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Az' Trading Factory

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Azel, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Azel

    Azel Rawr~

    SHOP STATUS: CLOSED/ Except for specific wants
    Open: Trading, will reply fast.
    Away: May be online but probably not at the computer, make offers and I'll get back to you when I can.
    Closed: Posts will be ignored​

    Hi everyone! I'm Azel, the factory manager.
    Then again, this can't really be called a factory, since factories produce their own wares… its more like a menagerie. Yea, this is a menagerie, Az' Trading Menagerie…. wait, but thats such a long word and hard to remember! Okay, its Az' Trading Factory. All objections overridden!.

    ---Onto the parts of the thread you should actually read.


    8/4 I'M BACK!!! Okay, I'm joking. But I have finally found the time to think about picking up pokemon again. So I'm back for a little while to get a few party members, then I'll most likely vanish again. =P Since that is the case, the shop is CLOSED to every offer except what I am specifically looking for. Other offers aside from the absolutely amazing will be ignored.

    ***Specific Wants***
    At the moment I am looking for this pokemon:

    Species: Charmander
    Nicknamed: Natsu
    Gender: Male
    Flawless (however I will accept flawed as long as sp.atk and speed are perfect)
    Any redis rights. I'm not planning to trade it away so its fine if the pokemon is non-redis.
    4G ONLY

    Offering: Unfortunately, I only have 3 worthwhile events on my 4G game and no worthwhile shinies. So I'm looking for someone who is willing to trade me the Charmander on 4G, then get their pokemon on 5G (or the other way around if you prefer). I understand this is a hassle, so I'm willing to trade you multiples for your time. I'll even RNG you something in 5G if the charmander is flawless and you only want one pokemon.

    Black FC
    HeartGold FC

    I was lenient at first, but its the first day and even my basic rules are being ignored. If you ignore my rules, I'm going to ignore you.

    1. No hacks (Obvious, more on how I deal with hacks in the extra info.)
    2. Turn OFF Voice chat! Seriously, I don't care what the trade is for, if you don't do this I won't trade. I can't make it any simpler than that.
    3. Pay attention to what I want, what I have, and what I do not want. I'm known for giving good deals since I fail at valuing, but even I can spot the outright ridiculous.
    4. Use punctuation. I'm not going to rage over bad grammar, but full stops and capitals are easy enough.
    5. No trade conditions. All my pokemon are fully redis so I expect yours to be the same. I have no need for a pokemon I can't redistribute.
    6. State everything about the pokemon that you know. It wastes my time to go through 20 replies of: 'Is it Ev'd? What are the Ev's?' When you could just tell me to begin with. I've done my best to state everything necessary about my pokemon, but if there's anything you think I'm missing feel free to let me know. =)
    7. NO PM's, VM's are okay.,I may ignore PMs if there isnt a good reason. Also be clear about what you are offering. I'll ignore posts asking me to check threads (not that you should be saying that anyway) or asking what I want, since I've already stated what I'm looking for.
    8. I reply to everything in-thread. So if you post here, expect me to reply here.
    9. Be polite, I'm not online 24/7 so I'll get to you when I can. =)

    Extra Info:
    Stuff I wanted to elaborate on without people thinking its mandatory to read.
    Every pokemon offered I have been assured is legit. However, I am unable to hack check beyond basic 'Is it released? Is it female only?' so sometimes mistakes are made. If a pokemon I traded to you turns out to be a hack, I'll offer a full refund/different trade/credits for the factory as an apology. Also, if anyone manages to spot obvious hacks listed here, I'll offer rewards for notifying me. =)
    I can clone, however due to the hassle I won't be cloning for anyone. No exceptions to this sorry. =/
    Arranging Trading Times
    Instead of going through the major hassle of timezones and dates, I prefer to play a game similar to hide and seek. Basically, I'll be stalking to catch you online. If I do this before I forget about it in 2 weeks we trade, if not we don't. Faulty, but the system seems to work 70% of the time. =P Ofcourse, you're welcome to stalk in reverse if you wish. Just VM if you catch me.
    Like every human, I sometimes make mistakes. If I do happen to send you the wrong pokemon or there's something else you're not happy with, send me a PM and depending on the situation I'll trade back/offer you a different trade/offer credits. Keep in mind however, that this does depend on the situation, and if you inform me a month after the trade I'm probably not going to say yes. XD;
    Pokemon with OT:Azel are infact RNG'd by me. But before I get tons of RNG requests I'll inform you, I am a terrible RNG'er, and every attempt took hours and hours to give results, and tons didn't. So I'm in no position to attempt RNG's or take requests. ^^; Just enjoy the ones I've been very lucky with.

    And now, the Wares!

    DW Pokemon/Shinies/Events
    Normal DW Females
    I'm no longer really collecting these, they're just offered for popular demand. Since I'm too lazy to breed them anymore, pokemon given will be clones of my breeders. So they may have gained levels from the daycare. Desperately want an UT one? Breed it from what I give you. Some are in Dream Balls, majority are bred.
    Aerodactyl (Unnerve)
    Banette (Cursed Body)
    Bellsprout (Gluttony)
    Buizel (Water Veil)
    Buneary (Limber)
    Carvanha (Speed Boost)
    Caterpie (Run Away)
    Chatot (Big Pecks)
    Corsola (Regenerator)
    Delibird (Insomnia)
    Dratini (Marvel Scale)
    Drifloon (Flare Boost)
    Eevee (Anticipation)
    Electrike (Minus)
    Elekid (Vital Spirit)
    Exeggcute (Harvest)
    Farfetch'd (Defiant)
    Feebas (Adaptability)
    Finneon (Water Veil)
    Ghastly (Levitate) *Dreamball
    Growlithe (Justified)
    Hoothoot (Tinted Lens)
    Horsea (Damp)
    Houndour (Unnerve)
    Igglybuff (Friend Guard)
    Illumise (Prankster)
    Kangaskhan (Inner Focus)
    Lapras (Hydration)
    Ledyba (Rattled)
    Lickitung (Cloud Nine)
    Lotad (Own Tempo)
    Magikarp (Rattled)
    Mawile (SheerForce)
    Marill (Sap Sipper)
    Meditite (Telepathy)
    Miltank (SapSipper)
    Misdreavus (Levitate) -In DreamBall
    Mr.Mime (Technician)
    Murkrow (Prankster)
    Munna (Telepathy)
    Nidoran (Hustle)
    Oddish (Run Away)
    Pachirisu (Volt Absorb)
    Pidgey (Big Pecks)
    Poliwag (Swift Swim)
    Ponyta (Flame Body)
    Psyduck (Swift Swim)
    Qwilfish (Intimidate)
    Ralts (Telepathy)
    Relicanth (Sturdy)
    Sableye (Prankster)
    Scarmory (Weak Armor)
    Scyther (Steadfast)
    Sentret (Frisk)
    Shinx (Guts)
    Shuppet (Cursed Body)
    Skitty (Wonder Skin)
    Slowpoke (Regenerator)
    Smeargle (Moody)
    Spiritomb (Infiltrator)
    Spoink (Gluttony)
    Stantler (Sap Sipper)
    Staravia (Reckless, Will not be UT as Starly does not have the ability)
    Stunky (Keen Eye)
    Sunkern (Early Bird)
    Surskit (Rain Dish)
    Swablu (Cloud Nine)
    Taillow (Scrappy)

    Tangela (Regenerator)
    Tentacool (Rain Dish)
    Tropius (Harvest)
    Vulpix (Drought)
    Wailmer (Pressure)
    Zubat (Infiltrator)

    DW Events:
    Proof MUST be provided. Its far too easy to get these without proof. I'll accept pokecheck, however friend board screenshots would be ideal. Pokecheck proof is available for all my current DW Starters. I'm still looking for Starters with full proof (friend board sc) and non-OT mat.
    Bulbasaur/Careful/Mat/Male [31/30/31/30/31/30] *Jap [​IMG]
    Charmander/Modest/Mat/Male [31/31/31/30/31/31] *Jap [​IMG]
    Chimchar/Jolly/Dom/Male [18/20/6/28/19/16] *Jap [​IMG]
    Piplup/Modest/ヒロシ/Male [30/27/28/29/31/26] *Jap [​IMG]
    Torchic/Jolly/Mat/Male/ [F] *Jap/Pkrus Infected [​IMG]
    Treecko/Adamant/テイルズ/Male [6/13/10/27/0/22] *Jap [​IMG]
    Turtwig/Adamant/ヒロシ/Male [29/30/31/27/28/26] *Jap [​IMG]
    Togekiss/Gentle/アキ/Male [19/25/27/22/29/13] *Jap [​IMG]
    Mamoswine/Adamant/RoC/Male [1/18/31/15/2/1] *Jap [​IMG]
    Arceus/Calm/Mat [F] *Jap [​IMG]
    Arceus/Mild/ホワイト [checking] *Jap [​IMG]
    Porygon/Sassy/Mat [F] *Jap [​IMG]
    Jolteon/Brave/Azel/Male [5/21/1/28/14/18] [​IMG]
    Flareon/Adamant/Red/Male [12/11/5/5/7/1] *Jap [​IMG]
    Glaceon/Brave/Snow/Male [17/17/0/24/18/25] *Jap [​IMG]
    Umbreon/Modest/Umbra/Male [24/14/20/30/28/22] *Jap [​IMG]
    Vaporeon/Modest/캔/Male [27/8/14/7/2/6] *Korean [​IMG]
    Rayquaza/Adamant/트레놰 [15/27/16/21/6/4] *Korean [​IMG]
    Rayquaza/Gentle/대각선 [ 22/10/26/21/18/30] *Korean [​IMG]
    Croagunk /Bold/ハルトマン/Male [0/16/2/29/24/4] *Jap [​IMG]

    DW Shinies:
    Species/Ability/Nature/Gender/OT [IV's] (EggMoves) {EV's} @Item *Extra

    Abra/Magic Guard/Timid/Male/Azel [31/30/31/30/31/30] (FirePunch,IcePunch,ThunderPunch)
    Dratini/Marvel Scale/Adamant/Male/James [31/31/30/20/31/31] (ThunderWave,Twister)
    Eevee/Anticipation/Careful/Male/Malice [F] (Wish)
    Eevee/Anticipation/Timid/Female/Vixana [31/16/31/31/31/31] (Wish,FakeTears,StoredPower,Yawn] *PkrsCured
    Eevee/Anticipation/Gentle/Male/Zidane [F]
    Eevee/Anticipation/Modest/Female/Matt [F] (Wish,ShadowBall,HiddenPower)
    Electrike/Minus/Adamant/Female/Azel [F]
    Exeggutor/Calm/Female/Max [checking] (Substitute,EnergyBall,LeechSeed,HiddenPower) {checking} @SitrusBerry
    Gliscor/Poison Heal/Impish/Female/Infi [31/31/31/1/31/31] (SwordsDance,IceFang,BatonPass,Earthquake) {252HP,42Def,216Speed}
    Growlithe/Justified/Adamant/Male/Azel [F]
    Krabby/Sheer Force/Jolly/Female/Roarke [F]
    Lapras/Hydration/Adamant/Male/WINNING [F] (Dragon Dance,DragonPulse)
    Murkrow/Prankster/Calm/Alex [F] (Astonish,ConfuseRay,Roost,Toxic) *Japanese
    NidoranF/Hustle/Bold/Female/Azel [31/30/31/30/31/31] (Disable,Supersonic,ChipAway)
    NidoranM/Hustle/Modest/Andy [F] (HeadSmash,SuckerPunch,PoisonTail,Iron Tail)
    Politoed/Drizzle/Calm/Female/Alex [31/31/31/30/31/31] (Scald,Toxic,Protect,Psychic) {252HP,6Def,252Sp.Def} @Leftovers
    Poliwag/SwiftSwim/Bold/Female/ALEX [31/31/31/30/31/31](Encore,Refresh,Hypnosis) *Japanese
    Ponyta/Flame Body/Gentle/Male/ROCK* [F] (Incinerate)
    Qwilfish/Intimidate/Adamant/Female/NEBILIM [31/31/31/31/31/16]
    Scyther/Steadfast/Adamant/Female/James [F] (VacuumWave)
    Swablu/CloudNine/Serious/Male/Azel [31/31/4/8/31/31] (Pursuit,Agility,Roost)
    Swablu/CloudNine/Timid/Male/Azel [F] (Pursuit,Agility,Roost)
    Vulpix/Drought/Careful/Female/Azel [2/3/15/31/23/12]
    Vulpix/Drought/Timid/Female/Andy [F] (Hypnosis,Heat Wave, Hex, Extrasensory) @FireStone
    Whiscash/Adamant/Female/ちあいから [checking] (DragonDance,Earthquake,Tickle,Waterfall) {Checking} *Japanese
    Wooper/Careful/Male/Ash [F] (Recover, Curse)

    Flawless Shinies/EV's

    Pokemon/Nature/OT [stats] (EM/Other Moves) {EV's} *Language
    [F]=Flawless, EM: Egg Moves/TMs (◆=EV'd version available)

    All are shiny, near flawless and are either UT or EV'd.​

    Absol/Adamant/Sky [F] (Feint,Scratch,Megahorn,Superpower)
    Bagon/Adamant/Johnny [F/checking] (DragonDance,HydroPump)
    Charmander/Timid/Azel [31/26/31/30/31/31]
    Feebas/Timid/Jake [31/30/31/30/31/31] (Haze,Hypnosis,Rain Dance) ◆
    Gothita/Bold/Bluemew [31/30/30/30/30/30] (Dark Pulse,Calm Mind,Thunder Wave, Hidden Power) ◆
    Happiny/Bold/Andy [F] (Endure,Heal Bell, Aromatherapy, Natural Gift) ◆
    Horsea/Adamant/Johnny [F] (Outrage) *Pkrs Cured
    Kanghaskhan/Adamant/Arren [31/31/31/14/31/31] (Counter) ◆
    Kyurem/Timid/Infi [31/2/31/30/31/30]
    Larvitar/Adamant/Pambi [F] (Dragon Dance,Earthquake) ◆
    Lugia/Modest/Xandi [F/checking] (Recover,Aeroblast,FutureSight,Skyattack) *Tons of MemorialRibbons
    Meowth/Naughty/Bluemew [F] (Charm, Foul Play, Hypnosis,Fake Out) ◆
    Mudkip/Relaxed/Trellis [31/31/31/30/31/31] (Curse,Rest)
    Oddish/Calm/Mat [F] (Synthesis, Charm, Razor Leaf)
    Petilil/Timid/Dante [F] (Growth, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain)◆
    Purrloin/Jolly/Bluemew [F] (Encore,Foul Play,Yawn,Charm)
    Shellder/Adamant/Serra [F] (Rock Blast)
    Skarmory/Impish/Mat [F] (Peck,Whirlwind,BraveBird,SteelWing)
    Sneasel/Adamant/Sky [F] (Ice Punch, Low Kick, Taunt, Pursuit)
    Snorunt/Timid/Shreyas [F] (Powder Snow, Spikes)
    Snover/Mild/Mat [F] (Leech Seed, Seed Bomb, Growth, Double Edge)
    Solosis/Modest/Alex [F] (Psywave,Trick,Confuse Ray) *Japanese
    Spheal/Bold/Ash [F] (WaterGun,Hail,Rest)
    Squirtle/Modest/Brad [F] (Aqua Jet,Flail,Aqua Ring, Yawn)
    Staryu/Timid/Enosh [F]
    Tentacool/Timid/Mat [31/31/31/30/31/31] (Rapid Spin, Water Pulse, Poison Jab)
    Totadile/Adamant/John [F] (Ice Punch, Dragon Dance)
    Treecko/Timid/Taani [F] (Pound, Leech Seed)
    Turtwig/Adamant/Daniel [F] (Superpower, Double-Edge, Seed Bomb, Swords Dance)
    Yamask/Modest/Sunny [31/31/31/31/31/30] (ShadowBall,EnergyBall,Psychic,NastyPlot)
    Zapdos/Modest/Bluemew [F]

    May not be Level 100, all are flawless and shiny.
    Axew/Adamant/White [F] (X-scissor, Dragon Claw) {252 Atk}
    Blissey/Bold/Andy [F] {252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Speed} (ChargeBeam,HealPulse,Aromatherapy,Endure) @Leftovers
    Chansey/Bold/Andy [F] {252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Speed} (ChargeBeam,HealPulse,Aromatherapy,Endure) @Eviolite
    Cresselia/Bold/Masters [30/22/25/26/25/27] (Reflect,Moonlight,IceBeam,ThunderWave) {252 HP, 254 Def, 4Sp.Atk}
    Gothitelle/Bold/Bluemew [31/30/30/30/30/30] {252 HP, 252 Def, 6 Sp.Def} (Charm, Calm Mind, Rest, Psychic) @Leftovers
    Ho-Oh/Gentle/Mat [F] (Recover,SunnyDay,Sky Attack, Sacred Fire) {252Atk, 252Sp.D, 6Def) *Japanese
    Kanghaskhan/Adamant/Arren [31/31/31/14/31/31] (Rage,SuckerPunch,Counter,FakeOut) {5HP,252Atk,253Speed}
    Kingdra/Adamant/Ash [F] (DragonDance,Outrage,Substitute,Waterfall) { 4HP, 252 Atk, 252 Speed} *EffortRibbon
    Latias/Timid/Exie [F] (CalmMind,DragonPulse,HiddenPower,Recover) {252 HP, 254 Speed, 4 Sp.Atk} @Leftovers *EffortRibbon
    Lilligant/Timid/Dante [F] (PetalDance,TeeterDance,SleepPowder,QuiverDance) {128 HP, 127Sp.Atk,255Speed}
    Persian/Naughty/Bluemew [F] {252 Atk, 252 Speed, 6 HP} (Fake Out, U-Turn, Hypnosis, Return) @ Silk Scarf
    Scrafty/Adamant/タカシ [F] (DragonDance,DrainPunch,ZenHeadbutt,IcePunch) {4HP,252Attack,1Def,253Speed} @Exp.Share *Jap
    Tyranitar/Adamant/Pambi [F] (Crunch,Stone Edge, Ice Fang, Earthquake) {243HP,255Atk,11Def,1Spe}
    Uxie/Bold/イゲニア [F] (Yawn, U-Turn, Reflect, Light Screen) {252 Atk, 128 Def, 128 Sp.Def, 2 Spe} @Leftovers *Japanese

    Ev'rs (May have EV'd one or multiple pokemon of the above)
    Blue Raja


    (*=shiny)Species:Event/Nature/OT/Gender [IVs] (movesifchanged) @Item *Language/extras Pokeball
    When requesting these you only need to copy/paste the bolded part (and maybe nature if I have 2). I've listed as much information as possible, since I'm not too clear on events and probably wouldn't notice an obvious hack or touched pokemon.

    Arceus:Eigakan/Adamant/えいがかん [27/25/5/9/18/19] *Jap/ClassicRibbon/SinnohChampRibbon [​IMG]
    Arceus:Michina/Calm/MICHINA [1/10/18/12/15/27] *ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Celebi:WIN2011/Timid/WIN2010 [2/24/21/3/10/20] *ClassicRibbon/Touched/Used [​IMG]
    Celebi:Ageto/Timid/アゲト [12/17/21/27/0/7] *Jap [​IMG]
    Celebi:Eigakan/Bold/えいがかん [30/1/10/3/21/17] *Jap/ClassicRibbon/Used [​IMG]
    Celebi:Mitsuri/Modest/ミツリン [23/30/29/20/29/7] *Jap [​IMG]
    Crobat:World2010/Timid/WORLD10/Male [23/7/16/0/10/14] *ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Cubchoo:Wifi/Relaxed/ポケスマ/Male [12/24/0/19/26/31] *Jap/ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Darkrai:Alamos/Modest/ALAMOS [28/21/14/29/4/21] *ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Darkrai:NoK/Modest/한국닌텐도 [28/0/25/31/2/18] *ClassicRibbon/PkrsCured/Korean [​IMG]
    Darkrai:ANA/Docile/ANA [26/14/19/18/11/14] @Enigma Berry *Jap/ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Deoxys:Birth Island/Gentle/Louis [6/31/9/14/0/4] *Attack Form [​IMG]
    Deoxys:GameStop/Timid/Gamestp [F] *ClassicRibbon/AttackForm [​IMG]
    Deoxys: DOEL/Quiet/DOEL [19/21/26/5/5/26] *SpeedForm [​IMG]
    Deoxys:Space Center/Impish/SpaceC [21/9/28/24/2/29] *AttackForm [​IMG]
    Dragonite:TRU/Mild/TRU/Male [19/7/7/27/19/24] [​IMG]
    Electivire:pkTopia/Adamant/PKTOPIA/Male [17/2/15/30/27/17] [​IMG]
    *Entei:Crown/Adamant/クラウン [F] *Jap/Classic Ribbon/Unused [​IMG]
    *Golurk:Movie11/Impish/ジャンタ [2/12/19/31/2/23] *Jap/WishingRibbon [​IMG]
    *Hydregion:Movie11/Modest/カリ一タ/Male [30/30/17/24/16/23] *Jap/WishingRibbon [​IMG]
    Jirachi:SMR2010/Impish/SMR2010 [5/23/13/9/19/31] *ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Latios:10Anniversary/Gentle/10ANIV/Male [19/8/10/1/15/6] *PremierRibbon [​IMG]
    Lugia:XD/Sassy/MICHAEL [1/14/26/2/2/2] *National Ribbon [​IMG]
    Manaphy:TRU/Mild/TRU [24/915/12/8/28] *ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Manaphy:NZ/Impish/NZ [12/9/1/17/18/24] *Jap/ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Mew:Fall2010/Adamant/FAL2010 [26/19/2/3/11/20] *PremierRibbon [​IMG]
    *Mew:FarawayIsland/Adamant/Eppie [31/30/31/9/30/31] (Softboiled,Transform,Counter,Metronome) *Jap/TouchedMoveset [​IMG]
    *Mew:FarawyIsland/Mild/ラルド [6/25/11/15/25/2] (Psychic,SwordsDance,Earthquake,Metronome) *Jap/Touched Moveset, Pkrus Cured [​IMG]
    Mew:Mystery/Calm/MYSTRY [23/15/23/6/31/21] [​IMG]
    Mew:Susumu/Hardy/ススム [25/8/13/22/12/25] *Jap/PremierRibbon [​IMG]
    Mewtwo:pokemonSmash/Brave/ポケスマ! [29/25/8/16/0/16] @Kings Rock *Jap/PremierRibbon [​IMG]
    Mewtwo:pokemonSmash/Serious/ポケスマ! [21/2/21/15/8/22] @Kings Rock *Jap/PremierRibbon [​IMG]
    *Milotic:WCS/Timid/WCS/Male [F] *Jap/ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    *Pichu:Shokotan/Jolly/しょこたん/Male [10/15/14/22/31/1] *Jap/ClassicRibbon/Touched [​IMG]
    Pidove:ToysRUs/Hardy/Calvin/Female [20/31/29/27/13/16] *Hatched [​IMG]
    Pikachu:Singing/Serious/わっしょい/Female [10/1/6/11/23/25] @Light Ball *Jap/SouvenirRibbon [​IMG]
    Pikachu:Flying/Quiet/ANA/Female [15/24/20/21/5/12] @Light Ball *Jap/ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Pikachu:Flying/Naive/ANA/Female [8/24/18/31/2/20] *Jap/ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Pikachu:Ash/Naughty/Ash/Male [24/24/29/20/14/29] *ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Rayquaza:NoK/Hardy/한국닌텐도/ [4/1/5/0/9/8] (Extremespeed,Outrage,DracoMeteor)*Korean/ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Reshiram:Movie11/Modest/サトシ [0/9/24/18/8/22] @Dragon Gem *Jap/Wishing Ribbon [​IMG]
    Reshiram:Movie11/Lonely/サトシ [13/7/9/13/12/9] @Dragon Gem *Jap/Wishing Ribbon [​IMG]
    Scizor:Goon/Adamant/グ一ン/Male [0/2/7/26/28/25] *Jap/ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Scrafty:Worlds 2011/Brave/WORLD11/Male [23/3/12/22/2/12] @Leftovers *EventRibbon [​IMG]
    Scraggy:Ash/Adamant/サトシ/Male [13/30/28/31/28/2] *Jap/ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Shaymin:Oblivia/Modest/Oblivia [F] *ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    Shaymin:TRU/Rash/TRU [9/20/24/1/12/12] @Micle Berry*ClassicRibbon [​IMG]
    *Suicune:Crown/Relaxed/クラウン [31/6/12/14/19/14] *Jap/ClassicRibbon/Unused [​IMG]
    *Suicune:WIN2011/Relaxed/WIN2011 [23/10/2/14/14/6] *ClassicRibbon/Used [​IMG]
    Victini:Movie11/Adamant/アイント [F] *Jap/WishingRibbon [​IMG]
    Zekrom:Movie 11/Adamant/サトシ [27/3/6/28/13/15] @Dragon Gem *Jap/Wishing Ribbon [​IMG]
    Zoroark:Event11/Quirky/EVENT11/Male [19/17/8/10/4/11] *ClassicRibbon [​IMG]

    Trading Ratio Guidelines:
    (Subject to change depending on the trade)
    DW Female=DW Female
    Shiny Flawless=Shiny Flawless/Event
    Event=Event/Shiny Flawless
    DW Event=DW Event/DW Shiny Flawless
    DW Shiny Flawless=DW Shiny Flawless

    Offer me things from here and you can pretty much ignore the trading ratios.
    -Shiny Female Dreamworld Nidoran, Bold, Flawless, with egg moves. Must be completely flawless.
    -The new DW Manor pokemon, Female only.<Will give a normal shiny/flawless per pokemon.
    -Shiny Flawless:
    Illumise, Wormadam, Miltank, Vullaby, Vespiquen, Kangaskhan (dw only), Buneary (must be female)
    Complete Battleready Shiny and Flawless Weather teams. <Obviously trading multiple pokemon since I want complete teams.

    Egg Move wants:
    Things I need for future RNG attempts. All MUST HAVE 3 flawless IV's minimum. (cause I'm too lazy to rng for a flawless parent) I'll offer a flawless shiny per pokemon. =)

    -Male Basculin with Swift, Thrash, Double Edge.
    -Female dw Poochyena
    -Male Farfetche'd: Brave Bird, Air Slash, Air Cutter
    -Male Spinda: TeeterDance,Hypnosis,IcyWind
    -Male Exploud: crunch, smelling salt, thunder fang, ice fang
    -Male Ghastly: Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond
    -Male Kadabra/Alakazam: Trick, Recover (will offer 2 shiny flawless, or an EV'd one if it also has Captivate)
    -Male Smeargle: Metal Burst, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang

    Do NOT Want:
    Flawed Shinies
    Non Shiny/Flawed EV'd Pokemon
    Nicknamed Pokemon
    Touched events/Non Ev'd Shinies
    Trading Condition Pokemon

    Commissions Offered:
    I do run the factory by myself, but I'm a busy person. So, I offer commissions. Basically, its for when I want something EV'd fast, a good hack check or something along those lines. If you can do the service for me AND I'm online VM me. (I must be online, if I just went offline too bad =P ) Also, the reward offered is the reward offered, don't ask for something different.
    I hate asking too much of the people who take up my EV offer, so alot of my EV'd pokemon are not at level 100. (some aren't anywhere near it) Since levelling is very basic, I'm only offering multiple dw females/non-flawless shinies/etc. But it depends how many pokemon you level/levels needed (level more than 3 and I'll offer a shiny flawless). Trustworthy trainers only please. =)

    EV/BattleReady Offer
    Also,if there's anyone with good competitive knowledge out there, that would like to think up sets and such for my shiny flawless pokemon (non-dw) and is willing to EV/tm/level over 80, send me a VM when you catch me online. I fail competitively but would like to offer EV'd versions of what I have so it'd be really helpful. =) You get to keep a clone of the pokemon you're ev'ing before or after training as my thanks.(or whatever stage you want if you can clone yourself)

    (If you're on here, ask and ye-shall recieve)

    Current Trade reminders:
    (removed after 2 weeks)
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2012
  2. 10151993

    10151993 Summer Sun!

    is that SMR2010 jarichi the one with draco meteor? and is it Ut?

    If its both i will trade a shiny, flawless, and evd in speed and sp.atk latais nn litedragon.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2011
  3. huskers222

    huskers222 New Member

    hey im interested in your shiny flawless Ho-Oh

    I can offer a shiny flawless evd latias

  4. Livinitup17

    Livinitup17 Looking for trades

    Purrloin/Jolly/Bluemew [F] (Encore,Foul Play,Yawn,Charm) does this have a premier ribbon
    Murkrow(Jap)/Prankster/Alex/Flawless [EM:Astonish, Confuse Ray, Roost, Toxic] whats it nature
    CMt for scyther
  5. Ausgirl

    Ausgirl Well-Known Member

    Hey will you trade a DW female magikarp for a vullaby?
  6. Azel

    Azel Rawr~

    Wow, the thread exploded while I was gone. XD

    Yes it has Draco Meteor and its UT, but as I said I'm not interested in NN'd pokemon.

    Sure, I can't trade right now, but I'll let you know when I can. =)

    The Purloin doesn't have any ribbons and the Murkrow is Calm natured. I'm interested in your:
    OT:Shreyas 58832
    Moves:powder Snow,Leer,Spikes
    Ability:Inner focus
    for the scyther.

    No, I've already got a normal Vullaby.
  7. Livinitup17

    Livinitup17 Looking for trades

    alright that sounds good can you cmt for the purloin
    murkrow wasn't the nature i wanted =/
  8. Miss Alexis

    Miss Alexis Event Collector :)

    hi i am interested in a selection of your pokemon
    i can also perfect your shiny petilil for you within 2 - 3 hours
    pm me when you get online ^^
  9. aaron11700

    aaron11700 Flawless HUNTERRR

    Grazzzzzz on your neeeewwww shoooopppppp:)
  10. evan0913

    evan0913 New Member

    Hi :)

    I can offer shiny flawless Latias on ur want list for ur shiny flawless Jolly Purlion. It is Non-Redistributable though. If u don't want that please CMT when ur free, thanks :3
  11. Azel

    Azel Rawr~

    Thats fine, I'm interested in the first two if they're female, last one regardless, so any out of these for the purloin. =):

    OT:Venom 45362
    Moves:Sky Uppercut,Thunder Punch,Fake Out,Ice Punch
    Ability:Run Away
    Fully Redistributable

    OT:Johnny 18399
    Ability:Swift Swim
    Fully Redistributable

    OT:Wolf 35219
    Moves:Ember,Counter,Feint,Dark Pulse
    Ability:Flash Fire
    Fully Redistributable

    Thanks for the offer, but it looks like you went offline (the Petilil training is just for someone who catches me online XD; ) PM'ing you anyway about the pokemon you are interested in.

    Thanks! =D

    Thanks for the offer, but yea I'm not interested in Non-redis pokemon. XD;
    Interested in:
    Bold Spheal, Ice Body, with Super Fang
    Adamant Sneasel, with Ice Punch, Pursuit and Low Kick
  12. RiceMenPt

    RiceMenPt Member

    My dw Togekiss for your dw Mamoswine ?
  13. Azel

    Azel Rawr~

    Sure, I'll trade for that. =D
  14. Miss Alexis

    Miss Alexis Event Collector :)

    Im online ^^ shall I do your request?
  15. Azel

    Azel Rawr~

    Yes please! VM'ing you. =)
  16. Livinitup17

    Livinitup17 Looking for trades

    buneary male horse female i already got scyther also would you happen to have a dw rayquaza
  17. Azel

    Azel Rawr~

    I don't have a dw Rayquaza, so just Horsea for Purloin?
  18. Livinitup17

    Livinitup17 Looking for trades

    yeah =/ sorry but keep in touch when you get new pokes i know your bound to get lots of new ones with all these customers i can trade once i come back hopefully your still on
  19. Azel

    Azel Rawr~

    Sure. I should be online alot today, so hopefully I'm there when you get back. =) If I get a dw Rayquaza I'll let you know.
  20. Livinitup17

    Livinitup17 Looking for trades

    i got one already it wasn't fro me it was for someone else but vm she n your so seems forum back online now

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