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Bad To The Bone! (075)


Call of Fate
A meh episode. Marowak getting zapped was dumb, and Jessie stealing the badges was disgusting. It was kind of funny seeing Doduo's heads get into a fight.


Daizy said:
Err, so what the heck was Jessie's problem? She betrayed her only friends just to steal some badges and she had never even shown interest in badge collecting before.

Her sudden interest in collecting Gym badges did seem out of left field, but she had previously shown that she liked the idea of stardom. So she presumably wanted to win the Pokemon League to increase her fame.
I didn't like when Pikachu's electric attack affected Marowak since Ground types have immunity against Electric type moves. I did like Otoshi's way of speaking though even if his Marowak seemed like a traitor when he decided to leave just because Otoshi lost his badges. I thought that Jessie wanting to go solo was funny too and I liked when we saw Team Rocket's junk collection as well.


FullmetalJackie said:
I thought that Jessie wanting to go solo was funny too and I liked when we saw Team Rocket's junk collection as well.

I liked the trading card that was part of Kojirou's collection, although the English dub removed that and put in a picture of Koijrou himself, which made him seem narcissistic.
This was a good episode and different from most others because even though Ash and his pals were present, the plot was more about Jessie's selfishness and Otoshi's despair after Team Rocket took his badges. Marowak being angry and Otoshi didn't make sense to me since it wasn't his fault that the badges were stolen from him but the fact that Marowak got all emotional and returned to his trainer at the end was a touching scene. 7/10
Ah, remember when entering the Pokémon League and getting eight badges was hard laughs in Alola League