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Bad things you do.


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Active Member
Stay up late.


I was walking down the street with my ice creme, as I spot this little kid.

I walk past him and his mom and I hear "Mom, can I have some ice-creme".

Maybe he got some, but maybe I ruined some kids days, or made a mother annoyed.


buys meat
I stole the Webkinz code of a girl I hated when I was 6 and used it. A few years later, we became good friends. I never told her.


Shiny Huntress
I ignore my sister whenever she visits and try to run away when she brings my nephews with her...and find a way to take my chinchilla with me since one of said nephews loves to torment the poor creature. My kitty gives me the "please take me with you" look whenever he comes. Needless to say I would rather never see my sister or my nephews...ever.

The Awesome Guy

You bet I am...
My family is in a complicated situation and I drown my emptiness in tabaco... I spend a lot of Money on it but I feel as if it is part of me already..........


Just another guy
I am an emotional eater. When I get sad or angry or nervous I eat to ease the emotions. It's only because of my high metabolism that I'm not overweight.
I find these tinies around my house. It's so fun to squish them, Murr~
I use the internet too much and end up not doing homework a lot and I have to do it as fast as I can the next morning.
Stuck a gum on the railing :( I shouldn't have done that.

PokePlush Collector

PKMN Plush Tamer
Biting myself, cursing a lot in front of my parents, raging while playing online which I'm pretty sure a lot of people do, always say to myself that I want to kill myself when things in life are starting to become rough and many many nasty things.

Is making a creepypasta about people having no eyes consider being a bad person? XD


MS Paint Sableye
As a side effect to my little video game enjoyment *cough cough addiction cough cough* and bitterness to 7 billion+ people *cough cough the world sucks cough cough*, I can no longer look at humanly things like relationships, emotions, and most importantly as a combination of the two, love without also thinking of all the data that could be collected from them *cough cough statistical robot cough cough* that I can use to beat the game *cough cough exploitation cough cough*

I also tend to cough a lot :D