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Okay So your in a Ski lodge. With 23 of your closest friends. Or so you think! During the day you can walk around and gather supplies(In thread) and talk to people and spirits(who are given all information)(through PM) and make alliances(through PM) and easedrop (through PM). Then at night you can either be nice and sleep or use any info or objects you have to kill someone(through Pm). The next morning the will be no remains and a note on the table explaining what happened in vague detail and if someone wants to and can say who did it within the first three hours of the day the killer dies and the victim's spirit comes back and inhabits the killer's body. But careful you only have 1 guess per 3 days/rounds. In alliances you must share info and objects but are not protected from each other. Alliances also make it easier to save each other if someone in your alliance is killed you receive more detail than others. Now you may be asking why would I want to bring back someone from the dead if they aren't in my alliance. Well, If you are the first to guess correctly the killer's name(Their pokemon not username) you get both the Killer's and Victim's item supplies.

House Locations:
Kitchen~Knives, forks, spoons, plates, cups, raw meat, Snack foods, Ice, Water, Can Opener, Vegetables, Eggs, other foods and utensils.
Living Room~ TV, Couch Cushions, Lamps, Lightbulbs, blankets, Books, remotes, simple living items
Game Room~ Pool balls, Pool Sticks, Board game boards, Game pieces, dice, cards, etc.
Bathroom~Dirty Laundry, Soaps, medicines, towels, Nail clippers, curling irons, combs, and other of the sorts
Garage~Tools, Balls, Tires, Skis, Ski poles, Cars, Snowmobiles, Lawnmowers, All that stuff
Hallway, Today Specials~ Speedos!?, Pokemon pearl, Chain saw with no chain or gas, Barbie Doll, and what is this Djhappy's body(Who deserves credit for helping me)

1 All SPPF rules
2 Spirits be s vague as possible when talking and provide one line sentences only
3 All Pming will be done through me not including Ally conversations and talking to other living people. However i would like to be alerted of all alliances
4 You will only be able to visit house locations every hour and can only take 2 items per visit
5 Only 1 killer guess per 3 rounds
6 House location item lists are only suggestions and have some leeway except for Hallway which will have closets of constantly changing junk
7 If I deem a kill undeadly you die
8 I will allow very minimal Rping

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Name= Bekidding
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Name= Heart
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Name= Carew
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Name: Tiberius
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