guys enjoy the team, because it's truly a good one, that a lot of people may even recognize me as C.N. Tower.exe for back when I was top of the ladder on PO. I am very well-known by a lot for building good teams for ladder-playing when the meta is truly complex.

Hope you guys enjoy the team, and please leave good rates. Because even I could always use advice for newly revolutionizing the meta and constantly keeping it going.

-Alex Amaterasu


Battle with JimmytheFridge, a really good player I've played on the ladder many times before.


Another with Jimmy


And yet another


A battle with soulrifle, a very well-renowned player


Yet another


A very good battle against a well-renowned player named El Pepino Grande


A battle against zimmer29, a classically good battler.


A battle against ManRat1996, a dude I recognize from olden PO days, he's pretty well-known.


A battle against Golden02, a very good PO ladderer from early PO days. I remember playing him, way back when. Hope he remembers me.


A battle against WesterosRefugee. A very good old clan battler from old PO days as well. Hope he remembers me too.


A battle against Mario66, he seems pretty good.


A battle against a certainly no nonsense player with a nonsense name. Truly a pleasureful battle.


Another battle against Mario66. He's good.


Another very good battle, against a very well-renowned player named FoxyStoat. He's an old friend of mine from old PO days, so I hope he recognized me. He's very talentedly good. Some call him a Hades of pokemon. This battle totally rocks.


Another battle against whom appears to be a friend of mine. Some call whom I'm talking about a Red of pokemon.


This battle is against a really good friend of mine who's a very good player named D'angelo. He's pretty known. This battle is epic, I catch him with an all masterful and masterfully played bluff on salamence with Ninetales-Alola for the fun and winning of the battle. He was totally caught off guard by the ice shard, which won me the battle.


A battle against yet another friend of mine, with a very masterfully made team.


A battle against an old name I recognize from PO called Sahwera. She's really good. It's an old name I know, and it sounds feminine, so I assume it's her.


A battle against a very good old well-known battler from PO named Lykios Z. This battle didn't disappoint. It was very good and satisfactory.


A very good battle against a friend of mine named xdnigglez. Some call him an Obama of pokemon since he goes by the name with the word of the short word of a terrible word called the n-word. This is an entertaining battle.
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