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Bad things you do.

Flame Mistress

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Practically risking my life to watch six episodes of an anime counts, I guess.

(To elaborate, those six episodes had the characters travelling to the past to meet Oda Nobunaga and the fictionalized teenage version of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. As I'm Korean, that isn't exactly the best of all ideas...)


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I don't obey rules,
especially dumb rules such as "only wear black shoes" or "Hair no longer than 3 cm" (Yes I was raised in a developing country in Asia, public schools do that kind of crap to students.) so I'm always looking for a way to break through them and I must say; its always fun! seeing most students agree to follow such nonsense makes me think how messed up the world is.


Metallic Wonder
I use people for personal gain. Even though I do have limits


The light is coming
Picking my nose

Sometimes I snap at people for no reason. :(


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I sometimes do not think before I speak, and I can say something really blunt or hurtful on accident.
I also swipe my brother's food sometimes. I have been trying to stop, though.


I curse an awful lot. Sometimes I even use pejorative terms (I try to avoid racial slurs, though).

I bite my fingers and I scratch myself. It's due to autism more than anything, though.

Most of you here probably wouldn't be fond of my political conservatism. I'm fairly supportive of the Republican Party. I disagree with them on a few issues (like gun control and the wars in the Middle East), but I'm supportive otherwise. Of course, I don't support the more extreme ones. It's not bad per se, but it would be unpopular around a forum of young people.

Despite my relative conservatism, I think about sex a lot. I've looked at hentai. I also have an account on AdultFanFiction.net and have written a Pokemon-related smut story.

I also eat way more than I'm supposed to.

I used to be somewhat racist against Muslims. I've gotten better with it, and now I don't hate anyone. I also used to be very homophobic, which you'd think would be ironic because I'm a big fan of Britney Spears, Madonna, and several other pop singers who are gay icons.


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I yell and hit my brother when he does things that annoy/anger/hurt me... He's got a degenerative brain disease so I know he doesn't realize what he's doing but I get so angry...


I say, give and emit wrong messages.


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With my parents, you probably won't catch me getting away with a lot of things. My mom has raised me my whole life to follow rules exactly, and my dad is a probation officer, and is not fun at all when he's in a bad room.

I've j-walked before(excuse me if that's not how you're supposed to right it, I've never seen it written down), but I only do that when traffic is slow, and I'm very careful about it.

I can also get really lazy, and don't consider what I eat enough, and I hardly exercise outside of gym class. Though I guess I'm not that bad about it, since I'm not fat, and I'm most definitely not obese. I also spend a lot of time pacing, so I suppose I burn up more calories then I think.

If the conditions are perfect for me to work, I have an awful habit of procrastinating. However, if the conditions are right, I don't mind working at all, so it's not too bad.

Social anxiety causes me to rely on my family, especially my younger sister, far too much when out in public. I tend to give my sister money when I want to buy something, and have her buy it for me. My mom has me working on that, but I still can't stand lines that use conveyor belts to put your merchandise on, so I almost always go to stores that only use counters instead. That's pretty bad, seeing as I won't be able to go to any major stores such as Target, Walmart, and Safeway without working on it first. And since I never intend on getting married in the future, it's either get over that or go out of my way to find stores that don't user conveyor belts.


Back in the meantime
Going to stupid websites and get exposed to really bad, sometimes offensive material and yet I'm aware of the consequences. Sheesh, I need to stop.

Super Llama

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Well I'm here browsing the forums on my iPad whilst Mummy and Daddy expect me to be asleep.

Hmm, lets see here:

  • Swearing
  • Eating mixtures when I bake things
  • Break rules on a game server because its funny
  • Laughing at stuff that other people don't find funny
  • Pick my nose and sometimes my skin
  • Get up early in the morning when my mother doesn't want me to
  • Sneak on a handheld gadget when I'm in bed
  • Occasionally look for trouble

... I'm going to hell.

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
The worst thing I do is revel in others' misfortune, especially if they're my enemies. However, I still try to help them through the event just so they don't see me as an emotionless Asian guy and I don't have to hate them anymore.


i say things i shouldn't about anything on my feeds apparently

I smoke too much...weed...cigarettes...all of it. I know that I should quit cigarettes but it really is an addiction
Also I need to stop going to class high. It probably isn't the greatest idea.

i do that alot. I kinda stopped after a while, mostly because i got tired of feeling rude to other people for smelling. but i was just too awkward to talk to. it just didn't look good on me really. it's kind of why i'm working on quitting. i admittedly acquired an addiction and have been systematically getting myself off it.

I liked going to class in that condition, so as to visualize and burn the information to the back of my head, and then just play it out visually again in my memory till it just consolidated, and got the main idea. I really wanted to get and understand the information well. but when it came to logically explaining it, i couldn't. since my processing was still going thru the whole bottleneck effect. its like downloading something super fast, and then you're kinda like super retarded until you recover and it just kinda crystalized to the point where you're able to word your way around it.

i think the problem is just a respect issue really. i'd just smoke at home and just chill and read. i did it stupidly for political liberal rights and trying to prove some stupid fucking pointless point that not alot of people ****ing even care about. but it's whatevs.
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Going to stupid websites and get exposed to really bad, sometimes offensive material and yet I'm aware of the consequences. Sheesh, I need to stop.

I do that, too. I have not been doing that frequently, though, as it does bother me.


I speak jive, and I'm not black. Kind of like that old white woman in Airplane, but much worse. I'm dead serious - sometimes I do impressions of people in the ghetto that some people might find borderline racist. I often pretend that I'm a ghetto black girl named something like LaQuisha and say "YO GURRRRRL!" in a shrill voice.


Behold The Aura!
When I was on 6 grade, I accidentally throw a rock and hit to a girl's head. I was like, OMG I will be suspended!