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AXA (AshXAnabel): Storms across Kanto

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by crystal-zephyr, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Notes: This is my first ever shipping fic, i have never been good with description but i try my best
    Rating:-: PG-13
    Chapter 1

    Thunderstorms let out strong downpours of rain throughout the region of Kanto. Citizens of the main cities fled indoors, citizens of the small mountain side towns fled to other, safer towns. The island of Cinnabar was being evacuated from fear of giant waves that could sink the island within days or even hours. The labs researched would have had to be abandoned and many researchers refused to leave Cinnabar without completing one final project. With the towns people gone apart from the researchers they continued to work, until the prediction of the tidal wave sunk the island. All that remained was the tip of the volcano just rearing the top out of the sea. The Pokémon living on the island were most likely inside the volcano as they were practically all fire types. Seafoam Island’s wild Pokémon remained inside the cave. Not long before the thunderstorm citizens of the nearby town of Fuchsia told reporters that they had seen a bright blue light flying out of Seafoam Island and flying off into the distance. The same story had been told by people from Cerulean city as a yellow light from the power plant and people from Vermillion of a red light coming from One Island in the Sevii Islands. Professors Oak of Pallet town and Elm of Newbark town had gotten together to discuss matters. Over in Johto, where Elm came from, he told Oak of people from Cianwood city evacuating after seeing a silver light emerge from the Whirl Islands and Ecruteak citizens told of a rainbow light coming from the Tin Tower. These facts of the 5 lights astounded the two professors.

    A week after their meeting Cianwood in Johto sunk like Cinnabar had done. They next contacted Professor Birch in Hoenn. From what he told them Hoenn was unharmed but the odd disappearance of rain was the only off occurrence. The next work uttered by Professor Oak could very well have explained the happenings. “Kyogre.” Was the word he uttered. Kyogre was a legendary Pokémon of Hoenn that was said to control the seas and could cause massive thunderstorms and flood, the same as what was happening in both Kanto and Johto. Oak called upon the strongest trainers he knew of, Ash Ketchum from his home town of Pallet and the strongest of the local frontier brains Brandon. Ash was at home simply waiting for an announcement of the next Pokémon league so he happily accepted to try and find what was going on, Brandon however simply told that he was busy out in Shinou and that if need be to simply give him a call to borrow his legendary golems, Regirock, Regice and Registeel.

    A few days had passed since Oak made his calls and Elm had returned to Johto. Ash had joined with Oak in the lab to help out anyway he could. “Professor?” Ash asked. “If Brandon isn’t able to come...” He began. “Why not check on any other frontier brains?” Oak looked at him with a questionable glance. Ash was sat on a nearby brown couch. His messy black hair was no longer being covered by a hat as he used to do.

    “Why do you have someone in mind? I would have thought that if you wanted to journey, even if this is only a simple task of research that you would pick your friends. The frontier brains barely know you Ash.”

    “Well there is one brain I have in mind. If it’s Kyogre that’s at large, we need someone who is good at understanding Pokémon. Anabel of the Battle Tower is someone who can do that. When I first met her, after being chased by a swarm of Beedrill.” Ash nervously put a hand on the back of his head whilst his little yellow mouse companion, Pikachu, laughed nervously. “Well she showed up and calmed the Beedrill and it just left. We got to introducing ourselves by a lake but a Gyarados spoilt it. Once again she calmed the Gyarados. This shocked me the most as it went completely calm.”

    “Wow that is amazing. A calm Gyarados. A very rare sight.” Oak joked. “Well to me it sounds like this Anabel could be a good companion to have in this mission. All your Pokémon are here and rested up for you to take any you want to take. My advice would be to visit Anabel yourself.”

    “Why don’t you just call her yourself? You did with me and Brandon.” Ash pondered.

    “Well, its more gentlemen like to...propose to a lady in person.” Oak began to burst out laughing. Ash just stared clueless. Oak stopped laughing to see Ash’s Pikachu had already done a runner. “Now may I ask where Pikachu has gone?”

    “He went outside I think to go play with the Pokémon.”

    “Well for your sakes he better not be at my ketchup bottles again.” Oak sternly spoke of Pikachu’s obsession over ketchup. “Well I guess I better get back to work. You can go outside and feed the Pokémon with Tracey. He should be getting back from the Sevii Islands soon with sketches of the lights.” Ash turned around and left after listening to what Oak had to say.

    Outside the rain was still thundering down. Luckily Oak has recently installed a new cover that spread across the entire field. When opened out small light where attached to the roof to give the feeling of when it was day and when it was night as they would be turned off. Ash’s Pokémon ran up to him as he stepped outside. First of all was his purple slime Pokémon Muk who body slammed him to the ground. He felt the weight lifted as his small green dinosaur like Pokémon with a green bulb on its back pushed it off with its vines that shot out of the bulb. A larger yellow skinned Pokémon ran over and knocked him to the ground again nuzzling Ash’s face. The large flower on its head carried another of Ash’s Pokémon, Cyndaquil. The small fire mouse Pokémon looked as if it was always sleeping as it had closed eyes. The fire on its back ignited upon sight of Ash.

    “Bayleef, Cyndaquil!” A male voice shouted. Ash couldn’t see him past Bayleef’s face. Bayleef soon moved as Cyndaquil jumped off Ash. He stood up to see another male around his age with a large backpack on. A green head band could be seen through his thick hair. “So Ash glad to see me?” The boy asked smiling.

    “Yeah Tracey, great to see you again.” Ash smiled holding out his hand. Tracey shook it within an instance. “So you catch any new Pokémon on the Sevii islands?”

    “All I caught was this.” Tracey said throwing a pokeball into the air. It released an orange otter like Pokémon. It has two tails which ended in a sandy colour. An odd yellow strip seemed to run around the back of its neck like a scarf. “Apart from that my Pokémon evolved.” Tracey threw another three pokeballs revealing a large blue ball like Pokémon with long rabbit like ears. On the end of its thin black tail was a blue ball. Besides it stood a large red mantis shaped Pokémon. On the sides of its pincer like claws were a yellow spot surrounding a black spot giving the impression of his claws having eyes. Finally was a large purple moth, its light blue eyes seemed eerily glaring.

    “Wow so you caught a Floatzel and all your Pokémon evolved. What happened?”

    “They were having a tournament on the island and I decided to enter. The grand prize winner was awarded a picture of Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Ho-oh and Lugia.”

    “You could have called and i could have entered.”

    “Yeah, but these guys were amateurs. You could have creamed them easily.”

    “So where’s the picture then?”

    “Ok fine I didn’t call you because I wanted to win and with you around I couldn’t have won. Plus I lost the final round anyway. But the winner was nice enough and let me sketch the Pokémon from the picture. Plus from what I found out it was these Pokémon seen to be fleeing the places. I’m going to go show the sketches to Professor Oak and then I’ll help you feed the Pokémon.” Tracey explained before running inside. His soaking wet coat was thrown on the floor outside.

    Ash followed inside but remained in the kitchen as he grabbed the bowls of Pokémon food for his Pokémon. His electric companion had already raided the fridge and was already chowing down. “Pikachu.” Ash sighed. “You got to stop eating Professor Oak’s ketchup.”

    “That little rat had better not be eating that ketchup or my Dragonite will have something to say.” Pikachu looked angrily at the door as Oak spoke. He dropped the ketchup and ran to Oak. The next thing you could hear was Oak screaming in pain. Pikachu sprinted back to Ash and dived into his backpack winking at Ash who ran over and closed the back as Oak rushed in with his hair black from an electric shock.

    “Where’s that little rat Pikachu of yours!” He demanded.

    “I don’t know.” Ash shrugged as Oak stormed out. After he left Ash let Pikachu out as they had a laughing fit on the floor. “That was a good one buddy.” Ash complimented his friend.
    Next chapter coming soon
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2007
  2. Darkliger

    Darkliger The Shadow Elite

    Great opening chapter, CZ. I did notice quite a few grammer errors, such as places where commas would be needed; and it would not hurt to space some paragraphs, like the first paragraph - you could have safely split it when the focus shifted from Cinnabar to Seafoam Islands.

    The story had good developement thought. It did not feel rushed at all. I'm looking foward to reading more.
  3. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    *jumps up and down* YAY! *hugs Darkliger before blushing and letting go* thats the best someone has ever said about any of my fics. i must just have better luck with shipping fics :D

    anyway i'll get started with the next chapter and it should be up by tomorow seen as im off school for another few days
  4. Razor Shiftry

    Razor Shiftry Cynthia = Porn Star

    wow, pretty good Niki, i'm liking this already.

    just a few grammar points i saw and i liked the beggining but you could have split it up a little from that background story cuz like, it was going on about Kyogre and stuff and then Ash suddenly appeared... so you could have broken that up slightly.
    but apart from that, this is pretty good!

    you best mate Meta ;267;
  5. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    ok i'll work on stuff like that :)

    oh and Meta? Dont call me Niki on here. It's Nic or Likle Baby Niki :p

    ill post the next chapter tomorow
  6. Turak

    Turak Well-Known Member

    YA, a chaptered ability shipping fic! A dream come true for me, lol. Ash is so clueless though, like with professor oak's comment about proposing... If you have a pm list, I would like to be on it.
  7. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Oh yeah thats right. I thought there was something i forgot...a PM list. Ok i'll start one from now with you Turak
  8. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Needs a rating. =\ By tomorrow this time.
  9. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    The next chap will sadlt come tommorow when i can get onto my dads computer because he has microsoft word on his and also has part of the next chapter.

    Rating added to first post
  10. Darkliger

    Darkliger The Shadow Elite

    I'm glad you got the rating problem settled. With that said, can you add me to your PM list, CZ?
  11. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    2 people in my PM list now
    1) Turak
    2) Darkliger

    also i am adding a prety long spoiler 4 the next chapter but it wont give 2 much away

    Ash's new line-up; Pikachu, old friend, old friend, ???, ???, ???
    a crazy man who speaks in rhyme
    more too come
  12. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Apologies for double post but here is the next chapter :D
    Ash and his pokemon companion had finally stopped laughing and finally gotten back to what they should have been doing. Tracey had recently come back outside to help Ash and Pikachu with dealing out the food. Ash counted all of his own pokemon to make sure he had seen them. Donphan, his grey tusked pokemon tank, was being its playful self and running around, Sceptile, the large green gecko with large sharp leaves on its arms, was asleep in the trees with its usual twig in mouth, Aipom, the small long hand tailed purple monkey, was running around with Donphan, Swellow, the large blue bird with white chest, was flying around with the rare coloured Noctowl and blue beetle Heracross, Corphish, the small red crab pokemon, scuttled to eat its dinner along with the other red crab pokemon Kingler, Torkoal, the orange skinned and grey shelled fire turtle, was pouring smoke from a hole in its shell and water from its eyes as it usually did when happy, Glalie, the intimidating floated head ice pokemon, floated other and dropped to eat, the Johto trio, Cyndaquil, the flaming back mouse pokemon, Bayleef, the yellow quadruped leaf pokemon, and Totodile, the small blue crocodile pokemon, each ran over to Ash just as he dropped three dishes for them. Bayleef did its usual body slam Ash to the floor, Cyndaquil nuzzled itself against his leg and Totodile doing an odd dance. Bayleef got off Ash as she began to eat her food as did the other two.

    “So how have you been Ash?” Tracey asked. “You’re mom been ok?”

    “Yeah I’ve been good and mom’s the same as always.” Ash smirked. “Getting Mr. Mime and me to get the groceries and have me do a job that Mr. Mime fights me over because he wants to do it.”

    “Same old Mr. Mime it sounds like. But what about your mom’s famous garden? With this heavy rain the plants will drown.”

    “You got a point.” Ash put another bowl on the ground as his Muk came over and body slammed his to the ground. “Muk get off me buddy. You’re worse than Bayleef.” Ash laughed. Even Bayleef laughed which seemed to come as a surprise to Pikachu who was eating his food.

    “So have you decided on what pokemon you want to take with you?” Professor Oak emerged from the kitchen obviously cleaned up from the Pikachu attack and finished with his work.

    “Well...I guess Muk can come along if he wants.” Ash pondered looking towards Muk who looked back happily before body slamming him again. “Ok that two down.” Ash pushed Muk off him and stood back up. “Snorlax would be great because he’s a strong fighter but he’s too much to take care of. Maybe I’ll keep Snorlax here and if I need him I’ll call. That ok Professor?”

    “Sure it is Ash. Now may I make a suggestion?”

    “Sure. What is it?”

    “On your way to see Anabel I want you to take a walk through Viridian forest.”

    “Why do you want me to go through the forest?”

    “You’ll find out in time my dear boy. For now though I need you to run a quick errand for me over in Blackthorn.”

    “Sure ok. Why what do you need over in Johto?”

    “Well the gym leader, Clair, called earlier and said that she had a visitor over for a few days and that you knew the man well. I must say I was astounded to realise that you knew Lance of the elite four.”

    “Yeah I met him back in Johto at the Lake of Rage and again in Hoenn when Team Aqua and Magma unleashed Kyogre and Groudon.”

    “Well whilst you were in the Hoenn league he became even more popular and announced that a tournament will be held in Blackthorn. But...” He began. “The downside is you need two pokemon. He spoke of dragon and element pokemon. And I believe you have command of one of them each.” Ash, Pikachu and even Tracey was unaware of what the Professor was talking about. “Charizard is a dragon am I correct?” The three nodded. “And Sceptile is very in tune with nature am I correct?” They nodded again. “Well there you go. Take Sceptile with you and call for Charizard to you in the tournament.”

    “Oh I get it now. When does it start?”

    “In a week’s time. So call Charizard in five and you’ll have an extra day in Blackthorn to train.”

    “Or...” Ash began. “I got a better idea. I call for Charizard today and go and see Anabel tomorrow. I’m sure she won’t mind coming along. Plus as you said the same storms are in Johto so maybe Kyogre will be in Johto and not in Kanto.” Ash assumed.

    “Well I guess you could be correct. You finish feeding the pokemon and I’ll call the Charific valley and get Charizard to come over here.” Oak turned and walked back inside. Ash and Tracey concluded feeding their pokemon.

    Within ten minutes they had finished and the two walked inside into the lab to check up on Sceptile and Muk with the machines. Ash, knowing nothing of the high technology, allowed Tracey to do it for him seeing as he had seen Oak do it numerous time.

    “Muk and Sceptile are in great condition. Sceptile is a little out of shape though.”

    “Probably because it eats more than it used to when he travelled with me and whilst staying here he hasn’t been able to do much training.”

    “Well this is a surprise. Ash Ketchum actually has a smart answer.” A familiar voice to Ash’s ears spoke from behind them. He turned around to see the brown, spiky haired ex-rival of his Gary. “I’m just joking Ashy-boy.” Gary still used the same nickname for Ash ever since they both began being trainers. In the three years of Ash being a trainer Gary had moved on and was now a Professor just like his grandfather Professor Oak. By his side stood the black dog like pokemon, Umbreon. The yellow rings on several parts of its body were glowing. This indicated night was falling. “Grandpa also told me about you entering the Blackthorn battle contest.”

    “I heard it was a tournament.” Ash disagreed.

    “And once again little Ashy is wrong. True half of it is a regular tournament, but the other half is contest. Did you have a friend who entered contests?”

    “Yeah. May.” He responded remembering the girl who he originally met in Hoenn and was now touring Johto. “Do you think she might be there?”

    “I’d have to say probably not. I mean yeah she had the elemental side down but does she have a dragon?” Tracey replied budging in.

    “No she doesn’t. She might have in Johto.”

    “Ok boys enough talk.” Oak called from the doorway. “Ash I called the Charific Valley and Charizard is flying over at this very second. He should be here in an hour at the latest.”

    “That’s good.” Ash sighed.

    “Gary I’m ready to have a look at your research now.”

    “Ok gramps.” Gary began walking towards Oak before turning to Ash. “Oh and Ashy-boy? Smell ya later.” Gary smirked. Obviously he still remembered the days back when he and Ash hated each other. After Gary lost to Ash in the Johto pokemon league the two had almost become friends. Gary continued to walk inside to the lab.

    “Has he always been like that?” A feminine voice was heard from near the outside entrance to the labs covered fields. “He’s a lot nicer to me. Especially because he’s my boyfriend.” Only the back of the girls head was seen from around the corner and red bag dangled from one shoulder. Apart from that all else was seen was the strands of pink hair
    Let's play a game aswell;

    Guess who the girl is and PM me your answer. Get it right and the winner will get personal spoiler that will not be revealed to anyone else but still doesnt give too much away
  13. Seviper009

    Seviper009 ii kanji

    Woah, this story is great. I like the shipping between Ash & Anabel. But also that, the Pokemon and trainers you used are great. Like: Charizard, Sceptile as Pokemon and that you let come Tracey and Gary to in your story. Maybe you can add Brock to the gang later, if he sees Anabel & Ash he maybe getting jealous. And that can be funny. But the way you do is great i give you story a 9/10. For now. Maybe it can be higher if it continues....
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2007
  14. Darkliger

    Darkliger The Shadow Elite

    Excellent second chapter, Crys. I see there are still some grammer errors, and those can become a problem later; so I'll tell you what I can do for you: Maybe I can become your beta-reader! I'll look at the chapters and look for grammer and/or spelling errors. What do you say?

    And about that guessing game...
  15. Butta

    Butta Well-Known Member

    pink hair?????
    is it jessie or anabel?
  16. Turak

    Turak Well-Known Member

    I somewhat doubt the girl with pink hair is anabel or jessie. Maybe Lily. I think that is the right sister, but the one of Misty's sisters with the pink hair.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2007
  17. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Heh, I like it thus far. There is shakiness on tenses and grammar in places but the story itself is pretty solid. Add me to the PM list, please.

    BUT IF YOU HOOK GARY UP WITH ANABEL.....prepare to feel the wrath of the biggest Anabel fanboy on this forum >:
  18. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    You have gotta be joking :) trust me i probably like Anabel as much as you do and i would NEVER pair up her and anyone but 2 people :D

    I guess so. Anything that would make my work better :D thank you

    On another note, so far NO ONE has gotten the 'guess the girl' correct :D
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2007
  19. Darkliger

    Darkliger The Shadow Elite

    Pink hair... Pink hair. Well, it's not Misty's sister, Lilly. It must be either Sakura, the girl with the Espeon... or Whitney.
  20. crystal-zephyr

    crystal-zephyr i feel his pain

    Guess the girl contest is over!

    Next chapter is in the making as i type :D

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