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Bad things you do.


Petal Blizzard
I sleep too much...


Future Gym Leader
Read these and laugh at how bad some people really just want attention.
If you consider honesty a negative thing, I'm a horrible person.
(There's no such thing as brutal honesty. There's just the truth and lies.)


The Clan Idiot
I steal pencils from my teacher. I am the biggest load of garbage.


i speak my own opinion and don't care about the weight of other's until they align with my interests...

oh I'm sorry, I was just talking about humans in general, my bad.


Pokerman Master
I tend to swear and bite my fingernails.. That n' I badger myself constantly about Being fat (even though I'm not.. Or so people say)
I also eat about once a day and have a small snack during the day, that's about it.


I smash your Boxes.
Secretly I take over the world in secret.

I also overthink things.

And, when I was still in 4th Grade or so, I would steal Erasers because they were pretty and draw Surskit on them and then throw them away over the school.
Somehow nobody caught on it was me.


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
One time, on a certain MMORPG (I won't say), I saw some people roleplaying and didn't join in with them and instead watched them walk by.

I'm sorry ._. .


Well-Known Member
Too many but I also done lots of good things :)
I have killed mosquitoes and other insects. Also i have killed lizards and pasted their corpses to the wall of my yard


Well-Known Member
I can be a bit sneaky and secretive around people... It is largely due to my anxiety, though, and I usually do not get in trouble when I am discovered because it usually turns out I was just worried and did not do anything wrong to begin with.

Dr. Koga

Master Pokehunter
I snuck out of school 1 minute early when I was younger


Well-Known Member
I think a bad thing for me that I do is to use the cooking equipment belongs to other people. Also I often search the bin to find some food thrown away by people that is still perfect to eat.


I told this person who my friend sat beside that he always copies her in tests, thinking she already knew (which she didn't) now she makes sure she covers up the test so he can't see. He never studies but lucky for him the course is almost done


Drink, smoke, litter, swear, eat mostly burgers, leech, swindle, insult, condescend. . .