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Bad things you do.


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So it's like every other school in the world? Cos I'm pretty sure that your's isn't the only one with that tradition.

Oh, well probably. It's just that a lot of people in our school are pretty welcoming and everyone says I'm cruel because I'm one of the few who go the other way. I'm not aware of any other school in London which has it as a tradition, just mainly sort of as a minor thing amongst the select few, about three or four. But I know it's a recent thing at my school, because the couple of years below me plus my year when we were new didn't get any of that sort of treatment.
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I can ignore ppl who are close to me for a long time.



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I disobey my parents sometimes...


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In 6th grade I though a sandwich out of the school bus window while it was driving, he got to the back and asked who did it. I put it off on my friend. And my friend got kicked of the bus, took us a month to talk after the event.


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I dont know if this is bad but everytime i get up when i brush my teeth i leave the tap on whilst i'm brushing and my mom hate's that as water is ££££ i don't know why i have this habit xD