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Baka and Test- First Class (PG-14)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Liltwick, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    *Note- THis will be up with joint unison with my Yggdra Role Play. That obe isn't dead.
    Baka and Test: First Class

    “Welcome to Fumizuki Academy, one of Japan’s, and the worlds, most accomplished High Schools. Here we have a wide array of academic activities and courses that can enrich your knowledge and scores.

    Here, we have clear and strong emphases on testing, something vital for one to succeed in this Academy. It brings us pride and joy when our students do their best, but not all students can perform to our capabilities.

    We have revolutionized our class system once more, the last time we’ve done that was Three years ago, with the addition of class F. Back then our Class System was A, B, C, D, E, and F. The lower the letter, the more idiotic the kids are. Meaning, Class A is our pride and joy. Though, one student Mizuki Himeji was able to be in F class despite being one of the smartest girls in school. The reason was that she wasn’t able to take the placement exam every time she could. So take that as a warning kids, those exams are important.

    Now to finish this speech up, I’ll tell you the new additions we have this year. We have a new Class, the S class, that doesn’t have a year. If you got into the S class, you’ll be there your entire stay here, but only a luck few got chosen, Six to be in fact. Second, the matter on Probationary Students, we’re lucky that the amount of them have dropped tremendously, but we still have one here, but you’ll be surprised in which class they got chosen in. Those student’s avatars are able to feel physical pain, and the student also shares the pain, but they can also interact with Physical Objects, the one thing unique to these avatars.

    I guess I should tell the year one students about the Summoner Test War system. Classes, preferably in the same year, can send there class messenger to another class to declare a test war. The object is to simply defeat the class rep, meaning that if class A defeated class F. A get’s cardboard boxes while F gets a set of luxury chairs and libraries and a kitchen. The catch though, is that you must get a teacher to approve the war, meaning that you must send students in your class who are strong in those areas. Your Avatars Life and Attack Power, or score for short, is based on what you scored on the last test on that subject. Students can take recovery tests, which are timed for five minutes, and have unlimited questions, to try to boost there score back up. If there score goes to zero, they are taken by Iron Man to a remedial classroom. What happens in there, I don’t even know, but I did hear it was worse than hell…

    Well, I hope you guys have a great year at Fumizuki Academy! You can now open up your class assignment slips!” The principal finishes off her speech well.

    You look down at the envelope and open it up, taking the slip of paper out. The assignment was Class S. It didn’t have a year on it either. All it had was directions to a building just finished on campus. You head over there, saying good-bye to your friends, and look at the door. It just had the S engraved in it with what looked like platinum. You opened up the classroom, and see a giant white room, with only a window and curtains. You see five other kids in there, sitting in a circle. You set down your backpack or satchel, and sit in the missing space. You then see the door open, and the principal come in. She explains about a points system for the class, and how the class can design the class room themselves, and buy things with those points for the class. You then looked around the room, you saw the Class Rep was an eleven year old kid, someone who looked like he should be in sixth grade, then the class messenger, who doubled as a Goth, probationary student, the foreign exchange student, the kid who’s gender was disputed, the pervert, the female internet pop Idol who doesn't want people to know, the foodie, and the author, but which one were you again?

    Besides that, you know your year at Fumizuki Academy will be long, but maybe it’ll be fun to, one just has to wait and see

    Class S:

    The new class introduced in the academy this year. The class is made up of Six Kids, all first years in the school. They were put in the class because they had something different about them to the rest of the student body. Meaning that something made them different enough for the school putting them into the class, but it is also a test. Fumizuki has always segregated kids by there Academic capacity, it seems a little cruel, but it works rather well. As part of the test, the academy decided to allow the kids to design there room, and implanted the points system. Since it would be unfair if a classroom got nothing if Class S won, the points system was created. Materials for the class would be priced at certain points, but it included a Class Set.

    The class itself is an entire test, to see with people of different cultural backgrounds, ethics, intelligence, and so forth can come together and make a successful class. If they can prove this, this year, Class S will continue as a new addition to the academy, and they will allow more people to join it, but if they aren’t, all of them will be put in there respected classes in Year 2.

    Now, for the actually looks of Class S. The inside of the room is 1,500 Square Feet, making it a gigantic class room. The class starts out with 100 Points, enough points to add basic supplies to the class room. As the year goes on, the class will be able to choose more choices, so it is wise to spend the points wisely. The class can gain points for the following things.

    1 Point Addition- For each person who doesn’t die in a Test War
    5 Point Addition- For each person who gets an A on a test
    10 Point Addition- Beat Class F in a Class War; Ace a Test
    25 Point Addition- Beat Class E in a Test War
    50 Point Addition- Win a School Festival
    100 Point Addition- Beat Class E in a Test War, for each person who gets an A on Midterms
    250 Points- Beat a Class in the Year Above you in a Test war from Classes D-F.
    500 Points- For Each Person who survives every test war for ever half of the Trimester.
    750 Points- Beat Class C in a Test War; Have the Class win a Holiday Festival
    1000 Points- For each person who masters a Foreign Language at the end of a Trimester, Beat Class A in a Test War.
    1500 Points- For each Person who Aces Midterms; Beat Year 2 B & C Classes, and Year 3 E & F Classes.
    2000 Points- Get an A on Final Exams; Beat Year 3 D & C Classes
    2500 Points- Beat Year 3 B Class
    3000 Points- Beat Year 3 A Class
    5000 Points- Ace the Final Exam, Beat Year 3 A class, and All Year 4 Classes up to A
    7500 Points- Beat Year 4 Class A
    10,000 Points- Beat the Year 1 Teachers, For someone who survives a Test War the Entire Trimester
    12,500 Points- Beat Year 2 Teachers
    15,000 Points- Beat Year 3 Teachers
    17,500 Points- Beat Year 4 Teachers
    20,000 Points- Beat Iron Man, You avatar gains a Subject Band
    25,000 Points- Beat the Fumizuki All-Star Team



    Tatami Mat- 20 Points
    Tiles Flooring- 50 Points
    Carpet- 150 Points
    Marble Flooring- 500 Points
    Hardwood Flooring- 750 Points

    Drawing Board- 5 Points
    Cardboard Boxes- 10 Points
    Small Tables- 15 Points
    Regular Desks- 25 Points
    Office Desk- 50 Points
    Granite Coffee tables- 250 Points

    Mat- 5 Points
    Cushion- 10 Points
    Wooden Chair- 25 Points
    Cafeteria Chair- 50 Points
    Office Chairs- 100 Points
    Reclining Chairs- 250 Points
    Sofas- 500 Points
    Thrones- 2,500 Points

    Paint/Wall Paper-
    Primary Color Set- 10 Points
    Secondary Color Set- 10 Points
    Clack and White Set- 20 Points
    Wood Paneling- 25 Points
    Marble Wallpaper- 500 Points

    Whiteboard- 20 Points
    Gigantic Television Screen- 5,000 Points

    Basic Set (Algebra, History, Japanese Literature, and Chemistry) - 50 Points
    Advance Set (Geometry, World History, Classical Japanese Literature, and Biology) - 500 Points
    Mastery Set- (Calculus, Health, Recent History, English, Physics, and Home Economics) - 1000 Points
    Foreign Language Set (French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Shakespearian English) 2500 Points

    Personal Class Summoner System
    99999 Points

    Outdoors Set (Gardening, Geography, and Art) 2500 Points
    Cherry Tree- 2500 Points
    Cherry Blossom Wall-paper- 1500 Points

    Summer Set (Geology, Fashion, and Economics) - 2500 Points
    Pond- 5000 Points
    Kitchen- 10000 Points
    Autumn Set (Marine Biology, Technology, and Graphical Design) - 2500 Points
    Library- 10000 Points
    Winter Set (Photography, Gastronomy, and Occult Studies) - 2500
    Fireplace- 10000 Points
    Christmas Tree- 5000 Points


    • All Japan Trips are 15000 Points worth, and are one week.
    Trip to Okinawa
    Trip to Kyoto
    Trip to Tokyo
    • All World-Wide Trips are 25000 Points Each, and are one week.
    Trip to Europe
    Trip to America
    Trip to the Bahamas
    Mexican Cruise


    Avatars are chibi versions of your characters you summon for test wars. They normally have animal ears and tails, but it depends on person to person. It also depends on your entrance score. So Probationary Students have along the lines of a wooden sword, while Higher Scoring Students get Lances and Guns. Same with attire, this is more simple for lower scores, and more fancy and customized for higher scores. Most avatars can’t interact with the real world, meaning that only teachers and probationary students are tangible.

    • All Serebii Rules Apply
    • Don’t be super smart, it creates broken characters.
    • Standard RPG rules apply
    • Please try to be active
    • Don’t forget, have fun XD


    Name (We’re in Japan, should have Japanese Names):
    Gender (These three are obvious):
    Stereo-type fit (Given in the plot):
    Personality (Should fit with above, Three Paragraph Minimum)
    History (Same as above)-
    Appearance (Three Paragraph Minimum)-
    Subjects (Example will be with my SU)-


    Now, here’s my SU

    Name: Yuki Fokkusu
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Stereo-type fit: Class Rep.

    Personality: Yuki is a child prodigy, well, in certain subjects. He is able to give an explanation on anything Mathematical, Historical, or Technological related. Thus, he is a techie, and loves talking about technology with anyone he can. This makes him a chatterbox and a little annoying to others.

    When not talking about that, he is normally a quite kid. He doesn’t really speak at all unless he is required to, as he learned it was proper that way. He also is serious and naïve, meaning that he takes a joke seriously, and won’t understand some things for those who are older. Though, as he a child, he can act childish at times, this leads him to go a little overboard in the Moe department when rabbits are mentioned.

    While being nice most of the time, he can get to be the little puppet master when required. This was one of the two reasons why he could skip middle school and come to Fumizuki four years before the average student, his smarts and his mindset. He’s able to quickly place everyone where he needs him at all times, but his overspecialization in this hampers him socially at times, making him confused on why people ignore him and hate him.

    History: Yuki always was the sheltered child, as one could say. He was home schooled ever since he was little, well, until his parents got the request from Fumizuki Academy. His mother is of Scandinavian descent, and his father was raised in a Victorian matter, and the same has been for Yuki.

    In his spare time he played up with wind-up toys, specifically the toy soldier variety. He was constantly experimenting and improving upon his favorite toy, which included certain things. It influenced his thoughts, making him more Victorian then Japanese.

    His father passes away before he was able to go to Fumizuki Academy, sending grief to both his and his mother’ heart. He now has a strong bond with his mom, and they try to live off what his father left for them. He also recently found out he has a brother around his age, but what happened to him is a mystery. His mother has sent for him to come to Japan, leading Yuki to have to worry about school and his foreign brother.

    Appearance: Yuki has white, almost silver, hair that is roughly in a parted long cut the goes down to the beginning of his neck. Almost seeming to complement his hair, he has silver eyes that have a welcoming quality to them. He stands at around 5’ 4”, due to him being young and not hitting puberty yet. This also leads to him having a high voice, something that most of the kid’s can’t take seriously, though his voice is starting to get a little deeper. He has flat stomach, but doesn’t really have any muscle, because of he really never exercised, but isn’t that big of an eater.

    At school, he has the traditional Fumizuki academy attire. During the winter and spring months, he wears the black jacket the goes past his arms, as it’s a size to big for him at the moment. It has a golden trim on the edges of the jacket, and two golden bands at the cuffs of the sleeves. Underneath is his summer and fall attire. He wears a white, short-sleeved button up shirt that is more of a long sleeve on him. The collar is folded down, and has a black trim on the edges. It also has black trim on the ends of the sleeves, and a smaller black line before that. In the middle of the shirt, two black lines go down vertically, well, not the middle, but off the middle. In he middle he wears a blue tie, the only thing that actually fits him. To finish it up, he wears black, silken pants in winter season (they don’t fit either), and light blue jeans (that fit) in the summer.

    While at home or during breaks, he dons a much more different attire. He has on a white, almost grey, jacket that isn’t hooded. Its color is the same color as the jacket, but it has much more warmth to it. The material of the jacket feels warm, almost like rabbit fur, but really is made of Swedish material. The jacket also has his family’s insignia on it, a fox. Underneath is a light blue t-shirt with a fox on it. The shirt is short sleeved, and has a gold trim on the collar and sleeve ends, and is made of cotton. His shorts are having blue colorations on where the pockets are, and a gold band surrounding the blue pockets. The rest of the shorts are black. If somehow one see’s him in his underwear, they are black briefs with purple trimmings. On the crotch area is a rabbit symbol. His shoes have gold lines through out it, and have the usual blue and black color scheme.
    (Picture Example to go with it[​IMG])

    Literature C-
    History A+
    Math A+
    Arts B
    P.E/Health D-
    Technology- A+
    Foreign Languages A- (Scandinavian), F+ (All others)
    Outdoors C+
    Mythology & Occult- B+
    Total: A
    Avatar Appearance- His avatar looks exactly like him, but stands at around 1’4”. It has Snow Fox ears, and a Snow Fox Tail. It has those tall, British guard hats. Its coat is a red one with a cross white button up design with a golden trim. It’s made up of a velvety material, and the collar folds down. It also has a black sash going across diagonally from right shoulder to the left hip. The pants are a variation of beige that’s lighter, almost sienna coloring. To finish the attire off, he has black shoes and a wind-up key on his back

    His weapon is a rifle. It is made up of cherry wood, and has a .22 caliber barrel. The barrel is roughly 8 inches long, and has a bayonet located under the muzzle to add an additional 2 inches. The bullets are round, leaded bullets which can poison apposing avatars if they survive being shot. Though the gun can only hold four bullets, and it takes a while before it can be re-aimed and shot again, due to a small amount of recoil damage.



    CandleReaper- Class Rep. Yuki Fokkusu
    Delta- Foreign Exchange Student Reserve
    Vs- Hideyoshi Gender-Disputed Reserve
    Krazy- Author Reserved
    Billy Mays- Christopher Narimasa Harrison
    TheGame- Messenger/Goth Reserved
    Purplepassion- Mayuko
    Manaphy Mare- Probationary Student Reserved
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2012
  2. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Reserve for the foreign exchange student please.
  3. VS

    VS ♡.♡

    Reserve the disputed gender...
  4. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    I WOULD reserve, but for whatever reason I don't like the idea of being a character who isn't of European or North American descent, so since delta just took the Foreign Exchange student that would mean my character would have to be Japanese, which I just can't do. :/
  5. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Hm. I'll reserve the messenger probably, the Goth is.... bleh, why not someone Emo or generally mis-fitty? XD

    . I have an idea. If we have a character who lives in Japan without Japanese origins, is that acceptable to a degree?
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2012
  6. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Yea, as long as they were born and raised in Japan it's fine.
  7. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Hm, actually, due to it being Goth Messenger, I may change to the probationary, much as I don't want to. I dun liekz goths much.
  8. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright, then! I'll change it for you! Remember, the highest you can have on a subject for Probationary is C+.
  9. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    May I reserve the probationary?
  10. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Nate already got it Chili. Sorry
  11. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Did you say, BakaTest Arpee?
    Oh I'll reserve! Can I have a trap character who has chuunibyou?
    Not the Hideyoshi-type trap who looks androgynous, but the trap that looks and thinks he is completely female.


    If you're wondering.

    If I can't get a trap I'll just reserve a female chuuni.
  12. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    I'm sorry, but re-read the First Post. We are not having that kind of character in this Role Play.
  13. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I do apologise.
    Well, I've never played the pervert before, I'll go for the pervert then.
  14. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Alrighty then, reserve me for the pervert. Heh heh, being the perverted character will be fun.
  15. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Mays get's it, I know him better. Now Mays, post in Yggdra
  16. Sheps™

    Sheps™ Tick,Tick,Tick....

    I'll take the goth, never played that kind of character before so should be fun.
  17. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    I added three more characters as every character position was filled with in a day (And I fear an all male cast)


    Ladies and Gentlemen, remeber your characters should be around 13-14
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2012
  18. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    I'll take internet pop Idol who doesn't want people to know.
  19. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Okay then. I'll put the reservation down.
  20. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Name: Christopher Narimasa Harrison
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Stereo-type fit: Pervert

    Personality: Chris at first appears to just be a typical nerd. He dislikes going outside, is a major gamer, and loves technology and drawing. Of course, those who get to know Chris better know that he is quite different tham most nerds, or people in general. First, he's bisexual, so in terms of girls or boys he goes either way. Second, he is not just a gamer, but also (somewhat of) a furry, as well as a brony. And lastly, what Chris draws isn't always exactly...safe for viewing. Meaning he draws pornography.

    Outside of his odd hobbies, Chris is a surprisingly outgoing person (most of the time). His tendancy to crack jokes often means that he ends up being the class clown, so most of his teachers don't exactly like dealing with him. Chris tends to be open for new things (if his hobbies weren't any indication), and he loves to experiment, as long as it isn't really dangerous. Chris is a glass-half-full type of person, and always tries to think positively, even if he can occasionally be a little sarcastic and/or cynical.

    In terms of social fears, Chris is pretty much fearless. If he tells you he doesn't care that you think he's a ****** for any of the multiple reasons someone would call him that, it's because he honestly doesn't. When it comes to actual danger though, Chris would rather let someone else handle it then risk getting himself hurt.

    Other than what was already mentioned, Chris has a fascination with Western culture, especially with the American Old West. Having never gone to American himself, Chris dreams of one day visiting America and seeing all the biggest cities, especially New York City.

    History: Chris' father is an Ex-US Army Captain who while stationed in Japan fell in love with Chris' mother Kitsuno. Rather than move back to America, Chris' father, who is named Jim Harrison, instead stayed in Japan and married Chris' mother, who had Chris shortly after. Although they gave Chris a name with European origin, his parents decided to give him a Japanese middle name since he WAS half-Japanese. Chris always stood out from his fellow classmates, so with the addition of him being an only child Chris didn't make a lot of friends, and instead would spend most of his time indoors drawing or playing the Nintendo 64.

    Chris stayed this way for a couple of years, until he changed his attitude in Middle School. Finally growing tired of his isolation, Chris began to be more friendly and take more opportunities to talk to people. Although he made a couple of friends, his best friend was a boy of his age named Yoshi, whom shared many similer interests with Chris, such as gaming and drawing (although Yoshi's drawings are all fairly tame).

    Chris has always been a fairly intelligent person, and when he fails it is usually because he didn't even try in the first place. When Chris and Yoshi got their letters (as they were both going to Fumizuki High School), they were confused when Yoshi was in Class B and Chris was in something called Class S, as they had very similar grades, both of which were B's (although Chris' was sightly higher). Chris was saddened that by the fact that he wouldn't get to be in the same class as Yoshi, but as he looked on the bright side, this Class S sounded like it was some sort of special opportunity, or at least Chris assumed.

    Appearance: Chris for the most part looks like his father, although he inherited his raven black hair and emerald green eyes from his mother (his father is of Germanic descent, having blond hair and blue eyes). His hair is wavy and semi-long, going just far enough to touch his eyebrows. Chris stands at 5'9'', with a small but not overly small frame. He doesn't have much muscle, as he doesn't really exercise, but doesn't have a lot of fat either despite the fact that he like to eat, thanks to a high metabolisim. Chris has a fairly normal voice, but can make his voice extremely deep if he wants to, which actually gives him a good soprano singing voice.

    As all students of Fumizuki High School do, Chris wears the school's academy attire when at school. Outside of school, Chris will almost always wear blue jeans unless he has a specific reason not to (like if it is Summer and he actaully has been compelled to exercise). His shirts will change from season to season, but in warmer weather he'll often wear button up shirts with a high collar, and in colder weather he'll wear either a hoodie or a winter coat that covers over his shirt.

    (Example of his appearance: [​IMG] )

    Literature- A
    History- B
    Math- B-
    Arts- A+
    P.E/Health- A-
    Technology- A
    Foreign Language- Mandarin (Chinese)- C
    Outdoors- F
    Mythology & Occult- C+
    Total: B+

    Avatar Appearance: Chris' avatar looks a lot like him, standing at 1'6''. His avatar has the ears and tail of a black Wolf. He wears a black cowboy hat on his head, that matches his hair and ears/tail. His shirt is brown with a brown leather vest over it, that is outlined by black leather. He wears brown linen pants with a brown leather belt with a shiny brass buckle on it. His shoes are brown cowboy boots with spurs on them.

    His weapons are duel silver revolvers, which are named Ryu and Arashi (Japanese for Dragon and Storm, respectively). For the most part they looke like regular Colt .45 Revolvers except for the fact that each gun has inscribings etched on their barrels. Ryu has the inscribing of a dragon breathing fire on it's barrel, and Arashi has the inscribing of a storm cloud shooting a bolt of lightning on it's barrel. Both guns fire six shots and are accurate at close to medium ranges. They also have added elemental effects: Ryu's bullets light on fire after shooting out of the barrel, which allows it's bullets to light their targets on fire for added damage, while Arashi's bullets are electrically charged so they will stun anything they hit.

    (Example of Chris' avatar: [​IMG] )

    Other: Chris is bilingual, as he knows both Japanese and English thanks to his American father.

    (Sorry if the Appearance is a bit short, I'm not good at describing different kinds of clothes >.<)
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2012

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