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B&W Music Discussion

Do you like the new music?

  • Love it! Favourite set of tunes for a gen

    Votes: 530 50.1%
  • Overall I like it.

    Votes: 433 40.9%
  • Meh, all right I suppose...

    Votes: 78 7.4%
  • I dislike the music.

    Votes: 17 1.6%

  • Total voters


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Just got the game recently and I must say the music is a big improvement over previous iterations. Absolutely loving it!

And how awesome is the fact that they actualy managed to find a way to make that "ding-dong" warning, when your Pokémon has low HP during a battle, less annoying?!

I didn't like Castellia and Nimbasa cities musics though, I hope these are just exceptions to the rule, as I'm still in Nimbasa.
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i also love iccrius city. the seasonal weather music is also good espicially rain in iccrius also snow. i also like the pkmn league its a classic


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The music during The Champion battle and the Ghetsis battle are my favorites. The Ghetsis battle's music is so eery...


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I'm not a fan of Ghetsis' music. It takes too long to pick up (and it barely does) and it's basically all drums, kinda boring.
I love all the music in Black/White. It usually fits the feeling of the area/situation very well. N's Castle Bridge is a beautiful tune, but in only plays once, and not for very long. Route 10 is amazing. As is Victory Road and Opelucid City - White. Driftveil was pretty good. Nimbasa City and Mistralton City were pretty catchy. Undella Town - Summer reminds me of Harvest Moon's music for some reason. Ghetsis' battle theme really says it all. You're fighting someone who desires nothing but raw power, and will do anything he can to get it.

That's all I have to say at the moment.


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All of them are good, but HGSS and DPPt are still better IMO.


I LOVE the music in BW, it's just awesome.Route 10, when the gym leader uses his last pokémon, victory road, Celestial tower, shaking grass, surfing, Castelia city, Nimbasa city, Driftveil city, Team Plasma theme, N battle music and a lot more.Great job.


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I like Alders theme song.
And the battle music for the Elite Four


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It's a hit and misses for me, some are good and some just aren't and some are just ANNOYING!!
I personally loved the OST for Black and White! It's my favorite! Especially N's battle theme (and I'm not just saying that because he's my favorite character), Legendary Battle, and Team Plasma--in my opinion--has the best battle theme out of all the teams in pokemon.


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I started out not liking the music much, but after spending so many hours in Nimbasa (for Domes, BS, etc.) the music has really started to grow on me. (Really just Nimbasa's though, the rest is a little meh) Although personally, it's been so long since I've battled anyone important (Gym leaders, E4, Team plasma) I forget what a lot of their music sounded like.


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They did an amazing job on the town/route tracks. Unfortunatly I didn't like the battle music. Not that I disliked it (ok, I dislike the rival battle) but the battle music just didn't go above average.


Gym Leader's Last Pokemon is my favorite!


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I do not like to classify things into best and worst, so I can't say that it is my favorite. However, I do love a lot of the music in the game, especially Lacunosa's theme, and Route 10 as it is reminiscent of Mother 3. Ghetsis' theme is also quite awesome. If I had to classify it, it would be near the top, for sure. Thus, as far as the poll goes, I chose "Overall, I like it."


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The music in BW is awesome.I especially like Village Bridge;it's just really cool and it suits it really nicely.In my opinion,the route music was a little weak but other than that the other music isn't so bad.Another favourite also is Ghetsis' battle theme.It's so dark and scary but it's also cool.
There were a lot of songs I liked in BW. The only ones that seemed a bit strange were the ones involving Ghetsis and some of the cities, like Undella Town.