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Backround Of Mt. Faraway

Chrono Mew

Post everything here about Mt. Faraway imm scared to go into there without knowing some stuff!


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Mt Faraway is a 40 Floor dungeon, with Ho-Oh residing at the peak. Surf is required and so is automatic save, so bring an Escape Orb if you run into trouble. This dungeon is famous for being the only place to recruit Castform, and it is the one of the two places which has the Friend Bow (found behind a locked door on floor 30, other place you find them is Joyous Tower). Parasect on floors I believe 20-30 will cause you problems with Spore. The dungeon also has many traps, so you might want to get Trap Seer on your leader.

Ho-Oh is an second try recruitable with a size of ****. You need the Friend Area Rainbow Peak in order to recruit him.
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Mt.Faraway is one of the hardest low floor dungeons, with a few monster houses if you are lucky. I think it was made by the legendary dogs and was given to Ho-Oh


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Or you're lying...most everyone gets ho-oh second try, almost none get it the third try, and NONE can get it the first time. It's against game coding.


if your partner kill it then it wont join jou so it can take a while.. and also if you dont hav the friend area it wont join.. so its possible it wont join you until youve tryed over a 1000 times.. but it has a 99.9% chance of recruiting the 2nd time.. so.. 1st time isnt posible..


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You can't recruit it on the first try. Either you have a glitched or pirated game, or your lying, and don't argue with the facts, since it has been confirmed by most everyone, including Serebii itself.


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Some Mt. Faraway/Ho-oh advice, please?

What Pokemon are dangerous? Not including Ho-oh, what levels are the Pokemon? Items to look for/bring? Who should I bring? (Swampert, Pikachu, Venasaur, Charizard, Absol, or Articuno?) What strategy should I use on Ho-oh? Anything I should know?

And yes, I'm not stupid. I know I should use Pikachu and Swampert, and leave Venasaur, Charizard (Well, a Charmeleon about to evolve into a Charizard) and Articuno home. But I don't know if I might need them for the Wild Pokemon (That is, Powder Snow and Heat Wave for Monster Houses).


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The only things you need to worry about is Parasect, which knows Spore (Puts all foes in the same room to sleep) and traps, including PP-Zero and Sticky Traps. It doesn't really matter which you bring, but try to get Trap Seer on your leader, which I suggest Charizard for clearing of Monster Houses with Heat Wave. If you can't get Trap Seer, (600 points of IQ needed) then have leader hold Trap Scarf. The pokemon range from level 20-50, but don't worry, Castform is the only high leveled pokemon in the dungeon, and he relatively isn't hard to take down (though you should recruit him unless you are trying to recruit Ho-oh.


herd u liek mudkips?
I've got Trap Seer on Pikachu, Venasaur, and Swampert. Yay for me.

So, Swampert and Pikachu for Ho-Oh, and Charizard for the floors below?

And what items should I try to find? (I've already WonderMailed myself a Friend Bow, so I'm not going to get it.) What items should I bring?


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Sorry for double post, my computer lagged

But anyways, you should have:

2+ Max Elixirs
2+ Reviver Seeds
1 Surf
4-5 Huge Apples
Stamina Band (for leader)
3+ Oran Berries

Thats pretty much it, and also activate Trap Avoider on your partners if they have it

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You ought to bring an Escape Orb or two just in case an unforeseen problem arises and causes one of your party members to get in trouble as well as a Key to unlock the door leading to the Friend Bow. Also, set the "Nonsleeper" IQ skill on your party members to effectively render them immune to Parasect's Spore.

By the way, since one cannot ordinarily recruit Ho-Oh the first time barring a slip-up in the game programming, it would be perfectly fine to recruit a Castform on the way up the mountain. If you have recruited every possible Pokémon thus far, it should be the only new wild Pokémon here aside from Ho-Oh. Consider bringing a Trap Scarf and letting your new Castform hold it to protect it from harmful traps while you travel through the dungeon.

Aside from stat boosters sold in Kecleon Shops and random TMs and Wonder Orbs found in Monster Houses, there are virtually no particularly novel items to be found at Mt. Faraway; you will only find Poké and mundane seeds. Note that Monster Houses have a very high chance of occurring on floors 14 and 29 (if a TM or Wonder Orb is in a room, that room is a Monster House) but will occur nowhere else in the dungeon. Be prepared to defend your Castform on those two floors, however.


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on red i recuited the ho-oh on first time, i am still trying to get it on blue. the best item in there i believe is the friend bow.