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Bad things you do.


I swear, judge people, and watch (you know what)


Vintage much?
Snort stuff on car bonnets because why not. It's fun.


Only time will tell
I used to watch you know what all the time when I was very young until I was 17

But im 19 and have a fiance and a baby so all I need is my guy.

I regret going out with guys before I met tyler too


send smeargles
I occasionally shoot bananas with my bow and arrow.

(It actually helps get over my fear of 'em, and I hate the colour yellow. >~<)
Yes, I'm THAT evil.



♫ Ad vivere
I can be quite selfish. 'Recent' issues in my life which have caused me to be majorly stressed out at times has amplified this in me. Not that I don't care about others or never help others out, it's just that I put myself first a lot of the time, even when it's not the best for others. I don't do it intentionally, it just happens.


shy shipper
When I see a bunch of black ants around, I can't help but drag my foot around them just to startle them (not kill them) and watch them freak out C<
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Still Dirrty
I am a bad influence for the children of the forum. :(


Well-Known Member
I'm a Sonic the Hedgehog fan.

Flintoff Cypress

Premium Ice Cream
I don't know if the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom is definitively the worst ever. But it's pretty close.

I'll have you people know that I started off on the internet at a Sonic the Hedgehog forum and... you're all pretty much right. If I have to hear someone whine and moan about "green eyes" or "sports tape" again...

As for the worst bad thing I've done... hmm... I would be breaking the rules if I said that... and that too... and that... oh, that's probably illegal in 40 states... nope, can't say that...

Oh! One time I did run around a friend's yard clucking like a chicken with no pants on because she dared me to do it. Let's just say that the ends did justify the means in the end.