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Back 2 Business (B2B)

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by RiceMenPt, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. RiceMenPt

    RiceMenPt Member

    Hey guys , i'm back to Serebii hoping that we can make some trades , so here is what I Have / Want , but first the Rules and that stuff :)

    Rules -
    Dont spam , and only offer what i ask please .
    Don't offer pokemon that i already got .
    Don't change your offers or you can be ignored right away ;)
    Dont trade me Premium Ribbon pokemons .
    When saying "CMT" post the link of your trade shop .

    My Cloners - Already Found My best cloner ahah NoToRiousBrawl

    WHITE LIST : All my cloners ofc & lavaburst14 :D

    Said this , lets go to what matters :D

    Have -

    Breedables - All of them , since Kanto to Unova ;)

    Legends - All just ask i may got spares .

    Solosis w/ Trick
    DW Elekid w/ Focus , Ice & Fire Punch .

    Vaporeon (nn)
    Mudkip NFT(breeded w/ masuda method by me)
    Charmander (nn)
    Drifblim (jap) .
    Lugia UT flawless ;
    Kyogre UT flawless ;
    Groudon ;
    Shaymin Near Flawless ;
    Rayquaza ;
    Deoxys ;
    Mewtwo ;
    Regigigas ;
    Dialga ;
    Latios ;
    Latias ;
    Thundurus ;
    Kyurem ;
    Oh-Ho ;
    Registeel ;
    Darkrai Flawless Ut or lv100 Evd in SpAtk & Speed (w/ Premium Ribbon) ;
    Virizion Flawless.

    Modest Zorua UT lv1;
    Modest Litwick UT lv28;
    Jolly Gible UT lv1 w/ Outrage ;
    Jolly Scraggy (moxie) UT (Near Flawless) w/ Egg Moves ;
    Adamant Klink UT (Near Flawless) ;
    Modest NidoranM (dw) Flawless w/ egg moves ;
    Impish Gligar flawless w/ egg moves (dw) ;
    Adamant Scyther flawless (dw) ;
    Lapras flawless (dw) ;
    Adamant Chimchar flawless w/ egg moves ;
    Adamant Shroomish flawless .
    Relaxed Mudkip lv1 UT flawless
    Adamant Absol lv1 UT flawless
    Jolly Ralts lv 1 UT flawless
    Adamant Bagon lv1 UT Flawless
    Ferroseed lv1 UT Flawless
    Totodile lv1 UT Flawless
    Adamant Karrablast lv1 UT Flawless w/ egg moves
    Modest Politoed Evd in spAtk & Spe(need to confirm) & flawless !
    Modest Deino flawless w/ Dark Pulse
    Bold Solosis flawless w/ Trick (Big offer for this one)
    shellos storm drain lv.1 modest eggmoves: earthpower and water pulse
    (Jap) ANA Flying Pikachu UT
    Space C Deoxys BT (normal)
    GMSTP Deoxys UT (atk)
    DW Togekiss UT (Jap)
    DW Arceus (jap) UT
    Singing Pikachu (jap) UT
    World08 Lucario UT
    10JAHRE Pikachu UT
    10JAHRE Articuno UT
    10 ANIV Charizard UT
    NZone Pikachu UT
    CHANNEL Jirachi UT
    TRU Regigigas UT
    SPR2010 Pichu (shiny) UT
    NoK Rayquaza UT
    DW (Kor & Modest) Rayquaza UT (really worthy)
    11 Movie Reshiram (Modest) UT
    (Kor) Home Plus (Modest) Darkrai UT (really worthy)
    DW Torchic Adamant UT near Flawless OT : not Mat
    DW Charmander Modest UT Near Flawless OT: Mat
    DW Mamoswine Adamant OT : not Mat
    Shiny Faraway Islands Adamant Mew UT in Dive Ball
    WORLD11 Scrafty Brave

    What I want -

    Shinies (mainly) - (offering 3 breedable pokemons at your choice or 1 dw female at your choice too)

    DW Females - Any that I dont have , can trade by other dw female or for 3 regular :)

    DW Starters - always welcome :)

    Events - Can offer 2 dw females or 6 breedables at your choice or 1 Event as obvious.


    Shiny Flawless Adamant Growlithe (Intimidate) EV'd w/ Flare Blitz ; Close Combat ; Crunch.

    MetalOverlord - S.F. Flygon , S.F. Timburr , S.F. Cubchoo for my S.F Klink , S.F. Totodile , S.F. Lapras (dw) .
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2012
  2. RiceMenPt

    RiceMenPt Member

    This Trade Shop is now open :)
  3. EmiiLava

    EmiiLava Joltik Queen <3

    Want: shiny treecko

    Have: CMT

    i'll trade you back your excadrill now as well ;3
  4. Jeremyz Dragon Tamer

    Jeremyz Dragon Tamer Clash of the Titans

    im interested in the shiny groudon and deoxys i can offer you a Shiny Mesprit
    Movie 14 Victini UT
    vm me if interested
  5. RiceMenPt

    RiceMenPt Member

    Well , can i pick this "shiny shellos storm drain lv.1 modest eggmoves: earthpower and water pulse " ?

    I haven't saw a regular shiny so i think its a unfair trade :|

    as for the excadrill/drillbur ill take it tks ^^

    @ New Rule Added And DW Chimchar taken (it appears to be a hacked pokemon)

    Edit : Jeremyz i thin i already have victini , but mesprit will be fine .
    And Deoxys have a really big and strange name (i forgot to say earlier)
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2011
  6. BeastlyBoi

    BeastlyBoi New Member

    I`m interested on the World08 Lucario,Jolly Ralts lv 1 UT flawless( Is it male? : o) and Adamant Karrablast lv1 UT Flawless w/ egg moves. :]
  7. NoToRiousBrawL

    NoToRiousBrawL Stones of Baked Clay

    Welcome back friend! Would you trade your Krablast for my shiny flawless Grwloithe OT Kaiser Wild charge , Flare Blitz , Close Combat , and Morning sun ??
    Thanks bro for whitelisting me :D
  8. RiceMenPt

    RiceMenPt Member

    Yes , Ralts it is male :)

    Can you gimme more details about your beldum ?

    @ Of course NoToRious :D

    And im gonne need your services , i have a lot of trades coming up :3
  9. EmiiLava

    EmiiLava Joltik Queen <3

    sure shellos is fine! I'll trade you shellos and excadrill right away~!
  10. BeastlyBoi

    BeastlyBoi New Member

    I believe the beldum has some flawless stats on hp,def and atk,not sure though.

    Level 1
    Nature: Hardy
  11. RiceMenPt

    RiceMenPt Member

    Well , as you know i have to get treecko cloned xD

    ill talk with NoToRious or you can do it ? it will be faster i think >.<

    Edit : uh , hardy sucks >.<

    i'll only take milotic and electivire then sorry .
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2011
  12. Elements115

    Elements115 One with the shadows

    hi welcome back to serebii.. it seems i need a few of your stuffs, i added stuff i need to know next to them thanks, please check my shop for:

    NoK Rayquaza UT (nature please?)
    Adamant Shroomish flawless (if it has focus punch)
    Relaxed Mudkip lv1 UT flawless (does it have stealth rock? if not ill still take)
    Adamant Chimchar flawless w/ egg moves (can you please confirm that it's flawless?)
    Ferroseed lv1 UT Flawless (leech seed and spikes/stealth rock?)
  13. EmiiLava

    EmiiLava Joltik Queen <3

    Okay sounds good. Meet ya in there ;3
  14. BeastlyBoi

    BeastlyBoi New Member

    No worries.
    I will take the ralts and karrablast please :]

    I can also offer a Satoshi pikachu w/o the light ball But I need someone to clone it for me though.
  15. RiceMenPt

    RiceMenPt Member

    NoK Rayquaza UT Hardy
    Adamant Shroomish flawless (Absorb|Wake Up Slap|Seed Bomb)
    Relaxed Mudkip lv1 UT flawless (Curse|Aqua Tail|Mud Bomb|Ice Beam)
    Adamant Chimchar flawless w/ egg moves (Yes its flawless (said by the guy in nimbasa xD) )
    Ferroseed lv1 UT Flawless (leech seed and stealth rock)
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2011
  16. Jeremyz Dragon Tamer

    Jeremyz Dragon Tamer Clash of the Titans

    ok is it a japanese name?
    do you want this instead?Mighteyenna lvl 34 t timid male
  17. RiceMenPt

    RiceMenPt Member

    Yes , and its really big (im not kidding) xD

    @ Trade Completed w/ Lavaburst ! (i gave you dw elekids w/ egg moves) tks :D
  18. Jeremyz Dragon Tamer

    Jeremyz Dragon Tamer Clash of the Titans

    i dont mind ok so lets trade my shiny mespirit and mighteyenna for your shiny groudon and deoxys
  19. TM0verlord

    TM0verlord PSN ID is on sig

    Hi there, I'm interested in these shiny flawless pokemon.
    Adamant Klink UT (Near Flawless)
    Totodile lv1 UT Flawless
    Lapras flawless (dw)

    I can trade you any of these shiny flawless pokemon in return.
    Adamant Starly (Egg move: Pursuit)
    Impish Wooper (Egg moves: Stockpile, Recover, Curse, and Stockpile) (DW Abillity)
    Brave Tepig (Eggmoves: Heavy Slam, Curse, Yawn, and Superpower)
    Adamant Turtwig (Egg Moves: Superpower and Double-Edge)
    Relaxed Forretress (Egg moves: Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock)
    Adamant Carvanha (DW Ability) (Female)
    Adamant Flygon (Tutor moves: Outrage, Fire Punch, and Thunderpunch)
    Bold Baltoy (Has HP Fire)
    Impish Alomomola
    Jolly Tornadus
    Modest Mareep
    Naive Mienfoo (Has HP Ice)
    Timid Volcarona
    Brave Timburr (Guts) (0 Speed IVs) (Egg moves: Mach
    punch and Drain Punch)
    Timid Snivy (Egg Move: Glare)
    Jolly Cubchoo (Egg moves: Night Slash and Ice Punch)
  20. RiceMenPt

    RiceMenPt Member

    you haven't said nothing about mightyena o.o (and i dont like it sorry)

    but hey I need to get them cloned first so you'll have to w8 till i get all fixed up.

    @ Metal , ill take Cubchoo , Timburr and Flygon :D

    (ill add you to pending trades to clone the pkmn)
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2011

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