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Bad To The Bone! (075)


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Bad To The Bone!

Heading to the Pokémon League, Ash & Co meet a trainer Otoshi who recently had his 8 badges stolen from him by Team Rocket. Ash, being able to sympathise with him, decides to help. Can they get the badges back before they're both late for the league?

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Factory Head Noland

I saw this episode yesterday on Toonami, Otoshi's badges were really funny looking!
So where that trainer's that Jessie tried to steal the badges from.

How come in the battle between Ash and Otoshi, Ash used two Pokemon but Otoshi only used one?


Ash was able to use two pokemon because the writers didn't want Ash to lose >>

and the reason the badges looked funny is because there are a ton of gyms in Kanto, so he had different badges.

Factory Head Noland

But Otoshi had Doduo aswell so he should have been allowed to use that aswell.

I know that, I'm just saying that they were funny lookin'


Well yeah, I guess they are...

And about the battle, don't put much thought in it, since the only reason they battled was to find out he got his badges stolen.


I was afraid Ash would lose all his badges - luckily, Ash was allowed to use two Pokemon. :)

Anyways, here we see that there are indeed more than eight gyms in Kanto. In Otoshi's flashback, a couple of unidentified gyms were featured. I have forgotten them completely, but I think a Hitmonlee was shown in one of them.


Team Awesome
I find this episode pretty interesting, because it's not too often that you see a clip show on this show. Plus, Jessie actually tries to go off and do something on her own apart from her teammates, making them upset. I like how they get back together during the motto. It makes for an episode that's very interesting and different.

Otoshi's a great guest character too. He really makes me crack up a few times, and I really sympathize with him too. And the best part of all has to be when the guy Jessie meets on the road takes off running at high speed when he realizes it's Team Rocket. LOL :D

Plus, we have the first appearance of James's bottlecaps! Too bad they don't get mentioned anymore. :(


Battle Factory Champion
James's bottlecaps were a great gag, bring'em back :p

Yeah good episode, great battle, was hoping we might of saw Otoshi sometime during the tournament as well but obviously not the case.


This was an awesome episode! It showed a flashback of Ash's battles and it showed Otashi's battles with Marowak too. Marowak is just plain awesome, and was a great fighter against Ash's Bulbasaur.


This was definitely one of Team Rocket's meaner episodes, especially considering that the loss of the badges caused Otoshi's Marowak to abandon him out of frustration for a little while there. Not to mention that Jessie was about to catch his Doduo when they were battling right before Marowak came back to save the day.

Togepi dancing was totally random.


Born This Way
Very Cool badges. This episode was pretty well done. 7.2/10


Born This Way
The thing is they are foreign so we wouldnt know where they are from.


Well-Known Member
I remember wondering where the heck those badges came from, and I really didn't like the trainer with the Marowak.


Well-Known Member
I liked the episode and thought Marowak was awesome. The Badges where kool though. He had some Kanto League Badges the Volcano and the Soul i can remember. Does anyone remember what other Kanto badges he got