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Bachelorette Returns


Thank you my prince!
This a revival of an iconic forum game, Bachelorette, from 2010. Unlike the title, this game will feature pansexual bachelors and bachelorettes who your characters romance. A big thank you to Shade and the other mods who believed in me!

;151;: Hello beautiful residents of whatever city, any region! I'm Myuu, the host of the brand new Doki Doki Kokoro! Heart Love Panic series!

;212;: And I'm Thery, also hosting Heart Love Panic! We're taking registrations from 10(ten) lucky men, women, and nonbinary parties who are interested in finding romance with our beautiful Bachelor or Bachelorette!

;303;: These are the rules that you will have to abide by at all times!

Voting is open to all!
Provide a proper reason as to why you want to vote someone off!
Please limit how often you change your vote!
Keep your characters interesting, but avoid any offensive portrayals!
Please listen to Mawile412 or Marshtompman!
Avoid spam! Please keep conversations in VMs or PMs as well!
Group conversations on relevant topics are fine, such as reflections on your characters and any problems you have!
The game must be kept appropriate! We will not promote anything graphic!
We hope you enjoy!
;212; Thank you very much, Lily! If you're interested, then I hope you take your time to fill out our downloadable form and send it in to this address!
*Address runs by very quickly on the screen*
Sign-up Form!
Pick Up Line!!!​
;151; Once all 10(ten) of our spots are filled up, we will reveal the main love interest of the season! We will also air our first episode, where our Heartbreaker will react to your pick up line! Maybe you can win a spot on Heart Love Panic?

*A very long but fast blurb of legal talk ends the commercial*
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Sign-up Form!
Name! Scout
Species! :504:
Gender! Male
Personality! Scout is very alert at all times and doesn't sleep much. He is very serious and stoic and doesn't let much phase him. He keeps berries in his cheek pouches so he can eat them without losing focus on keeping watch.
Pro! Good at keeping watch and protecting himself and others from danger
Con! Is almost always on watch and has trouble relaxing
Pick Up Line!!! "I'll watch over you all day long."


Name! Athena
Species! ;428;
Gender! Female
Personality! Athena is a beautiful girl who likes to look pretty and go shopping. While this may make her seem vain, she is actually an incredibly nice person who doesn't want to complicate life. She can be quite flirtatious when she wants, which usually helps her along in life. Behind her beauty, there is also brains; Athena recently graduated from her university with a 4.0 in Fashion merchandising and plans on attending law school.
Pro! Beautiful enough to get what she wants.
Con! Beautiful enough that her intelligence is constantly underestimated.
Pick Up Line!!! If a thousand painters worked for a thousand years,they could not create a work of art as beautiful as you!