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Decided to make a new team, and all I really need the most help with is for my tank and items. Comments are below the Pokemon.

@ Leftovers (Modest)
252 Sp.Atk / 252 Speed / 6 HP
-Shadow Ball
-Giga Drain
-Sludge Bomb
-Focus Blast

I figure he'll be my start to the battle, seeing as he's fast enough. I know this isn't really a common moveset, but compare it to what Porygon-Z knows and it should work fine. Leftovers to help if I choose to use Giga Drain.

@ Muscle Band (Adamant)
252 Attack / 252 Sp.Def / 6 Defense
-Night Slash
-Iron Head
-Brick Break

Pretty straightforward moveset. If I've understood Technician correctly, it means Brick Break will be more powerful, right?

@ Muscle Band (Adamant)
252 Attack / 90 HP / 84 Defense / 84 Sp.Def
-Fire Punch
-Ice Punch

With No Guard, Dynamicpunch works perfectly. This EV spread gives it defensive and health stats around the same area too, so it can protect against things well. Ice Punch is sure to scare some Salamences, and Fire Punch plus EQ will scare away Metagross.

@ Choice Specs (Modest)
252 Sp.Atk / 252 Speed / 6 HP
-Tri Attack/Hyper Beam
-Dark Pulse
-Ice Beam

Now this guy is where I need some help. Psychic to get rid of Fighting-types, Dark Pulse as a surprise to Ghosts and Ice Beam to take care of Dragons. I'm not sure about the other attack though, because I thought that Tri Attack would be pretty powerful with STAB and Adaptability.

@ Leftovers (Bold)
252 Defense / 252 Sp.Def / 6 HP
-Stealth Rock

Start off with Toxic, then hide behind Substitute. Build up Stealth Rock as they suffer from poison and Discharge for possible paralyzing if Toxic won't affect it. This guy should be good for switches against a Fighting-type with Gengar, or against a Ghost-type when Gengar is out.

@ Choice Specs (Modest)
252 Sp.Atk / 252 Speed / 6 HP
-Flash Cannon
-Draco Meteor
-Signal Beam

I figure this guy's my only other choice as a battle opener because he can cover many types. Ice Beam isn't needed because Draco Meteor is there instead, Signal Beam may surprise Psychics or Ghosts, and Flash Cannon's the only other option.


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I say thunderbolt over sludge bomb. Sludge bomb has horrible coverage. You also probably want to go timid.

Techinician only works on moves with ?60 base power, so it won't work on any of your attacks.

Take earthquake off machamp. Stone edge will give you better coverage.

CSpecs porygon-Z is timid. Always keep tri attack on him. Psychic doesn't cover that much, and thunderbolt hits a lot of stuff (like I said with gengar).
If you want to use modest, go with a choice scarf. He can also lead if you need it.

Keep ice beam on kingdra, it will help for flyers and grass types. Take off flash cannon, as steel is the second worst attacking type in the game.


*swoons for Noland*
Hypnosis over Focus Blast on Gengar please...its a great lead.

Take Brick Break off Scizor and put Aerial Ace on it. It'll be boosted by Technician, and it can kill Heracross and Breloom. Otherwise, Heracross will give your team problems. I'd probably switch the Sp.Def. EV's with Def...either that or HP or Speed.

Tri Attack is going to be Porygon-Z's main attack, so Dark Pulse is pretty much a given to be able to hit Ghosts. The rest is really up to you. Ice Beam is always helpful for the Dragons. Thunderbolt is great for Waters and Flyers (ahem..Gyrados). I don't really like Psychic much on things that don't get STAB. Another option can be to breed for either HP Fighting or HP Ground which is probably a bit more sadistic in the long run. heh Hyper Beam is cool because a Nasty Plot + Life Orb + Adaptibility + Hyper Beam = OHKO on Blissey...but it does leave PZ open for Revenge kills.

Signal Beam won't do much to Ghosts seeing as how they resist Bug attacks. You can hurt Celebi and Cacturne good with it, but I'm thinking Ice Beam would hurt more. Take it off for something like Dragon Pulse to be a pseudo-Specsmence. Unless Kingdra is running Swift Swim, which in that case, use Rain Dance and hold a Life Orb.
I'd probably switch the Sp.Def. EV's with Def...either that or HP or Speed.
...But then Scizor would be more open to any special Fire attacks. Would a 129 spread for Defense and SpDef work better?

Take earthquake off machamp. Stone edge will give you better coverage.
All the Rock covers is Ice, Bug and Flying. The two punches can cover each of those already, and EQ takes care of the Electrics. Unless there's some other reason for me to change that I'm missing...?

Unless Kingdra is running Swift Swim, which in that case, use Rain Dance and hold a Life Orb.
I was planning on running Sniper actually, but you've given me second thoughts. XD

Other than what I mentioned, I have no quarrels with what you guys stated. Thanks.