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Bad To The Bone! (075)

James's bottlecaps, my favorite James "thing", but overall good episode, but the typical someone loses their badges episode


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that guy made eme wicked mad


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Even though I haven't seen this episode since 1999, I still remember it perfectly. At that time, I hadn't seen all of Ash's gym battles (I had yet to see Koga and Giovanni's battles) so seeing Ash getting all of his badges made me feel happy. It was also an interesting plot, and I like how the writers made you not trust Otoshi at first but then slowly accept him. Plus, it was cool seeing other, non-game badges that Otoshi and that other guy had.

The one part that bothered me is that Pikachu's Electric attacks worked on Marowak. I know they did that a lot back in the early episodes, but it's still very annoying that it happened.


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I enjoyed this episode it was nice to see TR sort of return to their evil team roots instead of just being comic relief, I also liked that they showed different gym badges besides the eight that we know of and are used to.


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I liked Marowak and James's bottle caps.


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I thought it was cool how there were different badges other than the 8 that we are used to. The marowak was cool, and it was awesome that it came back in the end.


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Otoshi was pretty funny :D His Marowak was pretty cool; the way it moved in the beginning of the episode was cool. Wasn't too impressed with Team Rocket actually stealing someone's badges, but at least they didn't get away with it.


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Heh, I can distinctly recall just how disappointed I was in Jessie's behaviour the very first time I saw this episode. Gotta say that she probably came off worse in this one than any other episode I can remember. I mean, the joint theft of Otoshi's badges easily rates as one of TR's meanest Kanto-based crimes, but then it wasn't exactly unexpected of them - but Jessie's betrayal of her own team mates, as James pointed out, just seemed low even by Team Rocket standards. Even her self-opinionation seemed to be pushing dramatic new heights in this one - I don't know why she'd suddenly become so mega-confident in her prospects at the Pokemon League, particularly given her track record and the fact that she only had two pokemon, one of whom hadn't seen the light of day for some time. She may have been one of my favourite characters, but I had absolutely zero sympathy for her one this one.

Otoshi certainly did well to earn all those badges, but if I'll be totally honest I really don't think that he was all that great a trainer, and it wouldn't surprise me if he got wiped out very early on in the Pokemon League. I can identify one very definite weakness in his training procedure - and that's that he'd very clearly put all his eggs into one basket with his Marowak, hence why he ran into so much difficulty when it temporarily deserted him. It was kind of obvious that he'd devoted all his time and energy to training that one pokemon whilst neglecting to train and strengthen the rest of his team. It's more-or-less safe to assume that Doduo was his second-strongest Pokemon, otherwise he probably wouldn't have used it as his Marowak-substitute...and it got its butt whopped by Jessie's Arbok, of all Pokemon! That's probably not a good omen.
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Good episode. Finally got some Marowak in the series. Those badges he had confused me though. Marowak didn't even have to throw his bone at Jessie's Pokeball. It wouldn't have captured Doduo anyway.
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marowak was also one of my favorite pokemon back then so i enjoyed the episode, i wish ash had one in his team._.

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I think that guy was a bit of a wimp, if you'd worked that hard to win all those badges, and someone stole them, you'd do everything you could to get them back.


One of the disturbing episodes ever. Here, we can see Otoshi who challenges Ash to a match to see if he can take his badges if he loses.

Stealing is wrong!!


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Great episode. I particularly liked Jessie's disguise.

We got some action right before the Pokemon League. I was hoping the battle between Marowak and Bulbasaur had lasted longer though. I feel like we didn't get enough of Marowak.



Hmmm, it was great to see all the gym leaders again.

And Marowak was so powerfull, wow.



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and it got its butt whopped by Jessie's Arbok, of all Pokemon! That's probably not a good omen.

Arbok was actually surprisingly strong back in Kanto- the only one of Ash mons that could consistently beat it was Pikachu, it was outclassing Squirtle AND Horsea at the same time (under water, no less), beat Pikachu and Squirtle at one point, and actually only suffered defeat at Pikachu's hands at two points in the series(Princess vs Princess, where it was one of the Fall guys to make Lickitung look good, and the Viridian Gym Battle). Most other times.

Pretty sure Arbok would easily qualify as Ash fourth strongest Kanto mon, had it been his(After Charizard, Pikachu and Kingler).

Anyhow, there was definitely things I disliked. Why did Bulbasaur have to be the fall guy for Pikachu? Poor thing was starved for victories- having defeated only Aya's Venonat and pokemon belonging some random schmuck in Princess vs Princess(shown in freeze frames).

Pikachu already had the most wins. And one ThunderShock- the weakest thunder attack? Couldn't it at least have been Thunder?